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Found 8 results

  1. Hi! I am getting very stressed because I am unable to sell my house in the Uk. I have my PR visa and was going to use the capital to set up in Perth area. Should I just book flights and validate the visa anyway? Maybe stay for 3months. Should I try and rent my property out for 6 months and hope that the market will be easier then? This will mean that I will be living on a shoestring (I'm 63) and will have no liquid assets at the end of that period. I am willing to work part time. Any thoughts on these dilemmas would be appreciated. I am positive that I will move to Perth, but the timing is proving a nightmare!
  2. So annoyed this morning. Had an email from CO to advise that they are likely to refuse application for a 457 visa because the nomination by the employer has been refused :sad: Immigration requested extra documentation from them on the 16th. Employer provided the information on the same day, and chased them a week later to see if they had received it (no reply). They emailed them again, again no reply. I had an email from my CO last week to say everything was ready to be issued, but they are still awaiting documentation from employer. Employer sent again, and called them to confirm they had received it (nobody available to talk to them on this occasion). This morning had an email from CO to say they are likely to refuse my application as the employer has "not provided the requested information", and did I want to withdraw the application before it gets refused or provide evidence that the employer has a valid nomination :mad: Emailed my employer, she said they have provided everything requested and have no idea why they would say they haven't. Makes me so mad, almost at the point of thinking is this all worth it? We must be talking at least another 6-8 week delay now if we decide to give it another go. Dealing with immigration is like talking to a brick wall, nobody responds to emails or phone calls, or even acknowledges your emails. When you call them you get told the case officer is busy and will send you an email, nothing is ever received :mad: Really don't know what to do for the best now.
  3. Hello all, I had submitted my ACS application earlier this month and the status of the application was showing "With the accessor" last week, but since this morning when I put in my application number and passcode, I do not see my status. Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks.:confused:
  4. Hi Is anyone else having difficulty trying to apply for State sponsorship?? The Gates were supposed to open 3rd November and I can't acess anything yet? Do you think they are going to start at office hours ? Anyone have a clue what is going on :arghh:
  5. My Employer sponsor has just checked online status & it's update as of today is: unable to provide extra information. They were requested extra info on the 21/4 & supplied that day, my sponsoring company asking if they required any further info to let them know. They received no acknowledgement, so emailed a week later asking if the info had been received. The co a acknowledged about 2 weeks later, that she has received. I then checked my status & it says application withdrawn! Do you think our CO has lost our email? What the hell has happened?
  6. nik_kershaw

    Unable to vote due to volcanic ash

    I registered to vote in the general election about 2 months ago, however I have still not got my postal vote. I phoned up my former local office and the girl on the phone said it was probably due to the volcanic ash. I asked if i received the paperwork could i take it to the high commission in Canberra, she said no, it had to be at their office by 10pm tomorrow (UK time). What a joke, i went to some effort getting registered for the election and in return i get a kinda unlucky response. As I said before, what a joke!!! Not being allowed to vote shouldn't be possible because there isn't a back up plan if something like this happens. I know when my wife was in the UK she was able to vote at Australia house. Did anyone else get their postal votes, and do you think you'll get them back in time for the 10pm deadline tomorrow?
  7. Hi, we should have travelled home on Saturday but obviously with the flight restrictions we can't leave the country! Just wondered how it's affecting other people and what they are doing meantime? Emirates have told us the earliest date they can give us to travel home is the 30th April.....trying to eke out money and live as frugally as possible! I started (much to my children's horror) home schooling this morning, sitting at the hotel pool! So what's everyone else doing? Mhags
  8. Evening all, Hubs and I (and the 3 kiddywinks) submitted our 175 (CSL and MODL) application online on March 21st. We got an acknowledgement and receipt of payment, but also got an error message saying "The following errors have been encountered: Unable to provide further processing details at this time as the link to the application processing system is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." :arghh::arghh: oUR AGENT HAS TOLD US THIS HAPPENS OCCASIONALLY AND SHOULD NOT AFFECT vISA pROCEssing, (oops Caps lock off now!) and he has told DIAC but said they are unlikely to fix it. - but I just wondered had anyone else experienced this and did it get resolved? It's driving me mad that we can't see any status updates! I know we'll get notified (via agent) in due course as and when we get a CO and they want Meds etc. but I like the excitement of being able to see if anything's changed!! Take care all, kirsty xxx