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Found 9 results

  1. http://bit.ly/BritPensions This is a new e-petition in the long and difficult battle for fairness and justice to Poms in OZ (and in several other countries). My own pension was frozen for 13 years in OZ, but now that we are back in the UK it has risen to the amount it would have been had we remained in the UK. I feel very strongly that this is something which should be put right and hope that the 100,000 signatures can be collected so that the MPs can debate it in Parliament. Annual indexing is denied to those in some countries (inc OZ) but not in others (inc the USA!). Please sign if you agree.
  2. Guest

    its so unfair

    when men get to there 40s they become distinguished with there slight greying,and mature looks (which attracts the attention of the younge females)as for women things go south,and the body starts to give up on itself,and young men just politely open doors for them,and offer them seats on buses--then they have to have heaps of medication just to get them through i think its called HRT or sumthin (Happyness Repair Treatment)--so for all you girls out there sh7man does feel for you--its not all that bad theres the readers digest,and women weekly to help you along--so chin up--so if your feeling a bit down in the dumps--please remember im allways here for you,although one presumes at your age all you will want to do is talk,ive got enough young women avaiable for my other needs so feel free to chat away:wubclub:
  3. tracy123

    Is life unfair?

    Here trying using this. It doesn't fix anything but it sure takes away the pain!!! (Well so I've heard! :embarrassed:)
  4. Immigration Restriction Act 1901 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I know it's Wikipedia but gives you a good idea of just how tough the Aussies could be when they wanted. Immigration Restriction Act 1901
  5. Jimm

    Fair Or Unfair ?

    Would it be fair or unfair with those already sponsored by states if their occupation is not in the coming smp list? States sponsored them cause at the time of sponsorship there occupations were in demand even though at this time they may or may not be on the new SMP list. I think that it will be very unfair on part of states if they left them out on the new SMP list.
  6. my australian born wife and i have applied for a partner visa on 6 november 2009. we now have been subjected to give massive amounts of information and last monday we had the new south whales bona fida unit call to our place and look through our wardrobe, washing basket, letters and cards from our anniversary 2 weeks ago. it is blatebly obvious to them we are a genuine married couple and we were told we would have our visa granted in 2 or 3 weeks. so to our surprise we had a letter in the post on friday from our case officer requesting more info. on the letter was living together, social photographs, drivers licence and bank statements. our case worker has been no help to us what so ever, just proving herself to be a major obsticle in our way. we have already given our lease aggreement, letter from real estate, energy australia bill and the bona fida unit has been over. what more could she possibly need. as for drivers licence, its irrelevant. i'm not applying to drive in australia. we have already given bank statements previously. we dont have social photographs as the will not let me work so we are stretched to our limits financially. is there anything we can do as our case officer is impossible and making our lives hell and completely unnessary. please help. (ps. unmarried people i have talked to have got all theres approved in 4 months without any hassle and half the amount of info supplied. totally confused.)
  7. Hi, I am new to this site and wish to share my thoughts for those who are in the same boat with me. I appied for GSM 175 Accountant on August 2008. I obtained 130points and agent advised that I DO NOT require a State Sponsor as SS are for those who do not achieve the passing mark at 120points. Further to this, you require to live and work in the specific State if you apply for a State Sponsor. So ok, sounds better for Independant Visa compare to SS. After the 23 Sept struck, the SS now has more priority than those without. Then, I started to look for SS few months later, hopefully to get a higher priority. To my surprise, all states requires minimum IELTS 7 effective July 2009, previously was 6. I did not achieve 7 for my IELTS. I wish I do not obtain 130points and get a SS at that time. My friend who applied few months later than me, as an Accountant too, with his 100 points and IELTS below 7, got a SS, and now has a CO allocate. SO whats the point of achieving 130points when you do not get priority processing compare to those with 100points ??? If DIAC and States wishes to change their requirement, I wish they will look into every details before making any changes. Its so unfair for Accountants like me. And does IELTS really gives you the overall judgment? I had put so much effort on my career and obtaining 130 points doesn't come easily!! Don't tell me that SS has more priority compare to those CAT 6, look at the applicant's details and their qualification!! Now, my friend is teasing me on this matter :cry: So unfair for ACCOUNTANTS without SS :mad:
  8. Guest

    This is sooooo unfair.

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7848244.stm Be very careful buying over the internet. Nearly 1,800 people may be left out of pocket after the collapse of electrical goods retailer Empire Direct. Refunds will not be possible due to Empire Direct's lack of funds when it entered administration. Money paid by customers was put into the company's overdrawn bank account." I have lost only £29 on a toaster but some people have lost thousands……why have we this bloody unfair system that ordinary people cannot get their money back when a company goes into liquidation….WHY do they have to pay out the big boys first…this is so unfair.