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Found 6 results

  1. Me and my partner are applying for a skills visa. Both of us have wanted skills, my partner is the main person applying for the visa and I am going on his partner. We have been together for 6 years, we haven’t lived together and we don’t have a joint bank account. We currently live between our parents houses as we are saving to emigrate. We have evidence through photos, flight tickets, statements from friends. What is needed to ensure the visa will be granted? What else can we submit as evidence? Has anyone applied for a visa in a similar situation who could help? thanks!
  2. Hi all, I am hoping for a bit of advice from wiser heads out there please. I am British and moved to Sydney with my NZ partner 2 years ago. After a great time in Australia we are keen to move back to London. The Unmarried Partner visa what we need. But I have a couple of questions surrounding that. 1. What is the processing time when we make the application in Australia? I have heard 3 months is the norm, but then was told 9 months. This is quite important as the visa conditions require I have a job offer back in the UK. I'm not sure what company would wait 9 months! 2. To make our rental application more appealing/competitive we just put the rental agreement in my name (less references and work for the estate agents to process). We opened a joint bank account when we got here and have bills in both our names coming to our home - will this be enough proof? Somebody said we need to have something documenting we are both at our address for each of the 24 months, but our bills come quarterly? Any advice would be really appreciated.
  3. Hi all, so happy I found this forum! I am applying for my unmarried partner visa offshore and I have some questions about medicals and police checks. 1) can you submit these later than the rest of the application? I know that they normally expire after a year. I see some people mention front loading their application by sending these in first but can you submit them later? 2) does the Australian partner need a medical and police checks too? My partner and I both lived in Japan for two years so I know I need to submit a Japanese police check but I am not sure if he needs one (I didn't see it mentioned in the Aus gov helpbook but have heard that for a defacto visa for NZ both partners need it done so wanted to check if it's the same). Good luck to everyone in the application process. The amount of work involved is somewhat daunting but it'll be worth it!
  4. I am a Permanent Resident of Australia and my girlfriend is a citizen of United States and has a one year old son from a previous relationship. She has never been married or been in a defacto relationship with the father of the child. The father abandoned the baby and the mother while she was pregnant. His name does not appear on the birth certificate either. The father has no contact with the mother. We are planning to get married in September in Australia and then apply for an onshore Partner Visa. We worry that immigration will want the biological father's consent in writing for the child to migrate to Australia. What should we do? I have been told by a lawyer that since the father's name does not appear on the birth certificate, it gives us a bit of a leverage. However, I am not sure if that is sufficient to prove that the mother is the sole guardian of the child. What can we do to help this child migrate to Australia?
  5. Hiya sorry if this has been asked before, and I am just being stupid but is it ok for unmarried couples to move to oz on the womans points only? Also is there any way ferrets can gain entry?
  6. Guest

    Unmarried couples

    Hi Me & my partner have lived together for nearly 9 years, have a daughter together who is 19 months and bought a house together 3 years ago. Have any other unmarried couples had to prove that they are actaully 'together?' If so, what evidence did you give to immigration?!! I also have a daughter from a previous relationship, and her father is dead now. Hoping to get the death certificate (which cost me £11.50!) but would a CSA letter be sufficient? Has anyone else also been through this?! Thanks! This is sooooo much more complicated than originally thought!!:arghh: Judith