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Found 23 results

  1. whoiam

    Birthday parties and gifts.

    Hi Guys, Just wondering how things are in Oz with regard to birthday parties for kids.Do they tend to have parties with school friends like here or is it just a family thing? Also what kinds of gifts do you buy for your kids friends for their birthdays-- is it much the same as here like toys, bags girlie stuff, books etc. I tend to buy gifts within £20 the max. Is there a comparable figure there? Any info gladly received. I also tend to buy stuff and hoard during the Claires sales and they make handy presents so could actually bring some stuff over if needed.
  2. Guest

    Boys and their toys

    OK boys, it's toys time!!!! http://screen.yahoo.com/a-floating-island-for-millionaires-29754341.html Watch and enjoy!!
  3. I have just started sorting through our childrens toys and getting rid of anything that we aren't taking to Oz. We have decided not to take our eldests bike (it was only cheap anyway and I'm sure she'd love a new one) and we are not taking her swing or slide or anything else from the garden. From her inside toys, we will get rid of the ones neither of them play with, or things that other people have bought for them that make stupid noises (other parents will understand this :wacko:!). They have lots of wooden toys, such as blocks and puzzles, that we would like to take, but are unsure as to whether customs might have issues because we know that wood can be a problem. Some of them are fine - they are painted or varnished which means we can take them with no problem. However, looking at some of their things today, some of them are made of plywood which don't seem to be varnished or painted at all. They are mostly puzzles, for example jigsaws and dominos. So, my question is can we take childrens toys that are made of plywood? I presume that plywood is used to make packing crates/protective covers for tv's etc for shipping, so is it okay to take it?
  4. rockola57

    Boys Toys!

    Everywhere iv'e lived here in OZ theres been an Aussie neighbour who has got it all in terms of boys toys!:wideeyed:The one who lived across the back of our last house had 1 big boat,1 tinny,a jet ski,a 4x4,a vintage motor, a modern car a trailer and a boss motorcycle!:shocked:All this on display in his mondo house frontage!:yes:Well blow me,our latest neighbour next door is just like him,all the toys except boats,his cars all have top class big alloys,low profiles and are top quality motors ,extravagance is an understatement BUT i say good luck to these types,they work hard and love their toys,never get any 'Considerably richer than yow'attitude here,like one tends to encounter in Good Ole Blighty!
  5. Hi, Have have read through some of the latest posts but cannot find anyone who was in a similar situation. Basically I need to ship out a bunch of kids toys (stuffed, plastic, wooden toy chests etc) to the Gold Coast... I don't know whether to use a shipping company that will cost a lot and be with out the toys while they are in customs or post stuff gradually or bin them and start again... Any advice? Andrew
  6. Libbysmummy

    moving before christmas and kids toys

    It's possible that we could be moving over 2 or 3 weeks before christmas:jiggy:Has anyone else moved before christmas who has children? Hubby said we'll wait for stuff to be shipped and tell them santa went to the wrong house :wub:yeah right and my 6 year old will buy that!!! Anyone had this dilema, i'd rather come with no clothes (in suitcase) and bring toys than see her little face christmas morning! If we wait till we get there will I have a problem getting stuff? Help! Just another worry for my brain to cope with... Thanks Libbysmummy x x
  7. Guest

    Wooden Toys

    We have been through all of our items for shipping ensuring that there is no untreated wood etc and thought we were sorted until........my husband was on the floor playing trains with the kids and he looked up at me and said 'Dear Lord, do I need to varnish all of this track?'. So that's my question, does kids wooden train track need to be treated so that we can take it with us? Was feeling dodgy about the furniture we have with wicker inserts in the doors, but this has obviously been treated so fingers crossed - but the box of train track is another story. Any advice greatly appreciated. Tracey:unsure:
  8. Hi Everyone, We are sending a few boxes on wednesday by air... In the boxes are some toys for the kids.. They have batteries in them.. Dolls and Cars and the likes.. a buzz lightyear.. Can you leave the batteries in them while you send them? on the form, theres a long list of what you cant bring and on it says batteries.. But not sure if it meant like car batteries or other big ones... I would have thought batteries were fine as you bring some of these toys on a plane anyway.. but just wondering if anyone else has any experience with the situation? Thanks
  9. Guest


    Hi all again, Just packing up now ready for the off soon :biggrin: Just wanted some advice. With a nearly 2 year old and also a nearly 4 year old we are shipping across a lot of toys. How clean exactly do they need to be? Do they need to be spotless as some of them are a right nuisance to clean!!! John
  10. Guest

    outdoor toys and equipment

    We have been told by our removal company that if we jetwash bikes, slides etc they will disenfect them and should be okay. Has anyone else taken this kinda stuff. Also have gas BBQ could we take that. Hubby has ooodles of fishing gear. Knows he can't take tackle but wants to take his rods and reels etc some advice would be apprecitaed
  11. fivetogo

    What's about stuffed toys?

    Hi everyone! My Girl loves her stuffed toys. Now I have read that is not allowed to bring stuffed toys to Australia because they could be stuffed with seeds or sands and can carry pests, weeds or diseases. The idea to let her loved toys here...!!!!!:arghh: Did somebody bring their Kids stuffed toys to Australia anyway? What your experience? Thanks for your answer!:notworthy: Sandy
  12. Guest

    Toys And Memory Lane.

