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Found 15 results

  1. Hello everyone, Its been 4 weeks after s56 documents submitted to DHA, haven’t heard back anything yet. Just wondering how long does it takes to grant a visa after submitting s56? Applied on both visa & nomination on feb 2020. Please note that Nomination hasn’t been approved yet. 186 trt cook Qld. Any suggestion would be helpful. Thank you!
  2. Good afternoon everyone, We are applying for the TRT in 2 weeks and are thinking about building our family. We don’t want to wait the possible 18 months wait (actual timeframe) so we are wondering what would be the main difference between the bridging and the PR for my pregnancy. I m working in the tourism industry and am actually without work so I can’t count on the maternity leave anyway. Thanks everyone
  3. Good afternoon everyone ! My partner and I are applying for the 186 TRT (thanks to his 457) in 2 weeks time. He is electrician and we are wondering if any trades can share their timeframe. The TRT timeframe is extra long now and we would like to try to have a child next year. Anyone with a bridging visa able to share their experience ? Is it any big difference to have a child before or after PR knowing that now the waiting period for maternity leave and stuff will be 4 years so no point to count on it ! Many thanks and good luck to you all
  4. Nepalese

    186 ens

    Hi there, i would like to ask about the s56 request for more information about the 186 nomination. I’m waiting for the 186 visa & nomination since 16 months & DHA has asked my employer for the some updated documents from the business within 8 days. Is it okey if we asked for the extension? Does this impact to my visa & nomination applications? Please suggest me Thanks
  5. Nepalese

    186 visa

    Hi Everyone, just wondering I’m waiting for the 186 trt visa almost 16 months, Is there any problem or delaying to grant a visa if you do have some credit cards to be pay off debt & not enough bank balance in your account? Some people says there should be a problem with granting a visa. Help needed, Thanks
  6. Yadav M


    Hi, 186 TRT (Victoria non regional) Nomination applied - 25 March visa applied - 22 April Case officer assigned for nomination (NSW centre) and s56 Requested for further information On June 26 and not submitted yet. Main visa application status is still Received. Some of the information requested were submitted with main visa. In your experience, will the case officer be same for both nomination and visa application or could/will there be different case officer assigned for visa and nomination? I am overwhelmed both with excitement and worrisome! When can I expect for further action and decision? Thanks
  7. I have applied both nomination and 186 visa for the job of General Accountant. The case officer has requested for license/registration for the job. I work under the license of my employer however I have tax agent registration license under my name. I have registered in CPA as ACPA. What license/registration do they need? I expect for your reply and recommendation. Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting here after sooo long hours just browsing and learning from all of you guys. Me and my partner are on 457 visa now. He's a chef who has worked for 3 years on his 457 visa. Our first 6months with the visa we have to quit and get new employer who treat us better, and we've been with them for 2.5 years now. Since we got our visa before 18 april 2017, we only have to work for 2 years to apply for 186 visa (correct me if I'm wrong). Now the thing is now, my employer wants to sponsor us badly but they dont wanna use any agent, since it cost so much money and they dont trust anyone else with their paperwork. The first transition from our first employer to the next one, they took care of everything, they arrange everything through immi account, lodge everything themselves, next thing we know, we're ready to move. So based on this I think they're good with lodging this immi stuff eventho we're the first "visa people" they have in the restaurant. Do you think it would be alright for them to just apply themselves? Also, with the levy they also have to pay $3000 to sponsor us too, so if they do something wrong on their side they will lose lot of money as well. Question number 2 is, if I let them do the nomination first, and we also lodge our visa, let say the nomination got rejected, can we retract the visa application so our money wont go missing? Or should we just wait until we know for sure the nomination approved? Thanks before!
  9. carLd

