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Found 10 results

  1. Hi All I realise that the answer will probably be "You're screwed" but just in case anyone has any advice... I entered Australia in Sept 18 on a TSS subclass 482 (medium-long term labour stream) visa, my skill is listed as "Software Developer". I have lost my job, though no fault of my own, and I am struggling to find a new job because I require a new sponsor. I have 60 days to find a new sponsor or I have to leave. Realistically, it will become more desperate than that way sooner as I have no income and bills to pay. I have a UK limited company. If I work for that company, whilst I am in Oz, am I breaking any rules? If I leave after 60 days then immediately reenter on my existing Travel Visa, am I breaking any rules? (I know I can't work on a travel visa). How complicated would it be to have my skill changed to something a bit more flexible? Are there any other pearls of wisdom anyone can provide? TIA Barry
  2. brinsk

    Partner Visa Sponsor Duties

    Hi everyone, I am Australian living in the UK with my British de facto partner. He will be applying for his Partner (Provisional) Visa (subclass 309) soon and we'd like to clear up a few issues with my duties as a sponsor. I am unemployed at the moment and I have read that it wouldn't affect me sponsoring my partner. Is this correct? I have enough savings to be able to fulfill the financial aspect of the sponsorship undertaking. We are planning to buy a house when we go to Australia so will be staying with my parents when we arrive until then. Will explaining this in our personal statements be sufficient? Any information would be appreciated.
  3. Hi just wondering if anyone can help out with some information on the best option for staying in Aus after having lived here as a student for 5 years and as a job seeker looking for full time work as a General Skilled migrant for 2 years. Any suggestions/information/help is very much appreciated.
  4. Hey everyone, this is my first ever post on here and on any forum for that matter! I've been in Melbourne for 15 months and had a job for most of that but not a very good one at all….in fact it was so depressing i finally left it last month. Ever since i got that job i have been on the look out for another better suited job, i've applied for so many roles and either had no response or a 'thank you but no' reply. These are roles that i am more than qualified to do and had i applied to them in London I would at least have had an interview. I'm a graphic designer for fashion by the way, the industry is small in London but it seems smaller and more behind here. I'm feeling really useless and fed up plus I am starting to wonder if it's because I am not Australian? I have a defaco Visa and so do not require any sponsorship, I put this info on my cover letters plus it is on my CV. Starting to wish i'd stayed in my old job now even though it was soul destroying. What am I doing wrong eh?!
  5. Hi Everyone, We've got our 17 visa and validated them. I'm applying for my 7 month old daughters visa shortly so we can all go together. On the 101 checklist it states that I need to provide pay slips from a current employer or books signed off by an accountant. Trouble is I have been unemployed for 6 months due to redundancy(well, self employed to pay the bills and avoid claiming off the state) but I don't yet have an accountant and couldn't supply employers pay slips. What should I do? Cheers, Steve.
  6. Nicole Eire

    Prospects for unemployed?

    I have been reading through a few threads and am now just looking for clarification on the situation for people unemployed for more than 12months. For a family (which rules out possibility of WHV) where the main applicant has been unemployed for more than 12months, are ther therefore no options whatsoever available for emigration? This seems very strange to me! Surely the currently unemployed are still eligible candidates for emigration? Any help greatly appreciated.
  7. I am an Australian citizen and married my Nepali girlfriend who is residing in Nepal. We got married and gave birth of a child. Just to let you know I've just got the citizenship 1 month after her birth. Now I want to bring them in Australia. Unfortunately I am unemployed for about 14 months. I can arrange assurance of support from my friends here in Australia. I've several questions regarding these 1. Though I am unemployed for 14 months,I did not apply for centrelink support. Does it have any effect on the visa application? Is it okay to apply for centrelink support for being unemployed? 2. Regarding the child. She is only 1 month old. Do I need to apply for her separately paying visa application fee (about $1700 if applied overseas) or one application fee for my spouse covers her as well? 3. What will be the precise amount of money do I need to submit as security deposit . Is It about ($2500 + $650 ) for a spouse and a child?
  8. when you arrive how quickly you found a decent job? I heard stories that within couple of days and others couple of years. I have not worked last few months, before I had been doing crap jobs, facing australian red tape to get licenses and I ask myself "how long more?". I see also this country has nothing much to offer, except nice landscapes, but this is not all to survive, I need a job and income desperately and can't find.
  9. :arghh:hi everybody just spoke to a company in perth this morning, they had advertised a job on seek and said they do sponsor people but not at the minute as theirs enough local unemployed people to fill the position, anybody else came accross this, won,t stop me trying to get their though just wondered if anybody else had seen the effect of the economy slowing, regards bill ps job was in the construction industry (drainer)
  10. Well I worked my last day yesterday so I am now unemployed, feels very surreal The house is almost ready to exchange, they still cannot find plan A of our deeds every other bloomin document, most of which other people don't have! but no plan A - if they cannot trace it we will probably have to pay and indemnity policy for our buyers of about £300 This bloomin stamp duty thing may cause us a problem if our buyers decide they don't want to pay it and ask us to drop another £2000 to avoid it BUT I am staying positive that it will all go through OK even if we exchange and complete on the same day, nxt Friday. Went out with my 'girls' (some of the people I support) last night for a lovely meal, they gave me a very nice pressie and cards (I am not opening any cards till we get to Oz, they only make me cry) and told me how wonderful I am and how much they will miss me which was very nice, a few glasses of wine seemed to help stop me blubbing too much, or maybe I was all blubbed out as I had blubbed I don't know how many times during the day already saying goodbye to so many people. I have a meal out with collegues on Monday, shippers coming on Wed and Thurs. Garage sale on Sat, charity shops and dump on Mon/Tues and then thats it all done. Still feels a bit unreal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .