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Found 81 results

  1. Englishlover

    Is this true or just a joke?

    I got forward email from an English friend. In the sleepy village of Erbum , in the town of Tillet , Hertfordshire lives a lady by the name Linda Lykes She owns the local pub called The Cock Inn. Her mail is addressed: Linda Lykes The Cock Inn ERBUM Tillet, Herts. I am wondering if it is true or just a joke? I tried to google and still does not get answer.
  2. Hello all, Is it true that to apply for a pr visa, we have to take IELTS exam in Australia. And test taken in other countries are not accepted. Is this true? Thank you.
  3. Guest

    True Blue Migration Agency

    Hi, We are thinking of using True Blue Migration Agency and wondered if anyone's used them and if they come highly recommended? Many thanks
  4. Guest

    Worst Nightmare coming true

    Got blood tests back for our dog today and he has tested positive for canine ehrlichiosis (erlich). It is known as Tick Fever in this coutry and is spread by sheep and is nothing to worry about however in Australlia they do not differentiate between UK sheep ticks and Brown Dog Ticks which are found in other coutries which are very harmful and can cause anemia and in the worse case death. It is usually found in dogs who travel through different countries. I believe it is in Europe and America. Our dog has never left the country but if he does not respond to antibiotics he will not be allowed into Australia as they will belive he has the Brown Dog Tick virus. It is only a 50% chance that he will respond to the antibiotics as he is not actually carrying the virus. The thing is he has never had a tick and he always has his flea and tick treatment on. Our agent tells us it is something they are seeing more of and it is starting to cause a bit of a problem as the Australian authorities will not differentiate between the two ticks. Luca is supposed to leave on the 31st October but now we don't know what will happen. I can't even contemplate going without him. My mum and dad will have him if he cant go but it breaks my heart to think about leaving him. He is 9 and he is my wee boy. Just have to hope and pray that the next blood test is ok.
  5. Has anyone used or heard of these before.? Their prices seems so cheap compaired to the others around. I have no idea on what to look for in car hire - are these guys somehow going to rip us off ??? http://www.suncoastcarrentals.com/terms-and-conditions.php
  6. ....Twelve glorious hours of Sookie and Eric lying in bed together discussing their relationship.
  7. Guest

    True Loyalty

    Truly mans best friend http://news.ninemsn.com.au/world/8290197/loyal-dog-refuses-to-leave-soldiers-casket
  8. The Pom Queen

    True Friends

    or are they?? I just wondered how many TRUE friends you have, ones who you would drop everything for and they would do the same for you. Do you have more virtual friends than real life friends? I have to admit I tend to keep myself to myself most of the time, I can't say I have a real life true friend especially as we are new to Cairns, I have quite a few acquaintance friends and also virtual acquaintances, but I could probably count on one hand how many of these are true friends. It seems these days more and more people sit in front of the computer chatting to virtual people than actually going out and making real life friends. I have to admit I don't think I hate anyone, there is one ex member who loves sending me death threats, but I feel more sorry for him than anything, there are a couple who wind me up but I cannot hate anyone is this normal lol x.
  9. [YOUTUBE]td1rMpsVr9E[/YOUTUBE] :yes::yes::yes::biglaugh:
  10. Just seen a trailer for it and I just cannot believe that this is the successor of 'The LIkely Lads, When The Boat Comes In, & Auf Wiedersehen Pet'? I used to be proud of my South Shields birth but..... this makes Big Brother look like Shakespeare.
  11. Guest

    True Or False.

    Drop Bears, TRUE OR FALSE.:biglaugh: Emu's that hunt in packs, TRUE OR FALSE.:no: Snakes around every corner, TRUE OR FALSE,:no: Spiders that are as big as houses, TRUE OR FALSE,:wacko: And now this: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/holidaymaker’s-leaping-crocodile-photo-wows-web.html If real it is absolutely stunning, but there are those that doubt the validity of the 'shot', have a look and see what you reckon. I have seen some biggies, around 12 foot or so, but never this big. If it is true, boy what would I do to see it up close, (well, not that close,:shocked:) Cheers Tony.
  12. .. go to www.simplesavings.com.au This site is invaluable for helping you save money ... it also gives you an insight into the lives of ordinary Australian housewives .....
  13. As we know the famous 'Mateship' of Australia is a contentious issue, some say it is thriving, some say it is nothing more than a bloody daft comment and is rarely said with any degree of true sentiment. Tell you what, I couldn't give a toss, I would rather this than not being acknowledged at all, ignored or even worse just stared at. Maybe it is a statement without any base in true 'friendship (I happen to disagree with this) and once again couldn't give a toss, I know when I first arrived in Australia the two words that made me feel welcome were, 'G'day mate'.:notworthy: Just because the Aussies seem to thrive on it and BELIEVE it, does not make it any less relevant than a Scotsman saying 'Pal', an Irishman saying 'Right'. It may not be truly unique in the grand scheme of things, but they have made it their own and as many will testify, it brings about a sense of camaraderie and yes, 'Mateship. Us POMS often say, 'Hello', (not enough) just because we as a nation 'choose' to say it out of habit (as some will accuse the Aussies of) does it make it any less relevant, I think not. Good on the Aussies for sticking to their guns, better this than ignoring some poor schmuck who might be having a bad day. 'Mateship' is often over analysed by many, come on, get with the programme, it is 'uniquely' Australian and long may it reign. Nothing wrong with this, as I said, to some it may be false, and some will argue it is irrelevant to everyday living in Australia, to me it's not. That's all folks. Cheers Tony.
  14. Hey all, Just trying to decide if we should move to WA or SA, when I look up my partners trade and my job on seek website there seems to be a hell of a lot more on WA. We are going on a 176 under my partners trade as a 1st Class welder, when I search his trade there's about 100 in Perth and Only say 12 in Adelaide. His job is on the list for both states, so I wonder why there is such a difference and looking at SA you wouldn't think there was much demand for his trade with what is advertised. I just wonder is its a true picture but I found the same thing on a different site too. Thanks for your help. Lucy:hug:
  15. Guest

    True Blue

    Has anyone had experiance with 'True Blue Migration', we are starting the process of emigrating and have contacted them but people have advised me to choose carefully but how would you know the good from the bad, its not like you do it more than once is it, please help!
  16. As the old saying goes, 'No Smoke Without Fire', is it an expression you believe in. I guess we have all heard the expression time and again, sometimes fairly and sometimes unfairly. I guess it could be looked at as the 'Old Rumour Mill' where there are many things said, often with little or no evidence to back it up. So in your opinion do these sayings have any validity in the modern world, I guess another saying that could be used is 'Mud Sticks', as if once an allegation, etc, has been against someone then no matter the evidence saying the opposite, some will look upon people with these phrases and thoughts in mind. Cheers Tony.
  17. Sorry, couldn't think of a better thread title. What I really mean is, I'm not talking about morality, principles, etc, (but feel free to talk about them if you want to, :yes:) more the beliefs you were bought up with really. Class is I guess inevitable in this discussion,:mad:, as is politics , etc. I was bought up I guess in what some would call a fairly 'privileged' background, not mega rich at all, but we didn't really have to struggle that much, my dad worked his way up from the bottom, (left school with no qualifications at the age of 14) and worked his nuts off, so well deserved IMO anyway.:notworthy:. He was then able to work abroad on numerous occasions, and often took us with him, so I was lucky that I saw a lot of the world when relatively young. I would imagine in this day and age the class would be called 'Upper Middle':mad:, whatever that is. And I make no excuses for the way I was bought up, because very simply my parents did a fantastic job, and it is down to them that I am here today, they will ALWAYS be there for me, no matter what I do, and I often have much to my shame.:embarrassed: But over the years I have found myself drift a long way from what they though was important. Unlike my two brothers I have never had a 'career' always flitted from job to job, nothing frightens me more than staying in a job for life, no problem AT ALL if someone does this, just not for me. I would say that ALL of my family is fairly right wing, tory voters, and Maggie was/is a hero to them. They are not 'far right' by any means, but they do hold what I see as right wing views, and they would be the first to admit this. I on the other hand whilst not going looney left do believe in certain principles that I hold dear, and at times these clash with my families beliefs, we never argue the points, but we do have debates:policeman::biglaugh:. Materialistic items, houses, cars, TV's etc have never been important to me, never, just the way it is. My family cannot understand my need to travel and see the world, often without a bean in my pocket. They believe that 'stability' is all important, and just shake their heads when I say we are off to this or that. I am far from being the Black Sheep, well maybe a little, but I have well and truly gone so far off the compass that my patents and brothers have that it is at times difficult to say I com from the same gene pool, :confused:. I personally reckon my mum had it away with a travelling rebel with militant tendencies, but she keeps denying it, :eek::biglaugh:. So have you as a person lived the same life as your parents, have you kept with their political philosophy, their 'class' system, their beliefs in a lot of things. I don't know if this is making sense, but thought I would ask anyway.:wideeyed: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  18. Hi All. Just a thought, but with hand on heart can you honestly say that the many friends you have would, no matter the consequences, outcome or sacrifice they have to make in ORDER to help you out, would they do it? I am being very honest here and out of the friends I have (which are minimal) I can honestly say that not one of them would be there if the wheel well and truly fell off. That sounds bad, but in all honesty that is the way it is. It has been proven time and again. They are good mates, but if push came to shove (as it has done in the past) they would not put themselves out to any GREAT way in order to help me out, who knows, this could be entirley fault, at times I'm not the easiest person to live with or get on with, but all the same, I find it strange. I know we all have our own families/lives to live, but I tend to think that at times we lose sight of 'friends' at times. I have been told time and again that some of my friends would always be there, but when the time came the old excuses started to come about. I'm not biter and twisted to any great degree, more let down at times at some of my friends actions. I tend to keep myself to myself nowadays as I have often found this is the best way, if you don't expect too much, you can't be let down can you. And I can also say hand on heart that there are several people on here who I trust more than some in my 'real' life. I have a feeling that they would be there if I needed them. Who knows, but that is the way it 'seems', and I hope I would be proved right if I ever needed them.:wubclub: So, am I being somewhat pessimistic, negative, etc, or am I living in the real world. Am I expecting too much at times, when in reality I have helped many people along the way, and very often at my own detriment. Is 'friendship' a one way street and you accept what ever comes your way, or am I right in thinking that to rely on oneself to a degree is the best way to go? Cheers, (Billy No Mates) Tony.:biglaugh:
  19. Guest

    Is it true?

    Hi, i am reasonably new and we are very committed to moving to Oz once i qualify as a nurse (childrens branch) i haven't even started university yet!!! :wink: i have a few questions, and wandered if anyone minded answering them for me? Can i come out to Oz, as a newly qualified nurse (are there provisions like the perceptorship year we get in the UK) or do i need to get NHS time under my belt? I have also been told you can start applying just before i qualify, is this true? Any help would be great TIA :biggrin:
  20. Hi, I need to apply for ACS and I need to have my documents certified as true copy from USA. I have been to Citibank and one other bank where I hold my account and there they were doing the following -Asking me to certify that this document is true copy of original and my signature on that. -On this they were writing theor name,address,signature and mentioning sworn before Notary. I want to know if this is sufficient for ACS. If not what I can do for this from US. Cheers Srini
  21. mandymcqueen

    Please tell me isnt not true

    Is this true that you cant apply for any other type of visa whilst you are on a Bridging visa? I really really hope not. Anyone know the answer??? Mandy
  22. Guest

    Song Title 'True' Meanings

    Yep, I'm bored, but thought this may while away a few seconds, :shocked::biglaugh:. Without googling folks do you know what some song titles 'really' mean, I think I can come up with four, so here goes. 1. Ebeneezer Goode by the Shamen. Denied that is was about ecstasy for years, but admitted in the end that this was the case.:shocked::policeman: 2. Turning Japanese by the Vapors. About a girlfriend and masturbation.:shocked::policeman: 3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds by the Beatles. Again denied for years about LSD, but Paul McCartney confirmed the song was inspired by LSD.:wubclub: 4. Brown Sugar by the Stones. Many connotations to this song, but the main subject was Cocaine. Any more you can think of, no cheating peeps.:policeman: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  23. Guest

    Help - True or False?

    I am new here, so hello everyone! :biggrin: Where to start……..? I will try to keep this short and simple as not to bore you all. :SLEEP: We are somewhat sick of our lives in the UK (North-East England), poor weather, little family time together, not much free income etc. We long for a change! We have done our initial research and believe that Oz could be the place for us. Three of main reasons we believe so are: Work - I currently work as a Quantity Surveyor for a main contractor (Contract Administrator in Oz.) I would say the average salary in the UK for my job would be approx 35K with higher earners making 40k-50k. I have checked many recruitment websites and in Oz it appears when converted back to GBP the salaries are considerable higher. Double in some cases! Weather - In the UK you spend 50% of the year in doors stuck in front of the television because the weather is too bad to go out. Yes agreed you can do things indoor but there is only so many times you can take the kids to the local bowling ally or cinema before it starts to become monotonous. We love the summer and often spend many happy days having BBQs, picnics out, etc without costing an arm and a leg to, but it is just to short. A change – There is a world out there and the thought we spent the whole of our lives in one part of it is awful. Oz seems a beautiful and amazing country for a new start. We done believe all the other factors crime, cost of living etc will be much different from the UK so that’s it really for those who have been there or are still living happly there now what do you think of our reasons to move- valid? or in reality don’t happen? Thank you all Chris & Family
  24. As we all know the government is HAVING to make cuts, I agree totally that this is the only way to go, cuts are inevitable, I may not agree with some of them but cuts at the end of the day are needed, BUT, (sorry Dom:wubclub::wink:). How about this for an equation. I am not getting on my high horse about wars etc, but I will say this. At present the Iraq/Afghanistan wars/conflicts have cost this country somewhere between 16 BILLION and 23 BILLION pounds, the costs are rising every day, and these figures do not take into account the salaries of the service personal involved. As I said, I am not going to get involved in the debate about the rights and wrongs of either wars, suffice to say NO MATTER what we and the USA do Iraq and Afghanistan will return to the tribal warfare that has been part of their historic since time began. Again, I'm not having a go at TRIBAL wars, that is the way these countries operate, they have done for thousands of years and they will continue to do so in the future no matter what we say or do. It doesn't matter what your views are on the war, at the end of the day the war was based on purely speculative 'information' and once again we as a country decided that OUR way of life should be inflicted on yet another country. Any excuse and reason can be put forward but IMO the war is and was based on the need to show the 'locals' that as a western nation we have the god given right to inflict our culture on them. Not for one second am I having a go at the service personal, I admire them greatly and are indeed my real heroes and icons. But at this time, when the country is up sh7t creek without a paddle it would do us all to remember that the cost of the wars are indeed massive and ongoing. Our debt could be cleared with one easy sweep if some numptie(s) sitting in Whitehall had the worries and concerns of its population been at the forefront of their minds. Another rant, I'm sorry. Over the weekend The X Factor received over 148,000 complaints because some wannabe was voted out of the show. Do you know how many complaints were made to ITV news when one of our soldiers deaths was relegated to sixth on the news, I will tell you, a mere 128. The world and its people have gone mad folks, and I am no longer sure I want to be part of it. Cheers Tony:mad:
  25. Guest

    True Blue Migration

    I am looking at migrating to Australia and have been speaking to a number of Migration Agents. I am very impressed with a company called True Blue Migration and am looking at going with them. Does anybody have any knowledge of these guys they could share with me???? Thanks