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Found 5 results

  1. jamesandsarah

    unusual situation (with house)

    Hi, We are planning to come over in about two years but have one major headache, My property is in a joint mortgage between myself and an ex, in a nutshell she has done a runner and cannot be traced. I have had no contact in three years, I am in a new relationship and soon to marry and have a baby. Mortgage company not interested as I have always paid every month without fail. I have seen 6 different solicitors to no avail. They have not been able to be very helpful. problem is, when i want to sell, I need her signature and im damned if I will let her stop my move to oz. (she will be awkward). The property has 20k equity. I would consider giving this up and 'handing back the keys' on the way to OZ. Has anyone done this? What were the consequences, if any? How did this impact what happened in Australia. Im a very moral person but at witts end!!
  2. Hi all Slightly unusual situation which the ATO website hasn't helped me clear up.... I lived in Australia from Jan 2007 - May 2009 on a 457 visa. For the most recent tax year (09-10) I was paid 2 or 3 times by my employer commission for sales completed prior to me leaving in May 2009. Company policy dictates that commission is only payable to the sales person 30 days after payment from client has been processed - hence the payments in July 2009, October 2009 and February 2010 for sales accrued prior to leaving Australia the previous tax year. My 457 visa was still active up until April 2010, after which point I cancelled it (in order to begin the process of extracting superannuation). I have no idea if I am a resident for taxation purposes or not.... any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  3. Hi everyone Our situation is not straightforward, and we would appreciate any advice. I applied for a (non CSL) 475 SS visa earlier this year, and in line with advice from our agent, I tried to add my partner to the visa application at the Med/Police check stage (to give us time to get the full 12 months defacto info required). DIAC said this was not possible and that we would have to wait till my visa was granted then lodge a new 475 application (with further visa fee!) as a subsequent entrant. My SS 475 visa was granted in July, and we immediately lodged my partners 475 subsequent entrant visa. We were advised by agent and DIAC that my partners application is exempt from the usual occupation criteria, and all that is being assessed is the meds, police checks and defacto evidence, which is all in place. We were literally waiting for the phone to ring to let us know it has been approved. If my partners visa is affected by the new processing times, effectively DIAC will be invalidating my visa as I will not be able to meet the criteria of my granted visa by way of entry date and to live for 2 years and work for 12 months in the regional area. Now, with the priority processing changes, we are unsure if this will affect my partners application, and our future. We have contacted our agent who have advised they have emailed DIAC for clarification, but it could be some time before we get any response. Naturally, we are beside ourselves with worry. Thanks in advance for any replies. KC
  4. Not that my spouse is unusual, just that I think the question may be. This is our situation: I have dual nationality since obtaining Australian Citizenship by descent last year. However I have never lived in Australia (in fact have only visited once, for a month in August!). Anyway, we loved it and want to move over there. My husband is 44 so we stand little chance with a skills visa so were delighted when we realised that we could apply for a spouse visa and that there is no upper age limit on him for that. However...I have just had a bit of a panic:arghh: - we were looking at the sponsor forms (40SP, I think it was) and there was no tick-box for "citizen by descent". Several trains of thought later and I kind of recall reading that there are some limitations to my citizenship until I have lived there for two years. I think on reflection that this might just relate to my son obtaining citizenship, but I can't find anything online nor in my documents here. So HELP please....are our plans scuppered or are we ok? We have lots to do, not least think through whether to bully aged relatives to come over - we can't leave them here. But we are planning another holiday over in Oz next August anyway, so if we apply and are granted the visas we can use that trip to validate and then wait everything out:cry:.
  5. Guest

    Unusual legal question?!

    Hi all Joined this forum a few months ago but only viewed so far, fantastic, friendly place and tons of useful info. Myself and 2 friends spent a year backpacking round Oz in 2000 (and actually did travel all the way round!), and had an absolute ball. I have always contemplated going back to stay, and now have 2 youngsters, and a better half who is keen aswell. My concern is, during our stay in 2000, myself and one of the friends were caught in posession of Marjuana, and were charged in court. Its all pretty embarrising looking back, but we were just young and daft. :wacko: Does anyone have any idea if this would be checked out/remembered/considered if I make an application for a visa? Any responses would be much appreciated. Cheers Cwego