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Found 14 results

  1. Guest

    MINING JOBS WA - the truth

    Hi all, anyone either living in WA or migrating to WA will have heard someone say 'You want to get yourself into the mines, tons of money in that.' There is tons of money to be earned but it's not easy to get into and there are plenty of people willing to "take" your money in order to help you. Below is a checklist of things you will need to get a job in the mining industry. 1. Experience, if you have this it will be easy. 2. A mate or someone you know currently working in the industry. 3. A HR licence (Heavy rigid truck - road ranger gear box). This will cost about $1000 to $1200 to get and the courses are very booked up so book early!! Best place is Keen Brothers in Maddington. You need to get a learners permit first from the licencing centre costs about $100 all in. 17 questions, learn them parrot fashion and do a multiple choice test at the licencing centre. 4. An Australian senior first AID certificate. Takes 2 days and can be done through the St Johns Ambulance. Based in Belmont 5. A defensive driving 4X4 (4 wheel drive) course and maybe a 4X4 drive and recover course. Best company Eureka 4WD training based in Armadale. 6. Be willing to be away from home and work very long hours doing monotonous work in nearly 50 degrees amongst flies dust and crap. 7. A blue card. Costs $80 and you can do it online while looking at the manual at the same time, need about 90% to pass. Good co, frontline tests, find them online. Still want to do it?? DO NOT pay $3000 for a dump truck drivers course. I have it first hand from recruitment consultants that even of you have done this course but have no experience you will not even be considered. You will have wasted $3000. Don't pay hundreds of dollars to web ads telling you that they have a manual that can get you a job in the mines. Mostly it's BS!! Now is the time to try as the pool of experienced staff is drying up and companies are looking for 'greenies'. Do it now and get organised before the whole world cottons on to the fact that the boom is back. You will go in at low level, earn less but once you are in, you are in and then you have choices. Don't bother with the recruitment agencies unless they specifically state 'No Experience Needed'. They won't waste their time on you. Do your research, if you know someone in WA ask them if they know anyone who works in mining, get their bosses number, call them, get more numbers, call them. Know your stuff, they will get hundreds of calls a day of idiots who think they can just walk into a $120'000 a year job. Stand out from the rest. Contact the drilling companies direct, contact the operating companies and not the mine owners. It''s a hard slog but it can be done. If you are serious get your HR licence, First Aid and 4x4 courses done and then ring the right people. Be prepared and you may get a chance. Good luck. Why am I doing this?? Because I've been through it and just got myself a job. If ican help someone else get one too then why not. That's what it's all about isn't it??
  2. kellyjamie

    melbourne weather, the truth??

    Hi all can someone (preferably living in melbourne) tell me what the weather is really like? is it as bad as people say? as the weather in oz is obviously one of the main points for our emigration. we were looking at melbourne until all the awful reports of weather! tho every time you see neighbours its blistering sun!!:wub::wacko: thanx x
  3. HI guys, just looking for some absolute honesty please. We have been living in Qld for 6 years and have been toying with the idea of moviing to WA. We were in Airlie Beach for 6 years, wonderful little town, but not too child friendly and we are now in a mining town 4 hours inland. :shocked: My hubby has recently applied for a Fly in/out job so we are looking at place SOR. We have been out of city life for a while now but an hour on the train for us is perfect and a lot of you have sold the Warnbro/Secret Harbour/Port Kennedy area too us on here. But we will not be able to visit before hand, so I am relying on you guys to guide us. So bearing in mind we live 1.5hours to the nearest Wooloworths/ Coles and 3hours to a decent shopping centre at Rockahmpton. I need hard facts about these areas. What shops are local ie. IGA, Woolworths? Where can I do big shopping ie Target, Big W? Are the beaches dog friendly?? Which are the best kid friendly suburbs I have little girls, a 3yr old and 1yr old? I keep reading about British pubs in the area, are they any good with kids? Are there any local cafes, takeaways, Indians ?Bars ( hubby's requirements) Swimming pools or does everyone swim in the sea? Are there any good mums groups? I miss my very English mums group in Airlie Beach. Also what bout Kindergartens and daycare,is the ABC any good and will I have to book a place now for next year??? This was essential in Brisbane:eek: Crime? And does anyone have any pictures. Thanks in advanced, for any help, PIO is an excellent site, We love it. And hopefully this move will keep homesickness at bay for a little longer.:cool: Cheers Lis
  4. Can anyone confirm this "Decision ready checklist". Any agent on this forum to confirm that it exists? And that it is speeding up the process? Whether it exists or not doesn't really make any difference unless it is speeding things along. Agent(s)? Regards, Patsy Stone.
  5. Me and my wife have decide to move to Oz we are hoping to live and work in Brisbane on a 457 visa. I found an employer willing to give me a job but they wont sponsor a visa :sad: My work as a Altro Hygienic wall cladder is very specialist and I'm not holding out much hope for a job coming up. My Wife Is a Graphic Designer and has found quite a few jobs on Seek.com.au Should we use a friends address (in Brisbane) on her Resume. Should we mention the need for sponsorship from the start? We are over in August and hoping to line up meetings/interviews with potential employers.
  6. Guest

    The truth about Wynnum

    I am wondering if anyone can tell me what Wynnum is really like as I am getting quite a conflicting picture. Lots of reviews on forums and suburb profiles show it as a great place for families, outdoor activities and a bit of a boom town. However I've also read a few posts, on this forum and elsewhere, that say the train stations are unsafe, it is full of housing projects and is the Bogan (chav) capital of Brisbane. The latter posts are generally written by people who used to live there. So what's the story is it a gem and are the negative posters behind the times or are the positive reviews over optimistic? We (me, my wife and two young kids) got our 457s through last week (oddly they took just 6 days including a weekend) and are emigrating on the 17th November Given the cost of short term lets over Christmas we really want to secure a 3-6 monther before we fly out. I have found some great properties in Wynnum and particularly Wynnum West (anyone know Grainger street?) but I am really being put off by the negative reviews.
  7. Guest

    The Truth. Not Likely.

    I have been on the web for the past two days researching a new project and thought I would share some rather strange findings. I only list these to highlight one thing. That very often opinions on PIO are very balanced, in the main the opinions offered have some validity and constructive purpose. However, some opinions are often polarised and very dismissive of any other point of view. But for the vast majority of the time opinions offered on PIO are well worth assimilating, as they are offered in the interests of helping and advising. But as I have said, I have been looking at the web for the past couple of days and these 'facts' have come to light. It still amazes me the absolute drivel and rubbish that is often mentioned when people talk about Australia. Read on and be amazed. 1. a. Apparently as many as 272,000 people go missing in the outback each year. Of these only 20% are ever found, and found dead and mutilated by the 'inbreeds' that inhabit the outback. 1. b. Apparently 60 people go missing each year in the outback. Of these 99% are found, relatively fit and healthy. 2. a. Apparently the average Australian IQ is one of the lowest in the world, along with that of Botswana. 2. b. Australia is one of the most intelligent countries on earth due to its very early introduction of IT to children at a very early age. 3. a. Over the past ONE year there have been 28 fatal shark attacks in Australia waters. 3. b. Over the past TEN years there have only been 12 fatal shark attacks in Australian waters. 4. a. Gang violence in Australia is on a par with that of South Africa. 4. b. Gang related violence in Australia totals no more than 3% of official crime statistics. 5. a. Domestic violence in Australia is one of the highest in the world. 5. b. Domestic violence in Australia has decreased by 72% over the past ten years due to initiatives put into place by both state and federal government. 6. a. 87% of the population of Australia want the country to become a Republic. 6. b. 53% of the population want to retain the present status quo. 7. a. The jobless total in Australia is 'likely' to rise to over 23% of the population before the end of 2010. 7. b. The jobless total in Australia will remain stagnant or decrease significantly by the end of 2010. 8. a. The average Australian sees an average of 145 snakes in their lifetime. 8. b. The average Australian sees no more than four snakes during their lifetime. (Dependent on location). 9. a. Of those questioned, eight out of ten Aussies said that they resented ALL immigration. 9. b. Seven out of ten Australians welcome immigration as it adds to the diversity and skills of Australia. 10. a. Only 3% of Australians have ever travelled overseas. 10. b. Australians are one of the most travelled people on earth, both in their own country and overseas. All of these 'facts' have been found on the web. None of them were put on the world wide web as a joke of any sort. They were put there by individuals who thought in all honesty that they were facts. Some you will agree with, some are laughable, and some are very close to being the truth. But it does go to show how not only Australia is viewed at times but also the world. There is always room for opinion, but often these opinions have to be looked at rather skeptically and a lot more research done to find the truth. I could have listed a lot, lot, more, but some were either very offensive or just to naive to be included. Thought this thread would make some of you laugh. PS. Number 1a in my opinion is the best. I keep reading it to make sure I read it right the first time. Thank you.
  8. Guest

