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Found 6 results

  1. Ninas

    Kidney transplant question

    Hi Everyone, Am new to this forum ,and really seek guidance. After visiting Melbourne on work I have fallen in love with the place and really want to settle down there.I have applied for PR under skilled 189 visa and hopefully will make it( fingers crossed) but my main concern is with my boyfriend getting a PR. He too is securing sufficient points for skilled independent189 visa but has a medical condition. He had had a transplant 2 years back for kidney failure with FSGS. But now he is absolutely fine and doing good,working and living all by himself.His doctor too is very hopeful and actually quite certain that he is not going to face dialysis or kidney rejection anywhere in near future. He is 26 years old and his medical costs are within 25000 AUD a year. In case of medical expense being a problem we can ship whole year's drug from India and also as am O +ve, am his living donor for future. Does he stand a chance of getting a PR as settlement will become impossible with me only receiving the PR. I look forward to help ,kindly guide us so that we can realize our dream of starting a life in Melbourne. Warm Regards Ninas
  2. Hi everyone Great to read all the advice on here; it is so useful!! My wife, 2 children and I are considering coming to Victoria on her 457 visa as she is a Registered Nurse. Both my wife and I are both kidney transplant recipients and we would welcome any advice regarding costs of meds, checkups with specialists and costs of healthcare beyond medicare. We have done some research on the cost of our meds and a sample healthcare plan, which is a requirement of her visa. We are otherwise fit and healthy. Does anyone have any knowledge of transplant patients and stumbling blocks? Would my wife get an employee benefits package to cover healthcare, so that we would not need to fork out for it ourselves? Any tips would be most welcome or are we just wasting our time and a move to Oz is just not possible? Thanks :biggrin:
  3. Hello I am looking forward to live in Australia but I have a medical condition that could be a problem. After a couple of interviews with local agents we meet the requirements but my medical conditions apparently makes it a big NO! I received a kidney transplant 2 years ago after kidney failure due to Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). I am currently very healthy but the cost of my meds is the big problem apparently. The expensiveness of my anti-rejection drugs and the fact that I am bound to suffer kidney failure and the result would make me go into dialysis in the future makes my case very difficult. I read in forums about cases alike that were refused but then accepted after the applicant doctor provided facts about the drugs patents expirations that made them less expensive http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/561096-post6.html. Looking on the web and with my meds dosage I calculated a total annual cost of my medicines of aprox $9,189 and $4,104 for generic. These prices are from the web, I guess the cost of them for the Aussie government would be less even less for the generic versions, beside this meds I only need to have a checkup once every year. Also the Venezuelan healthcare system provides this meds for me and I could have my meds supply for a year shipped to me every year. Since I don’t have to resign to my Venezuelan citizenship I believe this could help. My girlfriend is an architect and wants to do a master in Australia but needs to do an English course first because she will not get the minimum required grade for the English test. We have enough money to cover the expenses and all the proof is available for the immigration office. I would also like to do a master degree, I graduated from international business in USA, however; if me applying for the visa is a problem I can wait for my master degree. Sorry I know it is too long but I wanted to explain well our situation and see if anyone can give us good info and recommendations on this matter. Yours truly Matac
  4. Hi there, We are in the process of moving to Albury. My Hubbie has a job with a company who will sponsor him on a 457 visa. My only fear is that I have a kidney transplant and I am afraid it will cause problems on the medical. I have it 16 years this May but take a lot of medication which in Ireland is paid for. If anybody has any advice or has been through a similar scenario I would love to hear about it. Thanks, Sian x
  5. Guest

    Which Health Insurer??

    My wife and I are both recipients of kidney transplants which are working well!! We are considering coming from the UK to Melbourne within 18 months on my wife's 457 with our 2 children. As we have pre-existing conditions and may need dialysis again in the future, it is important to get the right Health Insurance. After receiving some great info on PIO I spent most of today online researching different providers and sending emails for clarification. I was looking at the cheapest but best value for a family of four. So here it is for anyone that is interested but particularly those that it is relevant o or for those that have other pre-exisiting conditions. 12 months waiting period for any pre-exisiting condition (those diagnosed within 6 months of application for the insurance) Waiting period are usually no more than 12 months Decide upon the excess you would pay before the insurance kicks in (just like car and house insurance in the UK) Ranges from $Zero, $250 and $500 - The higher the excess the lower the premium Following several trial quotes: I went on iSelect to do a comparison and they came out with Australian Unity. Australian Unity (Thanks Cal2) Overseas Visitor $ 155 per calendar month online quote. (Still waiting to see if they confirm that this covers Dialysis Edited: It does not - unlike the Life Choice Plan below) Edited: NOW CONFIRMED AT $950 PER QUARTER which is higher - the same as iSelect Edited: LIFE CHOICE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PR Australian Unity Life Choice Plan (excluding Extras and Obstetrics cover) $195 per calendar month MediBank with a $300 excess will cover Dialysis under their Premium Cover Top 85 Plan but was around $500 per calendar month Hope this is of some us and is relevant but by no means do I claim it to be advice or totally comprehensive !! John :wink:
  6. :unsure: I am an Australian living in London. I am married to an englishman and we are applying for a visa to move back to Oz. Unfortunately about 7 years ago my husband had a kidney transplant. He is in fine health now but I was just wondering if anyone had any experiences applying for visa's with serious health issues? I am so nervous I just want to come home. Thanks Megs