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Found 34 results

  1. Hi, my hubby is a builder and wants to buy new tools (drills and hand tools ) before we move to Australia. Just wondering if anyone had imported new tools in their belongings and if you had to pay duty/gst and how much it was. Also if anyone has and good websites for tools in Australia ?? Thanks in advance
  2. simmo

    On The Tools

    Because PIO has traditionally had a lot of tradies as members I thought it was about time we had our own thread. I'll start with some funny videos.
  3. We are in discussions presently with TAFEs in Australia about workplace assessments being carried out in Australia for certain occupations. In turn this should facilitate an AQF Certificate III qualification (recognised by employers in Australia => increased employment prospects) and a positive skills assessment from Trades Recognition Australia under Skill Pathway E. We anticipate that the process will involve individuals with trades skills carrying out an initial assessment of their existing competencies while outside Australia. Assuming all (or substantially all) of these competency requirements can be met individuals would then travel to Australia when a practical assessment would be carried out. Recognising that Australian qualifications are often not the same as UK qualifications any gaps in competencies that are not major would also be dealt with at that time, perhaps requiring an additional 2 or 3 days of tuition prior to the granting of the AQF III. Costs of this exercise are not yet finalised, but are likely to be significantly less than those being quoted by workplace assessors visiting the UK. I would be pleased to hear from individuals with one of the following occupations, who would like to receive more information as we progress discussions with the TAFEs: - Painters and decorators - Plasterers - Hairdressers - Chefs - Welders I can be reached by email via alan - at - gomatilda - dot - com Best regards.
  4. cartertucker

    Help from Tradies please ~ Worried

    We have validated our visas & are due to be moving to WA (Nor) toward the end of this year (Sep+) However, after our validation trip (In Feb this year) my Husband, who is a roofer, has serious concerns about working outside on a roof in the blistering heat :shocked: We knew that Australia gets hot.....But actually experiencing high 30's was a real reality check :wacko: Would be great to hear from anyone that emigrated & now works outside....As the concerns are really making us have a good think :idea: Many thanks :wubclub:
  5. Hi, can anyone please recommend someone for Public Liability Insurance for tradesman? Need to get something sorted asap Thanks
  6. Guest

    Tradies, please post timelines?

    I would like all tradespeople who ar applying or recieved a 175/176 to please post their timelines for the benefit of myself and others as u may all well agree it's an anxious wait!!! I'm a bricklayer, succeful vettassess prac may17th and lodgment date was 27th of sept 2010. Thanks to all that post :cool:
  7. Hi all, we have finally got our visas but it seems that to ensure we get work we have now got to fork out even more of our hard earned, (£1800 each to be precise!), to obtain our AQF3 trade qualifications through assessment by the Master Builders of Australia as our City and Guilds are not recognised there! I seem to recall reading somewhere that tradies who have passed the TRA having UK quals in their particular trade do not need to go through this expensive and time consuming process or did I dream that? Can any tradie enlighten us please?
  8. Hi guys, Just wondering if there are any fellow tradies on here waiting on their Vetassess result? Reading some of the messages on here, some people have been waiting forever. My OH did his Bricklaying skills assessment 3 weeks ago and we are waiting on tender hooks to hear as we need to lodge out application before July. Why do they put us through this pain of waiting so long for everything. Good luck Jules and Woody. xx
  9. Hi all, Can anyone comment on the work situation in Perth? There seems to be alot of conflicting information out there, would really appreciate your comments. OH is an Electrician Thanks :jiggy:
  10. Hi All I have the auto change detection set up for WA and it seems there is a change!! When guidance had first been issued (13/12/10 dated on my print out at home) for the 176 visa it stated work experience was 7 years. The new change states 7 years out of the last 10 years:mad::mad::mad: The Department of Training and Workforce Development - Skilled Migration Western Australia - Occupations in demand So if like us you are still waiting to hear the outcome of your application assessment I fear with every bone in my bod we will be rejected tomorrow as we have 6 yrs in the last 10!!! I hope this doesn't happen to us again we were rejected in 2006 because we only had 18months at the time even though our agent said they'll take you with 12 months...:cry::cry::cry::cry:
  11. Happy new year nearly guys... i have nearly finished filling out my 176 application for SS to WA, when i read the SMP it stated that Trades and Technicians did not have to do the IELTS as long as they had a Uk,Irish,Canadian passport etc... I am a uk passport holder and as a General plumber have done and passed the vetassess, so as i am now trying to fill out the WA application for SS i have had to put in a false date for my Ielts assessment.. I have not done one as i do not have too, so now at the end of the application it states to upload an Ielts Doc, but i do not have one... Are there any Trades out there in the same boat or can anyone help me with what to do as one form says i dont need to do the Ietls the the application wont let me apply unless i have a passed assesment.:arghh: Guys thanks for any good advice... (AS YOU CAN SEE IM NOT USING AN AGENT) (BIG MISTAKE):biglaugh: CHEERS NICK....
  12. I have noticed when tradesmen say it’s different in Australia; they don’t actually give any examples of how different it really is. Now I did work in Australia albeit ten years ago and apart from the trade language being different and some subtle differences didn’t think it was that different, however times change ten years has passed since I was last there. When I had my assessment in wall and floor tiling I chatted to my assessor about this trade in specific but we also talked about carpentry, which is actually my first trade, tiling is my secondary trade (the reason I picked tiling was because it was a faster route than carpentry for visa reasons). There didn’t seem to me to be much difference. I occasionally meet Oz trades here and they seem to think I’ll be alright when I get there... Obviously it’s the other side of the world and things will be different, so can some trades help me giving some examples? I already understand about licensing and the requirements. Any info would be great.
  13. Hi, I hope someone can help me. We have applied for a visa under my wifes job (Secondary School Maths Teacher) so I don't need to do VETASSESS for our visa. I'm a NICEIC electrician running my own small business in the UK, I want to be ready to work as soon as we get to Oz. I'm hoping to go on the tradies down under course (£3000 for the Australian qualifications) so I'll just need the experience over in Oz. But do I also need to do the VETASSESS too? My wife has been told by an imigration agent that I can do a course in Oz for $300 and that's all, has anyone heard about this? I can't seem to find anything about this any where and we've done our own visa so can't exactly ring and ask. I want to make sure I can work ASAP in Oz. Any info about how electrician are doing in SA would be greatly received. Cheers
  14. According to Canberra times, the skill shortage for tradesmen in the ACT is so acute, it is pushing up pay to $160,000 !!! : City's skills shortage pushing tradesmen's pay packets to six figures - Local News - News - General - The Canberra Times
  15. cjscjs

    Tradies Register

    Hello I want to start a register of UK tradies if anyone else is interested sign up here and we can all help each other out I am an electrician - with full contractors licence covering Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast area - carrying out all electrical work - PM me if you require any electrical work. Kev
  16. Hi All, OH will be sitting his vetassess practical for carpenter/joiner in August. Would anyone who has recently passed their joinery/carpentry practical (May 2010), mind posting what was involved please? I have read some posts on here and Matt (Wolla Bolla Bing Bong) advised me what he did in his practical last year. (big thanx Matt! ::notworthy:) I just want to check to see if anything much has changed please? grateful thanks clan mac x
  17. Guest

    Tradies - Job Leads

    This thread is only for leads for opportunities for Tradies. If you hear of work, know who is going to be looking please post it here.
  18. What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration VETASSESS is currently listed as an assessing authority for certain skilled trade occupations where the applicant is a resident of the United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, South Africa or the Philippines. The VETASSESS offshore trade skills assessments have been suspended until further notice. DIAC is currently working with VETASSESS and Trades Recognition Australia on alternative assessment arrangements for residents of these countries for certain skilled trade occupations. Further advice on these arrangements will be provided when available. Existing skills assessments issued by VETASSESS remain valid. Best regards.
  19. Hi I was wondering if any tradies have managed to secure a job in Australia whilst still in the UK? My hubby is a furniture Spray Painter and there are a few jobs coming up on Seek & Career One. He has phoned 2 of them and emailed his resume to 1. They have all said the same thing. They would offer him a job but its hard as he is in UK. They said to ring them when he arrives. He has explained he has a permanent visa and friends to stay with. Also how we have no ties here and he can go to Australia when ever. He would go first if he could get a job. With money being tight, we would love for him to try and secure employment before we go back. But is this impossible. If others have managed to do it, can you give us any tips. Thanks Jill:notworthy:
  20. davet19650

    ant tradies manage a meet up

    Hi all you guys down there any tradies manage a meet up for a chat about work, especially painters and decorators or any one who can tell me more about the work situation, we are heading down on the 5th march , going to be staying in carramar for our reccie and validation for 3 weeks, and would be great if there is anyone down in that area who is willing for a meet, If you can can you please mail me a contact number so we can bell you once arrived and arrange to meet up somewhere, Will also be looking SOR in the mandurah area as still undisided as where to eventually move to, Many thanks to anyone who can help Cheers Dave
  21. Hey Guys, I'm a Carpenter 42 yrs old and have been all my life. Had own business for years etc .You know the form! I get off the plane early feb. I realise i need a blue card and licence. Then what?? What's the best way to approach Subbies or Builders? Drive around looking for sites? Ring every builder in the book? What is the protocall( if any)? Is the heat in Qld a problem for a roofing chippy like myself ? Do i need qualifications like plumbers/electricians or are we percieved to be less technical. I have Construction Management Qualifications Cert and Diploma. Are management qualifications/experience recognised in oz? Always found i made more money on the tools, only ran developments sort of freelance with one or two developers. I know there are some good guys out there who can advise me and point me in the right direction. Your advice will be appreciated by myself and others who are about to embark on the " Journey". Hate that!!! :arghh: Thanks in advance Cheers Kev :jiggy:
  22. Some good news for tradies who do not currently have a licence to work in Queensland the B.S.A. (Queensland Building Authority) have decided that from the 1st December there will be changes to licence regulations. Most work valued at $3,300 or less is now exempt from BSA’s licensing requirements, the previous threshold was just $1,100 which included labour and materials, for more info download the pdf form the BSA website. This is no doubt great news for chippies, painters, spreads, tilers and cowboys...:wink:
  23. Hi we need some jobs doing in our new house, we need a fridge freezer plumbed in a couple of doors built plus an outdoor.alfresco area built. So we need: Plumber Carpenter/builder If anyone can recommend any reliable people we would be very grateful, we have had quotes from the builder we bought the house off but he seems to use a variety of subcontracters, we had a quote for the doors and outdoor area that seems really high and was an 'all in' quote which reduced by a third when I asked for it to be broken down!! We were quoted $250 to plumb the fridge in which seems high to me but I know nothing!! thanks in advance Karen
  24. Guest

    Tradies jobs improved?

    We hope to move to the Gold Coast in the not too distant future. We live in Adelaide at the mo and was hoping to move up earlier. However, since hearing that jobs were scarce up there we had decided to put it off until things picked up. Are things looking brighter up there, particularly for chippies, or is there still no sign of a recovery? Thanks.
  25. Guest

    Tradies required !!

    10 Week contract Guaranteed 10 hours p/d , 6 days p/w All accommodation , flights & food paid for . Looking for : Carpentry Plastering Labouring All must have Blue cards & Tickets for trade . Good opportunity to refill the nest eggs !! Departing from Brisbane airport . Call Martin 0404542466 No time wasters please Genuine offer from a pom who knows what its like to be jobseeking