    Truth about Australia

    Hi All, we are now 3 month in Australia and just wanted to share with you what we have found so far. After staring our visa process in August 2008, getting frustrated and scared every time DIAC changed visa processing timelines we finally got our visa in June 2009! It is only me and my OH. We got 176 Victoria State sponsorship visa. We decided – why waist time and moved do Melbourne End of September 2009. We did not do any trips before, as we decided – to go on a holiday is one thing and to live – well completely different as you have to take into account so many other things rather than how far I am going to live from the beach. There are few things which you really have to think about before you come: 1) Job . If you will pick a place of your dreams in Ozzy land, but there is no job, it will soon become nightmare. So, do research for example on seek.co.au . From our experience –it is very, very tough right now. People even really highly skilled are seriously struggling to find job. Also salaries have dropped. Me and OH were really lucky and we have secured job. But I strongly advice to take with some savings and be ready that you might have to look for a job 6 month or so. And in some states like Queens land they are very “patriotic” – if there is a job, they will rather give it to someone from Queens land, then someone from Australia and only then to outsider. 2) Ozzy “slower way of life” – mama mia. In beginning this really drove me crazy how, laid back people can be. And I work in CBD of Melbourne. Just example – to open bank account it took person 2hours It is nice not to have a UK rat race, but I never expected that life can be sooooo slow. 3) Australia in general – we love it. Really nice, people are friendly. Everyone talks to you. We already made some new friends. But yes, it is really far away from everything and we miss our friends and families. 4) Prices – Australia is not so cheep. I think meat, petrol, vegetables in the right season are cheaper, but things like linen, some general groceries, all imported brands like toothpaste, coffee are all very costly. 5) House prices – we currently rent 1 bed apartment 1 minute away from the beach and 15 min from CBD of Melbourne and it costs us 220AUD a week. Which is apparently cheep. If you wana be in nice area my collegues told usually it is between 350-500 a week. So, we got lucky. To buy a property in Melbourne, like a 3 bed standard house with nothing uh ah special be ready to pay 800 000AUD +. So, This is a huge disappointment, as I think houses are way more expensive here than in UK unless you are willing to commute 1+h. So, I hope this will help someone. I have to go back to work and then… it is +38C today, so will have to open a tinny (can of beer) after my work is finished. I hope that those of you waiting to get visa will really get it soon! Good luck. :wink:
  9. Guest

    Truth or myth????

    Hi again, right Nik has registered with the QLD nurses council and is awaiting confirmation of her IELT's but something has been bugging me for months!! After you do the initial assements online (done about 20!!!) the next step is a consultation,,,which costs quite a bit! Ive heard that some companies will give you a FREE consultation as to your personal circumstance and advice but I cant find 1 that offers this Are there any free consultations availible??? Cheers Sean
  10. Guest

    The truth about living in oz

    There have been many posts on this site that have been less than complimentary about what people have found Australia to be like. I have been here only three weeks and am pleased to report that, compared to the UK, it has been an absolute pleasure living in Oz. Here are some examples.... - when you go to the supermarket or the shopping centre, you get a park. No driving round for 10 minutes to find a space. we went to a retail park on a sunday and parked outside the door! with plenty of spaces around us to choose from! - people talk to you. they are friendly. they are helpful. the assistant in the toy shop gave us a load of wrapping paper for free!! yes free!! all because we had another present to wrap up and would have had to go to another store to get it. would this really happen in the uk? - on the whole, shop assistants know what they are talking about. you ask a question and you get a knowledgeable response! no terse response 'sorry mate if it's not on the shelf we ain't got it'. and there are loads of staff on hand to help. - supermarkets - now alot of people have been particularly scathing about ozzie supermarkets but I tell you something....I think they are FAR BETTER!! yes they do look a bit more old fashioned, but is that a bad thing? they aren't packed out so you can't move for one, they open up tills if you are waiting and they pack your bags. you don't have to park a mile away. you get plenty of fresh produce and it's just not a stressful experience going in to one (i used to hate going food shopping in the uk) just a few trivial things I know but all they all contribute to a lifestyle that is far more relaxed and helpful than in the uk. so to any people back in the uk who have seen the negative posts (generally from people I suspect who had never been to australia before committing their whole life to it) and were having doubts.......DON'T, Australia is a fantastic country and the people in it are great too. Come on over!!!
  11. Hello everyone, This is my first post on the forum and I joined to get some answers to some questions and make some friends before I hopefully comit to come over. My situation is im 40 years old and have a permanant residence visa already sorted out and in place now...my brother and his wife moved over and have lived in Sydney for 4 years now and both have citizenship. Thay have told me life is and can be very hard in oz for british people. they say everyday they see racisim towards british people in particular, they say the aussies are always saying things like bloody poms all the time, and if you say anything about australia which is even slightly negative you are told to go back to Britain. Also people who are less experienced are promoted over brits in jobs that they were very good at in the UK with years of experence. They get the impression that australians they know treat them with contempt because they are british and also they have been victim to their so called aussie friends taking advantage of them in the work place. When they first turned up in sydney to get a job and was told even though they both have good qulifications for careers in the uk and were skills tested for Oz they had a real hard time finding a first job and feel they were discriminated against because the are british and told that their experience effectively counts for nothing and will have to rebuild their careers from scratch again which is a real strain not to mention the financial problems they face. They also tell me the average brit is unemployed for at least 6 months.and what happens a lot is as soon as they speak to Aussies because their accent gives give them away as brits the Aussies attitude changes to one of contempt. Dont get me started on housing etc... my questions are 1/ Is there anyone on here who can say this is not the majority case and they are having 4 years of bad luck. Australians actually like the brits after all there is a lot of them in Oz? 2/ Is there anyone on here who can say my brother's experience is a true representation of life in OZ for brits? 3/ Are Australians that racist towards Brits to the point of having a full blown potato farm on their shoulder? 4/is any of this true for other Brits already in Australia? 5/ should i apply to the USA instead? Worried .... Andy
  12. Guest

    Is There Any Truth?????

    Does anyone know if there is any truth in the below posting I have just read on another forum that was posted by someone today - don't want to panic anyone but would like to find out more information - can anyone help!!!!! :arghh: :arghh: Lee Re: Current Processing Times (Part Two) HELLO EVERYONE READ SOMEWHERE ON HERE TODAY THAT SOMEONE HAS BEEN TOLD THEY ARE AT THE END OF THE VISA GRANTS FOR THIS YEAR (GIVEN ENOUGH OUT) DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN THE NEW YEAR KICKS IN FOR THEM
  13. oldgit

    The truth about Perth?

