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Found 5 results

  1. I moved here with my husband and 2 girls aged 10 and 12 in October last year after 3 years of stress and heartache. Now my worst fears have happenend, they love it quite understandably as they are in fantastic schools and my husband has a job he enjoys on a lot less hours than in the uk - but I am feeling so badly homesick I cannot even think about the future here. My most overwhelming feeling is guilt, the kids were in good schools in England and we had family around us especially my mum who devoted herself to us all. I have a terrible fear that if I decided I couln't cope anymore and dragged us all back, I would end up without a decent school for the girls as the competition for places is so fierce. It took my youngest daughter a long time to settle here as she is very anxious and shy and due to her age, she would have be thrown into a scary high school after being nurtured in a small caring primary school which she now loves. I spend every day in tears feeling lonely and worrying about what I have done and wondering if I should just learn to live with the pain I have created rather than run the risk of ruining their lives. We have skype and free calls to Uk, I do have some good friends here too but the ache in my heart wont go away. Australia is an amazing place I want to be happy here but my heart won't let me.
  2. Hi, I'm in Oz on a 457 visa expiring in a few months. Basically the place I'm working at is going down the toilet. Although my visa will allegedly be renewed its not a pleasant place to work at the moment. Long story short, the boss is sh*gging 1/4 of the staff (allegedly), sacking or being abusive to another 1/4 and the remaining 1/2 of the company including me are just plain p*ssed off and miserable. I think it will be only a matter of time until the **** hits the fan and the department gets closed down or disintegrates. I applied for PR 175 as soon as applications reopened in July 2010 and so far have heard nothing. I think I'm category 3, Analyst/Programmer but have had no confirmation of this or heard anything about my application, nor do I expect to given the backlog. I know I could be earning a lot more as a contractor and I'm getting sick of not having the freedom to choose who I work for. I feel completely trapped since the 457 binds me to my employer. Is it quick/easy to arrange new 457 sponsorship so I can stay in the country? Any advice from other PIOers? I'm going out of my mind waiting for the 175 to come through!! Apologies for the ranting long post, I'd rather not use my name in-case I'm identified! Thanks Raging of Adelaide :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  3. Guest

    Trapped in Oz! please help

    Hi everyone! Its me, Jacqueline again, I have been off line for it seems forever! but am in a real situation here! I now have decided that I want to go back to my home. and have my life back. Unfortunately that will not happen. My loving husband loves it here and our 2 deartest children do not ever want to go back to the uk. They say with tears in their eyes that this is now their home. They are settled in school, friends etc. I have even got a dog, cat, guinea pigs, all the pets that we had back home and tried to live here and remake what we had in england.
  4. Guest

    Feeling house trapped

    Hi Guys, sorry if the title sounds a bit depressing on new years eve but i thought it might be an interesting subject for the next few days. We are slightly worried about selling our house this year 09 for obvious reasons as we really want to be in oz by this time next year. We put our house on the market last Febuary as we thought we would be clever and sell it well in advance of going but after 4 months of constant viewings and a few offers that fell through as they could not sell there house we gave up thinking maybe 09 would be better. Well it looks like 09 might be at least as bad but what the hell for the next 3 months we are really going to knuckle down and get the house looking spick and span and ready for the market for the spring and hope that elusive buyer comes knocking. We have also told ourselves we might have to take maybe 15% drop on last years valuation aaagh but i suppose it is only money. Anyway there must be lots of you in the same boat so i am looking forward to hearing your views. In the meantime i would like to wish all pio,s a very happy new year and i hope all your wishes for next year come true. andy:yes:
  5. Guest

    trapped wind

    so no matter if in uk or oz wind is just as bad i am told . eddie:shocked: