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Found 16 results

  1. :wubclub:Hi any New or current empoyees in WA for Liebherr on here Hubbie starts to work for them in April , he wants to touch base with anyone in the WA workshop/fieldwork for a chat and maybe a few tinnies in March when we get to WA :cute: Cheers Brides and Den x:notworthy:
  2. Guest

    Touch down question (or two)

    Hi there guys, our visas were granted recently with our last date for entry being May next year. To beat the changes in quarantine regulations our dogs are flying out on the 17th December - however, our state sponsorship is for WA, but, Byford is full, so the dogs are going to Sydney. Now comes the tricky part: do we have to validate our visas in Perth i.e. touch down there first, or, can we fly straight to Sydney, collect the dogs from quarantine (and then somehow get to Perth (not worked that bit out yet!))? Or do we have to touch down in Perth first? Also, would anyone have an idea about the cost of flying two dogs from Sydney to Perth? Many thanks folks. Alan
  3. Immigration Restriction Act 1901 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I know it's Wikipedia but gives you a good idea of just how tough the Aussies could be when they wanted. Immigration Restriction Act 1901
  4. Smirfyduo

    Friends losing touch

    Hi everyone, Just found out from facebook, of all places, that a friend of ours got engaged last week.:huh: Don't get me wrong - if he is happy, then good for him.:biggrin: However, the last time we heard from him was when we found out he had left his long term GF. We didn't have any issues with her - didn't really know her, so it wasn't like he would have felt awkward because of us being close friends with her. If anything, we didn't think they would good for each other (Not that we EVER would have said anything to him about that), so the break up was no surprise. We phoned him after we found out about the break up to see how he was doing - he actually seemed annoyed that we knew he had broken up with her. He also asked not to broadcast the news of the breakup, as apparently she was taking it all really hard. We haven't said anything to anyone. I have emailed him a few times, to say hi and ask how he is doing etc. No replies to any messages. Anyway - I always suspected that he moved in with another girl pretty quickly after the break up. But he hasn't replied to any emails, and has changed his mobile. The only other contact no I have is his ex's home number, so we can't call him. Turns out, according to the lovely FB, that he obviously DID move in with this new lady immediately after the break up, and he is now engaged to her. (Have only met her once before, many many years ago through mutual friends) I guess I just feel pretty flat that someone, who I thought was a close friend, has obviously been through a lot, but clearly does not want to keep in touch. Am not sure what we have done, or if it is even worth asking. I am the type that would have sent cards and pressies for this - and now I feel that I can't even be bothered to send a congratulations email. Hubbie and I are also the type that, if a friend has non-starter as a partner, we would never say anything - even after they break up. Always a danger that they will get back together and then your friendship will suffer. Sorry if this is a bit of a whingy thread, but I feel pretty whingy and am scratching my head to understand what we have done wrong?:no:
  5. Dont ask me how or why, but somehow my 11 year old daughter dropped her iPod touch down the toilet this morning - apparently that's called and iDump!! She said it happened as she was flushing :huh: I was out at the time so I told her to dry it off as best she could and turn it right off......oh, and to WASH HER HANDS!!!!!!! So I come home and find she's plugged it into the plug socket :chatterbox: WHY I asked her......because it flashed on and told me to plug it in.....grrrrrr Anyway, I retrieved it and shook it for all it was worth to remove any moisture I could from it. However, I can see there is still some in there.....there are tiny water droplets on the inside of the bottom of the screen!!!! I then attacked it with a hair dryer on a very low setting..... And now it's sitting in a bag of rice on top of a very very luke warm radiator! Does anyone have any other ideas? What are my chances of bringing it back to life to you reckon?! Love Rudi x
  6. Guest

    Keeping in touch

    Can anyone advise on the best ways of keeping in touch when my son moves to Oz with his mum. Web cam is great but I'm concerned re the time differences will not always make it a viable option. Same as using my land line at home. So I'm considering a mobile phone option...... Has anyone used Skype - how good is 3 in Australia? Do you need to have a wi-fi connection to make it work Are there better services? Mobile phone plans in Oz look expensive by comparison to here - any advice/knowledge of best service providers that give an international option that comes with the time plan at no extra cost?
  7. Hello all Pharmacists I want to say hello to all the Pharmacists who have run away from 9-7 Rx churning factoriesss back at home in the UK. Any one out there???? regards jay:skeptical:
  8. Hi, I am looking to play some touch footy (rugby) this summer, but don't have a team to play with. Has anyone got a team that needs a player? Not promising too much, used to play rugby a lot when I was younger, but it has been a while Cheers Steve
  9. Does anyone know how to get in touch with their CO? The letter we received from him does not have a direct number on it, or even an email address. Do we have to go through the usual processing centre number (which I tried a few times but cannot get through due to call volumes, it keeps dropping me!)? Is there a quicker way?
  10. Hi everyone just letting you know about our monthly dance venue where we play nothing but Motown, Soul and Northern Soul. Yep, all the way down to the talc sprinkled on the wooden dance floor! Run by 3 proud Poms and one reluctant Aussie (The missus) our nights are held once per month at the Bayswater RSL in Melbournes South East. Entry is a measly $5 per head and we also run a raffle each night. Many of our patrons are ExPat Brits and we're happy to encourage more to come along and enjoy our evenings. So if your up for a bit of a dance in an atmosphere that promises NO DISCO and definately NO DUFF DUFF music, along with cheap drinks and great company check out our web site www.melbournesoulclub.com for all the info. Our next event is this saturday and then the last Saturday of every month in 2009 (Except April - see web site) If you come along ask to speak to Mick the Mad Pom, I'd love to say hello. Cheers & Merry Christmas to all. Michael 'Mick the Mad Pom' White :biggrinxmas:
  11. Hi, I have just moved to Sydney i am currently living in the CBD. I am keen to join a Football, Rugby (union) or touch rugby team! Does anyone know of any as keen to get playing!!! and meet people! Thanks Matt
  12. Hi All, My new employer has applied to become my sponsor but am wondering about how much to enquire with them about progress before i make myself a 'pest'?!!! To be honest i am very laid back and just let things happen, but if i do this will they think i'm not arsed? Should i ring them or just wait? They have sent me an email over a week ago to say they have applied but nothing since.......what do i do? So very eager to see this through but don't want them to think i'm a loser!!! Any opinions much apreciated. Andy
  13. 5 weeks to go, got one way tickets to Perth, rented our house, sold all furniture, and hubby having a touch of the seconds. Should I go it alone with the kids so to not lose the visa, it expires on the 16th of August. His reasons are He has invested in his business, and will lose it, not sold it yet. We have a very nice house in USA, only temp business visa for 5 years. But a lot to give up. No firm Job, but application for Perth Police, also Electrician, so will get work. Been ressies for 5 yrs there, if we don't go now we lose it forever. Have 2 kids, would be better for them. What advice can anyone offer. Cheers:arghh:
  14. paulhug

    Keeping in touch

    Hi Can I ask what you lucky people already out there use to keep in touch with family and friends? We have a web-cam, but it's only a tiny picture in the corner. Tom uses it on MSN. But I have seen on 'Wanted Down Under', people communicating with family on a full screen. How do they do it? Anne (aka techno-phobe)
  15. THE FINAL TOUCH OF CLASS - A BUTLER Australia’s nouveau-riche have tried having live-in butlers and it doesn’t work. In the heady days when house-painters became millionaire tycoons, it was thought the final accolade to ‘arriving’ was to employ a Jeeves. British-born Josephine Ive, who trains this nation’s butlers, says: "It happened, but it was just a passing phase. The new-rich, suddenly finding themselves with all this money, decided a butler might be a good thing. But they found great difficulty having somebody living in and running their lives. They weren’t used to that. "The English gentry, of course, have been used to having staff around them. They see them as part of the family. But the nouveaux here had been only used to having daily help, or regular window cleaners, or somebody who came in to polish the car. They decided it was best to have live-out butlers instead." Josephine Ive charges trainee butlers $1,800 for a three-weeks course where, in 12-hour days, they learn there is no such word as ‘subservience’, that they must anticipate their employer’s wishes by recognising their body language; they must be able to choose a fine wine, know how to fold napkins (the Elf’s Shoe is Ms Ive’s favourite); learn how to put on a gentleman’s jacket gently. And to graciously accept a tip. "The butler must never look at the gratuity. He slips it unobtrusively into his pocket with just a small nod of recognition that the transaction has taken place. The last thing he must do is glance at what he has in his hand." Since she began training butlers and valets at her Kew,Melbourne, home in 1987, Ms Ive has schooled more than 100 Jeeves and helped place them in old-money homes, embassies and hotels. Because she runs Australia’s only butlers’ school she is in demand to train butlers and valets for hotels in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and China. Last week she was unpacking from her most recent school at the new 450-room Grande Sukhumvit in Bangkok. Staff from two Sheratons in China have been down to Kew for training and soon she’s flying off to Beijing. She has been asked to tutor staff for the Oriental in Bangkok, ‘which I found a real surprise.’ Ms Ive’s father was in service in a grand home and her grandmother was cook to a famous aircraft designer. "So it is in my blood." She trained first as a chef, and opened her own catering establishment where she served the Queen on royal visits to Winchester. Then for the next seven years she worked as an itinerant butler, travelling about Britain with judges, dressing them for court. She, herself, dressed in a black suit, white shirt, black stockings and shoes, and with a small ribbon tie and a brooch. Her own butlers are encouraged to have expensive, tailored suits in dark grey or navy-blue; never brown or green. "Unfortunately, we butlers all have expensive tastes." Arriving in Australia 10 years ago she was astonished that there was such a demand for butlers. "After all, Australia is so egalitarian in its approach." Finding nobody was training them she created ‘Magnums’ school and wrote a manual which covers ‘speech and deportment, awkward situations, good manners and protocol.’ She teaches a valet to remove a stain on a jacket, to be able to polish shoes, pack a suitcase, hang clothes, tie a bow-tie and serve at table. Torturers would never get from Josphine the names of families employing her graduates, but one recently ‘came out’. Butler Richard Neville who serves at Cairns’ new Reef Hotel Casino, disclosed that after he left Ms Ive he served breakfast to Madonna, played Scrabble with Janet Jackson’s mother and looked after Australia’s Governor-General. Neville, 40, has also ‘looked after’ Peter Ustinov, Victor Borge and a visiting Saudi Arabian prince. "I’ve dealt with so many high-profile people I tend to forget." When a fierce electrical storm struck Brisbane, he was called to comfort a terrified Kathleen Jackson at The Heritage Hotel. They played Scrabble all night. Neville hasn’t forgotten the training Ms Ive gave him. "I wouldn’t touch anyone, never give them a massage and I wouldn’t help anyone with sexual services.. when you are with someone in a room behind closed doors you’d be amazed what happens. You’re very isolated and very vulnerable."
  16. Guest

    HOUSE SOLD (touch wood)

    We put our house on the market this week. I work for an Estate Agents on a Saturday and I put the house on with them this week. It finally went on market on Thursday and we sold it yesterday!! We only put it on as neighbours said each time it had been on market it had taken 6 months to a year to sell! So we are trying not to look too stupid now. The couple that bought it have a baby due in January so we said we we would be out in plenty of time before baby came. Now we are having to look at rented, why is it so expensive? Suddenly all our well laid plans are looking a bit of a mess. Anyway, we are excited too. We have not even done our medicals yet. Only applied for police checks at beginning of September. Oh, well if we do not get in for some reason or another we will just have to buy a new property here (god forbid, really want to go to Oz). Anyway hope you are all doing okay with your applications. There is a alot of patience involved. Hopefully I will start to lose weight with the stress! Love Claire:jiggy: