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Found 34 results

  1. Dear fellows, I live in AU for over 3 years under a 457 Visa and yesterday (24 Aug 2014) I finally submitted my application for 190 Visa. As I have a child and spouse, I've included them in my application too. I've paid the fee and had my medicals booked beforehand. My concern is about uploading documents for family members (spouse and child). I can upload my own documents without any problem, but when I click on the "Attach document" button, a new window opens and, in the field "Applicant" there is a drop-down list, but it shows only my name, not my other family member's names. Therefore, my question is: When will I be able to upload my family's documents? Does anyone recently applied for 189 or 190 Visa (I assume the process is similar). Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Leonardo
  2. Hi All, This is my first ever post on a forum so please accept my apologies if I get anything wrong! It's a fantastic forum but I can't quite find the answers that I'm looking for so here goes... I’m applying for a GSM Subclass 175 Visa and doing it all myself – and that’s what’s making me nervous. I have no-one to bounce any questions off so I appreciate your help, even if it’s only the answer to one of my many questions! The BIG issue is that I am 45 on 4th February this year so time is really of the essence. I am doing an online application and most of the form is filled in and I’ve got to the point of paying for the application. My main concern is that I have all the things in place to file a complete application. Here’s what I’ve got so far. I graduated as a Chemical Engineer way back in 1987 and fortunately the degree course has been assessed by Engineers Australia as a recognised degree course (15 points). I have taken the IELTS test twice; first attempt I got L9,R9,W7.5,S9 which wasn’t enough to get 20 points. Re-took and got L9,R9,W8,S9! (20 points). I'm married with 3 children (ages 13, 11, and 4) who are all obviously on the application with me. All straight forward – Question: Is Marriage Certificate and Birth Certificates enough to show relationship and dependency? I’ve read recently on the forum that you get the chance to upload your documents when you pay the application fee. I’ve got all the documents (I think) and I’ve also read that, as long as they are colour scans, then you don’t need to get them notarised etc – Question: Is this true? Question: Is the application considered complete online if you haven’t uploaded all the documentation? Do you get a checklist of what you need to upload and if anything is missing is it considered incomplete?! Critical for me with only a few days left! My age will give me a further 15 points but my other concern is the assessment of my ‘skilled employment’. I’m hoping to get a score of 15 for working 8 out of the last 10 years in a Chemical Engineering related job but I don’t know how this is assessed? I have since found out that Engineers Australia could have assessed this for me when I applied for my degree assessment (hindsight is a wonderful thing!) but I am now too late to get this done by them. I contacted them and they said that the DIAC would be able to assess my employment skills but I’m unsure as to what information to send? My employment background is that I have worked in the family chemical business for the last 25 years. My role has been that of a Chemical Engineer but also all of what comes with running a business. I can supply a CV with details of my experience; my father can supply a letter declaring my role and position and I can supply P60’s for at least the last 8 years showing my employment in the company. Question: Is this enough? Many thanks if you can help me – even just a little bit. I’m starting to get edgy and unable to sleep as I don’t want to get anything wrong with no second chance available!
  3. Hey! Just wondering if anyone has an example of documents to upload with my application? So far I have my birth cert, passport and my fiance and son's passport ( all certified copies ), and a copy of our health insurance policy. I'm also going to upload MANY documents to support our de facto status :biggrin: Do I also need to send a copy of my qualification, CV, registration with AHPRA, and certified copies of my fiance's and son's birth certs? Or is there anything else I'm forgetting?? I am a midwife and the main applicant on the visa! Thanks so much, just cracking up with all of this!!:arghh:
  4. hello guys! i just hope no one would mind as this is my 1st post. :wink: i got some confusion. i need a piece of advice so i can have this resolved as soon as possible. i lodged my 175 application ONLINE on june 2011, declaring my mother as my dependant; Form47A was filled-up, printed, signed, scanned, and uploaded along with pertinent documentation. yesterday, i happened to have read in one forum that though you are an ONLINE applicant, you still have to send by POST/COURIER all the hard copies to Adelaide Processing Center. am i doing the right thing here? nowhere in the Form47A that says so, neither in the query/checklist, but only this > "Forward the completed form and any requested documents to the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre within 28 days from the date you lodged your application." all along i thought this should be done ONLINE since i am an online applicant. i missed having read the one mentioned in the DIAC site. should i send the original copies or maybe a notarized certified true copies are just enough? anyone here who had the same case...delay in sending the hard original or notarized copies? what happened to your case? will this jeopardize my application? i hope an expert on this matter could help me, please? thank you very much.
  5. Hi All, I've submitted my s175 application online (general accountant) and having paid, didn't upload all the documents until yesterday. Is there a way to conform that I have finished uploading or do I have to wait for them to look at it themselves? Not sure if it's just me but I keep thinking i've missed a trick somewhere?!! Does anyone know the sort of timeline/process that will follow ie does it go to a case officer next? when does this normally happen etc?! I look forward to your responses and thanks in advance!
  6. Hi everyone, it'd be great to get any advice on this matter. I lodged a 175 application in 2010 and uploaded every document the website requested to the best of my abilities. However, after reading some messages here I reviewed the initial automated email of acknowledgement, and found a little issue with regard to the skills assessment evidence. My initial skills assesment was done by Engineers Australia in 2007 under ASCO and in 2010 they re-issued a new letter with the new ANSZCO code and dated it as 2010. For the record, I've worked in my occupation since before my graduation. The e-visa website explicitly asks to upload work references *only* from the previous 4 years (that would include from 2006-2010). But the email says "Please include all evidence of work experience you used to obtain this assessment". Which actually would include stuff from 2000-2007). So, is the old work experience relevant to the CO's decision? If I attach the old evidence will it add confusion or delay the processing of my application? What do you guys think I should do?
  7. kellyjamie

    how did you upload your photos?

    just wondered how you all uploaded your passport photos? do you just put it on a piece of paper with your name scan and upload? if so theres 3 of us so can we put all 3 pics on the same bit of paper then upload? thanks kelly
  8. Boesman

    Upload word docs?

    Hi, Can't find an answer in previous posts. I have uploaded all my docs as pdf's, but one is too big and I can't split it. If I copy it in badges to Word, can I upload a word document to DIAC? I have tried to ZIP it, but still too big, so will have to break it up in smaller pieces. I do not want to rescan it as it took hours to scan and save 4 years of docs. Thanks Boesman
  9. Can I upload F80 or Should I wait for Police certificate to come?
  10. Guest

    Document upload - PDF or JPG?

    Could anyone let me know I can upload documents (176 visa) in *.JPG format? Advance thanks,
  11. Hi All, well on the final stages (whooppiieee) but I can not upload the completed online form 80 via the create a PDF button as it just says error all the time. My scanner only does single pages so could anyone tell me how to save it to PDF of the internet or should I upload 18 seperate sheets once I have printed them out - any help would be appreciated as this is the last thing we need to do. Thanks
  12. hi, Can I upload medical forms(26EH,160EH) myself without asking doctor to send it to OZ? Thxxxx Jess
  13. Hi, I just checked document type list in an online attachment section. It has mention 26EH and 160EH forms as a document types. Do I need to upload medical forms by myself ? Should I request copies from panel doctor in-order to upload ? If the medical forms sent directly to DIAC by panel doctor , I can not understand why these document type listed in the online file attachment section .:arghh::arghh: please clarify ... Jess xxx
  14. Guest

    Meds, what to be upload ?

    Hi, What does it mean by front loading medicals ? Is there anything to upload? DIAC says, forms will be sent by doctor? Little confuse. Please help. thxxx The Doctor will then forward the completed form/s to this Department. Do not accept the X-ray or form 160EH back from the Radiological Clinic or form 26EH back from the Medical Clinic as this may invalidate your application.
  15. Hello guys, I have applied as a 167 category in November..... I have uploaded last 5 years payslips....3 years bank statements.....2 years tax documents....2 companies appointment letter.....1 company resign letter.....2 increment letter.....visiting card, company card, list of ongoing project and finished project...2 companies exp letter..... is that enough ???? up to October I have uploaded salary slip and bank statement...but each month I am receiving bank statement means just received bank statement and salary slip of November...so should I upload this or whatever uploaded is enough....and if I upload for November month then continue for dec..jan..feb...till online status for work exp changed to "MET" ???:confused:
  16. Jackboots

    how to photo upload ?

    Can some kind soul tell me how to take a picture from my documents and post it onto a thread ? PLEASE... in very slow idiot proof steps :wink: not sure what im doing half the time , i seem to get nothing or a massive picture or a square with a red cross ( scrathing head and shouting at poor pewter at this point !) .:confused: Thankx
  17. We have submitted all of our 176 papers online and I can't work out how my aunt as sponsor uploads hers. Any ideas? Many thanks Amelia VETASESS FEB 2010, Passed IELTS 8.5 average March 10/2010, submitted 176 family sponsor April 29th 2010 :jiggy:
  18. crispysince70

    Visa lodged but can't upload docs!!!!

    Just finished my 176 visa application, went to pay and instead of completing on the payment page it just hung there for ages. Went to close the page and all of a sudden it came up with visa lodged, so checked my credit card and the payment had gone. Great! Then went to attatch docs and it won't let me.... It just hangs there and doesn't complete. I tried to put a new password in but it was hanging again Then it says when you get to the page to enter password ' You cannot attach documents or files as your application has been decided.' AND I havn't had a confirmation e-mail. Anyone else had this problem? And can anyone help? I just wanted to get it done and dusted tonight.
  19. Hi All, I was wondering if somebody could help me. We finished the online application form for visa 176 and needed to upload supporting documents. We got an email from SA about the State Sponsorship they offered but haven't got any real paper yet. In the Document Checklist: "Please provide evidence that you have been nominated by a State/Territory government agency or Regional Certifying Body." Should I simple print and scan back the email I got and upload? Thanks in advance, Annamaria
  20. What a pain, I had input all my qualification details, then the last page wanted my CV uploaded in rich text, which I did. It then it said it could not upload because I had images on the file!! There are no images on my CV, which was completed in Microsoft Office Word 2007. Has anyone else had this and what did you do to rectify? Thanks in advance.
  21. I was just wondering, is there an online version of the form 80 to fill in. Do you fill this in when you have completed your online application..............or do you printout a copy from the website, fill it in, scan back to PC and then upload them with the rest of your documents you have to upload for your application. Just another quickie question also.........in the check list (176 visa) it asks for 2 passport size photos of each person, how does this work if your applying online ????. Cheers Carlos
  22. Hi ALL, Recently i got my medical confirmation. I had to take a chest x ray examination after completing some questions online. Areferral letter was generated which i took to a clinic and got my x ray done but the radiologist is unable to upload my x ray saying that i have missed some questions on my part. now those questions have been submitted and i cannot see those questions again also the link for offline process is gone please advice as my application is stuck. Please help.
  23. Hello there, I am hoping someone can advise? I am in the throes of applying for a 175 and have just been allocated a CO. He has asked for a vast raft of documents to support my work experience claim: every bank statement, payslip and tax document for the last 4 years, and I have been busily uploading all of these items onto my application via the DIMIA website, but I havnt even got half-way through before receiving an error message saying that I have reached the limit of attachments. What do I do now? Surely, the system must be capable of so many documents if the CO's are asking for all of these things? Do I just email batches through to the CO depending on email size? I am sure I saw a post from someone saying that they had uploaded over 90 documents? Any help and guidance gratefully received. Cheers Rojo
  24. Hi and sorry if this has been asked before however I wanted to know from those people who did the visa application online themselves, how long does it take after you have uploaded documents before the enquiry system changes from 'required'? Also, whislt I'm here, I noticed that quiet a few people apply for state sponsorship and then apply for their visa's before getting state sponsorship. Is this the norm? The reason I ask is that I got my skills assesed, applied for state sponsorship and then applied for the visa...surely this is the right way round? Thanks in advance Mike
  25. Guest

    Online GSM - Doc Upload

    Hi all Is it required to get the certificates certified before we load them in evisa? I read somewhere that the colour scanned images without NOTARY certify would be fine but i am little worried when i read the message link provided in the doc checklist as it contains like "Please provide certified....." Please share your info.