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Found 21 results

  1. RFHLFC1984

    Medical Treatment

    I have the opportunity to move to Australia with work and was wondering what the situation is with medical treatment. For example if I need to see a GP or am admitted to hospital etc. Obviously in the UK this is free under the NHS but what is the deal in Australia please?
  2. TheEscapePlan

    Moving to Aus with a chronic condition

    I'm Australian by birth, and have lived in the UK for almost 15 years. Me and my other half are planning to put his application (47SP/ 40SP) in in November with the view of moving this time time next year. I have a chronic condition - hypopituitarism - which I developed in the UK after a pituitary tumour was found and treated. I need full spectrum hormone replacement. My Endocrinologist has told me I need to be under the care of a consultant Endocrinologist at a teaching hospital when we move. Does anyone else have experience of moving with a chronic condition? How did you negotiate getting the right care/ consultant for your condition? I have previously tried seeing an endocrinologist near where my parents live in Australia, but they were less than helpful. I'm a bit nervous of moving over without having anything set up before we leave... Any advice will be greatly received.
  3. Hi all My hubbie and I are at the very early stages of thinking of moving down under. Unfortunately our plan was to have a couple of kids and then go.. but life hasn't worked out like that and instead we are struggling to conceive. So to get ourselves out of our miserable rut, we think sod it let's look into going moving to oz first. I'm just a bit concerned that if, and i hope we don't, but we do need fertility treatment, what would happen? do they have an nhs equivalent? is it all private? would we be allowed it if we came over with an exisitng medical condition (i.e. if myself or my other half have a medical reason for struggling to conceive). I know its a very random question, but it is one that worries me. Don't want to end up in oz and be stuck with no help in having kids. As i say, very very early stages. I would hope that one of us gets a job first (457 agreement i think it is), but we are also up for applying for skilled migration. if anyone can offer any sort of advice, has anyone emigrated and had fertility treatment over there? any ideas would be great! cheers:cute:
  4. NickiB

    'Extensive treatment'??

    Hi, I have my medicals next week and am filling out the forms at the moment. I am having trouble deciding how to answer this question: Have you ever had a hospital admission for a psychiatric condition or extensive treatment for depression or anxiety? I suffered from depression and anxiety during my late teens and was on medication for a total period of 3 years. I was never admitted to hospital but does the 3 years on medication count as extensive treatment? I have no problems with this condition anymore and have been off medication for a few years now. Any advice would be welcomed! Nicola
  5. Guest

    Dental treatment in Perth

    Hi, hope someone can help me. My daughter has just turned 12 and needs a brace fitting now as she has lost all her baby teeth. We are heading to Perth Jan 2012 so the dilema is do we have a brace fitted now and carry on the treatment when we get to Perth or wait until we emigrate. We are hoping to live around Joondalup so any email addresses of dentists would be much appreciated as i would like to know if there are waiting lists in Perth as well as UK. I know i will have to pay in Perth but i am prepaired to wait until we get there if thats the best for my daughter. Any advice is is needed. Many thanks Natalie
  6. Hi wondering if anyone could help me out? I am currently working in the UK as a Treatment Room Nurse attached to a community A&E unit. My question is, are there similar jobs in Australia and if so are they attached to GP's or hospitals? I'm also just starting out in my quest to migrate and am some what confused, I plan to head for WA so where is the best place to start, many thanks x
  7. Hi all. I'm trying to do a bit of research. We're going on our Validation trip in Feb with a view to moving out permanetly in Nov this year. I am a Treatment Room nurse in Scotland and wanted to know if there is an equivalent in Australia. I aimed to start job hunting while there if Feb and wanted to know what kind of jobs to be looking at. Any information you can give me would be really appreciated. Cheers laura
  8. Hi, I have been reading the list of restricted items and the list of 'items of concern'. I have searched PIO and found advice on what to take/not to take and lots of mention of fumigation charges for individual items.......but I'm still not clear if there's a maximum charge for a container needing treatment or if it's per item? What sorts of fees have people paid before? My dilemma is 99% of what I want to take is on the 'items of concern' list. Obviously I will clean it thoroughly but if it's all likely to be charged individually for treatment I'll have to admit defeat that it's just not worth bothering with any shipping at all. If there's say a max $1000 bill for fumigating a 20ft container then I can just budget for that. Is there a sticky I'm missing with all this on? Examples of items I want to take are.... Dog toys Dogs plastic beds Dog crate Floor cushions Kitchenware Towels and bedding Wetsuits Diving Equipment Freezer Wooden Bed (untreated bare wood from ikea) Mattress Wooden Bookshelf (laminated board so should be ok) Wooden TV cabinet (ditto above) I'm acutely aware that my inventory isn't going to read as 1 box of animal stuff amongst a families other belongings in a whole container but likely half the inventory is boxes of 'suspect' items :arghh:
  9. Guest

