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Found 6 results

  1. Over 3 years HGV experience on artics in UK, looking to make the move to Oz but job is not on the SSL list or Sol List, so where can i start? I also have 20 years in the parcel delivery industry, if that helps. Only me and the wife to worry about, but cant seem to get enough points to get over there. Anyone have any idea of where to start? Am going to visit family living over there ( since 1977 ) in Feb 2013 for a month, so would it be a good idea to wait till I get over there and try make a few contacts while we are there? Going to NSW looking for Truck or Van driving work, but will do anything. Willing to work, never been out of work, but some people seem to get there no problem, whereas I cant seem to get past step 1. Any help replied to, Thanks in advance Paul pitch70@gmail.com
  2. Hello Truckers I have found some information which is new to me and I have not seen any real discussion about it on any of the forums so far. It seems that The Trucking Industry Working Group was set up in 2007 to discuss the need – or otherwise – to enable hauliers in Oz to recruit foreign truckers under the 457 visa programme. The WG reported to the Minister in March or April 2008 and the report was published in July: Changes to 457 visa eligibility for truck drivers In response to the recommendations, the Minister then altered the 457 legislation with effect from 1st August 2008: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs/occupations.pdf Please see Page 14 of the Instrument above. The trucking industry told the Working Group that the main need is for people to drive trucks of more than 4.5 tonnes in size and that the drivers are primarily needed for the mining and construction industries. The WG use the term “Heavy Truck Driver” but they did not define it by reference to the weight or size of the truck and the ASCO Code does not define the term either. Heavy Truck Driver is an occupation in ASCO Code Major Group 7. In theory, then, a haulage company which is based in “regional Australia” should find it possible to recruit a foreign trucker to drive Heavy Trucks in the mining or construction industries and the company should be able to get a temporary employer-sponsored 457 visa for him as long as the company would be one that is eligible to sponsor foreign workers for visas and it is also eligible to claim the regional employer concessions: Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) Sponsoring a Temporary Overseas Employee to Australia Visitors to Australia - Medicare Australia However if the work is not going to be in the mining or construction fields, then it would seem that trucking will remain a no go zone in terms of visa eligibility for the time being. OK – the Heavy Truck Driver who will work in mining or construction will be able to get a temporary 457 visa in the short term. He is likely to want to switch to Permanent Residency as soon as he can, so what will his visa pathway to PR be? At the moment, it seems likely that the trucker and his employer will probably take advantage of the subclass 857 onshore RSMS visa: Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 119/857) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 119/857) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 119/857) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 119/857) Heavy Truck Driver is in ASCO Group 7, so it should be possible to get an exemption from the normal skills requirement once the driver has lived & worked in regional Oz on his 457 visa for not less than two years. It will probably take around 9-12 months to get him the RSMS visa thereafter. In the longer term, though, the Working Group recommends that the trucking industry should put itself into a position to be able to offer the Labour Agreement subclass 120 permanent residency visa instead. Currently Labour Agreements are offered by the Australian Defence Forces, the State Police forces and such like. Organisations which are so squeaky clean that they treat their workers fairly and properly, comply with all Health & Safety at Work regulations, have proper arrangements for holiday and sickness leave, have a proper grievance procedure and so on. This is a clear signal from the Minister to the trucking industry to clean its act up so as to stop the abuses of the drivers that are currently alleged to occur. Ultimately, if the industry becomes clean enough for the Government to agree to allow it to use Labour Agreement visas, this will benefit home grown Aussie truckers as well. So far, so good. What would life on the 457 visa be like for the British trucker who goes to work in the mining industry in West Australia, for instance? (Chosen as an example simply because there is a clear diagrammatic map of the Regions in WA.) State Migration Centre Living in the Regions If you put the cursor on the various regions, it shows what the main occupations in them are, the distance from Perth to the main towns in the region etc. There is mining almost everywhere in WA. Alcoa have a large aluminium mine in the Peel region, which is not far from Perth. However because of its proximity to Perth it is likely that Alcoa do not have any difficulty getting local Heavy Truck Drivers to work in their mine. The largest iron ore mine in the world is in WA, close to the Tropic of Capricorn (23.3 degrees South of the Equator, which is roughly level with Exmouth in WA.) Perth has a Mediterranean climate. Broome is in the equatorial cyclone belt and can be extremely hot. Darwin is in the same belt and was flattened by a major cyclone in 1974. South of Perth the climate becomes more temperate, with vineyards, tomato-growing etc. I have not found a similar map of QLD but please use Google Maps and the “Get Directions” tool on that. Mount Isa is one of the main mining towns in QLD. The coastal areas in Oz aren’t really Outback because there are roads, towns etc and the Outback is further inland, but Mount Isa is seriously Outback, for sure. South Australia does have desert in the north but is temperate in the south. The Barossa Valley vineyards are in SA. The largest uranium deposit in the world is underneath SA and I think two of the mines have now been built with a third being planned. The mines pay well, but I wouldn’t expect them to be as generous to a guy on a 457 visa. He is in a potentially vulnerable position because his employer is the guy making it possible for the 457 visa holder to remain in Australia. The pay in the construction industry may well not be as good as it would be in the mines, and again if the construction project is close to a major city it may not be difficult to get local drivers willing to work on it. So although there is now a clear visa route for a Heavy Truck Driver, the greatest viability will be to find all the contractors who supply Heavy Trucking for the mining and construction industries. Best wishes Gill
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    Please look at jobs and careers section
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    au gov date for truckers

    hi all any one any info if the au are gonna let truckers in on the skilled list or even just in cant find any sites with this info any help in getting us out there would be great thanks all love from scotland
  5. as of the 7th the gov are looking into letting truck drivers be a skilled worker any news on this
  6. hi ya were rob and angela from glasgow,scotland after weeks and mths of the pros and cons australia tipped the scales considerably unfortunally im a truck driver angela an overlocker(machinist) and truckers arent yet on the skilled list but in the progress of being (hopefully) any ideas on how long this will take etc,perth seems to be our destination once there,rental prob at first any info on any subjects concerning all matters would be great,mailed a few agencies any tips on who to go with etc would be great also,,,,,,,,, thanks for reading on awe the best cmon the gov let truckers be a skilled worker 457,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,thanks