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Found 25 results

  1. Knowing that we have a wide range of skills on this forum I was wondering if there was anyone with knowlege of how to find information about one of my relations?? I am seriously thinking of commisioning someone to do my family tree professionally so if you can recommend someone I would be grateful. But the more urgent request is that my Dad was talking about his father and mentioned that he was drafted into the Navey but spent most of the war (WW2) at home, so we want to try to find his records of service, Dad has a suspision that it could something he (his father) would not want known as it was never talked about. So does anyone know if you can search military, Naval, records of service and discharge for the years 1936-1942ish and can you point me in the right direction please??? thanks Karen
  2. Guest

    Christmas in Perth ......

    We just moved out to the lovely Perth in January this year, so were really looking forward to our first hot Christmas. Looking for some advice/guidance on what to expect! I'm wondering how into Christmas they are over here compared to back in the UK? And also does anyone know when the shops start to get their Christmas decorations in and what shops are best for buying tress from ? Many thanks, all help is greatly appreciated !!
  3. Post a photo whether it's a magnificent specimen or pathetic 2 ft bedragled mess. Mines still in the garden centre :laugh:, I've resisted up to now but I'm getting badgered beyond belief so may have to get it this weekend...........another £60 the council will compost in January :mad: Soon as I get it a pic will go up :wubclub:
  4. How's that for a headline :biggrin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-14842999
  5. Hi all, My partner is currently a site supervisor in a tree nursery, does anybody know if this kind of work or something similar is available under sponsorship? I have seen Arborist on many lists but what kind of qualifications would this need? All his training has been hands on work during the 10 years he has been with the company. Thanks Kelly x
  6. jimithechew

    Family tree...

    How far back do I need to go or in how much detail do I need to go in??? just as far as my parents? Cheers
  7. Lauren82

    Tree Surgeon

    Just thinking out loud.... and hoping others will join in if you have any knowledge on this kind of of work. We are hoping to be heading to Adelaide in August (fingers crossed.) OH is looking for a complete career change (currently works for an oil company both on and offshore.) He hopes to start using his photography but we have been thinking about other things he could do if this is slow to take off. I have been suggested all sorts of things he would be good at but tree surgeon was the only thing that made his ears prick up. However we don't know much about what qualifications are needs or how you go about it. Lee was in the forces and on leaving did a rope access qualification (at the time thinking he would go in to telecoms,) so maybe this would be useful. He is physically fit and loves the outdoors so I would assume thats the kind of person you'd need to be.... Anybody know any more about this line of work??...............
  8. The Pom Queen

    Rainbow Gum Tree

    I know about the fruit salad trees where you grow multiple types of fruit on one tree, but I had never seen or heard of the rainbow gum tree, I thought it was a joke at first until I read up about it. Eucalyptus deglupta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  9. Mhags

    Fern Tree Gully area

    Hi, I am out in Melbourne at the moment, on week 2 of a 3 week recce visit. Would like any opinions or information on Fern Tree Gully and the surrounding towns and villages............good and bad! we have 2 kids at secondary age( 14 and 13) and 1 at primary age(just turned 10) we will be renting for first 3 years. Any advice gratefully received, M
  10. Hi, This is something I've never heard anyone discuss before, but has anyone been asked for a family tree diagram, from their case officer? My sister has a case officer now, and on checking her online status, which I showed her how to do on Friday, it shows that a family tree diagram has been requested. Her agent must not have received a letter about it yet, as she only saw it herself online yesterday....so, has anyone had to do one, and what does it entail? I'm sure her agent will let her know in due course, but wondering what others have done for it? Hand drawn diagram? How much detail? Is it because she has applied for a family sponsored visa? Shaz
  11. Guest

    TRA - Tree Surgery

    Hi Trying to get TRA approval as a tree surgeon, got an agent helping me with the application but they don't think that i have enough qualifications. I have all the necessary NPTC's, 10 week merrist wood course and 8 years experience. Had anybody had TRA approval for tree surgery ? Just new to this and really want to get the process started. Thanks Treeboy
  12. k9pjuice

    family tree diagram

    hi we have just lodged a 176 family sponsored my oh's brother is an aussie permanent resident. We can do the birth certificates , marriage certificates but they would also like a family tree diagram and wondered if anyone has had experience of this. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  13. Well, decided to have a go at tracing family as there is a 14 day free trial... Anyway can anyone help? My dad was adopted from birth in 1948 and discovered he was born in Liverpool. Is there anyway of tracing the names of his birth parent(s) without getting the birth certificate? I have tried to look on the family tree websites without success. However his marriage to my mum shows up and says birthplace Oldham (where both families are originally from) Any suggestions or help would be great.:confused:
  14. Hi, First post on here so hi, My wife and I are considering a move to Brisbane within the next 4 years, My wife is a qualified civil engineer so is on the demand list I am however looking to retrain as I do not have any formal qualifications, my options are a physiotherapist, tree surgeon or maybe even a locksmith though not sure on the oz qualifications of the latter. My enquiry is into whether there is anybody here that is employed within any of these professions and any suggestion on which of these routes would provide a better chance of employment. any help would be much appreciated
  15. Guest

    Tree Surgeon

    Hi everyone, We are new to this site so please bear with me. My wife and I are seriously beginning to consider a move downunder. We have visted australia three times together and I have been five times in total. My wife has alot of distant family in the melbourne area, although unfortunately not close enough family to sponser us that way I believe. Her grandfather was australian and all of his sisters side of the family still reside in the melbourne area. The closest family relative is her first cousin who moved from the UK two years ago. The only route which I believe we could take is for me to apply as I have recently retrained as a tree surgeon and this is currently on the in-demand list. However I'm aware that I would need so many years experience before I could apply and I'm not sure how many years are required? I was awarded a National Award in Arboriculture and have all the relevevant industry certificates enabling me to do the job and I have almost 1 yrs experience doing the job in the workplace. Does anyone know how many years experience you would need and the best route we could look at taking. After browsing this site the process looks a complete mine field and any information you could give to help would be greatly received. Many thanks Gary & Sam
  16. I have been for my tree today and I am well excited about xmas! The visa will come eventually - I will NOT let it spoil xmas! Live for today and see what tomorrow brings x x:wubclub::wubclub:
  17. I have just applied for and been granted a 12 month working holiday visa, and am planning on beggining this at the start of 2010. I am a qualified tree surgeon hoping to trade the south west of England for that of Oz, and intend to try and find work out there in this field, hopefully with a view to extending my stay there for another year, or perhaps permenantly. There is so much uncertainty here in Blighty, and having been made redundant from a previous employer when the recession hit I am curious to learn of the effect on the Arborist's business over in Australia. I have heard different and sometimes conflicting reports over this issue (and the employment issue in general) and it would be nice to know what i am letting myself in for. I have looked around a little, and there seem to be jobs in Melbourne and Sydney and i expect to end up going to both these areas. I remain hopefull that the economic climate out there remains relatively stable, but i guess, like most places at the moment, no one can really gaurantee anything. I would expect that like here, smaller firms that depend mostly on private sector works may be suffering as people tighten their purse strings, whereas the larger companies that win the tenders for big scale public contracts (parks & gardens etc) are not being affected as much. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, and it would be very interesting to hear from anyone who runs a firm or lives out there, has been, or is in the same situation as me now, or anyone who is currently working as an Arborist in Southern Austrailia. Cheers Gavo
  18. Hi, Does anyone know anything about these areas to live in with a young family? How long does it take to travel to the city, schools, community, shops, trains/buses etc? I see from the school results published that Kenmore has a very good state school. Is there much going on there, as it is described as having a 'semi-rural' feel as does Fig Tree Pocket. Thanks Shaz
  19. Hello again, Does anyone fancy cutting down a damn great tree in the Perth Hills area. It sits between two houses, so unfortunately its not just a case of getting an axe and hacking at it :wink: Can anyone recommend a tree expert? Thanks a million D
  20. Guest

    TRA 4623 tree surgeon

    Is there anyone out there who is a tree surgeon and has any help in filling in theTRA form?! Not sure which skill pathway to fill in. :err: My husband has traind with NPTC certification and worked as a director for tree company since 2004. HELP!!! we need links to people in the same job thanks!!!
  21. This is all new to us. My husband is a Tree surgeon qualified by the NPTC in climbing, felling etc etc. I am unsure on the on-line tra application form as to what application we should go under. He has worked for 4-5 years and we are intending to apply as permanenet visa eventually. Any helpin the tra application process we would be so grateful. Thanks!
  22. Guest

    Tree Surgeon - required

    Hello again, Does anyone fancy cutting down a damn great tree in the Perth Hills area. It sits between two houses, so unfortunately its not just a case of getting an axe and hacking at it :wink: Can anyone recommend a tree expert? Thanks a million D
  23. hi is there any landscape gardeners, brickys or tree surgeons who have moved to oz and started there own buisness
  24. Guest

    Tree surgeons..

    Quite a specific thread but you never know. Are there any other Arborists in Melbourne from the Uk? I've been here a few weeks now and am wandering if anyone has any good advice on finding jobs, or contacts? thanks to all replies. Dan
  25. Guest

    Form 80 and Family Tree Diagram

    Hi all, Im under subclass 886 - Skilled Sponsor. I have some questions that I need someone help. First, do I need to complete form 80 (Personal particulars for character assessment)? If I do, can I scan the completed form and send it online? Regarding the Family Tree Diagram, can I draw it myself (e.g. using Ms Word)? Thanks so much in advance!