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Found 42 results

  1. Hi - I am an Australian Citizen living in the UK. My husband and I have been together for 12 years, married 10 and with 2 children who are also Australian Citizens. I am just about to apply for our offshore partner visa and I don’t know whether to pay for a Migration agent to check through my evidence, or whether the Immi account website is really helpful once you pay the $7,160. I would hate to attempt it on my own and get rejected on the grounds that my evidence isn’t good enough. However, I’ve scanned in; Bank statements, some Utility bills, all our ID, all our tenancy agreements and mortgage documents, cards sent to us, travel documents, photos, Facebook screenshots, our photography website, tickets to gigs, invites. Is the Immi account straight forward once you pay the fees and start uploading your evidence and how can you feel secure that you’ve lodged enough? Thanks, Rachel
  2. Hi everyone, i am looking for some help with my visa application. I have recently received a EOI and the next step is to start uploading my documents. I have most documents signed already by a justice of the peace since my skills assessment but what other docs need to get signed i.e. IELTS test results Background check I also don't have a birth certificate. Would it be bad if i didn't submit one? I have uploaded some documents that weren't signed by a justice of the peace. Is there anyway i can replace them with the correct ones
  3. Hi, It might be a silly question but I am about to start my online application for the 176 visa and was just wondering about supporting documents uploading: can you upload more than one for a single question? For example, for evidence of employment, can I upload 4 scanned files: payslips at start of employment, payslips at end of employemnt, P60s & a letter of reference from my employer? Or do I have to re-scan them all into one big document, if the system only allows you to upload something in each section only once? Don't want to start the application process only to be tripped up in the middle of it because my documents are not as they should be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hiya, Does anyone know how I would go about getting the 28 days extended so I have extra time to upload documents to my case officer? I've still to apply for a 'subject access request' for my husband for Northern Ireland and only got next week to do it! Thanks for any help! :-) Alison x
  5. zidden

    Uploading Documents

    When you upload your documents to DIAC. Do they need to be scanned certified copies or just plain scanned copies? Trying to prepare in advance :biggrin:
  6. Guest

    Uploading docs !!

    Can anyone advise me please ? Uploaded my docs for teh visa application as requested last Friday (30th Sep) but they are still showing as "required" - is this normal ? Thanks
  7. Hi, As per doucument check list for document to uploaded its stated satisfactory skills assessment for your nominated occupation. Please include all evidence of work experience you used to obtain this assessment. If you applied for an onshore GSM visa please also provide evidence of when you applied for your skills assessment Do we also need to submit the CDR report submitted to Engineers Australia or should wait for CO request (if required) ? Thanks
  8. admalik

    Uploading Documents Querry

    Hi All, I was uploading documents for PR 176. As per my knowledge documents in black and white (true copy) need to be certified and original(colored) need be scan as it is. What if the original document is in black and white? As my employment certificate is a plain white paper with text written in black(computerized), even though signature are colored. Do I need to notarize it as well? Thanks
  9. I am sure this is another stupid question of mine but hoping someone can answer! If I am uploading original documents like birth certificates am I required to copy them and have them witnessed etc? The email from DICC confirming they have my application and reminding me to upload documents. They are talking about documents being sent to them via post and obviously original docs dont need certification so just wondered if you were uploading them whether it was ok to upload originals and not have to copy and take to a notary public person, Hope someone can answer this
  10. Can someone please tell me whether I need to upload all Docs. sent to Vetassess under skills assessment or only copy of positive skills assessment would be enough. I am uploading all experience docs under specific work experience anyways. Thanks
  11. jimithechew

    Uploading docs....think I messed up...

    Hi all Just submitted my 176, fine, so I exited after the payment page to upload docs, I know it can be done on that page but exited and thought I would log back in with my TRN and do it there, but I cannot find the page where you upload it. only the page which says what docs are required... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hi all, I'm pretty much ready to apply for my Working Holiday Visa and wanted to ask if anyone has gone through this process already? Just wanted a quick walk through of the online process and how to upload proof. Would be great if anyone also would know if the proof of funds can be an uploaded screen shot of my savings balance or if it absolutely has to be a certified copy of a bank statement. And last question: when I applied for the 3 month tourist visa last year, it was granted but I was given no 'visa grant number' or 'reference number' on the letter as it was done by my travel agent. Any suggestions how I could go about getting this information? Many thanks, Leah
  13. Sherbetdip23

    Uploading Police Check Certs onto DIAC

    Hiya Please can somebody advise.........We got our Police checks back today and hubby is just uploading them - it asks for document type - should this go under overseas penal clearance certificate or somewhere else???:wideeyed: Many thanks Carla
  14. fossda

    uploading 176 visa docs

    Hi all Quick question When you lodge your visa app, do you have to upload your scanned documents straight away or do you have a certain amount of time to send the docs? Sons passport has expired and waiting on his new one but want to send off visa app asap. Many thanks Rachel
  15. ozgooner

    police checks uploading

    hi sorry for being dim, we have sent off for police checks do we get them back and upload them or do they go direct?:policeman:
  16. kellyjamie

    uploading work experience docs??

    hi all, we received the automated email from diac this morning regarding our app just saying all what we need to attach and it says your skills assessment and all the work exp docs you used to get the assessment? but we used our qualification to get the assessment? help?
  17. Hi all, My brother has applied online for subclass 176 on 29/10/2010.. we are planning to upload documents in next week. I have few questions regarding document uploading. 1> should i have to scan certified copies of original documents or scan copy of original documents???? 2> should i send documents through this email address adelaide.gsm.documents@immi.gov.au regards, tejas
  18. Guest

    Documents Uploading DIAC

    Is anyone having problems uploading their Visa documents on the DIAC website, i have all mine in a PDF file, but it wont seem to upload them, anyone encountering the same problems?:mad:
  19. Managed to get the hang of reducing document size and doing the uploads to our 176 visa. Great I thought! My new problem is that I have reached the limit of my uploads and can't acess the page to delete anything. ( it just says that you've reached the limit of your uploads, and won't let me do anything else) Does this mean I'll have to send the rest of my docs by post, or does anyone know how to rectify this? Help!! Please!
  20. As per the question really. I'm having real problems trying to upload documents that are less than 1000 kb. Have been using pdf, then scanning on the lowest setting,( 75) then croping the sizes, but the only things I've been able to upload so far are photos and my passport details. Thanks in advance
  21. Hi all, I just filled out the online application for Subclass 176...... I made the credit card payment and now there's a page that says that before I exit, I should upload the checklist of certified documents required and I don't have them scanned already. I assumed that I could come back later and do it... and am not sure with the kind of message flashing on the screen. Can someone please help me..... can I come back at a later stage and upload the documents???
  22. Guest

    Uploading medical check

    There are people in the forum saying that they have done the medical check before they are allocated with a CO. How could they do that? I thought the medical report has to be sent by the penal doctor directly. If I don't know who my CO is and the only reference number of my application is the TRN, can the medical check be done ahead of time? I am planning to frontload some of the police certificates except one country which only issue one when they have instruction/notification letter from the CO. I hope that by doing this will shorten the processing time. Just out of curiosity, I have been checking on a few forums about timelines, for people who are in the same category but of different work experience, it seems that some have their application process faster than others. E.g. All are applying for Visa 175, in CSL, but those work in IT seem on a faster quene than others who are also Visa 175, in CSL, like accountants, nurses. Are there different quenes in the same category? Do people who score higher points get processed earlier than those who score lower if all are equal or over 120?
  23. I have been scanning my certificates/paperwork for the state sponsorship online application on the 'Move to Victoria' site. The problem is it wont let me upload a folder - it want's a single file. The problem I have is there's about 20 certificates and as it stands I can only upload 1. Any ideas???
  24. Guest

    Uploading Digital Photos

    Hi there, We are currently uploading our documents for our 176 visa. Most of our photos are sat on the computer but I was wondering whether I could upload them like that or do I have to print them first and then scan them in. Your advice would be appreciated. Sam
  25. Can anyone help me?? I am currently uploading document on evisa for my 457 visa application and I have exceeded my allowed limit. The limit only allows me to upload 30 files and I used this up in no time at all and still have LOADS of important documents left to upload. Have I done this wrong and should I have uploaded them in block files and not single files??? I am now unable to access the files already uploaded to make any changes now. What should I do now as it says do not contact them unless asked to or if it is urgent??? Is this classed as urgent?? Should I just wait for a case worker?? :wacko: