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Found 40 results

  1. Hi all, I'm looking for skilled heavy vehicle/truck technicians who are looking to move to eastern coast of Australia, Sydney and/or Canberra region. see our website below: http://southerntruckcentre.com.au/ send an email enquiry for more information thank you!
  2. hi I'm off to Oz with my family in August (have visa already) and I was considering a career change. I have been having truck driving lessons in the UK and plan to have some lessons in Oz and then get my HR licence. This is probably going to be in Perth. I've read lots about truck drivers being in demand, however when I look through all the job adverts, pretty much every one asks for experience. Now I'm thinking that I might struggle to get a driving job being a Pom with no experience. Has anyone had any experience of getting a driving job? Do you think I will struggle with no experience? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks Lee
  3. Over 3 years HGV experience on artics in UK, looking to make the move to Oz but job is not on the SSL list or Sol List, so where can i start? I also have 20 years in the parcel delivery industry, if that helps. Only me and the wife to worry about, but cant seem to get enough points to get over there. Anyone have any idea of where to start? Am going to visit family living over there ( since 1977 ) in Feb 2013 for a month, so would it be a good idea to wait till I get over there and try make a few contacts while we are there? Going to NSW looking for Truck or Van driving work, but will do anything. Willing to work, never been out of work, but some people seem to get there no problem, whereas I cant seem to get past step 1. Any help replied to, Thanks in advance Paul pitch70@gmail.com
  4. Truck Mechanics wanted for an Adelaide workshop. Applicants must be fully qualified and have at least 3 to 5 years experience working in the trade. Please send CV's to victoria@thamesmigration.com
  5. Hi all, Considering moving the family to Oz, The missus is a hairdresser and would probably be on her visa as plant ops dont seem to be on the skills list. We would probably be looking to move to the sunshine coast but Perth is also a possibility. Im wondering about my job prospects, I am fully CPCS certified with over 13 years of experience on a wide range of plant, I also have nvq in plant operations from the national construction college and hold a full hgv licence with over 5 years experience in heavy haulage and tipper work. Are these qualifications transferable? and if not what would be invoved in gaining the relevant quailifications in Oz, and costs? Any advice would be much apreciated. Cheers John.
  6. Guest

    Dump truck operator

    Hi Can anyone help me. I have been told that at present there is a lot of opportunity for people who can operate Dump trucks etc in Australia. I am looking for a career change enjoy driving, so this is something i would be interested in training in. My question is Is it worthwhile training in the UK and gaining my operators qualifications here. Before i relocate this way i may be able to get some paid work experience on UK sites before i relocate, and this may help with job interviews. Are my qualifications transferable to Australia, or would i have to retrain from scratch. Therefore paying twice for my training. Am in better of just doing the training in Oz, or will i struggle to find employment once i have finished the course because i would not have any experience. Thanks I have heard that they are encouraging more women to work in the industry.
  7. Guest

    Truck Driving in Oz

    I am anLGV driver hoping to join my daughter in Oz on a contributory 175 visa.Can any help me with the clasifications with trucks in Oz? What licence is needed for which class of vehicle?Do uk LGV licences automatically transfer? Any info gratefully received
  8. Hi all, am new to this so here goes. I am a 52 yr old truck driver with 9 yrs experience (mainly rigid but recently passed & now driving class 1) married with 2 kids. At present I have got a prospective employer in rural WA who want s to offer me a job once they have got the green light on a new contract. Question is can i get a visa through sponsorship in this industry as this company realy wants to get us out there? Seems like a bit of a grey area as some say i can but many say I cant. Can someone advise for sure? :wacko:
  9. Hi, after checking out the prices of vehicles in Oz, we are now thinking of taking our 4x4 Ford Ranger truck with us. We will be able to do this as have PR and have owned the truck from new for over 12 months. We havent a permanent address in Australia to go to yet though as are going to have to find a rental. Looking to go to Hervey Bay Queensland. We were originally going to just take a few boxes with us and sell everything else we own. As well as the truck we have a kayak and a 10ft walker bay rib (inflatable) which has a trailer. We also have landscaping tools that would sell for nothing here and would cost a fortune to replace. Has anyone else shipped over similar things and was it worth all the agro in the end?? Any advice would be great thanks Alison
  10. I have an irish drivers licence that I know I can transfer for aus one when i arrive. I have a licence to drive a minibus and a rigid truck. Will i get an equivalent licence in aus that will allow me to do same?
  11. stevie ellis

    Truck show

    Does anyone know what dates the truck show in perth is on please Thanks stevie
  12. Can anyone recommend truck hire in Mandurah area? We are moving house, have just tried a couple of local hire firms and they are all booked for that date!!! Starting to panic now........any ideas??!!!!
  13. Guest

    help with trucing

    hi are there still no news on allowing truckers into a.u........ or does anyone know how we could gain entry/work visa ........doing trucking 20 year....angela trained machinist although hasnt done that profession in ten year...any help or do we forget our dream of movng to a.u........help help help,...................:mad:
  14. Hello Truckers! Please do not get your hopes up at this very early stage, but I have some information which may be of interest to some of you. There is a recruitment company which is based in SA, though they have clients all over Australia, I am told. Some of their clients are haulage companies which are crying out for truck drivers. The problem for truck drivers is that you would need RSMS visas in order to obtain PR in Australia, therefore the hauliers have to be bsed in "regional Australia", I gather. The whole of SA is regional, which is good news because it also seems to be the State with the greatest shortage of truck drivers. However, lots of other parts of Oz are also "regional" and I don't imagine that many haulage compamies are actually based in non-regional areas of Oz. I gather than for RSMS visas, the Company has to nominate the occupation (I think) and this has to be approved by the relevant Regional Certifying Body. Historically the problem has been that the Trades Unions which represent truck drivers in Oz are large and powerful. They are totally opposed to adding truck driving to the skills lists because they argue that if the pay & benefits packages offered by the hauliers were better than they are, there would be no shortage of home-grown Aussies willing to drive trucks. The unions fear that if hauliers were able to attract foreign truck drivers it would simply push the pay & benefits packages downwards, putting home-grown Aussies out of work because their jobs would be snapped up by foreign drivers willing to accept virtually any lousy pay/benefits deal in order to get PR in Australia. I think the Unions are probably right. British drivers might not be willing to accept lousy packages, but the market would undoubtedly be flooded by drivers from countries where there is no welfare state,the general standard of living is low and so forth. Therefore when the recruitment company told me that their haulier clients are not scared of the Unions, I said, "Not so fast! The Unions are definitely blocking these visas in some way, so if they are not nobbling the haulage companies they must be nobbling someone else higher up in the chain that eventually leads to an RSMS visa." At this stage, I don't know whether the Regional Certifying Bodies have been refusing to approve the nominations because of pressure from the Unions or whether the Unions are able to get at DIAC instead in some way, later on in the chain. The recruitment agency has Registered Migration Agent as part of the team so I have asked him to try to find out exactly what is causing the seeming deadlock and whereabouts in the chain it is happening. If we can discover what and where the problem actually is, then there is SLIM possibility that it might be possible to resolve whatever the problem turns out to be. I do not want you to get your hopes up at this stage, because lots of people have tried to get visas for truck drivers and the majority of the attempts seem to have failed as far as I can discover. The odd few seem to have worked but they are definitely a small minority. At this stage, though, I aim trying to gauge what sort of interest-level there would be from PiO Members, and I am also interested to hear what any of you may have been told about this in the past - whether by haulage companies, Migration Agents, DIAC or anyone else? The more information I can get about this, the better. I know that Mr Broughton on here has recently obtained a truck-driving licence in Victoria. Does anybody know what happens if the truck has to go inter-State, though? Does the driver need a valid licence in each of the states that the truck will pass through, meaning multiple licences for the long-distance drivers, please? Mr Broughton explained to his wife Felicity (the Broughtons) what getting the licence entailed and she tried to explain it but I didn't understand it. Her descriptionis Post No. 6 on the thread below: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/jobs-careers/26416-hgv-drivers.html So at this stage I am really looking for (a) interest and (b) feedback, please. Also, would people be willing to consider SA if that is where the possible jobs turn out to be based? Many thanks Gill
  15. We are a Volvo, Mack and Hino truck dealership based in Canberra. We are looking for or to sponsor skilled mechanics. You can go to our web site at southerntruckcentre.com.au for further information.
  16. Hi there, im sure there are many posts regarding my query but I cant find them Basically my husband and I are hopefully moving to OZ this year and we were wondering how we go about getting his HGV class 1 swapped into their equivalent. We are looking at QLD, he has over 16 years experience driving HGVs. Thanks in advance Amanda
  17. hello my name is raymond, i am working in oz as a carpenter kitchen fitter but i am looking to try and get work as a dumptruck driver, but i cant seem to find any one who can tell me what i am letting my self in for, i dont want to pay 4000 bucks for a course and then find out there are no jobs to be found, plus i am dont really know what the job intails , just that the money is quite good, please can somone advize me on all this thanks ray
  18. Guest

    truck drivers

    hi all we ad the chance to move out to cc 5 year ago with a trucking job lined up but the timing wasnt right angela just lost her dad etc new house but now we feel the time is right to move from the uk to n.z do we chance our luck and mail the comapny that accepted my application or does anyone know any diff companies thats looking to sponser a class 1...class 5 in nz driver any help......seems au gov dont want truckers in there country although according to the unions theres a shortage and they wont put on the wanted list fro some reason any help on this issue would be grateful thanks rob and angela....happy new year ....:biggrin:
  19. stevie ellis

    new truck?

    Hi , due to changes 9 23? should i buy a new truck or wait to see if they change their minds? They say their going to have a meeting on the 20 10 ? but . im not sure they will change their minds. I dont think my truck will hold out till 2012 , so anyone know what i shud do? :unsure::unsure:
  20. Hey i was just wondering what do you have to do to get a truck license in South Australia. Like what places do you first apply. Is there a theory test i should learn before going in. And what are the requirements on getting truck licence. Thanks for the help.
  21. Guest

    truck licence in aus

    Hey i was just wondering what do you have to do to get a truck license in South Australia. Like what places do you first apply. Is there a theory test i should learn before going in. And what are the requirements on getting truck licence. Thanks for the help.
  22. Guest

    truck licence

    hi all, we are soon brissy bound, a quick question, i am aware i have to retake my truck licence when i arrive, but my uk one the medical is now due, is there any avantage to spend the £125.00 for medical, will it make a difference to the test i have to take in queensland, just a loose end i have to tie up before we go, thanx
  23. Guest

    truck driving job

    hi my husband is a class 1 and 2 truck driver and we want to emegrate to australia but need sponcership can anyone help, do you know any companys sponcering or are willing to sponcer or got any advice please any help greatfull:radar:
  24. Hi Drivers I am very concerned about a report I have received from one of our members. It seems that there currently is, or there has been sometime in 2007/8, a rumour going around about possible visas for truck drivers. The version which I have heard of the rumour has it that the Australian Government is supposedly backing a scheme which would supposedly enable DIAC to grant 457 visas to British HGV drivers provided that the driver holds an Australian HR licence before he applies for a visa. Please all note: This rumour is complete rubbish. There is not a grain of truth in it. Therefore please, please do NOT be tempted to spend your hard earned on rushing out to Oz to obtain an Aussie HR licence. The Aussie HR licence will NOT get you a visa. If you get a visa by using some other visa pathway, the licence might come in handy once you are living in Oz but it will do NOTHING towards getting you the visa in the first place. The truth of this matter is that following a high-level Government-led Inquiry in 2007 & 2008, the Minister altered the legislation concerning the 457 visa on 1st August 2008. The legislative instrument is here: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs/occupations.pdf Page 14 is relevant. It states categorically that 457 visas for truckers will only be possible if the foreign driver & truck will be engaged in: mining operations in regional Australia; construction operations in regional Australia; transporting dangerous cargos such as hydrocarbons and chemicals. It is not necessary for the driver to have an Aussie HR licence prior to the grant of the visa. The rules for the visa say that it is sufficient if the driver obtains the necessary licence(s) within one month of his/her arrival in Oz, having travelled to Oz on his her 457 visa once that has been granted. The August 2008 legislation came about as a result of The Transport Industry Working Group's advice to the Minister, which was published on the DIAC website in July 2008. The link to the Report is here: DIAC Newsroom – Media_releases – Changes to 457 visa eligibility for truck drivers The Report itself is refusing to download. The DIAC website is telling me "Page Not Found" so something must be wrong with the IT arrangements in the new website. However the Report led to the legislative instrument described above. I read the report when it was first published, though. One of the key recommendations made by the Working Group is that if the Transport industry considers that migrant drivers are essential, the Industry ought to be prepared to enter into Labour Agreements with the Government. If any such Labour Agreements are ever negotiated (nobody knows whether they will be) then it would be possible for large, well-run employers to be able to sponsor other types of HR driver for 457 visas and for the drivers to do other types of driving besides the three mentioned above. However no such Labour Agreements exist at the moment. Unless and until they do, it is pointless to rely on nothing but an assumption or wish that it might happen. If anyone negotiates such a Labour Agreement successfully, one thing it definitely will not do is to give British drivers any sort of exclusivity or special priority over drivers from any other country. The Aussie Government's Immigration Policy is STRICTLY non-discriminatory. If the Transport Workers Union of Australia - which I understand is powerful - gets its own way, the Labour Agreements will never happen in any case. The Union's submission to the Working Group is here: http://www.twu.com.au/twu_457_submission.pdf So please do be careful about this and please do NOT spend any money on reliance on this rumour if you should hear it. One wonders whether the people selling the courses that lead to the tests and HR licences have a vested interest in promoting such a daft rumour, frankly! I have feelers out everywhere in an effort to help truckers. If any good news should happen, I will definitely hear about it quickly and as soon as I have any more definite information, I will put a thread or post about it on Poms In Oz. Best wishes Gill
  25. Hi I have been approached (as a registered migration agent) by a company who are looking for the following staff: Diesel Motor Mechanics Motor Parts Interpreters Truck Sales Persons Service Adviser Admin Staff - Receptionist, Branch Accountant, Credit & Debit Clerks They are looking for people experienced in the Truck industry. These positions are in a rural area and although they are likely to begin as 457 visa's they are likely to progress to PR. The company have already been accepted by DIAC as a Business Sponsor and i am in the process of liaising with them to obtain details of the area, prospects, schools etc. If anyone is interested in any of these positions and don't mind 'living outside' of the main cities please contact me and e-mail your CV to info@ozmigrationagency.com.au and i will provide further details.