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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, In my last 4 years, I have almost 18 demerit points. Offenses with Learner License 1) Driving without L plate and without assistance of Full License holder in NSW state. 2) Kids seats were not properly restrained. Offenses with Full License 3) Over speeding under 10KM 4) Red light Signal brake 5) Red light Signal brake 6) Over speed above 10KM License suspended after 13+ demerit points 7) Few parking offenses during last 4 years Do I have to declare all above offenses in my Citizenship Application and would that effect my application??? Regards,
  2. Strolling up Cleveland Street this arvo, I was overtaking the cars. I guess there was a match or something up at the Stadium? You can almost feel the steam rising from each occupant. Even more satisfying is hurtling down the motorway passing a ten mile stationary tailback in the opposite direction. The best bit is when you finally pass the 'rearguard', notice a clear stretch opening up and, just around the bend, see more cars hurtling on, oblivious to their imminent arrest. It is sometimes attainable here in Sydney but, for best results, you really need to be on the M25??? Naturally, I am NOT the most equable of 'jammers' when I do get caught myself. My friend Cynthia told me that the one I was stuck in yesterday arvo through Double Bay was because of the school run. Once bitten......
  3. The Pom Queen

    Traffic Light Food Tracker?

    "A new mobile phone application that helps track fat and sugar content in food has been launched in Melbourne today. The Obesity Policy Coalition says the new Traffic Light Food Tracker will allow shoppers to bypass the food industry's reluctance to support traffic light labelling. Traffic light labelling puts red warnings on foods high in fat, sugar and salt, and green labels on healthy options. Users can enter the fat, sugar and sodium quantities in their food items and save each item in their "pantry" within the phone app." Do you think people will use it, I can't see the point to be honest, it's like the new barcode scanner on the woollies app, you are suppose to scan all the items you need to buy on your next shopping trip, but come on, if you need to buy it then it probably means you don't have it in stock so therefore how the hell can you scan it to add it:wacko:
  4. Hi Guys, I have found a great property I fancy renting in Sorrento, but I wonder if anyone could give me an idea of the travel time in peak traffic to South Perth Esplanade? Would be arriving at work for about 8.30am. Thanks a lot! :cute:
  5. Can anyone give any advice please. Get prepared for a long post. There is an ASDA being built approx 1 mile away from us. It is being built in completely the wrong area, at intersections of some major roads. There are also major planning permissions given to a 250 house estate, an industrial estate as well as a business park (being semi rural and on green belt don't seem to matter diddly). The result of this is that it will become a traffic nightmare. We were told not to worry as a scheme of road calming work was going to be implemented in ours and neighbouring roads to alleviate the problem and force drivers onto the already busy main roads. In their wisdom the Highways Department's solution is 7 chicane/cutaways/pinch points along our 0.5 mile stretch of road which will result in gridlock. They say it's necessary, as the model they are basing it on say that the ASDA will generate 750 cars per hour along our road, so these measures are necessary. I think actually they mean that this is how many cars will be going there along all of the other main roads too as I can't believe there are going to be that many along all of the roads. Now the fun bit, one of the priority build ups is planned outside our 90 year old neighbour's house and will result in at least 2 driveways in the road being blocked, and us having to turn a very sharp right (practically 45 degrees) into traffic which has right of way against us. As it's a priority type one, drivers will be speeding up to "get to the opening first" before oncoming traffic, thus leaving us trying to cross a lane into oncoming traffic. We will also have the "give way" line painted opposite our drive. The other little pleasure is that roughly 10 houses (including ours) will now have no parking outside their houses. I went to a consultation meeting last Wednesday and stared in horror at the proposals next door and when I asked how I was supposed to get the lock on my car to turn right, I was sneered at and asked what car I drive as it shouldn't be a problem. I also pointed out that thre was a bus stop 50 yards away which will also cause the traffic to back up also, to which they responded bus stop, what bus stop? I've gathered a petition of the residents that it will affect and am trying to get people to fill in comments forms for the local councillor. It's been identified that a lot of our traffic actually travels along a neighbouring road before it reaches us - the road that our councillor lives in and in which no changes are being made (surprise, surprise). There have been several articles in the county paper saying how happy we all are with the scheme, and we have been given just 10 days to respond, despite this presumably being planned for months. I'm coming up against accusations of being a nimby (some of which is true obviously) and told the scheme is necessary s on safety grounds, but I can't see how this many obstructions are going to make us any safer and probably won't deter many drivers anyway, because the main roads are going to be blocked. Extra cars will still travel up our road but the flow will be broken by everyone having to keep stopping and starting. I've also been told by another councillor that it's unfortunate that not everyone is ever going to be happy with a scheme like this. Too effing rite mate!! My question really is, has anyone had to take anything like this on, do you have any tips, once a decision is made how long do you get to appeal and is there a higher authority than the Highways Dept to appeal to should it all go ****-up? I'm desperately worried as we will probably have to be selling up to move to Oz and this is going to knock thousands off the price of our house. We are also in a dilema about whether to tell the old guy next door(who has major health problems and has nurses visiting him several times daily) as it's going to affect him massively and would result in the nurses/visitors not being able to leave his drive. The alternative being the diggers turning up outside his house out of the blue and him being in shock anyway. I've asked relatives what I should do, but they keep saying they'll think about it and time is marching on. Perhaps I should make the powers that be tell him and they have to suffer the consequences if he has a heart attack, bless him! Any advice much appreciated.
  6. READ31

    Air Traffic Controller in Oz??

    Hi guys was wondering if anyone can help. I am training to be an Air Traffic Controller in the raf, howeveer i have family in Perth WA and would one day want to move there with my girlfriend. How easy is it to get a permanent visa on my profession, obviously this would be in a few years however was just wondering, any ATC's out there? Easy to find work?? Thanks
  7. rockola57

    Melbourne Traffic.

    Well i just had four days in Melbourne on mini break,and was told that the traffic there was horrendous,maybe the worst in Australia etc.Anyway,i just did'nt think it was really that bad TBH.I find it much more stressful driving around Adelaide daily,where the driving and volume of cars on almost every road really is horrendous!The bad driving really has to be seen to be believed,why so many nutters on the road,beeping horns,tailgating,cutting in without indicating etc?What's it all about.:confused:
  8. Guest

    Traffic Fine, SA

    We hired a campervan from Adelaide to Perth recently. Just received word from the UK that a letter has arrived there for us, detailing a fine. It's for passing through a red light and is for a whopping $661!!!!!!!! seriously haven't got that sort of cash to pay - we still havent found jobs here yet!!!! The time of the fine is like 5mins after picking up the van - anyone think it would be worth writing to the company explainig we had only just got the van and were still getting used to driving it, stopping times, etc?? Seriously stressed out by all this!!! Thanks!
  9. Hello, I am regularly checking this usefull site RTA Live Traffic NSW with live traffic and webcams but have still some remaining questions : during the weekdays: what are the time frame ? 7-9 & 5-6? Is that comparable with the European ones ( 1 hour+ for few kilometers sometimes) what axis are the more congested during the weekend: same questions ... when and where I guess there is a difference between seasons thanks for your feedback :wubclub:
  10. Jago


    Hi moving to Melbourne soon, my job is in Mount Waverley and on occasion I will have to get on a flight. Would I be insane to consider commuting from Berwick or surrounding areas? How bad is the traffic during peak times to get from the Berwick area towards Mount Waverley and also from Berwick to Airport and vice versa? I don't mind spending some time in the car but don't want a total life of misery stuck in traffic. I was also considering South Frankston or Mount Eliza or would that just be ridiculous? Thanks.
  11. Guest

    berwick traffic?

    we are looking for rentals in the berwick area. my husband will be travelling from berwick to dandenong. I will be working from home, or sometimes going to work in local schools. We are happy with both south and north sides - but are a little worried about traffic getting out of some of the estates. Could anyone please advise any roads tp avoid at 7.15 - 7.30 in the morning? someone mentioned half and hour to get from one side of berwick to the other? But would this impact on someone travelling to dandenong? Also, what would be the best road to take to get to dandenong from berwick? Any help is much appreciated Jenny
  12. I know this question has probably been asked a million times but......We're considering moving to the north of the Gold Coast and OH alternating driving or going by train to Brisbane. He's used to commuting to London and leaving at 6am to miss the traffic. I was thinking he could try and work from home one day a week, drive 2 days and get the train 2 days to break it up a bit. If he drove he could leave really early and go to the gym in Brisbane before work or something. If he went by train he'd go from Helensvale. My questions are what time does the motorway traffic build up both ways in rush hour? And would he get a seat on the train in Helesvale around 7.30am? Do the trains have good aircon and are you able to use your laptop on it? Thanks in advance. Cheers Gail
  13. Guest


    Hi Guys only weeks now until we land in Melbourne yay!!!! We were just wondering what the traffic was like from the Fern tree Gully / Templestowe area of Melbourne to get into central CPD, I have heard its pretty bad during rush hour can you tell us how this compares to our M25. M6 M5 routes in the UK. Ta Nicki :smile:
  14. Hi all, I got a WHV living in Melbourne but unfortunaltely i got done for crossing red lights afew days ago. Because i got a UK license i don't know whats gonna happen. I am happy to pay the fines.....but will i be losing any points or anything? Anyone know anything about this please do let us know?............... thanks
  15. Guest

    Live traffic info

    Hi there, im hoping to be moving to melbourne in early 2010 and have been looking at a few places to live but was unsure about travel times and traffic in the areas i want to live. I have just found a new feature in google earth that displays live traffic speeds on most of the roads around melboure. I know its not as good as being there but gives you an idea of how long your it will take to get to work ect. You just get circles on roads that change colour depending on speed traffic is going and if you click them they tell you exact spped. Hope this helps fellow drivers.
  16. If you have been away for a while, the motorway traffic will shock you . I have just travelled Solihull - Shrewsbury m42, m6 , m54 o.k Shrewsbury - milton keynes m54,m6 m1 busy Late friday afternoon milton keynes - wolverhampton and back home STOP,START - STOP START ......ROADWORKS .....NIGHTMARE......especially the west midlands I do love it back home , but the traffic ...........luckily it was a nice day again.
  17. Guest

    Traffic and Parking in Aus ?

    One of the things that really got to me when I was over in Australia which some of you planning on going for the first time may wish to know is the very strict laws they seem to have in terms of car parking there. Now before I go on, I will say that probably 99% of the time I make sure I park legally, because knowing my luck I always reckon I'm sure to get booked. For me Australia was almost farcical in terms of the money I lost. The traffic problem in Brisbane (in my humble opinion) is crazy, especially at peak hours. My son who lives in Liverpool, compared it to the traffic in his city when he visited us and was amazed how bad a problem Brisbane and the surrounding areas have, he thought it was far worse than most places back here in Britain. But in fairness to the authorities there they are striving to catch up with the rapid growth they have experienced and many road projects, flyovers, tunnels etc are a work in progress. In time it will get better no doubt. But someone has to pay for that work!! :jimlad: In parts of the main CBD there are what I guess could be called dedicated bus lanes. Not too long after our arrival there, dropping the O/H off one morning at 8.30am, the drop off was a quick pull in, extremely quick kiss off the O/H and off she went and off I went. Each day there were loads of cars dropping off like that and I didn't think anything of it. About 6 weeks later, I got a Parking violation letter in the post. It was off the Brisbane Council (not the Police) explaining I had been spotted in a bus lane which was not allowed. The letter said that the parking attendant could not issue me with the ticket at the time, which I guess was understandable as not everyone can run as fast as Hussain Bolt. Result was a $100 fine. Now I have to say fair enough, I was in that bus lane for about 30-40 seconds, so I guess I deserved the ticket. I have to admit exactly the same thing happened again in May this year when the O/H complained and was kicking off about the rain and carrying 2 boxes and a bag to her work and I took a chance and dropped her right by the salon she was working at. So I had another $100 fine. Now I may be wrong but as far as I'm aware and according to my neighbour here who's a Policeman, I don't think a Council Meter Patrol man can log a ticket against you without placing it on your car.? Well that's certainly not true in Australia. But I'm saving the best for last. I never knew this one. How many of you sometimes park your car in the UK perfectly legally, but against the flow of the traffic, in other words you park on your right side as you drive?. Well I did once in a side street off a place called Park Road when I went to the Suncorp Stadium. Returned to find another ticket, this time for parking on the wrong side of the road, result $60 fine. My neighbours who were great laughed at this as they always associate it as a very regular mistake a tourist or foreigner makes there. :arghh: That said, and as bad as the traffic was, during our stay there we never once failed to find a parking space when visiting shopping malls and places of interest. The CBD parking is different though and within Brisbane, daily parking is hard to find and mostly consists of Multi Level car parks which can prove mighty expensive much more so than places I have visited in the UK (except London). You learn from mistakes especially one's that cost you in the pocket and I for one won't be parking my car on the wrong side of the road again when we go back, or in bus lanes, and I hope the money I got fined for is being used wisely by that nice Mr Newman, the Lord Mayor and his colleagues in Brisbane council. So you have been warned. Cheers all, REDDERS
  18. Hi Over the last 13 years I probably have a few traffic offences, a couple for speeding and maybe one for no insurance. I also have a copyright infringement entry on my record. All of the matters were dealt with by fines and have all been paid. Could this affect my visa application? thanks Paul
  19. Guest

    road traffic offences

    how does diac class driving offences with your visa application , ie wreckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident, no one hurt slight damage to property could anyone giv some info on this please thanks jim:cute:
  20. Guest

    Traffic in Brisbane...!

    Hi all... Just wondering about the traffic in a Brisbane rush hour... is it really bad??? I really hope not but I was just looking especially for some positive comments to make me feel better about it... How about the traffic between the Gold Coast and Brisbane??? Hope the rush hours aren't as bad as big British cities like here in Brum... Thanks in advance for any comments...! Dan xx
  21. Guest

    traffic congestion in GC

    hi to you all, fairly new to the forum. we are moving from adelaide to gold coast in Jan 09 and was just wondering what the traffic is like there as it is a big tourist destination, do the freeways get very congested, is traffic a real problem or if you keep away from theme park areas, paradise etc are you relatively untouched? any thoughts would be appreciated , it will just make me think about getting a job nearer to where we will buy or commuting thanks
  22. Hi All Its Denise again from Tanner Menzies... thanks so much for all your resumes and emails.. I will certainly try and help all of you so keep them coming and keep on with the referals. I need your help ....... We have just won a major contract and need up to 70 systems engineers ideally who have worked on major defence projects in realtime (air traffic control systems would be a major plus) ADA C++ experience Please pass this email on to anyone you can think of that has these skills or background. My client will arrange 457 visa's (4 year working with a view to PR) and pays an excellent relocation package. please email me at..... dcole@tannermenzies.com Many thanks D