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Found 13 results

  1. Hi ,just had by T.R.A. form back,saying that there is insufficient evidence of training or work experience in an occupation assessed by T.R.A.,but they did note my city and guilds and apprenticship.I was wondering what visa options if any where available to me and my family?
  2. Hi folks. We were unsuccessful on our assessment for painting+decorating. Submitted 18.05.12, finalised 29.05.12. We got the letter plus email with outcome reasons yesterday. I sent them every document + certificate we had proving Daves trade but they wanted actual certificate that proved his qualification is equivalent level 3 which we don't have. I've chased this up with all relevant trade depts in Scotland and it seems Dave was never actually sent the blooming letter stating his apprenticeship completed, skills test successful and he has gained svq level 3 in painting+decorating! Argh! We are now getting that so will forward it to TRA as this is all they need to change our assessment to success...I hope. My question is... this will cost another $300, is this refunded if successful this time? Bit confused as I'm sure I read somewhere if they changed the outcome you'd be refunded but I've probably read it wrong. Dave has IELTS on Saturday so fingers crossed that's successful then hopefully by end of month we can submit the extra certificate they need and they change their decision. Will we go to back of queue and wait months again or as its review do we get checked quicker? I'm awfy glad its been something simple that we have missed and we can sort it I personally feel this hurdle is a test of how important and serious our hopes+plans are coz some I'm sure would take this first knock back and walk away but those who are deadly serious will fight back. I hope everyone else who has been unsuccessful manages to overcome this hurdle and get a success on the review. Thank you for all the advise + support over the last 6 months
  3. Guest

    TRA Successful

    I applied for TRA, but rejected. I applied for cook position. Is it very common unsuccessful of TRA application. Im very siappointed and dishearted now.
  4. I have just logged on to VETASSESS to see my application is reading UNSUCCESSFUL. I now have to wait for a letter which explains why. I feel really gutted, has anyone else had the same experience? Did you apply for reassessment?:no:
  5. Hi All I am new to this site and am currently going thorugh the process of applying for a 176 visa without an agent. I received an email today that said my WA SS was declined but when I opened the attached letter to see the reason it was an approval letter, asking me to sign the T&Cs and send back. Can anyone help, what shall I do. Shall I send back the letter and hope I have got SS or contact them and get them to confirm? Please help me, have felt sick since I saw the email and that the dream could be over...... thanks in advance:confused:
  6. Hi there, We received an unsuccessful result from TRA for our application on Wednessday and are a bit baffled as to why. Can anyone shed some light? We applied under the following category which appears on the dropdown list on the TRA skills assessment form which is exactly what my husband is: Electrical Engineering Technician [Electrical Engineering Detail Draftsperson] - 3123-13 However, on the outcome letter is says : "Reading through your application, you seem to be an Electrical Engineering Draftsperson. As Trades Recognition do not assess this profession I suggest you contact the Institution of Engineers Australia, 11 National Circuit, Barton ACT 2600, Australia." We really are confused as to why they have stated the above when we have selected a category that fits my husband's trade so perfectly. Does anybody have any idea why or has anyone had a similar experience. We have rung them and are waiting to hear back from the assessor. Thank you and look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments :sad:
  7. Guest

    Tra review unsuccessful

    HI i am ANISH i had applied for TRA assesment last year december & in march i got result unsuccessful & reason provided by them were that the existence of my employer was not confer as there was no business listing or website there. i had showed 950 hours of volunteer expereince from india where i used to work . the owner of the company gave me the certificate for that. then i applied for review & yesterday i recived again UNSUCCESSFUL now they given reason "that evidence provided by my employer fails to demonstrate 900 hours of directly related work experience .the statement from this establishment could not be verified to TRA satisfacion after a phone call to this business on 1325 on 06.05.2010. i called my employer in india to confer about the call & they said they didnt recieved any call & they checked their mobile bill & voicemail also. now tell me what should i do if i lodge again application it will happen again as my employer is always busy in hospital cotract & their phone jammers are there. i am tired of this stupid reasons i had provided each & every document related to my employer existence their VAT no THIER TAX no thier TAX NO on WEBSITE everything which shows even they proviede me thier client list to verify the existence. could anyone suggest me what can i do now as i was waiting to file my PR becuase of my sister is CITIZEN of australia, plz suggest me a way to get out of mess:mad:
  8. Hello all, Today i got my assessment letter from TRA Australia ( I applied as a Cook) and the outcome was unsuccessful and they have out lined the reasons for their decision. About me, I have one year NVQ diploma in food preparation and culinary arts and a certificate (3 months long) on Food Hygiene and sanitation on top of that I have 4 years experience as a cook. Well this is what TRA Told me: Your National Advanced Diploma in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts has been noted. However the transcripts that you have provided do not sufficiently detail the content and structure of the course or the hours of tuition for each relevant subject. (A Syllabus of the course or similar evidence may provide sufficient detail of the course content for TRA's consideration). The supplied transcripts indicate that the course may not include sufficient trade level training. Therefore TRA could not establish that the course contained a minimum of 900 hours of formal training that directly aligns with the requested occupation or any other occupation as per the requirements of the UAC. Additionally you have not provided evidence that establishes that your formal training provider is accredited to deliver trade level training by an authorised governing body as per the requirements of the UAC. Your period of on the job training and subsequent employment has been noted. However as you have not provided evidence of completing an appropriate level of formal training, the apprenticeship / traineeship is considered by TRA to be incomplete. Additionally it should be noted that the provided employment statements in conjunction with your own statement does not demonstrate that you have prepared and cooked a broad range of food items and does not sufficiently demonstrate the range of preparation and cooking methods that you have used. The statement provides a limited range of examples of the dishes that you have cooked and does not sufficiently demonstrate the methods of preparation that you have used to prepare the dishes. You may wish to seek an internal review of your assessment result. TRA offers one opportunity for applicants within Australia to seek such a review. You can request a review by completing the details in the attached form and returning the form to TRA together with any new information you wish to supply in support of your original application. Your request for a review must be received by TRA within 60 days from the date of this letter. A fee of AUD$300 is payable when lodging the request. Should the review overturn the assessment result and the information on which the new result is based was originally held by TRA, the review fee will be refunded. Now I came to know that I can take Culinary exam at my home country which is examined and the qualification awarded by the Australians them self and the exam governing body is called "CULINARY SOLUTIONS AUSTRALIA" and their certificate is accepted by the UAC. So my question are as follows: 1. Should I apply for a Review with in 60 days period? 2. should I take the Culinary Solutions Australia exam, pass the exam and then apply ? 3. What are my options now? 4. What is the best way to re-apply? I would highly appreciate any advise relevant to my situation. I need a Australian Immigration lawyer so if any of you can recommend me one, that would be appreciated as well. Thank you all
  9. first of all, happy new year for all forums members !!! I've just received the negative result from TRA for cook. The main reasons for the unsuccessful application are the information of employment letters from my employers are not enough although the employers provided hours, some tasks+duties, but the TRA still ask more than that such as the dishes, method used ... I am going to apply again to review my last application. I am very appreciated that you can copy ur employment letters (by scan ur letter and send via email) that u applied successfully for cook at TRA. Thanks alot !!! :wubclub: my email: luannguyen83@hotmail.com
  10. Guest

    TRA Unsuccessful

    Hi Everyone. Just had the tra accessment back as unsuccessful for my hubby, he doesnt have any college or work experience for painting and decorating. we where going to apply for a 175. Were absolutly gutted as he knows he never went to college to learn how to paint just carried on from his father. Is their any other way we can apply with out having work exp or training done. hubby nearly 40 now so wont be able to go back to college and i only work in a office doing paperwork part time and look after kids the other time.. Its a sad day
  11. ulu1905

    TRA Reject 2 times Unsuccessful

    I apply to TRA as a structure supervisor I got 4years bachelor degree “metal works” each year’s done workshop which is “Mechanical Metallurgy, Heat Treatments, Welding………..” We used also learn about welding, read technical drawing, welding, bending, cut, drill all metal works also 60 days I worked in factory as an apprentice if you want to see total formal hours 998 hours I got letter from my faculty department. After graduate I worked same company for 6 years as structure supervisor very big company has 200 workers, manufacture is steel construction. Send Government tax account 6 years University lesson also contents Letter from teacher UNI Letter from manager JOP My job task also duty I spend a lot of times for got nothing also I am very sad lost money I don’t care but I felt I am nothing before I was feel best done many job. I would like to share my experience maybe that refer you I don’t know What will do after this time maybe I will apply boilermaker4122-11 Statement of reason: To be assessed as a Supervisor an applicant must first be recognized under a skill pathway and also possess at least three years post-recognition supervisory experience involving qualified tradespersons. The applicant’s qualification is not considered to be trade level training and research conducted during the verification process for the training indicates that it is not a part of the Technical and Vocational Education system in Greek. Therefore the application fails to demonstrate the completion of formal vocational training. Please refer to Section 10.3 of the Uniform Assessment Criteria (UAC). The evidence in the application indicates that the applicant was performing the duties of a Manager rather than a Supervisor. Additional details of the specific duties and tasks performed by the applicant as a supervisor. I got this letter I need advise Can I apply boilermaker even I worked as boilermaker in Au as well.
  12. Guest

    TRA Unsuccessful!

    O.K.! Not happy! Submitted my tra on xmas eve and heard back last week having been unsuccessful. The reasons given being that my NVQ which was done over a 2 year period while being assessed in full time employment doesn't meet the required length of study. And also the fact I had a part-time evening job at the same time which they don't seem to understand that some of us needed 2 jobs to get by! I'm waiting for them to ring me back regarding the necessary bits of info needed to satisfy their criteria! But the fact I have to pay another $300 for the privilage p**ses me off a bit! Anyone else out there had a similar experience?:mad:
  13. Hi everyone Applied for 176 Visa in May 2008 & we still haven't heard anything. I know it is a bit soon to have had an answer but I was wondering does anybody know if the Australian Government let us know if the Application is unsuccessful or are we left in limbo for evermore!!! Really feel like our life is on hold. We don't want to get our hopes up and plan too much but on the other hand we don't seem to be able to live for now either. My husband wants a week away in the sun after our wet summer but I think it would be a waste of money to do that if we end up getting our visa sometime soon as the money could be used for shipping out our cat.