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Found 35 results

  1. Cal2

    OMG - Our Turn

    :shocked: visas have been approved, OMG we're going, but I don't know what I'm doing, have to get packers, dogs sorted, cat rehomed, somewhere to live, schools, car to transport, family to tell, child to leave behind (at Uni joining us after), and goodness knows what else I've forgotten, please feel free to tell me what I've forgotten :unsure:
  2. Please find below our report of leaving, flying and the first few weeks on arrival. Its a little lengthy, but i tried to include as much as possible so those yet to venture on this great adventure will know what may happen. Arrival report We had 4 removal companies to quote and one we did some negotiations with and managed to get 40 kgs of airfreight thrown in and 4 weeks storage in Australia should we need it. The company we chose said we were 120 cubic feet over the 20 foot container so we did some serious downsizing, car boots and trips to the recycle centre, oh and the typical free loading friends who knew we had to get rid of things, so “we will take it off your hands for free” gang. The week before the move the company asked if they could come to make a start. We had not had any chance yet to take apart any furniture, or set aside our things we were to carry by hand, but they explained that we will be fine. The guys arrived while I was a work and told the wife, we had plenty of room now we had downsized, he walked to rooms and said she shouldn’t take apart any furniture as we were well under. I returned home to find out they had packed all the dining room chairs and shelf units without them being taken apart. Then I noticed all the candles and glass ornaments had been packed, which normally should be ok, but I had an old bullet I had found cleaning out my old military kit and hadn’t had time to hand it to the police. They had packed it…..OMG, I am sure the Aussies wouldn’t appreciate finding that, so ended up unpacking 4 boxes before we found it. They had left some my sons model paints saying they couldn’t be packed as they were oil based. Erm, you have packed the oil based paints and left the water ones out…… I finished work, giving us the weekend and 2 more to finish. We didn’t seem to have any time to sit, but I guess, we all go through it. I ignored some of the advice of the removal men and did take apart some of the furniture just in case. The morning soon arrived, we were up ready to go when the removal guys arrived (2 of them) who then complained there was so much to do, and that the other teams should have done a lot more. I was adamant I wasn’t going to pack myself due to the companies insistence they we (all of us who emigrate) cannot pack ourself to save money (they claimed it was only £100 to pack a 3 bed house). We were staying at home that night so things were still around for us to use. The same two guys arrived the next morning, we were told that the container was going to be finished by 14:00, so we had arranged with our landlady that we can hand her the keys back at 18:00. The kids were still at school, it was their last day Thursday 7th July with the schools official summer holiday/end of term/Founders day. Our son was 16 and he wanted to be there for his last day at school, we guessed it was going to be emotional. We had granny and granddad coming down for this day also, we had arranged a hotel that night close by. Anyway, the removal guys finished packing the beds etc, and other items left from the day before. They told me that they have 2 hours to pack the container, any longer then they get fined by the container company, so things get put in as quick as possible and they never get time to arrange it so everything should fit. We had walked the house to double check everything, and informed them that should we be at risk of not fitting everything in, then showed them what was to stay (mattresses, old kids books etc) We left them to it when the container arrived as we were cleaning the rooms as they emptied. I noticed everything we said should stay behind had gone in so made the assumption everything was going to fit, I kept checking with them and they told me not to worry. I packed my car with all the suitcases and other stuff we needed to take to grannies (we were staying with her until we flew) so this car was stuffed to the brim. About 13:50 they then said it looked like not everything was going to fit. I asked where were the items I said to leave until last, erm, we packed them first, its too late. So basically tough, they didn’t have the time to take it back out, its not their problem. They had even packed a computer chair, still set up, arms etc. I then asked about some of the boxes still in the house, oh, they are kitchen, might not fit. WHAT??? So it came to the end, we had to leave behind, 2 units, 2 mountain bikes, my fibre optic Christmas tree (gutted) and most annoying, my granddads unit I had since he passed away. Now remember, we were moving out that evening, and my car was full already. We ended up giving the removal men our two bikes (they got a quote from the company, I was going to cost £500 to ship the two bikes!!) then we noticed that the dishwasher was still in place, then frustratingly, we discovered my granddads unit was still full of the familes stationary, stuff gathered over years and years. All had to be left behind, thankfully the land lady was understanding and said she would dispose of if, or leave it for the next tenant if they wanted it. The next day at school was very emotional, even I had some tears, seeing my two kids so upset leaving their mates behind (what had I don’t to them?). The drive up to grannies was very quiet and sombre. The week we had at grannies, involved seeing family, saying goodbye to friends, and clock watching waiting for D Day. The one thing I was adamant was I felt a need to visit the HM Forces national arboretum thankfully I got to go to say goodbye to some friends and a couple of family members who had their names on various monuments. D Day arrived, it was a glorious day, sun shining, nice temperature etc. We finally plucked up the courage to say our goodbyes. Tears flowed from granny, kids and the wife. I just kept quiet, bit my lip and left them alone for ten minutes before we had to leave. I ushered everyone into the car knowing it was getting worse with each minutes, thankfully it went as smooth as it could. We got to Heathrow with no problems, as we were flying first class with Virgin Atlantic we were able to drive right up to their special checkin where I then left the family and returned the hirecar. We checking in through the 1st Class security then relaxed in the lounge. Lovely, really nice, we had a massage, hate lunch and chilled out. The flight to Shanghai was uneventful and comfortable in our Virgin PJs, bed and loads of in flight food, drink and entertainment, landing in China with no problems. We were staying in the Crown Plaza which was very nice, we walked around that evening, going up the Pearl Tower before our body clocks told us enough was enough. We had a lazy day the next day, in the swimming pool, chilled about and grabbed some lunch (we had a late checkout). We got the magnetic train back to the airport, wow, what a train. Very fast and smooth. We were now flying (unfortunately, my saving couldn’t stretch to move comfort, so we were back to where we belong, in the back of the plane) With Eastern China to Singapore. On checking in I was selected for extra screening to all of our suit cases were searched, they confiscated two lighters, and more importantly my birthday gift, a St Georges flag Zippo lighter (which was not fuelled up as it was packed in the main luggage). Also as we were on a different flight the next day we were told we couldn’t have our luggage transferred to the next flight thus will have to collect it, through immigration then check in again to get to the hotel. Again this flight was uneventful, but I cannot explain what the in flight meal was, erm we didn’t dare eat it except the onion cookie, with the in flight movie being just as bad (but we were expecting it). We had booked the transit hotel in Singapore, but due to building and other bookings we were arriving in T3, staying in T2 then leaving that night from T1. So we collected our luggage and went to T2 to find the hotel. We discovered we had to check in for our flight before we could access the hotel. So back on the shuttle to T1 to then discover we had a 4 hour wait before we could check in. (OMG its now 06:00 and we had to wait until 10:00) we spent a long 4 hours before finally being let through. We found the hotel in T2 and all collapsed on the beds (4 of us so had booked 2 rooms). After 6 hours sleep we showered, and ate. If you have not been to Singapore airport, then do, its fantastic, so clean, so plush and a very nice place to wait for a plane. Even the smoking area was clean and very nicely presented. Why can Heathrow or Gatwick be like this, but I guess, to have nice things, you have to respect it, that’s where things go wrong in the UK, respect for others property went a long time ago. We found our flight and after another overnight we landed in Adelaide 07:00, it took us about 45 minutes to get through immigration and customs, and was met by the owner of the temporary property we had let for 3 months. We were driven south to Christies beach to a nice 3 bed, furnished bungalow, I was shocked by the amount of graffiti, but I had been warned. We had a hire car for two weeks, so we didn’t need to rush on anything. We had opened a NAB account so two days after we arrived, we were due to meet with the bank to check our ID (well silly me had the wrong date so had to ring to apologise for not turning up), they were great and understood we needed our bank so the lady set up another appointment the very next day. The ID check was simple, with our EFPOS cards ready to go. The visa debit cards came a week later. Next was medicare, that was easy, then