    HI Guys, At first we were looking at moving to a place in NSW called Port Macquarie which is a small but nice place. Like most people I am still waiting for my big pay out on the lottery (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE) so I need a steady flow of work as a Carpenter & Joiner and I am not sure Port is going to to be able to do that for me, so after hearing about this great boom in W/A we were thinking about Perth as an option. But "Wanted Down Under" has put the wind right up me. The way this fella was talking about Perth it sounded like a great place to relocate Hell while it was having a refurb. According to this fella the way the drought is going every one would have to leave the city and it would be left as a ghost town. There was talk about the boom lasting 5-10 years. I don't really know why this man was given air time becauce he did nothing to promote W/A to me. Is there anyone out there who may be able to enlighten me to the true facts on Perth. I keep hearing about a mining boom what is it they are mining and is that the reason for W/A boom? If so how long is the mining expected to last? because if the mining is the core reason for W/A prosperity that could be a time bomb. Please don't get me wrong my family and me are looking forward to the move it's just knowing whereabouts to go. Cheers all Simon The Old Git:twitcy:
  14. A Day in the Life of a Brickie in QLD 4.30 Get out of the pit, grab a coffee, daily ablutions, make sarnies. 5.20 Set off in the car, switch on radio, listen to the usual inxs, midnight oil, men at work on the radio or spoof interviews with polotitians made from sound grabs (every station does the same joke), listen the the ad breaks where the man with the helium voice reads the terms and conditions :arghh: Then the traffic news: some mullet haired truckie has come together with a hoon in his V8 and the world slows down to take a look. 6.15 Arrive on the job to see the usual brown nosers already there unwrapping their lines and eagerly awaiting some "mud" (although we don't officially start until 6.30), sit in the car for 10 mins and get glared at like some trouble making pariah. 6.25 Join the other robots who have already made start, I make an attempt at basic communication: "mornin'" ... sometimes you may get a grunting sound in return or on a realy good day you may even get " 'ows it going?" but there is rarely any eye contact as this would be classed as insubordination and talking on the line is generally frowned upon. 9.55 The labourers are still loading me up with mud with 5 mins to smoko. 10.00 Should be sitting down having a sandwich but still using the mud. 10.10 sit down for smoko and try to make another attempt at social interaction but my attempts at humour are greeted like a fart in a lift. The forman says something remotely funny (work related of course) and oh how we all roll about holding our sides with laughter. 9.25 The usual teachers pets are looking nervious and pack up there eskies to make sure they are back on duty before the stroke of 9.30 9.30 (sharp) Back on the slab and jump on a trestle scaffold and dare to question why we only have 3 scaffold boards on the trestles (which are designed for 5) when there is a pile of boards a mile high just a few feet away, the reply "thats how we do it in Australia, if you don't like it...." We are all back in full swing. I have a little sing out load and tell the apprentice about how when I was his age i was out fighting, getting, drunk and shagging anything with a pulse and how he should be doing the same. This just get the foreman's back up even more and I am reprimanded for being a bad influence. 10.00 - 2.20 blocks, mud, blocks, mud blocks, mud, blocks, mud blocks, mud, blocks, mud blocks, mud, blocks, mud blocks, mud, blocks, mud blocks, mud, blocks, mud blocks, mud, blocks, mud blocks, mud, blocks, mud, flush ender, 7/8, 3/4, bump up, grind down ......... 2.25 winding down, tell labourer to stop bringing mud, he looks at me as if i'm mad, pack up tools. 2.30 (official end of working day) walk of to car and turn to see grown med quivering and wishing they had the balls dare to leave their posts without direction from a superior. 2.35 Start drive home listen to more inxs, midnight oil, men at work on the radio. The only thing that got me through the day was looking forward to "get This" on "mmm" now thats been pulled! 4.00 get home, showered, have dinner watch Nick Jr for a couple of hours (i got the full works sky package and all i seem to watch is bl00dy kids TV!) then asleep before the kids! Next Day see above (if not rained off) Living the dream :skeptical: