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Found 31 results

  1. Hey does any one know if AHPRA are registering University diploma nurses at the moment? I applied to them in April but they still say they are processing my registration, due to a back log. I just wish I knew if I was eligible or not... I'm learning disability trained too which makes it trickier! Cheers everyone! Becca
  2. The Pom Queen

    Weather Alerts and Updates

    I thought I would start this thread so that all the weather alerts, warnings etc can be found quickly if required. I am sure there are others I have missed off so please feel free to add to them. Victoria For Fires - http://www.cfa.vic.gov.au/incidents/incident_summary.htm Weather - http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/warnings Queensland Fires: http://www.fire.qld.gov.au/ http://www.ruralfire.qld.gov.au Weather: http://www.bom.gov.au/qld/warnings WA Fire: http://www.fesa.wa.gov.au/alerts/Pages/default.aspx Weather: http://www.bom.gov.au/wa/warnings SA Fires: http://www.cfs.sa.gov.au/site/home.jsp Fires: http://www.mfs.sa.gov.au Weather: http://www.bom.gov.au/sa/warnings NSW Fires: http://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/dsp_content.cfm?cat_id=683 Fires: http://www.nswfb.nsw.gov.au/page.php?id=202 Weather: http://www.bom.gov.au/nsw/warnings/ NT Fires: http://www.pfes.nt.gov.au/fire-and-rescue.aspx Weather: http://www.bom.gov.au/nt/
  3. TraxFM

    DIAC fortnightly updates

    Hello people I just wondered if anyone who knew could shed any light on the fortnightly updates sent by the DIAC? It stated on the last one that they were up to Aug 2010 but for 175 visas,but what I don't understand is that my OH applied for a 175 visa back in June 2009 and we still havent heard a thing and I know people on this forum who have been waiting longer! Can anyone explain this to me?! Thanks
  4. Dear Freinds I submitted form 80 and all other required docs. on 18 Jan 2011 and since this time my case is on internal\external checking and no updates from CO.Now for some reason i am going to shift to another house on rent which is near to my current residence.Ideally i should inform it to my CO but i am afraid it may further prolong my case and it might start security checks from scratch:huh:.Advise me regards OZguy
  5. Guest

    aspc updates

    Hii Can anyone record the aspc update . Rex
  6. "Gudday mates" you can get updates by email about the processing times for GSM visas, by sending a blank email to this address: gsm.processing@immi.gov.au however, me and many others are facing a problem: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/111222-auto-response-email-problem.html when I send to gsm.processing@immi.gov.au from hotmail or gmail I receive no replies, and for sure it is not going to my junk folder. I tried it from my work email address and I received a reply every time all the mails I sent were blank, no subject, no body. my guess is the spam software for that automated email address is filtering most of the hotmail-originated, gmail-originated, yahoo.... as spam, hence no reply. if you have a corporate email address try using that. anyway, here I will post the latest updates I am receiving: (they also sent an attached file, see it at the end) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 4:12 PM Important Information for Priority 3 clients.pdf Important Information for Priority 3 clients.pdf
  7. Guest

    Wdu - family updates please

    I wondered if any PIO`ers that have been featured on WDU would like to update us all as to how they are going now and where they are? Did it work out? Are you still in Oz??
  8. :wacko: hi guys, sent our medicals last month..its been almost 15 days now...still no change in the status page..... how long cud this take??? is it coz of some kinda backlog at the dept.?? sandy n krish
  9. The Pom Queen

    Cyclone Yasi UPDATES

    I have created a thread re Cyclone Yasi, they say it is going to be the worst one to ever cross Australian shores. Here is an update: [YOUTUBE]489774VefRw[/YOUTUBE]
  10. HI, has anyone got a copy of the email that immi send out every fortnight (supposidly) updating where they are at in processing. Im looking for the one prior to 14 Jan. They say "If your application date has recently come into our current processing date range you should allow at least 6 weeks to enable a case officer to complete the initial assessment". I dont know what it said prior to mid jan so i cant work out when my 6 weeks should be.... thanks in advance
  11. In the long,cold run up to the festive season have any of you got any news for us on MBTTUK?? Mr Catania should be back I think. Ozsceptic was struggling a bit, I hope things have picked up. MrsI seems to be ticking along nicely, Dawny and brood have settled back in well. Conniebygaslight has gone quiet, busy with the house build perhaps. That's just for starters there are a fair few returnees this year - let us know what you're up to please it's great to hear the good and the bad as we're all going through it. We are really enjoying our new house, and despite work being a little difficult just recently there has been some good news on that front and I should be in a better position from January. My OH has started a new career and loves it, says he feels better than he has in years...how great is that! Our children are enjoying their learning immensely, as school here seems to suit them a little better. I won't lie it's been a tough old year with returning from Oz and in a sense starting all over again but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger:biggrin:
  12. matjones

    ACT November Updates

    Looks like ACT just updated their website: Business and Industry Development - Skilled Migration Not much new information just yet, but they are working on the page at least.
  13. Waitingawhile

    WA Govt updates site - no SMP news yet!

    Has anyone else noticed they have updated the site for skilled migration -I got so excited for a minute there but... now feeling so crushed that they haven't yet released the State migration plan:mad:
  14. I just have Newsletter from local Agent here... Processing times for the remaining relative visa  DIAC have at least 15 months of offshore Business skills cases already backlogged  Onshore business skills (ie 892s etc) are being allocated almost as soon as lodged.  Parent applications are being processed as soon as possible after visa lodgement. Medicals can be extended up to 21 months  At the current queued rate, subclass 103 visas will take 23 years and 804 visas, 18 years (serious). 143 visas are currently taking around 16 months  Cooks now very unlikely to be on the WA State Migration Plan  Australian Computer Society (ACS) when working out the 65% relationship rule, will be fairly lenient on work experience, but not on qualifications.  The ACS have decided that up to 25% of the required ICT quantum in a post-graduate degree may be provided by single subjects taken outside the original qualification.
  15. WDU is on again at 2pm on BBC2. I watched the Talbots (Hairdressers who went to Sydney) and the Foxes ( Electrician and Marine biologist who went to Cairns). Its a bit of a long shot but does any one know how they are getting on? JOHN
  16. Guest

    CO updates HOW DO U GET THEM??

    Good morning all, Ive noticed a lot of you seem to be able to recieve regular updates from your CO and know when you have been assigned one ... Can I please ask you how you do this? I am putting in my partner visa application on 11th August and would like to be able to track the progress of my visa, i'll be handing in my application personally to immigration offices in Sydney. Thanks for your advice.... This is NERVE RACKING!! Lib xx
  17. Waq

    Hr-175 csl

    Any ideas about the time DIAC is taking to process for 175 CSL applicants from High Risk countries! Mine is: Online application submitted: May 2009 Medicals done: June 2009 Case Officer appointed: September 2009 Current status: as of September 2009 (all docs still appear to be requied, while they have been submitted in May 2009) I have written to DIAC and to the CO, been told that my application is in process as a CSL application, but surprisingly nothing is moving!!!
  18. Hi all, from reading some posts there seems to be qutie a few people waiting on 457 visas. I am also waiting on a 457 visa which is being sponsored by a company in Sydney. I am keen to know how others are getting on with 457 applications (i.e. when commenced, where its up to, if accepted, when accepted, any issues or complications they have or are experiencing). My 457 is being dealt with by a 3rd party which the company employs to do all their sponsorships so information I am recieving is limited. All I know is I have a CO appointed. My application was submitted mid april, and thought it would have been alot quicker than this considering we had the medicals done mid march in prep for the app being submitted. hope to hear from all applying for 457s and details of how its going for you
  19. All, If all agents and individuals asked DIAC if any CSL updates were expected within the next month when asked to go for meds and PCs then you might have some grounds for appeal if you spend the money in getting them done only to be dropped off the CSL and processed no further (potentially letting your PCs and meds expire). We have dropped off after all our requirements had changed to met. We were only waiting for the grant letter. We only had the meds and pcs done at diac's request and so feel let down to say the very least. Even if it didn't give grounds for refunds of money or appeal at least it would highlight the issue within DIAC. With hindsight if I was on CSL now and was asked for meds and PCs I'd certainly ask my co to put in my records that I asked the question. Our meds and Pcs cost over £1K.
  20. Hi Guys, This may sound a bit negative - and I'm not usually so bear with me. If you are on CSL and get asked to go for your meds and PCs you may feel safe enough in doing that - but are you ?? We did, we spent the money ( for the 5 of us it cost around the £1,000 mark ). However, less than 3 months after the original CSL was published as we all know it changed without warning. Those having been told to get their PCs and meds who dropped off the list are not being processed any further. There are quite a number of us out here. With no promise of processing before our meds and PCs expire we have been abandoned by the Australian authorities. This can't be right but no-one seems able to do anything about it. My point for you lucky ones still on the CSL is watch out - ask DIAC if there is another update planned before you go and pay for those meds otherwise you could end up like us. I'm starting another post for all of us who have been victim to this - so if you were told to get your meds by DIAC and have now dropped off the CSL please share your story. You are not alone !
  21. Hello to everyone who is applying for one of the above State/Territory general skilled migration visa classes. I had some very encouraging news from Gollywobbler AKA Gill re how quickly applications with a successful State & Territory Nomination were being allocated to a case officer. I asked the same question of our agent ASA consultants who said there was no real evidence of things speeding up. I would like to start this thread for people who have appled for one of the above visa classes after the 1st Jan 2009 and if people can update it when they have any news it would help all who are still anxious on processing times. Thanks to all
  22. Hi. Im new to this forum. Im loking to move out to oz, have almost finished applying. waiting on medicals to be posted to the visa embassy in the next few days. Need a job offer for a plumber. If anyone has/knows of anything please do not hesitate to contact back. Looking to move anywhere in western australia. but am able to move anywhere in oz due to point score. Thanks In Advance... :spinny: Gary...=]
  23. Guest

    New Joiners Updates 2008

    Dear Colleagues, Let us Update our Seniors so that they can help us in our quieres:- Ielts:- 22 July 2008 Skill Assessment:- 15 Aug 2008 State Sponorship :- 22 Oct 2008 Visa Applied 475 : 7 Nov 2008 Documentation Submitted : 10 Nov 2008 :notworthy:
  24. Dunkos

    Visa Updates

    Hi Folks!! Things in the Land of OZ Visa's are going great just now in the Ross household...... house sold whey heeee!!! move out Jan the 16th in terms of visa steps we done em all!!!!! on my status page they have received everything inc. medicals etc which were asked for by co my only question i have left is from the place i am now how long does it take for them to finally approve you? - as my mate albeit on a different visa number and probably a tad more complicated waited 6 months :-(..... i was hoping to be off after xmas??? anyone any rough time scales? Cheers Dunkos
  25. :biglaugh::spinny:hi forumer i like to share with allthose who has applied for 475 and their updates .i applied 475 visa in month of apriil and uploaded all the docus and pcc medicals.it shows in month of july pplication is being processed further since then nothing i have heard so far,any one here has any idea or any pdate.pls do share ,............ thanks