a driving licence. Initially I was told I couldn’t transfer me bike across, but after a little discussion and me questioning their rules they double checked and realised she was wrong. No luck with my HGV though. Next was a mobile phone, now this was difficult. We had checked before to find out we will need, a passport, visa and a bank statement to prove our address. We went into one shop to be told our bank statement wasn’t acceptable has it must have 10 transactions on it. So over next couple of day we used our card to buy everything. Once we had 10 we printed out a statement off the internet (we were told this would be ok) but on arrival in the shop, nope, it has to be one printed from the bank, with their stamp and signature. We managed to catch the bank still open so did as was requested and returned to the shop. This time it was so bad it was funny. The guy serving us, told me my 176 visa wasn’t suitable as It didn’t have an end date. He said I could leave the country without finishing the term of the contract. I explained what a 176 visa was, he replied it wasn’t suitable; I must have a temporary visa, as these had end dates. I again explaining “Despite what visa type we had we could still leave the country tomorrow, just like I will be leaving this shop and talking my business elsewhere.” We walked over to Crazy Johns, 10 minutes later we walked out with two phones. I had an interview arranged with ASC (a defence company) who I did have a pre interview with them in the UK weeks earlier. I had seen on PIO a number of times that UK defence clearance’s cannot be transferred, I had received emails stating showing this was incorrect, emails from the Australian Vetting Agency Director, so I had to believe her. The interview with ASC didn’t go too well, it turned out they didn’t want an Engineering Project Manager, but more of an accountant or someone geared totally to finance. This was not me. I applied for several more defence positions but had no luck. It appeared that the HR staff in some of these companies didn’t know their own rules and policies on security clearance. So to clear up any queries in this. There is an agreement between Aus, NZ, UK, USA and Canada where each person from these countries with in date clearance can transfer them across once work had been found. After a number of brick walls with HR staff and managers I went to a recruitment agency who double checked with the vetting agency again, agreeing with what I already knew. They bypassed the HR in two companies, I had an interview with both. One I felt very confident and answered all their questions with ease and thought I stood a really good chance, but 4 weeks later they have said that they still have not made up their mind. The other I left a 2.5 hour interview not very confident and really mind blown so didn’t hold much hope. We enrolled on the SA interlink program, to get migrants into work, thinking I would need help, so would take it were I could. On the third day I we were riding the Metro back to Christies from the CBD when the recruitment agency called to tell me the second interview went well, they liked me, liked my answers and have since checked with the security agency and now knowing UK clearance’s can be transferred they wanted to offer me a position. I was really pleased, it was the one I didn’t feel very confident in, but it didn’t end there. They were so impressed and didn’t want to loose me to another company they were upping the original salary agreement by another $20,000 AUD. WHAT????? The recruitment agency asked if I was willing to accept. ARE YOU KIDDING, of course. So seven weeks in, we have a car, have a very well paid job, we are all very happy, the kids are in school (Cardijn College) and our dog has joined us. We walk on the beach every day, either in the morning or evening. We have met some great people. And to those who don’t know, most Australians (well everyone we have met) are friendly, are sincere, and when they wish you good day, they mean it. When they invite you to their homes, they mean it. It’s hard to get used to everyone being nice, I still am not, but we are getting there. The wife is happy, her only regret is we should have done it sooner (but I was in the military and stuck in the pension trap, but having a monthly pension helps with the increase in cost of living) We used PET AIR UK and Sydney quarantine for our dog and were very impressed with it all. She arrived healthy, happy, slim, clean and full of beans, just like when we had left her. I would recommend both to anyone. So the next step is to find a new home. We have planned to rent for 2 years, to fulfil our State Sponsorship commitment and to confirm ourselves this is where we want to be. And so far, the answer is YES, defiantly. We miss family, but not to the point of being unhappy. We don’t miss the UK, especially when we watched the riots (or just the idiots out for an excuse to steal). The whole way of life here is different, just why we moved.
  3. Guest

