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Found 16 results

  1. Dear Lovely Fellow Members, I am a Mechanical Engineer who has migrated to Australia from Japan 4 months back. I am currently looking for work and find it very difficult. Somehow, I did get invited for interview at couple of places but after a few interviews I get rejected due to lack of local experience or very specific requirements of employers. so I am thinking of changing career to being a tradie/sparky. May be the tradie work such as fitter/electrician/plumber might be more stable and has a future here in Australia. I see that a lot of engineering work is unstable, gets outsourced and there is a huge supply of engineers here in Australia. I guess tradie work is always going to stay and can’t be outsourced to India/China so might be good in long term. Would you mind sharing your opinion and how to get in this field? Below are some specific questions 1. For a Mechanical Engineer which would be better field from employment perspective? I feel like HVAC/Refrigeration is very much in demand these days. 2. What is the process to be a tradie/sparky? 3. One of the electrical contractors has shown interest to provide me with pre-apprenticeship. Is it worth it? What would be a good way for me to move ahead? I will really appreciate if you can throw some light on my queries.
  2. Ashleightaylor

    Occupation ceilings

    I'm not sure if I'm being silly here lol, but can anyone advise us on what an occupation ceiling is? I'm a solid plasterer 333212. Thanks
  3. Im moving to Queensland March next year, but I am rearly confused as to which is the best place for work as a Wall and Floor tiler please can anyone tell me the best one to head for Thanks Very Much Chris
  4. Is it possible for a Cabinetmaker who worked the last years as PM in the field of Fitout-interior move to mining jobs in WA??? And dont mean as Driver or something similiar, more like Site manager or similiar like that. Any advice?? Thx in advance
  5. Jackboots

    Whats a tradie licence ?

    Can anyone tell me in laymans terms what a Tradie Licence is ? please ..:confused::smile:
  6. Guest

    Tradie tax queery

    Hi :smile: im am just needing some information on tax as i am a decorator on a 457 visa. Ive been sub contracting for a company for nearly 5 months now. And need to sort out my tax. I here that people on a 457 working visa get there tax back when they leave australia? is this true? also if this is the case do i need to actually pay my tax if they just gonna give me it back? If anyone knows anything on these matters any info would be appreciated :wink:
  7. Firstly thanks to all who read this, here is my story.......... I am a 24 year old fully qualified electrician, I hold a JIB gold card graded as approved. I have seven years experience and currently work self-employed. I am NICIEC fully approved also. People have always told me to go and work in Oz and the idea has always appealed to me. My personal cirumstances have changed a lot over the past 12mths. A long term relationship has broken down, family are now spread all over the UK and as we all know, work in England is thin on the ground. I travelled the US this year following the break up of my relationship. I met the most amazing Aussie girl. She is a school teacher from Brisbane and we hit it off instantly. We are in constant contact and very keen to get to know each other further and see if we have a future. I have very few ties to the UK these days, no children or mortgage. It seemed ideal to come to Oz to work for a while and see how things develop. I thought I'd be killing two birds with the one stone, working in Aus as I'd always wanted and being with this girl. I now unfortunately realise the issue is slightly more difficult. I dont want to apply for permanent migration without spending a significant period of time within the country, travelling a little and allowing our relationship to progress to a level significant enough. I am aware of the working holiday visa, but doubt this would allow me to work within my trade, due to VETASSES etc. Also my fear is getting out there and doing casual work for a year, building an amazing relationship and then having to return to the UK after 12mths, start a whole new process and not see her for ages, thus damaging the relationship. Are there other VISA options I can explore under the skilled migrant schemes to allow me to get more time over there to assess my situation and then apply for permanent migration whilst there, circumstances permitting? Any advice on sponsor companies etc or just general next steps would be greatly appreciated, the sooner I get the ball rolling the better. I have contacted immigration agents via email, but they just want to take my money to process applications, not give me any real world advice regarding my situation. My points score was 140, so should be no probs there! Thanks a million, Joey:jimlad:
  8. Hi there people. Ill keep this as short as poss. Me and the missus just waiting on nursing registration and visa, shouldnt be too long at all now, hopefully be there within the next month. Im a time served painter and decorator and Ive just completed my white card online. The thing im trying to understand about is this ABN (Australian business number). Most painter vacancies i see online require ABN card and own transport. Is it not common to work for a company? from what i gather this ABN looks like being 'self employed'. If there any other tradesmen or anyone with any tips/advice on this it would be much appreciated. Thanks :cool:
  9. Just having my daily fix of breaking headlines down under and in the top 5 stories I found this: From: NewsComAu April 05, 2011 STRICT English tests will make it almost impossible for migrant tradesmen to enter the country, according to employers. Alternatively, you can copy and paste this link into your browser: We need foreign tradies, say employers | News.com.au Interesting times ahead... I think I may have summed up how many of us may feel about the pending cut off date and the crazy 1st July changes.... Time flys The years fly by The months go so fast* Marking off the weeks one by one But the hours of waiting painfully go on With every tick and every tock Time appears to stand still* For us on the immigration clock There's a deadline in place of the first of July Many of us will have tears in our eyes* We are involved in the race against time Holding out desperately for *news* But all we have are the spring time blues Tick tock, goes the immigration clock Its a process that takes it's time Takes days, weeks, months and many a year have gone by
  10. Guest

    Need a tradie

    Anyone around the Gold Coast We need an internal door fitted and getting a reliable tradie is a nightmare.Anyone able to help ???
  11. Hi, I am a fully qualified gasfitter/plumber looking for work in gold coast/brisbane. I would be interested in different areas of trade work too. I am coming over in 3weeks on a permanent residency visa, if anyone has any opportunities or info I would be very grateful, please PM me. Thank you,
  12. Hi, we moved to the Gold Coast 6 weeks ago and hubby who is a Chippy has only had 1 day of work since we have been here. He has his licence, tools and white card etc but still no luck. I know things had slowed down last year but I thought things might have picked up by now. For every job he rings for, 50 to 70 people have also rang about it.
  13. Can anyone help not sure how to ask a question. My husband is now 47 and we want to emigrate. Has anyone else been successful emigrating to oz on an employment sponsorship. My husband is a carpenter / joiner, with a degree in construction. Help and thanks
  14. Hi, I posted on here a few months ago asking if the job situation is picking up for tradies, specifically carpenters. Is the situation improving still or has it become slow again? We are moving to the Gold Coast next year and are looking to live around Helensvale/pacific pines. The work has dried up here in adelaide for him for the umpteenth time.:arghh: Thank you.
  15. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good accountant for tradies? I'm a subcontractor builder so I'm looking for someone to do my tax returns and who knows all the ins and outs to help reduce my tax bill. I arrived in Melbourne in March 08 and last June just went to H&R Block but eventually I'd like to start up on my own and so need to have my own accountant. Even better would be a group or company that can advise me on all my Australian financial needs, from Super and mortgages to capital gains and savings account for my son. Much appreciated. Martin
  16. Looking into going back to working for myself as i did back in the uk ,have been here comeing up 12 months and fed up working for a boss again. Got my blue card. Think i will need a ABM number ,can any one tell me more about this. Also any thing else that could be helpful. many thanks eddie.:idea: