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Found 48 results

  1. Guest

    Type 2 Diabetes

    Hi can anyone help me I need some advice. I have a sponsord visa and am on my way to Oz with hubby and three children in 16 days but I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few days ago. I was hoping to apply for permanent residency in 2 years and am realy worried now that this will have an affect on our application as we were not intending on comming back to the Uk. Can anyone give me info on how this might affect us and do you need another medical for permanent visa application. Many thanks:no:
  2. Kilmarnock Removals turned up just before 9 and have made great progress - most of the packing is done now! Couple of hiccups which were my fault - a manky rug got packed but was v easily unpacked, and I'd left my wee toolbox in the living room from taking a table apart, and needed it for the bed, and it was packed by the time I went for it! Managed to retrieve it easily though. We are supervising a bit less now, hopefully there won't be any surprises at the other end. Pub later I think - stayed up until 2 this morning and up at 7!
  3. Guest

    Type 1 diabetic

    Hi, New to PIO, loads of really useful info on here! My partner and i are looking into moving to Oz; one area that seems quite complicated and very different to the UK is healthcare. My partner is type 1 diabetic and we are trying to work out an approximate figure of how much this may cost us per month. any useful info very much appreciated! thanks Gem
  4. Hello, how long did people on here on average stay in short term accommodation before securing a long term rental? We are trying to at least make an attempt at keeping our finances under control and looking at the prices for short term rentals we would like to keep that stay as short as possible. We are hoping to get out early next year on an employer sponsored Visa and would love to move to the Robina/ Varsity Lake area. Also we are a bit undecided on what type of short term accommodation to go for. We have three children (who will be 2,5 and 7 when we get there) and were looking at holiday parks as well as rental houses/apartments. We thought that a holiday park would be a nice opportunity to start the move off with a holiday feel which will hopefully help the children to get over the first shock, but we're wondering how comfortable that might be as a family of five over several weeks - which brings me back to the "how long" bit of my question :biggrin: Would love to hear other people's experiences on this! Thank you! Mel
  5. Guest

    Advice needed on Visa Type

    Am looking for some helpful advice from everyone on here. My wife and I are looking at making the jump down under and have started to look at the Visa Process. I am a Chartered Engineer specialising in Project Engineering mainly int eh aerospace industry. My wife is a fully qualified History Teacher but has also taught Geography, General studies and Latin amongst other subjects. I have just turned the dreaded 40 and my wife will next Year. We have both in excess of 15 years experience since qualification We're looking down the skilled Visa route. Ideally I would like to get sponsored but realise that we may need to apply cold turkey and then find jobs on arrival. What we're not sure about is whether we both need to apply for skilled Visa's, or does one apply for a skilled and one for a spouse visa or even if one applies for a visa does the other need to? Any help much appreciated Ashley
  6. So we're planning on renting an apartment in the North of Sydney and have a few suburbs in mind. But I would like to have a week or 2 to go and view the suburbs and apartments before signing up to a 6 month lease. So we will need somewhere to stay for a couple of weeks, thats self catering and quite central, mid range in price and suitable for a 3 year old. Where did you stay on arrival? :smile:
  7. Hi all We have just been in Brisbane for 10 days, from the UK via 3 years in Auckland. Can't find a decent supermarket :mad: In Auckland we accepted that we would not have as much choice as in the UK, but Brisbane is even worse than Auckland! Where will we find Waitrose and M&S quality and variety of food? Please help!
  8. I've just applied for GSM175 with a successful TRA approval for General Electrician. If successful do I have to work as an electrician or can I work in another field? I currently work as a Mechanical & Electrical Services Site Manager on large projects but I do some property development outside of work. I'm starting to do quite a bit of domestic plumbing and tiling for example so would it be worth me getting some qualifications in this while my application processes to increase my chances of work in Australia?
  9. PommyPaul

    What type of fish are these?

    Think ones a bream? but gawd knows what the other was! thought well though :cool: and check out the little birdy feeding on the flowers, was right place, right time to get this piccy
  10. just wundered what type of lifestyle you are looking for when you arrive in australia--is it a balance of work,and pleasure--perhaps a healthier lifestyle than you have in the uk (australia is a very outdoor country) or is it just the fact of living in australia you want--for those guys living in australia what type of lifestyle do you have,and is it the one you wanted when you first arrived in australia:wubclub:
  11. Hi I submitted form 80 and 47a along with some other documents for my spouse last week ( I got married after allocation of CO and he requested some documents) My spouse has never been employed. In her employment history which should be filled in form 80 I mentioned from Feb 2006 to Dec 2006 ( instead of Dec 2010) unemployed and no more lines as she never worked But her work history in form 47a was filled correctly Now I need your advice, Should I inform CO of this mistake or wait for his request for rectification ? How should I inform him of this mistake ? By email or filling form 1023 ? or Shall I send a new form 80 ?:eek: I believe my CO has not checked submitted form as it was submitted when he was probably on Christmas holidays Regards:hug::notworthy:
  12. sven365

    DFS type furniture store in Aus

    Hi I am tossing up whether to take my sofas with me or not to oz. they have seen better days though! Are there DFS type shops in Aus, or Melbourne specifically where I can pick up a decent cheapish sofa?
  13. Hi everyone, Since we visited in 2008 weve had our hearts set on Brisbane. We are currently waiting to hear if we have a job offer in WA. But if we dont get it were looking at other options and this is where my question comes in.... when im looking at SEEK and other job sites theres always far more welfare/social type jobs in Melbourne. Now obviously the size of Melbourne compered to Brisbane is a factor but theres even more jobs in Melbourne than Sydney also? It strikes us theres quite a large welfare/social sector in Victoria. And we are thinking along the lines of If we are to obtain an employer then maybe we should be looking at Melbourne instead? I just wondered what folk in melbourne and surrounds think and also anyone in Brisbane. The reason i ask is because we have been advised if we get a job here then to head over and study while jamie tries to get an employer to sponsor him, hence the reason were thinking Melbourne would give us a far better shot?? Thanks in advance kelly:wubclub:
  14. Guest

    Can we change visa type?

    Hi, not sure if anyone can help. My partner has been offered a job in WA and the employer is in the process of nominating him. We therefore want to start our visa application (he is 45 in December!!). But if we do start to apply for an Employer nominated visa and this falls through, can we change it to a state sponsored or do we have to start (and pay!) all over again? I have found on the gov website that you can change from state to employer visa, but can't find it the other was around. We have got out vettassess etc all organised. Many thanks for any help. Lindsey:confused:
  15. Hi, After 12 months of starting our application, hopefully we are nearly there ! we are just about to have our medicals and had a question about the cost of diabetic medication. My husband is Type 2, which is controlled with metformin tablets. Over here although we pay for perscriptions, he is exempt because of the Diabetes. Wondered if anyone knows the cost of buying them in Oz ? will we have to buy ? will this be covered in the medical insurance that i think we will have to take out (another query !).
  16. Whilst looking through car-sales and E-bay, I can not seem to make my mind up on what sort of car to buy??. We are moving to WA so i guess the question is, Do i realy need a 4x4 or will a regular car be ok??. What car are any of you guys driving. When we spent time in Queensland, we enjoyed going into the bush and exploring. So we are leaning towards a 4x4. But dont really dont no what to expect off road in WA Any advice or help in the right direction would be great Thanks!!!!:jiggy::jiggy:
  17. Hey guys! I'm applying for a RSMS visa from here in the UK. I've got about 4 weeks to wait until I get a C/O. Is it worth me preempting the CO and getting booked in for a medical now? I imagine there will be some waiting time for a medical appointment, so thought it made sense to get booked in now. Do I have to go to a specific hospital/GP for the medical? What do I ask for? Cheers!
  18. Hello all, We unbelievably got our case officer for our 175 after only 5 months so our medicals are booked for Saturday. I am a type 1 diabetic and am wondering if there are any other diabetics out there who have been through the medicals? The receptionist at the medical centre said I didn't need to bring anything with me, I wanted to check this was true as I want to avoid a delay with the visa. It does say on form 1071i that if you have a medical condition to bring your specialist report but I have never had a specialist report and don't really know what they mean, if this applies to me... My Hba1cs have not been great, so really hope I pass! (Finally got it down to 7.9 but it normally runs around 8 or 9.0) Thanks alot, Kempy PS Does anyone know where the 'Local Clearance Centre' in Australia is that you send your medicals to? There is no address given or hint of where this is anywhere
  19. Guest

    Help! what type of visa?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to all this but would love some advice? My family and I are considering a move to Victoria and plan to take a trip next year. I would be main visa applicant ?I think 175 - I'm a staff nurse and husband is a safety officer currently working in the North Sea. I was wondering if State sponsorship would be a good route to take but was also wondering if you have to work full time once in oz? I work part time just now as have 2 children one preschool. Any advice would be really appreciated! :wacko: Diane 33, John 39, Lily 6, Jack 4.
  20. Guest

    Can I type my visa app form?

    This might be a really silly question but I cant find the answer! Does my application need to be hand written or can I type on the fields? Thanks Jen
  21. Finally just finished my personal statement, feeling very sentimental now, for defacto, but am unsure if its best to leave it handwritten, or to type it out and sign? Any advice?:laugh:
  22. Guest

    Removal men here as i type

    Hy guys, Well as i type this there are guys whizzing around with brown tape all over the place packing up our gear. If i stand still too long i may end up being parcelled up with it all. I cannot praise the staff and removal guys at Anglo Pacific enough, they have been fantastic and any queries i have had have never been a problem for them. I will post before were on our way but for the time being i'd like to thank everyone here on Poms in Oz for their help, support and encouragement. For those just starting or nearing the end of the whole process, please don't give up or lose faith. It will come in the end. Bye for now. :jiggy:
  23. Hello to everyone I have a query all on PIO, We have just had to pay our agency £172.50 after being approved on SA SS (we were originally on a 175) when I asked what it was for they said it was to make "necessary changes" !! :skeptical: I filled in the SS forms online and sorted out all the supporting documents and sent them all off personally, they didnt even ask to check over them or really give any guidance on how to fill them in either! I just feel a little cheated somehow hhmm! Has anyone else had to pay this fee? Thanks in advance guys Kelly family of 4, OH is an electrician, SA SS approved 21/05/09 (yippee!!) awating CO........
  24. Guest

    form 1022, change of visa type.

    Hi. I have recently been sponsered by SA,(176 type visa) and have an application for a 175 visa in progeress already although it is in its early stages, (no case officer yet) I have downlaoded the form,(1022) to inform DIAC that I wish to change my visa type, and have filled it in on the computer as it's a PDF file, but I need to sign it. Should I sign it and scan it, so I can email it to them or is it best to print it off and post it to them. Any help is much appreciated. Cheers Chidge
  25. pleae can someone tell me if there is a limit on the number of hours you can work when you have a working holiday visa? i think its 25 in UK thats why i ask. Also can you work doing anything, for example i want to work in IT. i know you can only do 6 months at a time but was hoping to pick up a temp contract??? Any advise would be warmly welcomed...