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Found 52 results

  1. Hi all I'm new to the site so this is my first post. Last Friday evening while finishing up work I lost my keys and my phone I put them Down somewhere and they vanished. Anyways it was the only key I had to my van so saturday I called out a locksmith to have a new key cut. I supplied him the vin number and I called holden and got my security code. After maybe 10 mins he had the key cut and the van open. Here's the problem, for some reason the key opened all the doors but will not start in the ignition(it won't even turn over) the guy told me that I need a new ignition barrel as he says my one is worn. Up until firday I never had any problems with my van or iginition it had all been working perfectly. It's a 2007 holden combo so the key is a transporter key but there is no imboileiser. So the locksmith is now looking for $560 for the new ignition barrel, and $170 to program the new key, it all seems a bit pricy, I called holden and they can't give me any feed back unless I had the van towed to them at a cost of $300. I'm quite new to Australia and I don't know anybody here that's why I'm venting all on here lol! anybody have any feedback or car knowledge?
  2. Guest

    Visa Trouble!!!!

    Hey all I have been planning now to come out to Aus live with my Dad for a year working and see what life is like out there. However when I got to the end of the visa process (Working Holiday visa) It says I need to have $5000 (£3,250ish) on me which is a huge amount for me and I simply cannot afford this What I want to ask is there anyway around this seeing as my Dad lives out there or after all this planning am I going to have to wait another year to get the money together??? Or would it be better to apply for a different visa? Please help really feeling demoralized!
  3. I have read around so many threads on getting a new job soon after getting a 856 visa approved. I've read about so many differing views and opinions saying 'you can' or 'its OK' or 'you can't quit before the 3 year obligation is up'. My contract states: 1.5 ENS Obligation You must give an undertaking to continue to work for 'Snake Milker's Bucket Holdings Pty Ltd' for a minimum period of three years in line with the Employer Nomination Scheme programme commencing upon receipt of your permanent residency visa. Could someone please tell me the definitive answer on whether I can quit my job soon after the visa approval and not get into trouble from my employer or DIAC?
  4. Hi guys, just been granted the 487 Visa. It has condition 8539 attached to it. Here are a few questions and background info...You may be able to help ! - Would any of you be able to explain that condition in more detail and what I exactly need to do now?! - Is there any flexibility with that condition?! - Was I suppose to live/work in a regional area since time of application or time of grant?! My plan was to get a job in the countryside but keep working in the metropolitan area until early next year. Here are my personal circumstances: - I live in a regional area at the moment - I still have a job in the metropolitan area but I have not worked since Visa was granted a few days ago. However, I may need to work until January 2012 to support myself and have enough savings to move into the countryside. Any advice would be appreciated. ------------------------------------------------------------- Here is an excerpt of the official explanation::confused: 8539 - Regional study and work only While the holder is in Australia, the holder must live, study and work only in an area specified by the Minister in an instrument in writing for item 6A1001 of Schedule 6A, as in force: (a) when the visa was granted; or (b) if the holder has held more than 1 visa that is subject to this condition - when the first of those visas was granted.
  5. EX-PATS IN TROUBLE ABROAD Are you a British ex pat in trouble abroad? If so you might be right for a brand new series we are making. We are looking for a range of diverse British ex-pats in Spain, Florida, Australia etc who are struggling in this economic down turn or just generally finding things hard. Maybe your business is struggling, or the value of your home has dropped or savings worth a lot less? Or maybe you’re just finding other things harder than you ever expected compared to dear old Blighty? e.g. lack of close family nearby, tired of beach-apartment-beach life, heat etc. How has it affected your life, relationships etc? Where is paradise for you? We are always on the look-out too for potential stories that are happening or unfolding now over the next few months e.g. an ex-pat about to try or do something new – this could be anything from an ingenious game-plan to survive the recession in their adopted country to those planning to repatriate back to the UK. WE DO WANT LIGHT AND SHADE!! Love to hear more about your situation and any plans or ideas you have up your sleeve to triumph over adversity.. So we are looking for stories like these: - Ex-pat Brits who are staying put and have a new game-plan to survive the recession.. - Ex-pats who now want to repatriate and return home to the UK - Ex-pats who have found living abroad much harder than anticipated or found themselves in an unexpected situation abroad e.g. recently divorced, missing the UK, the lingo too tricky, lonely, feeling you're never quite at home - Ex-pats who have sold up back home, and have no choice but to stick it out. ABOUT US: I work for a documentary company in North London called Wild Pictures. In brief, we have a strong reputation in factual UK programming. You may have seen some of our stuff - we make the ITV1 prisons series - Strangeways, Holloway, Wormwood Scrubs as well as strong, well-made series on the Fraud Squad, Baby Hospital and Smugglers. We'd love to hear from you at this stage, whatever your story. To find out more, please send a brief para about your situation and PM us We look forward to hearing from you.
  6. Marc the Painter

    trouble login into TRA

    Is anyone else having trouble login into TRA?
  7. Guest


    Hi, I am new to this forum and desperately need advise. I am holding GSM175 Skilled Independent Visa which was granted to my in Nov 2010. I am the main applicant to this visa and together with this visa are my spouse and two sons, they are the secondary applicants. We are planning to move to Australia in mid 2012. Everything goes smoothly until lately when my husband's business is not doing well and may lead to bankcrupcy. Here are my worries: 1) Are all the 4 visas independent or they come as a group? What I mean is that will his bankcrupcy affect my visa and my two sons? It is the requirement that we have to stay in Australia for 2 years out of the 5 years period from the date of granted. If he turns bankcrup, he will not be able to leave the home country and hence will not be able to meet the 2 years requirement, how will this affect my visa and my two sons? 2) If one day he is able to release himself from bankcrupcy, can he still use the current visa and travel to Australia? 3) Will this visa still allow me to move to Australia with my two sons without my husband? Please help.
  8. Hi, We are hopefully moving interstate from the Central Coast to Melbourne looking at the East and Bayside areas. I have already emailed a whole heap of private schools and so far two have got back to me saying there are no places for my 4.5 year old and no chance of getting my 3 year old into ELC next year. Does anyone have any tips or experienced this and what did you do? Cheers CC
  9. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has recently applied for a 176 with DIAC lately? The issue I have is entering my spouse/defact partner. I get to the screen that asks you to enter migrating and nonmigrating dependents. Now, my spouse is not a dependent, she IS the other person on my visa, but I am not sure where to put in her deets. I did try to put her in the migrating dependents and I can choose 'engaged' or 'defacto' but then the 'related to me' drop down box all I get is brother, sister etc so I am not sure how I can enter her in. It's like its a mistake on the web page. Has anyone else done this recently? My other option is to ring them up tomorrow and ask. Kind regards, PW1.
  10. domestic goddess

    Teenager not coping

    Has anyone got teenagers or had when they moved over who struggled with the different culture of how kids mix here. My lad is 15 and feeling isolated even though he has friends in school its the mixing outside that's getting to him. He's sport mad and used to being out with friends only coming home to be fed NOT vegging in front of a computer or tv. He's seeing councilor in school to help, he's in a soccer club I know we need to adapt our ways to there's but to a teenager its the hardest thing in the world. So if anyone has been through this please tell me it gets better:unsure:
  11. Guest

    573 trouble with rsms visa

    HI my name is vikram friends i am new to this site and have got a qustion troubling me i am here on 573 visa student completed my 2 year cooking course last week and someone is ready to sponser me on rsms visa but 573 visa is the problem do i qualify for rsms as my 573 visa expires in 2011 and immigration site says rsms is only possible if student has completed the award for which the visa was granted thanks
  12. Hi, One of my friend had applied for RSMS 5 months back, he is working for a IT firm and been working there for past 1.5yrs, his employers decided to sponsor him, he was in TR visa, had the required score in IELTS and was assessed as ICT business analyst which is in current SOL, though he could have applied individually he was scared of this Labour government immigration scam ie) feared some thing will change and his application will go to endless waiting so he wanted to go the employer sponsored route, his application was lodged 5 months back, despite being in priority 1, a case officer is not alloted yet, the trouble is his company is doing really bad now, it may go to administrators and may even be liquidated, so if that happens what will be the status of his RSMS application, right now he is in bridging visa because his TR expired 5 months back, is there any chance of him making an individual application if his RSMS is in risk. Please help Thank you.
  13. Hi guys I am going slowly insane with my VETASSESS skills assessment. I've got everything ready - every single document I need, all copied and ready. But can I b**gers like find anyone to certify it! I've got to choose from the following: a justice of the peace or bail justice an Australian lawyer a member of the police force the sheriff a councillor of a municipality a senior officer of a council a medical practitioner a dentist a veterinary practitioner a pharmacist a principal of the teaching service the manager of a deposit taking authorisation a member of the institute of chartered accountants in Australia the secretary of a building society a minister of religion authorised to celebrate marriages a public notary The rest are all ~Australia based. I've asked my doctors, the police, and a vet so far and they all say the same thing, no, we don't do that, because you could have faked the original. But that's not the point is it, they just have to certify that it's a true copy, and that I look like my photo. How is this so difficult to find?:arghh: Can anyone help? Who did you use?
  14. Hi everyone, Just wondering if other people are having trouble finding work in Australia from Ireland/UK. We have a CO and all docs approved, just medicals to go for PR visa. My husband is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 14 years experience in consulting engineering on very large projects. He has a very good degree and a post graduate diplomas. He is currently working in Ireland. He has Australian chartership and is registered on NPER. RPEQ nearly issued. We are having terrible trouble trying to get any traction with jobs in Australia. We have sent his CV (which is very good) with good cover letter for probably about 20 advertised jobs. It seems clear from our experience that no-one even reads the CV unless you follow up with a phone call. We have dealt with about 10 different recruiters and of those only one has shown any real interest. In fairness that guy does seem to be doing something but generally our experience has been very bad. About another 7 recruiters make all the right sounds but its pretty clear that they are not doing anything as there is no feedback and no progress. The other two said straight out that they weren't interested unless we were already living in Australia and implied that he also needed Australian experience to be considered for any role. We have also applied directly to a number of multi-national consultancies who seem to be specifically seeking overseas candidates. They seem to be just as all over the place as recruiters. It feels like we are just sending CV's and making phone calls into a black hole. Has anyone else had a similar or better experience? There is so much publicity about Australia being so stuck for engineers etc but the reality is it seems to be very difficult to get a job unless you have Australian work experience. It is getting a little disheartening. Kate.
  15. Amy Rose

    daffa trouble

    Has anyone had trouble getting onto http://www.daffa.gov.au/aquis/cat-dog ?
  16. Can any one help me? I am trying to print of forms to apply for a subclass 101 but every time I try to open up the relevant forms to print a box pops up telling me I need a pass word to be able to view them. Has anyone else had this happen to them? John.
  17. A PLANE has exploded over Indonesia, according to reports. Debris from a plane has been found on Batam Island, according to a police chief in western Indonesia. Witnesses said they heard an explosion as a commercial jetliner flew over the area, reported the Associated Press. The Jakarta Globe quoted Batavia Air's Riau office as saying the plane did not belong to them, but they thought it may have been a Qantas plane. Plane explodes over Indonesia | Courier Mail
  18. tracy123

    Asking for trouble?

    I went to watch Blackburn Rovers on the weekend and there wasn’t a copper to be seen, now I expected this as a week before it was advertised in the local rag that police would no longer police traffic, be in or at the ground. Now I understand that there needs to be cost cutting etc, and I don’t know what percentage (if any) the football clubs put in but IMHO I think this will come back to bite them on the arse! For the last 4 years that I have been going to the footy I have seen very few major incidents that the police have been involved with, but they stood at the door of ever pub and every corner and you would actively see the police telling people to pull their heads in before things got out of hand. Then you have the traffic issues 20,000 to 30,000 people coming and going on foot, then the traffic, causes a fair bit of congestion! As adults we should understand right from wrong, but as we all know there are people out there just looking for any reason to cause trouble and without the police being around will the thug mentality return back to football? How many people will need to get hurt before things change? Or has the football culture changed that police are right to stay away?
  19. Hello All, My family and I are relocating to Brisbane in September 2010. I have sent my CV (sorry, resume) to a number of organisations but no one is replying or showing any interest. Is this fairly typical? Will companies be more responsive once I am actually out there? I am an experienced transport manager in the bus and coach industry, and I am hoping to find a similar position. Can anyone give me some encouragement? RD
  20. Guest

    Pavlova. Here's Trouble.

    This is a light hearted thread. Anyway. The Pavlova is a New Zealand invention. True or false. Dons helmet and hides.:wink::wink::biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:
  21. Absolutely fuming so need to get this off my chest. We have lived in our rental property for 18 months since arriving in Oz - was brand new when we moved in. Have paid rent regularly, never missed, had excellent 3 monthly inspections. We recently bought our own home, so handed in our notice and gave the keys back on 3 June. The real estate agent, Remax, came out to do the final inspection on 8 June and pointed out a few marks on the walls, either where we had wiped marks away or had touched the paint up slightly to cover a chip here and there. They told us that they required a painter to come and quote for the work - he quoted $1300!!! On top of this, they then tried to tell us that we were behind with one weeks rent - this has since been "found" on their computer system. We told Remax we were not prepared to accept this quote and went and bought the paint ourselves, and spent the good part of 2 days repainting the walls that they had pointed out needed re-painting. The rental manager came and checked the walls, asked us to do a few more walls on top of the ones we had already done. All this while the poor new tenants were moving all their belongings into the property. I called into their office first thing this morning to give them back the keys (again) and the receptionist went into the back office to talk to the rental manager, we confirmed that everything was over and, other than a small amount owing for water useage, the bond paperwork could now be processed. I then received a phone call from the rental manager at 4.50pm to say that the painting we had done was still not acceptable and they would be asking a painter to come in and give a quote to "rectify" the issues. They acknowledge that we have kept the property in an immaculate condition, that the rent has always been paid on time etc etc, but we have to return the house to the condition it was in when we moved in - brand new?!?! I cannot believe that this can be normal practice - does this seem unreasonable to anyone else? Does anyone have any experience of this, either with Remax or any other agent? They have said to us, "if you dont like it, you can go to court"......does anyone have any experience of this procedure - is it worth digging your heels in from principle or do we just give in to their demands?? Please, someone, can you give us some legal or hands-on advice on this????
  22. Hi there everyone Me and my partner have been thinking long and hard over the last year about emigrating. We're both getting disillusioned with the way things are going in the UK, we have a 9 month old daughter and want to give her the best life possible. So we've decided were definitely going to do it. I'm a Reception teacher of 14 years so I fit the Pre-school primary teacher category, my other half is a HGV driver. We've spoke to Ian Harrop who says he thinks if we went ahead with the application we'd be successful. There doesn't seem to be many posts on these forums about people applying, getting in and finding work easily. What's the best way to go about it? Do I need state sponsorship? Do I need a job offer? Is it possible to get a job offer before you go? I know most of these questions will get answered by Ian Harrop when we meet him but were waiting for the rule changes to be published before applying. And now we've made the decision to do it all I'm thinking about is going and the process we have to go through to do it. So any success stories would be greatly appreciated. Cal.
  23. Guest

    Trouble in Paradise.

    Hey all, I moved here to Sydney 6 months ago with my Aussie partner from the UK. I'm on a visa subclass 309. Truth is, recently I've been longing to go home for good, for a number of reasons. If I do decide to go, then our relationship will end (because I will end it). Now I want to get my facts straight before I make any hasty decisions or do anything I can't undo. So my questions are: 1) Should I ring immigration now and ask their advice or are they best left out of it till I make a final decision? 2) If I do decide to end my relationship and look to move home, will immigration give me a definitive time in order to leave, like 4 weeks or something? Of course I want to stay on the right side of the law and my visa but I just want the facts before I do anything. Many thanks for any help Sam
  24. Hi guys, Someone please give me an advice. I am on student visa, finished my course (IT degree) in 23 december 2009. My visa expires 15 March 2010. I applied for my ACS on 11th Jan 2010, got a confirmation email that they got my application. Since then its been "to be allocated" and I doubt I'll get it before my visa expires. My plan was that I would apply for 485 and use its bridging visa until my skills app comes in then lodge my 885/886 visa. Now here is where problem begins. It says in DIAC website that to apply for 485, I need IELTS score of 7 in each component. I just got my IELTS and it was 7, 6.5, 7.5 and 8.5. The writing part screwed me up and now I cant apply for 485. All I see now is a dead end. I can try to appeal my writing score but that will take 6 weeks max and I only got like 2 and half and it may not go up. I need to stay in the country to apply for 886 visa (885 is out of the window) long enough for the skill app to come through. Any idea would be appreciated. Thanks.