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Found 49 results

  1. Looking to move to Belgrave or thereabouts this year and wondering if anyone had good experience of the commute. How long does the commute take by car to/from the CBD? What's it like outside of rush hour? Would people recommend getting the train from Belgrave to CBD? Is it a reliable line or are there delays/cancellations all the time? From the comments I've been reading lately BTL on newspaper articles, Melbourne freeways are like glorified car parks at rush hour. Is this a huge exaggeration or near to the truth? I'm used to a 1hr+ commute in the UK anyway so anything similar wouldn't phase me. And where's the traffic worst - coming from the N, S, E or W suburbs? Thanks!
  2. TomHorton

    Train driving in Oz

    Hello everyone, My wife Louise, sons Rocky and River and myself are desperately trying to emigrate to Australia but due to my career (train driver) I think it might be a pipe dream. Has anyone on here made the move as a train driver? Or can anyone help us with regards to moving over without being on the skills list? any help would be amazing! thanks the Hortons!
  3. The Pom Queen

    Getting around Sydney

    Getting Around Sydney - Your Guide To Public Transport in Sydney Sydney, located in New South Wales, is a major metropolitan city with over 32 million tourists visiting each year. In 2015-16, net overseas migration (NOM) reflected an annual gain of 182,165 persons relocating to Sydney, so as you can imagine, it is a busy place! There are many ways to get around Sydney and the public transport system have a good reputation of being reliable and on time. One thing you should be aware of before you arrive in Sydney, is that the transport system can be complex and if you don’t know how to use it effectively, then you could end up paying extra to get around the city. Opal Cards: The best thing you can do upon arriving in Sydney is purchase an Opal card. This is the smart card for Sydney travel and it will make it easier for you when you are travelling around the city and the surrounding areas. When you land in Sydney airport, you can purchase an Opal card there, or you can also pick it up at Central Railway Station. If you are extra prepared, you can even purchase the Opal card online in advance. In doing so you will save yourself time and worry. However, you must order your card three to four weeks in advance as there is a long waiting time for delivery. Although you can purchase a visitor opal pass from any of the retailers here http://www.retailers.opal.com.au The four types of Opal cards that are available are: - Black cards for people over 16 - Green cards for children (4 to 15 years) - Silver cards for job seekers and tertiary students - Gold cards for senior and pensioner card holders There is also a School Opal card available. This type of Opal card can be used for travel on buses, trains and ferries when going to and from school. This card allows free travel from school to home during specific times. When topping-up your Opal card, you can easily do so at various train stations across Sydney, as well as using online top-up, or you can even top-up at newsagents and cafes. The general minimum top-up amount for the Opal card is $10.00, but the minimum top-up online is $40.00, so bear this in mind. Normally, the general daily spend on the Opal card is $15.00 per day or $60.00 per week. For children, under four year olds travel for free and for a child between the age of 4 and 15 it will cost a child’s fare, which starts at $1.69. The daily average for children is $7.50 and it is $30.00 per week. For pensioners, the fare is $2.50 for the day no matter how much you travel throughout one day, you just need to obtain a valid pensioner or senior card. The Opal card comes with the peace of mind of knowing that you can use it on just about every public travel service to get around Sydney; including train, bus, and ferry. As well as using your Opal card in the regular tap-on and tap-off system, you can also conveniently purchase single trip tickets through your Opal card to use on all transport services, however, these are unavailable as return trips. Single trip tickets can be picked up at most train stations. In addition to the Opal card in Sydney, there is also the MyMulti ticket system, however this can work out more expensive than the Opal card. With the MyMulti ticket, a daily charge will cost you $23 in comparison to the Opal which costs $15.00 ($8.00 less). Sydney Buses: One thing to be aware of with Sydney buses, is that you are best off having your Opal card topped up because the Sydney Bus Service is a strictly pre-pay service between the hours of 7.00am and 7.00pm. If you don’t have an Opal card, you can get a ticket at a 7/11 store, which are located all over Australia. The bus service in Sydney is reliable and frequent, with inner-city buses stopping every 5 to 15 minutes. Suburbs on the outskirts of Sydney offer a less frequent bus service, and unfortunately you may be required to wait for up to an hour between bus services. If you are going out at night, a bus is your best option, as most of Sydney’s trains stop running between midnight and 4.30am. The NightRide bus service replaces Sydney Trains and these buses depart from various locations throughout the city and they cover the greater Sydney network. Sydney Trains: The rail system in Sydney is well sprawled out and offers many different lines to various parts of the city and its suburbs. There are regular train services from all of the main inner city stations and the best way to understand the rail system is by looking at the rail map and knowing what line you need to go on. For Opal card users, it is a simple tap-on and tap-off system at the train station. Sydney Ferries: In Sydney, you also have the luxury of getting around by Ferry, a unique feature of this wonderful city. The Sydney Ferry Service offer many services from Circular Quay. The Sydney Ferry Service carries more than 14 million people on its decks each year. You can enjoy the elegant views of Sydney harbour with just a touch of your Opal card. The only misfortune is that you can’t get to Bondi by ferry. Sydney’s Light Rail System: The latest transport element of Sydney is the Sydney Tram or Light Rail service. The Inner West Light Rail is now operating and it transports more than 8.4 million passengers each year. This Light Rail line operates as the L1 Dulwich Hill Line and is a 12.7km route which connects Dulwich Hill to Central Station. The latest extension of the Light Rail system is the CBD and South East Light Rail. This transport system is expected to take its first passengers in 2019 and it will be a 12km route, featuring 19 stops. It is expected to extend from Circular Quay along George Street to Central Station, through Surry Hills to Moore Park, then onto Kensington and Kingsford, and then onto High Street. If you are still confused on how to get to your destination you can use the transport app https://transportnsw.info/#/ it will tell you what train, bus, ferry to catch etc.
  4. Hi we are in Oz in August on a recciein August and are looking to how we will get around- car hire is very expensive, so we are looking at train travel. Our biggest journey we need to do is from Caloundra to Surfers Paradise- how easy and costly will that be with 2 young children, and all our bags ? any website addresses we can look at for train times etc Thanks
  5. Hello I am moving to Melbourne next month from NZ to start a job where my office located on the fringe of Melbourne CBD. I am looking at renting a place either in Werribee or Greensborough area. Can anyone tell me what the respective peak / off-peak hour travel time by train is like for Werribee vs Greensborough? (Metro Trains gave the estimates as 34 min for Werribee to CBD and 44 min for Greensborough to CBD for travel between 7.30 to 8.00 am on weekdays). Many thanks
  6. The Pom Queen

    Daintree River Train for sale

    What I can't understand is why allow another operator to take on the permit but not purchase the train, talk about stopping competitors AFTER 23 years chugging along the Daintree River giving visitors an up-close look at the area's unique wildlife, it is the end of the line for the Daintree River Train. The vessel is up for sale and, with its river permits being taken over by an existing cruise operator, its new owner must take the River Train to star on a new lake or river. Registered as the MV Spirit of Daintree, the one-of-a-kind fibreglass vessel was hand-built on the banks of the Daintree. Its unusual design consists of seven independent carriages powered by three 9.9hp outboard motors, which boast the lowest fuel consumption for a passenger on the river. It leaves no wave or wake that can damage or erode the fragile riverbanks, and can wind its way along the contours of the river exploring different creeks and tributaries. Local couple Steve and Sharon Doble sold the business to Far North newcomers Gordon Lamb and Gail Robbie last year. However, the economic downturn took its toll and earlier this year the couple off-loaded the River Train to Daintree River Cruise operator Bruce Belcher. Mr Belcher has decided to sell the 64-seat vessel but will keep its permits. The River Train is listed with a marine broker for $100,000 or nearest offer.
  7. Guest

    AQF 111 trade train ?

    hi, i,m looking for a bit of advice/ information..... does anyone know about a company trade train ? we were just looking into the AQF 111 for chefs and apparently you would only require 4 not 5 years exp to make yourself eligible for the tra assessment, many thanks in advance if you could shed any light on costs and how it all works karen
  8. Hi all, I am trying to understand the trainlines/times from Berwick to Bentleigh East as we only have one car so are looking into my husband getting the train to work until we can afford another car! Also I have a potential job offer in Chadstone so want to know if I can get the train easily from Berwick? Not sure which website to look on, seems a bit confusing!:eek: Thanks in advance for any help you can give me! :wubclub:
  9. Guest

    Train Driver

    Any train drivers out there! My wifes two sisters have just emmigrated and we are seriously considering also.Does anyone have any info on any companies over there willing to sponsor uk drivers.Any help much appreciated.
  10. Guest

    Train Drivers

    Can anyone help with info on wether a train driver could get a visa, cannot seem to find any info for this job. Many thanks Lesley
  11. I want to start my teacher training and become a qualified teacher. I am currently a teaching assistant. I do have a small family of my own, and want to move to Australia in the future. Is it better to qualify in u.k and go over on a skilled visa? or would it be better to train in Australia and qualify over there, this is new to me and im a little confused over the different visas. I thought that i could qualify over here and go over on a working visa to see if i like it, but the working visa is for 18-30 and im 32. Can anyone help me and advise me on the best way.:smile:
  12. Hey Guys. My Visa's just been approved and I hope to be in Sydney by July. I need some advice and hope you all can help me out. Being from South Africa I have never really experienced Public Transport and was wondering how this effects where you stay. For the first two years my Fiancé and I hope to make do with 1 vehicle and hence she might be quite dependant on Public Transport. As a couple we don’t necessarily need a quite suburb like Families with kids but we do currently live in a spacious suburb next to a race course. The real question… To be able to use public transport effectively would one need to live near a railway station (currently looking Gordon to Hornsby, working in Chatswood and along the M2) or could one live in one of the suburbs serviced only by buses (looking around St Ives)? I assume the suburbs offer a better quality of living, but is this worth the extra concern around transport? I know a lot of this will be personal perference but let me know what you guys think. Thank you.
  13. Hi all again, slightly different question, moving to Syd in just over 4 weeks now and still undecided on suburb!!!! We're looking at the Bankstown train line between Sydenham all the way too Wiley Park.. anyone have any opinions on these places!? thanks in advance all.. all help is appreciated.
  14. bug family

    Just waiting for the train

    Well this is it no turning back now, just waiting to catch a train from a wet and windy Rhyl to Manchester airport then a 20 hr flight to Perth WA . The start of our Ozzy adventure and new life good luck to all who are waiting for their turn it will come round, thank you to all of you here on poms in oz for the help and advice you have given, I honestly don't know what we would have done without you Wish us Luck ad we will let you know how we get on Watch out Australia here comes the bug Family :biggrin::jiggy:
  15. Petals

    Altona new train timetable

    Just heard on the news that Altona is having its train timetable revised and there will be less trains on the line. Also they will not be going into the city and it will be necessary to change three times to get to the city on the train. So if you rely on this form of transport and live in the area your journey has just gone out to over an hour to the city.
  16. Hi, I was wondering how much it costs to travel on the train from Joondalup station to Perth Centre 5 days a week? Also can somebody tell me a estimated cost in fuel for a car to travel from Joondalup to Perth Centre 5days a week? Thanks Jamie
  17. Guest

    Train line NOR?

    Anyone now if the train line is planned to be extended past Clarkson station? Thanks
  18. Hi There My husband has wanted to become a policeman for goodness knows how long & after a long application process was waiting for a date to start in the UK.....after almost 2 years there were a number of government cut backs and like many others, his application was dismissed & there's no sign of them opening up recruitment any time soon. We have been interested in moving to Oz off & on for sometime, I just wondered is there any way you can get a visa & job so that you train to become a policeman in Australia? Any help appreciated!
  19. Hey all, I was just wondering if anyone has had any experiance with getting to Newcastle from Sydney? I have got the train there before, when I was last over there. This was fine as it was just a day trip up there. The situation has changed now though as we are landing and staying in Sydney for a week before heading to Newcastle. The problem lies with the fact that we could possibly have 3 suitcases at 20kg each. Now I found Sydney Central station to be pretty hectic anyway, and the thought of dragging 3 cases onto a train doesnt really appeal. I was going to look at flying, but we would be over the weight limit for the domestic flight. Our other option would be to drive. I know its not a great distance, but I have to say its not my prefered option. Im pretty clueless when it comes to the tolls etc over there. Any advice?
  20. Hi all Im heading to Perth on a second year WHV. I am going to look for a apprenticeship while there. Is it possible for me to train? what kind of VISA is required. Thanks in advance
  21. Guest

    Train access to Eagle Farm

    Hi Just wondering if anyone commutes to Eagle Farm by train...it looks like the nearest station is Ascot. Does anyone make this journey from any northern suburbs? Thanks Louise
  22. Been looking forward to the release of the WA smp for some time now but after seeing the Victoria and ACT one's I am actually dreading it now. Neither of them have my occupation on (Toolmaker - 323412) and I am starting to doubt that WA will have it on theirs, meaning that I fear that my visa journey will be at an end. The one glimmer of hope is that my occupation is on the state prority occupation list and rated top, anyone have any idea what the chances are of it making the smp? Anyone else in a similar position with regards to their job?
  23. Guest

    Frankston to CBD by train

    hi there We are looking to move to mount Eliza in January, I have the chance of a few jobs but most of the best ones are in or around melbourne CBD I wondered if anyone made the rail journey from Frankston into the CBD every or most days, and how much of a pain it would be any advice appreciated thanks
  24. Guest

    The Train Spotting Thread

    I often see many threads on here that for many a reason go unnoticed. Many reasons I guess, some have nothing to say, some can't help even though they may want to, and some eventually get noticed and a full on discussion is had. Well, in the hope of unity and compassion I am putting up possibly the most boring thread there has ever been on PIO, (sorry if I have offended Train Spotters, I'm more an aircraft spotter, seriously):wubclub:). If I get more than one or two responses I will be gob-smacked, AND. I also challenge my fellow PIO'ers to come up with a more boring thread title. PS. Yes, it's a bank holiday and I'm bored.:laugh: Cheers Tony:goofy:
  25. Hey everyone. I didn't know where to post this question, since it is about transport really, but hopefully someone will be able to help me. My family are visiting this August, and my mum wants to see some of the rock formations out in the W.A desert, particularly 'The Wave' and 'The Pinacles' The only problem is, my spouse and I aren't too keen on the long road journey it would take, especially (And this is a BIG especially) all those huge rigs coming at you from the other direction (In fact the idea makes my spouse, who is epileptic, feel strange :confused:) Is there a train service that goes out into the desert, particularly those places, and if not to those actual places, any other cool rock formations that are out in the desert? Usually, if we could afford it, I would just say to maybe catch a little plane or something but I don't think that is going to be affordable for us, if it even exists. I would really appreciate any links, advice, maps, anything that could get us to those places without the need to go on a coach or in a car, otherwise we will not be going :nah::smile: Thanks! x