    VISA 186 TRT

    Hi!!!!! We just want to share our story. August 2015 I've started working for my boss here in NSW as Architectural Draftperson on 457 VISA. then my family came December 2015. September 2017 they've lodged 186 Visa, February 2018 Nomination was approved and medical exams was done. But my visa was put on for "Further Assessment" as I do have health issue. We heard nothing from them until - June 2019 a healthy waiver was requested and submitted after 28 days with the help of a RMA. Me and my family was so stress upon processing and preparing documents for the waiver, Contacted numerous Doctors and asking help with the community special friends and family and also a friend who is in Netherlands, She had help us so much! those 28 days was the worst days of our life(28 days Later?-Movie). After submitting the waiver we still have to wait for the medical report from my specialist(3rd specialist- we never gave up) which was to follow up with the other documents. and finally we manage to get a positive report in favour of me and 100% against what the immigration is saying. We submitted the medical report 3rd of June. by the way our local GP was also helping us in a lot of ways as she disagrees with what the immigration has decided.(272k cost of my health care!!) 24th of June I've logged in to my immi account and found out that my Health Assessment was change and says "Health Clearance Provided", so I've ask the agent what was that, probably something happened in the process it may be good or bad. That time I had a feeling that something good is going to happen but not a 100% tough. so I tried to ask the agent to follow up with the CO via email. 1st of August 9:00am I've called the agent as we only have 7 more days to go before our medical exams expired, But unfortunately I wasn't able to speak to her, Message left. 9:30 AM I got a call from the agent saying that we don't need to follow up as the visa was granted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy!! !!!!!! Thanks to god we manage to surpass all the stress.. . To all applying for permanent residency please make sure your 100% healthy before applying or otherwise you will go thru a lot! Thanks to this forum as well as the forum help me in a lot of ways..... Ward Regards,
  10. Hi, We have been on a 3 year roller coaster ride with our visa’s. We were told many time by different people that we would not get our 187 TRT Nomination approved and that we were wasting our time. Out of desperation last year (my husband was turning 50 in 6 days time, making this our last chance) we did the Nomination application and the 187 TRT permanent residence application ourselves, We finally had our 187 nomination approved 3 weeks ago, and we were so happy. This morning we received a letter stating that the 187 TRT permanent residence visa is going to be denied as I have made an error on the application. I entered the incorrect TRN Number for the related nomination. I in error put our 457 TRN and not the 187 nomination TRN. Please help, does anyone know anything about this, the letter says there is nothing we can do, we must withdraw the application or wait for it to be refused within the next 28 day... so sad right now.
  11. Hi everyone, After being a silent reader for a while, I do want to share my frustrating visa story with you and seek kindest advice: Both of my 186 TRT nomination and visa application were lodged on April 13th, 2017. (My nominated occupation: 'Conference and Event Organiser') On September 7th, 2017, two officers from Immigration Department visited my company to conduct an interview with me and have a quick chat with my boss too, which went quite well. They also told me that my application was on the way to be decided, which would be finalised within two to three months or even shorter. HOWEVER, there have been no updates from the Department since then. And the application status in ImmiAccount still shows 'Received'. I have been waiting for my application to be finalised for nearly 13 months. My MA helped me to send an e-mail to the Department in November 2017, and, surprisingly, the reply said 'my application is not yet allocated to the case officer'! But how come I was selected to be interviewed if my case is still untouched yet? My MA sent another enquiry e-mail last week, and received no response yet. I recently called up the Department, and was told that 'my case is still under process'. However, the ImmiAccount status still shows 'Received'. Is there anyone in the forum encountering similar situation like mine? Anyone got interviewed by the Department after lodging your 186 TRT application? Any reply or comment is highly appreciated! And I do wish each one of you can receive your PR very soon!!! Thanks in advance! Hilary
  12. Wahid85

    cook oct 2016

    HI It is very hard to wait so long. As time is passing, it is worrying us. The govt also is very hard to immigrants,it looks like. I applied for 186 TRT cook,Oct 2016. No update is still showing except RECEIVED. As I know ,many people are waiting like me. It looks like CO is scrutinizing all files on the basis of new rules. But I am not sure yet,As we applied before the changes come, our should be processed on old rules. Everything is pending on lingeing the process. I dnt know how more long it takes. Hopefully everyone get a golden email.
  13. We moved to Australia from the UK last December on a 457 visa with my husband as primary applicant. We had planned on applying for permanent residency after 2 years cos hubby has a permanent job contract here. Then after 4 months the immigration rules changed and it seems that on paper we are no longer eligible for PR due to my husbands age. Please tell us there is some kind of grandfathering or exemption rule for people in our situation?? We have started a petition to hopefully get our case looked at and I would be really really grateful if you could have a look at it and sign it if you can, also if you could forward it to family, friends, neighbours, anyone you can think of to sign too. Go to https://www.change.org/p/peter-dutton-give-me-the-chance-to-apply-for-pr-from-a-457-visa-granted-before-age-limit-dropped-to-45?recruiter=775352431&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive Thank you in advance
  14. http://www.border.gov.au/WorkinginAustralia/Documents/reforms-australia-permanent-employer-sponsored-migration-programme.pdf 457 visa holders and progressing to a permanent residency visa following today's announcements: see this factsheet from the Department of Immigration. Best regards.
  15. OK It's a bit of a long winded story but I'll try to shorten it as much as possible: I'm on a 457 Visa with my current employer Last August 2012 we put in the 186 Visa and they paid for it all (Over $3500) but I was told to submit the documents myself. Paid and had all medicals done and UK and Aus police checks Didn't really know what I was doing but did my best and thought I'd uploaded everything correctly Received a call a couple of weeks ago to say I'd submitted the Employer part using direct entry stream and my part using theTemporary Residence Transition stream which is the one I should have chosen for both. Basically told it was either withdraw and lose the money or she'd have to refuse it. Obviously I withdrew and my employer is happy (ish) to do it again but I am obviously having to pay for my part this time We submitted everything again on Friday My questions are; As I can't afford a migration agent (And am pretty confident I'll not be that stupid again) am I able to submit a decision ready application on my own? Do you know what the current wait time is for these applications as I already feel we've been waiting for so long and I don't feel safe if you know what I mean? I feel like there's a huge weight on my shoulders until this is final. We want to buy a house and actually settle in the Country we've called home for 5 years and it's all our son has ever known. The last person at the company gave me the last 3 month bank statements but I'm now been told that I can't have these due to privacy - will this be a deal-breaker. If there is something missing will this put us back down the list? Has anyone else been this stupid and had to start again?