    if you could turn back the clock

    would you have emigrated to Australia in the first place, this is for members who have returned to the uk--also has Australia changed you in anyway--also what made you decide to leave Australia to return to the UK--for those members thinking of returning to the UK from Australia what reasons make you have those thoughts--your thoughts may help people in the decisions they make--thank you
  4. flybyknight

    Not sure who to turn to with this?

    I've never talked about this before, but I really need your advice on what could be a crucial decision. I've suspected for some time now that my other half has been cheating on me. The usual signs... Phone rings but if I answer, the caller hangs up. She has been going out with the girls a lot recently although when I ask their names she always says, "Just some friends from work, you don't know them." I always stay awake to look out for her taxi coming home, but she always walks down the drive. Although I can hear a car driving off, as if she has gotten out of the car round the corner. Why? Maybe she wasn't in a taxi? I once picked her cell phone up just to see what time it was and she went berserk and screamed that I should never touch her phone again and why was I checking up on her. Anyway, I have never approached the subject with my other half I think deep down I just didn't want to know the truth, but last night she went out again and I decided to really check on her. I decided I was going to park my car next to the garage and then hide behind it so I could get a good view of the whole street when she came home. It was at that moment, crouching behind my car, that I noticed that there was an oil puddle under fuel tank. I was so relieved mileage had dropped of to 20mpg and I thought I had a big problem on my hands. Do you think it will be leaking fuel line or hole in tank ?
  5. motherof2

    When to turn things off

    OK so the twiddling thumbs and counting down the days bit is coming to a rapid end and the what, when and how thoughts are beginning to run through my brain!:wideeyed: PSS are going to deliver some boxes this week so I can at least start putting books, CD's DVD's and winter clothes in just so that it feels as though I'm actually doing something constructive:huh: The packers come in on the 22nd of this month for three days. When will I need to turn off the fridge (have a fridge freezer too but that is being run down as I type) use the washing machine and tumble dryer (it's bound to be raining) so that they are OK to pack? Oooh another thing - I' ve got a few of those airwick freshmatic smellies dotted around the house. Do they sell them and the refills in Aus?
  6. Guest

    Its our turn!

  7. Guest

    turn on turn off

    just wundered what turned on, or turned of members when it come to :Randy-git:for me a turn of is big feet--a turn on is small feet---strange one that innit--its the same for breasts to:shocked:whats your thing then:wideeyed:ps only female members with small feet,and breast may come on to me--no time wasters please
  8. Guest

    Visa Approved - our turn!!

    After stressing big time for weeks our visa was approved today! Just checked the online tracker and everyone is approved and visa entitlement details is stated there! We are over the moon!! Thank you to each and everyone on this forum for keeping me sane during this insane process! Your knowledge, advice and support has been invaluable! Hope to see you soon in Aus! Good luck to all those waiting xxx:biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Turn me Purple!

    Wey Hey, still not sunk in yet but we got our visa's! Kids in shock, I'm just floating about and hubby needs to get on with the DIY now. Start to finish it took 15 months once we lodged our visa which is a 176 Vic SS. My husband is a sparks and he was assessed by VETASSES. We took a rekkie last March and found the area and schools we would like to go too. Lots to sort out now, how exciting! Good luck other PIO's!
  10. Dawny

    Its our turn....

    To say those 4 little words..... We are going home! Doesn't seem like yesterday i posted to say how well everything was going, and how much we seemed to have settled, But sadly not, It has been a very hard decision to come to, Lots of talking and tears, But thats the path we have chosen to follow, The kids have never really wanted to be here, and we as parents think we knew best, sadly not, You go through all the normal things to say, "Oh it will be better when the shipping comes, better when the dogs come home" Um no!! That just made it worse, So we are heading home, on the 18th August, Been a nightmare to sort every thing out, far more complicated to go home than it was to come here, But i think now its all sorted, we have someone to take over the lease on the house, shipping is booked, and the dogs have their boarding pass all sorted! All is left to do for the next few weeks is to enjoy Australia, even the kids are back to their normal self! Before you ask, yes we did consider another state, but the answer always comes back to the same thing, if your not happy and really can not settle then changing state will not make any difference, Also the fact that we have not given our selves long enough, Well to be honest, i think anyone knows how they really feel in the first few months, so why put your self through any more upset by staying longer, just incase it should improve! We do still have plans for Australia, but they have just been put on hold, see how things go for us as a family over the next couple of years, Thats all we can do, Never say never!! :cute:
  11. Guest

    Now it's My turn...

    Having read every arrival report going for the last yr and taking in every detail, I thought I would add our experence so far....we arrive in Perth on the 10th April after being in Singapore for 4 days....flew in with Singapore Airways very good....excellent with the kids nothing was too much trouble would def recomend them. We stop in Singapore to give the kids abit of a holiday as you are so busy the last few months leading up to leaving the UK that you don't really have time for them so we wanted to give them some quality time also to help them get over the jet lag so when they arrived in Perth they would be ok and this would help them settle in better as Sinapore are on the same time zone. Anyway we touched down in Perth and hired a car from the airport only to find that all suitcases wouldn't fit (also Singapore airways were excellent with the luggage allowance , I email them to get an extra 5kg each as we had already validate our visa so were not intiled to the double allowance however the girl at Heathrow wasn't that bothered we had 8 suitcase plus car seats and 5 pieces of pull along hand luggage which she offered to put into the hold) anyway we had to hire a taxi aswell which cost $73 from the airport to Mullaloo, which is North of the river. We had rented a house from holiday let.co.uk fully furnished as our stuff and car are coming over on a container and won't be here for 8 weeks. The lady was waiting for us when we arrived which was great. We came in on a Saturday so rushed out to get some shopping as most shops are shut here on a Sunday so if you are coming in on the weekend bear this in mind. The first thing we did on the Monday was go down to the medicare centre which you will find at the main shopping centres round and about, now I read on here that you couldn't reg for medicare for a couple of weeks as it takes a while for your details from immigration to come through this is not true, go down with your passports,fill in a form and they will give you a temp number straight away (if not a doctor visit will cost you $100 and when you get your medicare you will only be able to claim back $34 of it) , we then applied for my OH tax file number as you can only apply for this now when you are in Oz (this has now come through it only took a week)....we then went to activate our bank account as we had enrole with NAB on line from the Uk....this was really easy and the lady was so helpful sorting out internet banking getting us a better rate for our saving etc, our cards and pin numbers where waiting at the bank for us to use straight way....excellent... Well I suppose you are all bored of reading this now....so I'll post again with part 2, as I now have the kids in school etc and how to get a driving licence etc and anything else which I hope will be useful to you.... Louise
  12. Guest

    When will it be our turn??? :(

    Hi guys, Sorry for the rant but I need to vent! :chatterbox: I know we havent been waiting as long as some people but I feel like I've been waiting 4ever 4 our visa!! We have applied in May 09 & been on the CSL since Nov & still nothin:no: see our timeline below.... I have been checkin our online status every mornin bout 6am since Christmas but nothin n its soooo frustrating Is there any1 who is in the same boat as us? or who would have similar timelines 2 us? mite give us a little bit of hope.... Thanks n sorry again for the rant!!!!! Louise
  13. Guest

    Tasha, turn me purple

    GOT IT, GOT IT, GOT IT. Tasha turn me purple. Dated 17thFeb:v_SPIN:Found in our spam mail. S.S.approved, letter on it's way. Might have a drink or ten to celebrate tommorow night:wacko:THANKS TO ALL ON PIO FOR YOUR SUPPORT, ESPECIALLY TASHA:notworthy: LESLEY and PAUL
  14. OK, Ok i think Brisbane and its surronds has had enough rain now this last few days, my empty water tanks are now overflowing, my pool is spilling over, my garden resembles a mud bath wrestling ring and this precious wet stuff is just going to waste now!!! :cry: Can someone please have a word with the big man up there and tell him to turn the stop tap off for a week or two ,,please Cal x
  15. Hi My husband is already over in Australia. Myself and 2 boys are moving over end of October. I was wondering if you turned up at the airport a few hours before the plane was to take off and went to the ticket desk, would you be able to get cheap flights on that flight? My dad says they would rather the plane go than give discounts. Is this correct or has anyone done this? Thanks Jill
  16. Dear All, Got our 176 Skilled Sponsored Visa in approximately two month's from the date of application, extremely happy and still in a shock.:jiggy: My time line: Skill: Accountant Country: India (HR) 30/06/2009: Applied 176 Skilled Sponsored Visa Online (WA) 28/07/2009: Case officer assigned 29/07/2009: All documents except Health and PCC's "Met" 03/08/2009: CO requested for Health Clearance and PCC's 16/08/2009: PCC's sent to Case officer 18/08/2009: Health requirements finalised 20/08/2009: All documents "Met" 31/08/2009: Visa Granted Cheers, bannie
  17. The wife is really miffed off and im losing faith... We applied Aug 07 on the skill path D, submitted etc and waited for the good news! 3 - 4 weeks later and £3200 in agent fee's with an absolute rip off Migration company (pm me i will tell you) the application was returned, Skill path D removed. This meant starting again from scratch and re instructing new agents because they where crap.. Waited and waited for a place on Vetassess Spent a fortune on the Vetassess and thankfully passed and resubmitted Sept 08.. New CSL introduced Jan, whoo hoo.. Sparks are on it, 176 family sponsor should be allocated case offer by end of may.. Meds and police checks done upfront Jan thinking cant be long now then BAM! All up n the air again and the CSL changed... Quickly applied State sponsor and change from 176 FS to 176 SS (No cost and its easy, need help pm me) and now waiting... Also got company applying to DIAC to sponsor me on an ENS... In the mean time thinking from the beginning that it would be minimum 12 months, we rehomed our 2 dogs which litterally ripped our hearts out, Sold the house and now renting in a different town.. Commuting to school every day and night, Wife fed up with renting and fed up with me saying " not be long now" Please please please let us be soon... Im beginning to think there is only me from Sept 07 who is still left! Good luck to everyone who is waiting to.. Pulling hair out!:arghh: Chris ps.. rant over.. Feel better now General Electrician Applied TRA Aug 07 TRA Retuned Oct (Skill path D removed) Re-applied Vetassess 01.01.08 Vetassess Paper Assess Passed 10.04.08 House sold 14.04.08 Vetassess Practical 15.07.08 – Passed 11.08.08 176 Visa Application submitted 11.09.08 DIAC Acknowledgement 24.09.08 Police checks 27.08.08 - Recieved 06.09.08 Medicals 12.01.09 – Frontloaded Waiting C/O and waiting, and waiting… CSL changed again ARGHHHHHHHHHHH
  18. Hi Can anyone give me some advice please. Was involved in a car accident on Tuesday, not my fault, was hit in the rear by another driver. Have suffered with whiplash injuries, have seen the doctor who says i may need physio in the next few weeks. I'm not working but it is affecting my day to day life (lifting my 3 yr old for example, in and out of the car, uncomfortable sleeping at night etc etc). Does WA have a procedure for putting a claim in for injury compensation? If so, where/how do I do this? The accident was reported to the police at the time and I have also informed the Insurance Commission of WA, but having trouble finding any info on claiming for my discomfort.
  19. Did anyone see this article in the Sun? Kelvin MacKenzie | Will the last young family to leave Britain for Australia or New Zealand please turn out the lights | The Sun |News|Columnists|Kelvin Mackenzie I don't usually read the sun but overheard some colleagues at work talking about this so thought I search online and find it.
  20. Think I posted this yesterday as a reply ............DOH!!!!!!!! Sorry.:embarrassed: Hi to everyone It seems like every other person wants to leave UK and we are no exception. Stumbled across this site and what a great place to stumble!!!! We hope to be putting paperwork together to start the long and stressfull journey along the road to, hopefully, a visa and hopefully we will be BBQing on beach whilst opening Christmas Presents!! I am 43 and am anticipating a job offer and sponsorship, I am a vehicle painter and run my own plastic repair/paint shop in UK and have been for several years. The downside is I have no formal qualifications but I am hoping a job offer and sponsorship will help my cause. Am I hoping to much??? Any advice will be greatfully appreciated and I look forward to making many new friends on this site. Cheers to you all Mark
  21. We have been here a year in December and detest this country. Sorry if I upset anyone but it is a backward country in camparison to the UK. The banking, nursing for sure, supermarkets, I could go on for ever. The UK is not really that bad! Just make sure anyone who is in the process of coming over that it really is not the land of milk and honey! Good luck is all I say!
  22. Headline from News.com.au Top stories | News from Australia and around the world online | News.com.au. :unsure: Biggest annual exodus from Australia on record | NEWS.com.au
  23. Hi, I'm in a bit of a pickle and hoping for ideas! Tony will probably be redundant at the end of the month and we have to validate our visas by April. I feel we're stuck between a rock and a hard place, neither of our options are very appealing.:no: I don't want to come back to sit on the dole, but we can't sell our house, and feel we really need to get there soon as our eldest daughter is 14. The alternative is to rent out the house, even though the rent won't cover the mortgage, let alone insurances etc. And to arrive in Australia with very limited funds and four kids!:mad: All bright ideas welcome! Cheers, Sheena
  24. Well I just checked my online visa application and although we have not heard anything from a case officer our online status ha changed to approved ad states we must enter australia by 10th feb 2009. I take it we have our visas!!!! I am in a state of shock! Sorry to everyone who is still waiting, hope it is your turn soon.