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Found 13 results

  1. Rio Tinto sees commodities customers turning cautious http://finance.yahoo.com/news/rio-tinto-sees-customers-turning-224257057.html
  2. After a pretty rubbish start to 2011, found out my partner of 3.5 years was having an affair with my best friend, a few weeks later my Mum emigrated to Australia to be with my sister, and then I got put at risk of redundancy.... my luck is finally turning :biggrin: I got my positive VETASSESS skills assessment back this week after a tense 5 months, have applied for SA state sponsorship yesterday and have just found out I've won a camcorder in a raffle at work (Oh and I found out my job is safe... which is partly sad as the payout would have come in handy). Roll on state sponsorship approval and then onto visa app.... sending the good luck out to everyone else who needs to share a bit :jiggy:
  3. gaz n family

    OMG - No turning Back NOW

    Sorry i have not been on here much recently, but we are now a week away from flying and its all coming together now. Removal men packed the house up Tuesday and Wednesday this week, unfortunatly we had to leave 3 shelf units and 2 bikes behind, despite telling them we didnt want other stuff taking, but they managed to load those items first!!!!! Plus they didnt let me take apaert items of furnitue to save space, as they only have the ISO container for 2 hours, but a letter is being written to them as there promise of what they would do didnt happen, if it had everything would have fitted and the two items we didnt want and were only taking them if there was space. But all else is going as planned. So we have moved out of our home (last night) staying locally in a B&B. Our son was due to leave school today, it was founders day (their last day of the school year) so Son and Daughter have now left their English school, there were quite a few tears from all, including myself :cry: as i hate seeing them upset. Especially as i made them due to this move....... We are now with granny until next Wednesday, leaving for Heathrow and staying over night for a Thursday flight (assuming VA dont strike that day) to Shanghai. I hope everyones plans are going well and all those in the visa application process is going smoothly. As we have now moved and packed i should be able to post more on here, keeping those who are interseted upto date with our steps, plans and actual events, it will be interesting if it goes all accoring to plan.
  4. :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy: Won't mean a lot to some, but a very warm 21 down here in sunny Hertfordshire today. As the dutiful husband I have been mowing the lawn and cleaning the windows, BUT. I did this dressed in my old black shorts I have had for many years, and which I purchased in Target, (OK, so my legs look like two bits of cotton dangling from a very big parachute,:embarrassed:) I have my old and torn and battered Cairns Game Fishing Club T-shirt on, which has so many holes I look as if I am into sadomasochism, and on my feet, NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, :jiggy::notworthy:. The sun was on my back, sweat leaking from every pore and orifice (not a pretty site as Ruth pointed out) and I was truly at peace humming along to 'I come from a land downunder'. I even took a trip to Tesco dressed as above except for some sandals this time. You never know, I may even have a wander around Tesco's later dressed in my pajamas and showing of my bodily hair, (haven't got a lot due to shaving once a week for my own pleasure.) But I can honestly say I was as happy as Larry, no, BRUCE today, made me realise that when I finally pull my finger out and plans come together I will be back 'HOME', brings a tear to my eye my friends. As a link I was going to insert 'Turning Japanese' by the Vapors,:notworthy: and ask that you change the word 'Japanese' to Australian, BUT. Seeing as how the song is about masturbation I thought better of it, it wouldn't have been long before some smart arse came along and said they thought I was always a total 'Thanker' anyway,:shocked::biglaugh:. So my friends, if this weather lasts and plans come together I only have barely the late Autumn to survive and I will see some of you back at 'HOME'.:hug: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  5. Guest

    Turning In Graves

    Please someone tell me this isn't true, but I'm afraid it is. A report on my regional TV tonight (London) had a report concerning the World War Experience museum in London. Apparently the museum concerned deals with the ups and downs of wartime London. The many sacrifices that were made, the futility of war, rationing etc, in fact every conceivable emotion and fact about the second world war. BUT, the outside of the museum was decorated with several posters of war time Britain, including the really famous picture of Winston Churchill celebrating VE day: BUT, the difference this time is that Churchill's cigar has been air brushed out and he is now viewed exactly the same only this time NO cigar. The reasons for this are and I quote: It may encourage people to smoke'. 'It sends out the wrong message', and the classic, ' Everyones sensibilities should be catered for' WTF is going on. I am all for the banning of cigarette advertising, and I say this as a smoker by the way. No one wants to see young people take up smoking because of overly used ads, but please come on. All it is doing is yet again trying to wipe our history away, think I am going over the top, maybe, but this is just the latest episode in the PC brigade gone mad. They have once again been listened to and curtailed to by the council involved. Jesus wept, like him or loath him, a cigar was part and parcel of Churchill's persona, it is akin to saying that part of our history yet again has been irradiated from history. As I said, I am all for trying to stop young people smoke, but surely this is a step too far, isn't it. Once again 'some' members of our society have seen the most innocent of images and insisted that it is just not 'cricket'. Please when is common sense going to prevail and someone actually says no, this is a step too far. Whats next? When the next exhibition is shown concerning the war the rifles, guns and death surrounding the war will be airbrushed out. As I said, a cigar was part and parcel of Churchill's make up. To openly deny it is just not only shameful but also disrespectful to him. And in no small way it says that we as a nation are too dumb to realise that it is ONLY a picture and depicts the truth at the time. Nanny state, big brother yet again, only this time I can no longer laugh at the lengths some people go to, feel like crying. Cheers Tony
  6. veronica

    Son turning 18 in Feb 2011

    Is it better to apply for our visa before my son turns 18 or do they look at his age which may be 20 at the time they make their decision? He decided to leave school a few months ago and has no income what so ever but hopefully he will be employed at some time in the near future but he is very much dependant on myself and husband, we will hopefully be applying for a 176 ( husband carpenter). We are going to either Perth or Brisbane in October as we want to feel sure it is the right decision for us before we apply for our visa. Any comments appreciated. Veronica
  7. mrsb

    No turning back now!

    Sent my application off for my spouse visa this morning, hope I don't have too long to wait, would like to validate it in July!
  8. hi we have been offered job in oz and given 457 sponsered temp long stay visas. however we have had a family emergency and now are not going to be taking the job- if we end up having to repay costs does anyone know how much it moght cost- also they used fragomen for the application if anyone knows about them? please help-we are panicking we will end up broke!
  9. Im looking for a bit of inspiration please. We are in a 3 bed 1 level house and due to the layout of the property the girls bedrooms are one off the kitchen and one off the living room so toys end up right throught the house and we are all open plan. I have nearly broke my neck twice today with toys on the kitchen floor so have decided thats it!! Has anyone convcerted their garage area into a playroom for the toys?? Obviously we are in a rental and limited to what we can do, we also have about 30 boxes from our move that are still packed and a few bits of furniture that dont fit in here. Can anyone let me know what they have done ie how to section off the stuff in there so the little one cannot get at them (lawnmower etc). I would like to kind of set up at tv corner for them etc. There is a window in bottom of garage but the door is a double one and so would be impractical to open it etc.... Can anyone give me some ideas before I lose the plot!!!!! Thanks Emx
  10. the hutchies

    threads turning nasty.. WHY?

    Why are more and more threads on here turning nasty? people post on here with genuine dilemmas... but just latelty there is more threads turning nasty with slanging matches or even getting closed... don't get me wrong it is only a handful of PIO'rs who are spoiling a really good forum.. on the whole there are some lovely helpful guys on here... so if you have a problem with someone can't you pm em sorry for rant but i am getting fed up of all the bitching.. so come lets all be freinds Lisax
  11. Hi all, Well after a real search we finally have the last four seats on the plane! We fly from Heathrow on 13th Jan at 22.05 with Singapore airlines, get to singapore at 18.45 then leave singapore at 21.00 land at melbourne at 07.15 on the 15th Jan. After all the rushing around at the end of last week I still don't think it's sunk in...... We now have bank accounts to set up and transfer money, If you can think of anything else please post as you can proberly know or imagine my heads in bits LOL(blonde too ha) Love Ally xx ps good luck to all those waiting I'm sure you'll get there, it's just round the next bend!
  13. Guest

    No Turning Back

    We are now laying in the middle of our front room on a mattress as all our stuff has just gone on the container about an hour ago. My husband is watching the simpsons, my son gone out with his mates and I am bored because all our home comforts have gone. It felt very strange to watch our stuff go and knowing we will not see it now for probably another 8 to 10 weeks. we fly out to brisbane on the 10th November and hope to settle in Maroochydore. Cant wait, it is so exciting if not a little bit unnerving. Deb