    A bit of a nostalgia thread folks. Those of a certain age will remember these 'toys' well. Many a summer holiday spent messing about with them. Fair play, BUT. In this day and age of modern technology toys have seemed to lost their playfulness and 'toy' feel, if you know what I mean. Happy memories spent playing all day with certain things, simple things that bought hours of pleasure. Enjoy, and please feel free to add more to the list. Cheers Tony:wink:
  13. MASSIVE GARAGE SALE TOMORROW! Sunday 23rd May 10am to 4pm Located at 38 Masthead Close, Jindalee (15 minutes north of Joondalup / 30 minutes north of Perth) No TAT here!! Loads of great stuff for sale due to upcoming move back to UK. * Reclining Cream Leather ELECTRIC MASSAGE CHAIR - Forget spending $$$$ at Harvey Normans... a bit of luxury at a ** BARGAIN ** price! * American style Samsung FRIDGE-FREEZER - As new ** BARGAIN ** * Assortment of TOOLS - both handheld and power - Selling all very ** CHEAP ** * LG HDD/DVD Digital Video Broadcaster and Multi Recorder * GARDENING EQUIPMENT inc. lawn mover and strimmer * Portable electric RADIATORS * Portable electric FANS * Antique CHEST OF DRAWERS from UK * Ikea Cream metal DOUBLE BED FRAME * Double MATTRESS (4 months old and spotless) * Ikea Cream OFFICE CHAIR * Golf Bag with assorted mens GOLF CLUBS * Girls BIKE (age 6+) * Kids CUBBY HOUSE * Kids SLIDE * Wooden BABY COT * Wooden Toys R Us CHANGING TABLE * Baby HIGHCHAIR * Child CAR SEATS * Assorted TOYS - girls & boys * Ladies CLOTHES (size 10/12) - Inc. Next, M&S, Monsoon & Mango * Ladies SHOES (size 7) - Inc. Jones * Girls CLOTHES (age 7/8) * Boys CLOTHES (age 2/3) * Assorted indoor PLANTS * FREE BBQ to good home!!!! Plus loads more.... Feel free to contact me if you want to find out about or see any particular item. Will carry on selling what's left over after Garage Sale, so contact me if interested. PM me or call - Mobile: 0430 566144
  14. Dawny

    Shipping toys and such like?

    After hours of endless fights with the kids, what to take and what not to, The question is regarding the cleaning of soft toys, and things like Gi joes action men etc, How clean do these items have to be, regarding slight dust and what not? Many thanks in advance :eek:
  15. nurse sue

    Boys and there toys

    Hi need expert advice or technical support my boys are flying from uk arrive saturday am so excited not seen them since jan :jiggy:and as ive been told im a good mum need to know if xbox 360 uk games are compatible with xbox console australia I am no good with computers even need help to switch on wii :confused: thanks i advance xxxxxx
  16. Guest


    hiya Does anyone know of a good web site that i can use in Australia to send toys back to England ??? cheers Lisa:hug:
  17. Can anyone tell me which is the best/biggest of the Toys R Us in Perth? I'll have to travel whichever I go to so I might as well head for the best - I need to start Christmas shopping tonight - yikes! It's be also good to know what other shops are around each one - any Big W's, Target, K-Mart etc. in case I don't manage it all in one hit! Jules
  18. Aaargh! I've just read in some info sent by the shipping co. that soft toys are permitted but will received 'special attention' by customs and might even be sujected to gamma radiation!!! DS has loads & so many of them have sentimental significance but I don't know what to do now. I don't get it, how are they differnt from clothes or soft furnishings, I mean what's the difference between a teddy and a cushion??? Can anyone shed any light on this? Jules x
  19. Hi - I moved from the UK in 1997 and am just about settled in! I moved to a small town in south west WA in 2005 and had a baby - my quest for quality baby products at reasonable prices began! I have found starting a business here quite easy, I work from home which is great, so I can stay home with my son. The site is all about him! Good luck with your move here, it's a great life, ain't all easy but it is worth it! Here is a bit about my business : Specialising in ages 0-6 we stock baby essentials, toddler stuff, toys & more, but if you can't find what you are looking for, email me via the site and we will try to help! So if you want to deal with a Pom in Oz check out www.thekidsdepot.com.au **Enter POMSINOZ in the coupon box at our checkout to receive 10% off your order over $50. Subscribe now to go into our monthly draw for $25 voucher. Happy shopping!, Julia - The Kids Depot
  20. Guest

    Kids Toys

    Hi All, does anyne know if we have to steralise kids toys like we have to do with tools? Im thinking about dinky cars and things like that. Also what about soft toys can we take them with us? Im spring cleaning the boys bedroom and have come across toys hidden under beds covered in dust and this has made me think of it. Trying to sort through 12 years and 3 kids worth of toys is a nightmare:wacko: lol. I dont want to get rid of too much of their things as we are already changing so much of their little lives. Thanks Shell xx
  21. Guest

    toys toys toys

    hi just de cluttering kids room while at schol and had a thought do i have to take the batteries out of the toys or not cos thats aright fiddly thing to do any suggestions thanks
  22. ali

    Boys and their toys

    Hubby is turning into an aussie bloke - came home with a big 42" TV on Thursday to "watch the footy" - Apparently we're 'Dockers' . Personally, I can't understand it - is there an idiots guide available???
  23. calNgary

    toys r us!!!!

    Hiya I have just discovered there is a toys r us in Brisbane,as both my little ones have birthdays coming up this next month and we arent moving to Oz till November this could be the easy the option ,basically,,,does anyone know if the Oz stores take vouchers purchased here in uk stores ??? have looked at the website but it dosnt give an e-mail contact link,,,Any help appreciated,, Cal x