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Found 19 results

  1. gregoire

    Burke Brothers

    Hi All, We are just about to book our shipping and wondered if anyone could help us out - there doesnt seem to be any obvious candidates. We met Burke Brothers at a Living Dwon Under show but have struggled to find anything about them on here. Can anyone suggest any others?
  2. I have a fantastic tandem pushchair/pram for our two children that I most definitely want to take when we leave. My question is, will we be allowed to take it on the aeroplane with us (as I would like to be able to use it in the airports either end as I don't like the idea of having my 2 1/2 year old and 6 month old on the loose in a busy airport when I need my hands free and wits about me) or are we going to have to ship it? Thank you for any experiences you can share or advice you can offer.
  3. Williamsons

    Transporting pets from scotland

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help. We have been looking at various pet transporters to take our beloved Molly the mutt to Perth. Our quotes are coming back based on flying her out of Heathrow - has anyone used a reputable company that has an "all-in-price" from Scotland (Ive been told she can't fly from Scotland so it would be transit to heathrow)??? Thanks. Sarah
  4. DSouzas

    Transporting Shih Tzu's

    Hi Guys We are at the start the process (just applied for state sponsorship with Victoria) :yes:. We have two Shih Tzu’s (age 8 & 7) and I was just wondering whether there was anyone who had transported Shih Tzu over to Oz? Is it safe for Shih Tzu’s to travel? I notice from other posts that lots of companies don’t transport pugs…..and was wondering whether there were any restrictions with Shih Tzu’s? I’ve checked the internet and can’t seem to find too much – please can someone help, I’m getting worried, I just assumed there wouldn’t be any problems. Thanks in advance Clare xx
  5. Guest

    Transporting a car

    Hi ..... we have heard that buying second hand cars is very expensive compared to over here in the UK. Has anyone transported their car with them when they emigrated? If so, was it a straight forward process? Approximately how much did it cost? Any advice, comments etc would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks ..... Katy
  6. Hi..... Quick question.... have any of you used Airfreight to get your household goods across? I'm thinking that it's obviously quicker and it could also be cheaper to get your everyday items there.... Any suggestions on this would be great!!! Laura :wub:
  7. Hi I've accepted a new job with an Australian employer and am starting with them in November in Sydney We've started the process of working out what to take and decluttering/selling/dumping the rest I have heard a few stories about what Australian customs reject or slow up - just wanted to check a few questions about that I'm guessing that everything that gets used outdoors has to be spotlessly clean - so garden furniture, garden tools, pushbikes, outdoor toys and so on. Is there anything in that category that just always gets rejected so I may as well not bother packing (I doubt a lawnmower will ever clean up sufficiently, for example)? The other thing that worries me is wooden indoor furniture. In the UK we have a very old house with quite a bit of antique furniture. None of it has live woodworm, but a fair bit has been subject to woodworm attack in the past. Anyone know what if anything we have to do to get that through? Also any other hidden traps I might not know about? All advice gratefully received TIA
  8. Some out of the box thinking needed.... I'm looking at moving a motorcycle from Perth to Tasmania, without spending shed loads of money.. The obvious thoughts are 1. Riding it myself, probably the cheapest way but nor sure I want to take that 4000 km journey on my own 2. Specialist company, they are quoting well over a thousand dollars 3. Train - they don't take them unless they are packed in a specialist crate. Selling in Perth and purchasing in Tasmania is also not an option as I've only just got it so I would lose too much money. So, any thoughts would be appreciated
  9. Hi, We are planning our move for early next year from Somerset to Tasmania. In order to save some money I would like to organise the transportation of our dog. Can anyone offer advice on this process without using a pet company? Thanks
  10. Guest

    Transporting a speedboat

    A lot of people have given very helpful advice on transporting a car to oz, but I was wondering if anyone had transported a boat?? If yes, is it a straight forward process or are there many complications?? We are 'hoping' to settle SOR in Perth ... so would it even be worth it? ie is a good choice of reasonibly priced boats to buy there? Many thanks in advance :biggrin:
  11. Guest

    transporting pets to australia

    can anybody help quickly please we have just received several quotes for transporting our 3 cats and 2 dogs to australia and too be honest they are v. expensive. is there anybody out there who has done all the work themselves if so please get in touch cos i need to pick your brains. yours hoping chris b
  12. Guest

    Transporting dogs to the UK

    Hi. I've been given a quote for transporting my two gorgeous dogs from Sydney to the UK from JetPets. The quote was for $4560!! Has anyone got any suggestions re: cheaper options/ any comments about JetPets or other animal transport companies?? Thanks........
  13. Guest

    Transporting Horses???

    Can anyone suggest/recommend a company to ship horses from Uk to Tas? Any idea about costs and time? Thanks
  14. We have 457 visa and are due to move out in March. We are leaving our house rented out and are going effectively on a 2 year 'trial' so will not be moving lock stock and barrel. We do however need to transport some essentials like clothes, computers, documents etc which will not fit in carry on luggage. Are there any other options for transportation apart from full or half containers? I don't want to spend several thousand pounds transporting stuff that we could probably replace for less money.
  15. Was talking to a mate who keeps a sheep as a pet ,he asked me if they could bring the sheep (molly is its name) to oz ,as they are thinking of coming over ,i didn't know so am asking if any one knows. eddie:idea:
  16. Guest

    Transporting PC from Uk -> Oz

    I know there are lots of shipping / airfreight companies out there but I need to find one that can be trusted to ship my PC to Oz. It's a very expensive gaming rig and needs to be shippied as a fragile and actually treated as such. The whole package is about 50KG. I'm not keen on shipping it because of miosture concerns so am thinking air freight would be a better option. Anyone got some suggestions?
  17. Guest

    help transporting cats

    We are taking our 2 cats back to the u.k. who have people used and what did it cost. thx lisa.
  18. Guest

    Transporting Jewellery.

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone has taken jewellery to oz, got some given to me when my mum died, so would like to know safest way. ie case, hand luggage. Would wear it but not the sort of things you would wear every day. Thanks Yvonne.
  19. Guest

    Transporting Jewellery

    Odd question this one, but how are people planning to (or how have you already) transported your jewellery to Aus. I have quite a lot, and although not worth an incredible amount it is quite important to me. So do I go on the plane looking like MrT ? and get a whole host of new piercings for my extra pairs of earrings, or is there a more obvious way !!! Also, when we get there, what have people done for safe storage of valuable items. We won't be stopping with family so will need something secure if we're in a B&B or budget hotel.