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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there. I'm looking for help in sourcing good tradesmen in the Northern suburbs of Perth. I am looking for a tiler, joiner or a handyman to hang doors, a painter and a decent priced company who supplies and fits blinds. If you can recommend anyone please let me know. Thanks very much. Kendal
  2. Hi, was just wondering if there were any tradesmen/tradeswomen/tradespeople who are moving or have moved to Australia? Just wondered which area you are going to and why you chose that specific area. I have an idea of where I want to go but am not tied to any particular area. Cheers:jiggy:
  3. Hi, I am a wall and floor tiler and will be coming to Perth, eventually. Could anyone recommend where I should be heading. North or south or inland? I will go anywhere where the work is. Are there any new developments? Now for a really dumb question, where are the so called mining areas? I do have a young family, but we like quiet and laid back lifestyle. Won't miss shops/malls as long as we can reach them once in a while and of course primary schools should be reachable. :goofy: Boesman
  4. Guest


    Brickie looking for sponsporship, to all brickie contractors sponsorship is not that scary, 121 119 visa only have to fill In form and be legal trading company no cost, can do anything in bkwk any help appreciated thanks
  5. Hi, We're looking for qualified carpenters and joiners to join our team in the Sydney area. We've had good experiences with staff from the UK previously and thought that this would be a good place to post an ad.... If you: -Possess qualifications and experience from previous work in carpentry, cabinetmaking, or in a joinery in the UK; -Are willing to work with us for at least 3 months; -Have a positive attitude and enjoy working either in a joinery or as a carpenter on residential or commercial construction projects; ...then please contact us immediately. If you enjoy working with us (beyond a temporary capacity) and have the skill, we are willing to sponsor. Email alljoinery@gmail.com referencing this POMS IN OZ ad, whilst including your phone number, a bit of background, and work availability details. You must possess the legal right to work in Australia to apply for a position with us (this includes temporary work or working holiday visas).
  6. Have you thought of the BNI ( www.bni.com.au ), its flying here in the uk. You meet once a week for breakfast......early , and basically promote your businesses to each other. You then go out and promote each others businesses, via referrals...... . Costs about £10 a week ......and £450 a year ( about a grand all up ). I suggest that any of you that arent doing it .........give it a go.. There is only one business allowed per chapter......so you wont get 2 builders or 2 printers at the same chapter
  7. Hi We arrived in Australia about 3 weeks ago and we are currently staying with friends in coffs harbour. They have been in Oz for about 4 years. They have been telling us how difficult it is to get aussie tradesmen to show up when they say they will. Does anyone out there know of UK tradesmen living in the coffs area who can do the following: Fit a wood burning stove Fix a fridge
  8. Hi All, (I hope I'm posting this in the right place??) Regarding State Sponsorship for tradesmen: I recently read an article in The Independent (dated a few weeks ago) saying that before the Australian budget on 12 May, almost all skills were going to be removed from the occupational shortage list. This included carpenters, plumbers, bricklayers and electricians (I am an electrician!!) :arghh: The main 3 sectors that will still be listed are Health Occupations, IT and engineering. To quote from the article: 16.032.009 Evans, who removed hairdressers and cooks off Australia's critical occupation shortage list at Christmas, said he was now also deleting foreign bricklayers, plumbers, carpenters and electricians from the list that guides skilled migration intake. Further cuts were likely in the 12 May budget, he said, leaving only health occupations, engineering and information technology skills as needed skills. "What we'll look to do is run a smaller programme and keep the capacity to make sure we can bring in any labour we might need as the year develops," Evans said. Does anyone knoe any more about this situation?? I have just done my General Electrician practical skills assessment 2 weeks ago, and I'm waiting for the results. I'm hoping to apply for State Sponsorship to WA, but not sure if this is going to be possible. My visa agent hasn't said anything, so not sure whether to still continue with the process and see what happens? I just checked on the WA Govt website today, and they still have General Electricians on the Skills in Demand list, so am I worrying about nothing?? Any info will be much appreciated! :confused: Thanks, From Jason
  9. So excited as we received email this morn telling us great news we have a case officer! They are now requesting further info! Hubby is a self employed plumber and we didnt go through an agency I did it all myself but obviously not right as they want more info! Any advice from tradesmen/plumbers exp would be really gratedul, as in what info did you send to prove your self employment-this is what they are asking me for! a/ audited finiancial statements from aug 04-08 b/company registration docs c/ taxation docs d/ examples of major contracts e/ advertising and marketing material (What??) f/company profile/prospectus (What the ??) g/ company organisational chart identifying your upward reporting relationships and responsibility for subordinate staff (OH didnt emply anyon else!!) h/memeberships of any business/professional associations (already sent corgi cert along with various others he has!?) So they dont want too much then!! We sent loadsa stuff to start with, could they have lost it? But now they are asking for stuff I dont think we can even give them! Worried now they will not give us our visa!
  10. Just thought I would pick this up from another thread…It seems to me looking through the recent posts that the Australian authorities are making it tougher for British tradesmen to get in by making the standards much higher than they would expect of there own Australian trades men……It is fact that the British tradesmen are the best out here and what I have seen a lot of the aussie workers would not last 5 minutes working in the UK if their work is anything to go by….it is becoming a joke.
  11. calNgary

    Tradesmen dont want to work

    Hiya we have been owners of our first aussie home since Febuary and are currently decorating and doing general titivating to it before we move in .The problem i have found is you just cant get tradesmen ,i have spoken to others i know here and they too agree so i presume its not just this area.I have lost count of the times they said they were coming and didnt turn up ,the only guys that have turned up on time were pommys!!!! Concreters,Tree loppers,Patio builders,Carpet fitters,,they just dont want to work ,apparantly its something to do with earning your beer money and chilling for the rest of the week,,its so bloody frustrating when you want jobs done ,just glad hubby is handy enough to do alot of work himself!! As anyone else experienced similar problems???? Cal x