    perfect treatment

    Where would I find the perfect treatment for Electrolysis and in how many days would it take to complete the process
  10. my australian born wife and i have applied for a partner visa on 6 november 2009. we now have been subjected to give massive amounts of information and last monday we had the new south whales bona fida unit call to our place and look through our wardrobe, washing basket, letters and cards from our anniversary 2 weeks ago. it is blatebly obvious to them we are a genuine married couple and we were told we would have our visa granted in 2 or 3 weeks. so to our surprise we had a letter in the post on friday from our case officer requesting more info. on the letter was living together, social photographs, drivers licence and bank statements. our case worker has been no help to us what so ever, just proving herself to be a major obsticle in our way. we have already given our lease aggreement, letter from real estate, energy australia bill and the bona fida unit has been over. what more could she possibly need. as for drivers licence, its irrelevant. i'm not applying to drive in australia. we have already given bank statements previously. we dont have social photographs as the will not let me work so we are stretched to our limits financially. is there anything we can do as our case officer is impossible and making our lives hell and completely unnessary. please help. (ps. unmarried people i have talked to have got all theres approved in 4 months without any hassle and half the amount of info supplied. totally confused.)
  11. Guest

    medical treatment in OZ

    Hi, to those of you already in Australia - what is the medical like - in relation to say what you would get on the NHS? Asking because I have just got off the phone to my Mum (who is in Sydney) and she has just told me she has been diagnosed with Parkinsons. They have given her medication and she will have to go to physio as her shoulder has "frozen". My Husband mentioned it would probably cost them a pretty penny and she would be better off back in the UK...I don't really agree but didn't say cos I pretty much don't have a clue, how much does medicare actually pay for this sort of thing? if at all? Any ideas? Don't really want to ask her right now I reckon she has enough to worry about. Thanks Mrs Nix
  12. A lady I work with is a british citizen by birth but has lived in Australia all her life, she wants to go and visit relatives but has a medical condition that requires her to have hospital treatment every two weeks. As I understand it, because she isn't ordinarily resident in the UK she can't get treatment on the NHS, is that right? She's been told it will cost her up to 1200 quid per pop which basically prevents her from going over there. Can anyone confirm that this is the case?
  13. k8bug79

    Medical treatment

    Hi, I don't know if this is the best section to write this in but couldn't see any other area that suited better. Plus as you guys are already in Oz you may be best placed to help. I have a 6 month old daughter who has a cafe au lait birthmark (brown pigmented mark) around her eye. It has been pretty much confirmed that there is no medical concerns with this, however they will watch her on 6 monthly checks to make sure she doesn't develop anymore that could suggest a syndrome. Being that it is near her eye and fairly prominent they have said that the dermatologists will probably look to get it removed as she may suffer bullying as a result of it. however the chances are they won't remove it until she is at least 5. We are waiting to see the dermatologists over in the UK to see what they actually say. However we are hoping, all things going to plan, that we would be in Oz by 2001 just before her 2nd birthday. Now with this type of birthmark there is a slightly elevated risk of skin cancer due to the amount of pigment in the skin. Looking at the medicare system it says that it does not cover things that are purely cosmetic, which I am failry sure there is the same guideline on the NHS, but obviously this is more a psychological issue than cosmetic as such. So my question is, do you think that they would remove it under the medicare system out in OZ or would we have to pay for it Has anyone had any experiences on how compassionate they are? Thanks for your help
  14. Guest

    Dental treatment sydney

    My boyfriend's filling has just fallen out and we are trying to find a dentist to put in another one. Is this covered by medicare and what is the cheapest way of getting this treatment if not? Thanks.
  15. Can anyone tell me what the time scale is from when your dog has his first treatment with the vet before he puts his big fat paddy paws on the plane!. Can't seem to find a web link that gives you the break down on treatment! Many thanks x
  16. Guest

    Bad treatment of animals

    I want an opinion, there is a cat that lives in a building opposite me in an apartment on the top floor, 12th floor, that is always sitting at the window staring out and has nowhere to go but the balcony, I find it really sad when I look at him and he is just staring at the birds and cant get out. Does anybody think this is wrong that a cat should live this way, plenty of times I have thought of calling somebody about it. I took a picture of the cat just now and it is really quite sad.
  17. kernow43

    Treatment of migrants

    Who do they regards the most important, new migrants or illegal immigrants. maybe it might be better to forgo all the bull you have to do to get to OZ and come in the backdoor, you might get better treatment from the government. Government slammed over immigration detainees policy | The Courier-Mail
  18. Hi All I have been granted my prospective marriage visa but having a medical problem at the moment that I did not have when the visa was granted, my problem is that I may need to have some blood tests and xray when I arrive in Oz but obviously I wont be covered by medicare until I get married and apply for my Spouse Visa, I also gather that I will not be covered by travel insurance as I wont be classed as a visitor to Oz, I also understand that if I take out private health insurance there is a waiting period... Im just wondering if anyone else has needed medical treatment when arriving in Oz on their temporary fiance visa and if there is any way to cover myself for these expenses?Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Steve
  19. Guest

    IVF treatment

    Hi All, I’m moving to Sydney in December and am currently undergoing some investigations ??Infertility. Do you know what IVF entitlements I would receive in New South Wales as a British Citizen? I am coming over initially on a sponsorship VISA, but with view to apply for permanent residency asap. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thank-you Donna
  20. samozsoon

    Laser eye treatment

    Hi guys I know its nothing to do with Oz but has anyone had laser eye treatment? I want to get my one eye done before we go to Oz but would like some recommendations please. There seems to be a big difference in cost and was wandering what anyone has paid? I know its come down a lot over the years but will the cheap ones do a good job? Sam xx