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Found 8 results

  1. So, moved out here at the beginning of June 2014. Husband and I lucky enough to get a permanent residency visa with no conditions, which means no stipulations on where to live or what job to have. We're making the most of this opportunity by travelling around the country for 12 months or so, before deciding on somewhere to hopefully buy a plot of land and build and grow our own. Touch wood, everything's going well so far, my only slight point of confusion is what shops are the equivalent of UK ones? eg what's the nearest thing to Boots chemist? or TK Maxx for decent discounted clothing and random items? In general, very happy to be here, don't miss much about the UK yet, would be nice if I could have brought all my family and friends out though! :ssign19:
  2. Tman17

    First trip to AUS!!

    My name is Tony hart im a 19 year old from the east coast of Canada and plan to travel as much of AUS as I can starting in September. Looking to meet as many people as I can and enjoy life to the fullest. If your planning the same trip send me a message and we can all have a blast together. And for anyone who has already done the trip if you have any tips for me that would be awesome. I love to surf and I love my beer Let the fun begin! Cant wait!!
  3. I have been living in Perth for 15 years now. I first started a restaurant in East Perth. I then had a change of direction and started my own limo company
  4. G'Day PomsInOz, Just thought I would drop in and say hello to you all as a new member. Submitted my Aussie passport application into the Embassy last week so feel a little bit of a fraudbeing here knowing so many people are struggling with visa's etc. However there is a wealth of knowledge I wish to glean from you all and if there is anyone wishing to add their tuppence worth please feel free to do so OR just say hello....:smile: I have acquired a 5-year sabbatical from my work place having a job waiting for me should I return (I don't plan to though and am looking for new career options that will keep me on the road long term). However this also means anything within my current field of work is out of bounds while I travel. Yes they probably won't find out but I am a person of integrity and this is one area of my life I can't mess with. I could resign but any number of things could bring me back to the UK and a job for piece of mind is important in our current financial climate.(......Borrrrrring..) I am planning 6-8 months in South East Asia first so funds will have depleted by the time I arrive in Oz (leaving with £10k in October 2014) and will need to get a job pretty much as soon as I arrive. Yes this is what you call seriously planning ahead... :ssign19: Am aware of the RSA / RSG / White Card / Blue Card etc for an easy (possibly) waitressing jobs or traffic controlling position (will also get a bank account and TFN before I leave). My preference is for work that is casual, part-time and completely different from my current slightly boring and unchallenging office-based position. I intend to travel though as a "penny-pincher", a frugal wannabe.. itching to get far and wide on the littliest money possible and to stretch what I do earn into experiances instead of things. Kinda why I am leaving the UK in the first place. With family in NSW (Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra) I am desperate to visit the country (and the cousins I don't know) I took for granted when I was 8 years old and treated to a three month holiday. Sounds weird but the ciccadas have been the one thing that have stayed with me all this time - one episode of "Wanted Down Under" leaves me sad. Why the choice to do this now...? I have no significant other, no children and every desire to experiance what life in Oz could really be like. I am aiming for a year - who knows what I might feel like after that. So perhaps I am looking for a little advice. The logistics of my travelling needs to be ironed out but right now I am looking at the possibilities of keeping costs low low low low...... The questions... Where do you suggest is the best place to settle for work in NSW? (My Aunt in Sydney can't put me up at all - there is a chance for lodgings in Canberra and Newcastle bearing in mind I would need to travel to visit the other areas.) Where do you suggest living for the smallest budget possible? (I am willing to rough it by the way, back-packing hostels or a cheap single room anywhere is do-able as is a less easy choice of living in a camper van.....) Which job would be the easist to earn money through, thats casual, able to do for 4 weeks then maybe disappear for 2 weeks and return? (I know beggars can't be choosers but living a current frugal life will assist in the "down weeks" where I can't find work and I truly need to see Australia so don't want a constrained job that's 9-5. Albeit if push comes to shove I don't mind embracing this and would rather do this than sponge or live on the streets so to speak. Not completely stupid you see...:wink:..and I don't mind boring jobs as a means to an end hence traffic controlling) How much do you think a person who is careful (checks different stores for £££) could live on per week?... considering they don't drink or eat meat/dairy (I know I know boring to some but means more money for EXPERIANCES....ha! ).. Okay thats enough for now..... I know this post is long but I make no apologies for it. Ignore it if you wish but I look forward to hearing from folk who can assist, know some secrets to make the tranistion a little easier or point me in the right direction..... Thanking you all muchly and have a splendid day!!! NSK (NinjaSavingKat:animal-cat:- Frugal Queen of MSE)
  5. Thatguy

    Perth October 2013 onwards

    Hi guys I'm flying into Perth on the 1st of October & basically just wanted to get one step ahead an meet some people on here who will be there the same time. Any tips on best hostels in Perth & also regional work opportunities as I am hoping to extend my whv for another 12 months. I'm an athletic guy who loves his sports especially football, always good for the laugh and getting a bit boozy with the lads & girls. Thanks guys Leigh
  6. bethm37a

    Please help...I'm stuck

    I moved to Sydney in August 2012 I've been here for 4 months. I hold a 12month working hol visa. i moved here to be with my boyfriend who's from Sydney. We lived in uk together for 3 yrs prior to the move. He was due to leave the uk after only 1yr but stayed longer and we had a nice life together there. Things have not worked out and the relationships come to an end. I visited Melbourne to have a break and see a friend who just arrived from the uk for his working holiday in Australia for a year. He suggested I stay in Australia and travel while I'm here and am welcome to join him on his travels. But I feel lost here. I haven't had any luck finding work or meeting people I connect with, the break up has been really painful and drawn out for me and I just want to go back to what I know and re-build my life and have a fresh start. Ive been travelling around Europe since march 2012 and feel ready to go back to work and settle into a normal routine. am I doing the right thing going back to the uk early I am 27 and know I can't get another working tourist visa after I turn 30. Also I am put off travelling due to ill health meaning I have to adhere to a strict diet and tire easil, it made some of my travel experiences so far less than desirable. Any advice will be most helpful thank you.
  7. Hi, I will be flying to Perth January 2013 and plan on staying in Hong Kong for a few days for 2 reasons. My Dad used to live there as a boy so I've always wanted to go there and plus it will hopefully cushion the blow from the Jetlag. Firstly has anybody out there stayed in Hong Kong and is there any advice you can offer me? Also can anybody tell me about the Jetlag? Cheers, Ian.
  8. Cerberus1

    Did you know?

    Fun Facts and info about this great country of ours. Fact number 1: There are approximately 150 "big things" located on tourist routes in Australia. Some of the Australia's best known "big things" are the Big Banana at Coffs Harbour; the Big Merino at Goulburn; the Big Crocodile at Wyndham; the Big Golden Gumboot in Tully (symbolising this tiny town has a high rainfall); and the big Golden Guitar at Tamworth home to the annual Country Music Festival. Some fine examples of these fibre glass wonders pictured below :cute: