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Found 25 results

  1. pumpkinpie

    Totally baffled by M&S bedding!

    Hi there, I feel like i'm going slightly mad...I ordered King size bedding from M&S for our Queen bed but it's way too big! I looked on the packaging and it says for a 5ft (king) the measurement are 218x228cm. This is way bigger than the duvet we have (which I got here and is Queen size). I did also notice that on other bedding designs, one in particular it said the 6ft size was 218x228. So i checked the M&S duvets themselves and they're supposed to be 218x228. Am I going mad? Where did i go wrong with this? I just wanted bedding for my queen sized bed! Oh and to top it all It's since been reduced int he sale by 50%...I feel a phone call coming on
  2. OK Folks. About time for a bit of piece and quiet on PIO. How on earth can anyone turn this thread confrontational or controversial.:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: Counting down from one hundred as of now.:biglaugh::biglaugh:
  3. Hi, I have been reading the list of restricted items and the list of 'items of concern'. I have searched PIO and found advice on what to take/not to take and lots of mention of fumigation charges for individual items.......but I'm still not clear if there's a maximum charge for a container needing treatment or if it's per item? What sorts of fees have people paid before? My dilemma is 99% of what I want to take is on the 'items of concern' list. Obviously I will clean it thoroughly but if it's all likely to be charged individually for treatment I'll have to admit defeat that it's just not worth bothering with any shipping at all. If there's say a max $1000 bill for fumigating a 20ft container then I can just budget for that. Is there a sticky I'm missing with all this on? Examples of items I want to take are.... Dog toys Dogs plastic beds Dog crate Floor cushions Kitchenware Towels and bedding Wetsuits Diving Equipment Freezer Wooden Bed (untreated bare wood from ikea) Mattress Wooden Bookshelf (laminated board so should be ok) Wooden TV cabinet (ditto above) I'm acutely aware that my inventory isn't going to read as 1 box of animal stuff amongst a families other belongings in a whole container but likely half the inventory is boxes of 'suspect' items :arghh:
  4. Guest

    Totally Confused!!!

    Hi Everyone, I'm totally confused about what I can do next so thought I'd write a post and see if anyone could give me some advice or if you have any ideas that I havent tried. I am currently on a student visa for 2 years, however I have only paid for the first 6 months of the costs ($4,250). I am due to pay the next 6 months in June, however the course isn't what I thought it would be and there is a restriction on the student visa that means you can only work 20hours a week which sucks and makes it very difficult to save up the next semester fees. I haven't been able to find a job that offers sponsorship but I do have an Australian partner who is happy to go de-facto. We have been living together for 6 months and been together for about the same amount of time. We are happy to register our relationship to have the 12month relationship requirement waived however I wondered if someone may be able to tell me the following: If I am on a student visa & apply for de-facto, does that cancel out the student visa? Will I go onto a 'bridging visa' when I apply for the de-facto and if so what are my rights on this visa? Will I be able to work etc? Can I please have some idea of timescales of the defacto visa - if we apply in April is it likely to come through by June (before my next semester fees are due)??? Thank you so much for reading this!!!
  5. Hi all, Please can somebody shed some light on this! My husband is currently on a 457 visa (carpentry) and we are looking into applying for PR. First of all, am I correct in thinking that he does not have to stay on this visa for 2 years before applying for PR? He was originally on a student visa (for a year) until his employer sponsored him. He has about 4 years experience (from UK) and nearly 2 years experience in Australia (but no trade qualifications). My question is in terms of getting an assessment for his skills, do we use TRA or VETASSESS? Does he have to do this JobReady program or is it only for those who were on student visas? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated! :wacko:
  6. Guest

    Help - totally confused

    Am really struggling with what category of visa I should be applying for. Both sons born in Australia and one living there. Had PR from 1974 - 1994. Lived abroad due to ex-husband's work commitments. Now wanting to return to Australia from miserable England where I have been living for only 8 years. Suggestion of going for Aged Parent sounds fine and would be able to apply in January 2012 as would be appropriate age then. Concern would be that having applied for that and then waiting for finalisation, is there any possibility that it could be denied? Alternatively the CAV route - despite large sums of money, is that more likely to be granted earlier than APV? Perfect scenario would be for my PR to be reinstated but doubt that would be possible. Would be really grateful for some help with this and have been reading past valuable comments from Gollywobbler but doesn't quite cover my dilemma. Thank you anyone and everyone who could help my fevered brain getting a handle on this.
  7. Guest

    Totally confused by the changes

    I applied for a 175 in Feb 2009 - As an Engineer (NEC) 2129-79 - On reading the ASPC processing update email I saw Does this mean my visa will take 12 months? or 3 years? Thanks P.
  8. hi everyone! i'm 22, from singapore, just done my part of national service and moved over right after. NSW>hills district>pennant hills area kinda unprepared, neither schooling nor studying (yet). :biggrin: will someone show me around or something? wanna make some friends too.. i'm so lost! point me a direction pls! thanks! =) *is it ok to post msn/email adds here?
  9. Guest

    Totally confused!!!!

    Hi! Please if possibe could someone explain the process i need to got through to apply for the 175 visa. I am a nurse and realise that i need to sit the IELTS exam and also need to register with a nursing board and do a skills assessment. In what order does this go???? I am so so confused which does not take much for me!!!! Any help would be gratefully recieved xx:eek:
  10. kellyjamie

    totally gutted

    I have just had a look at the QLD state sponsor list and didnt realise itwas updated last week! we have been taken off their regional list:cry: we are absolutely gutted as sponsorship is our only option. We have to now decide if we are happy to head to SA as this is the only state along with NT whose list we are on. It feels like we just arent meant to live there at the moment:sad:
  11. Guest

    Newbie & totally confused

    Hey everyone, Me and my boyfriend are thinking of moving to australia with our young daughter, but tbh im petrified and have no idea how and where to start. Im really excited about the move, but am realising that there are so many things to sort out. We can get in because of his occupation, which is an engineer, but the things im worried about are finding somewhere to live, jobs, child care, banks and also what to do with exsisting debts we have here, such as loans for cars and credit cards etc?? We were thinking of going over for 3 months and seeing what we think and if there is anywhere that we particuarly want to live. I was wondering if anyone has done this and how they went about it. Im sorry if i seem to ramble on, i just need some advice. Thanx Gem :v_SPIN:
  12. We attended an expo at the weekend and we've decided lets try and move - we're hoping to fly to Oz in the NY. The cities shown at the expo were Mel/Adl Loved the look of Mel - i love sports ( horse racing ) We'd both like to be in easy reach of the beach or mountains - walks wildlife. I've worked in a port/river job most of my life and my wife is a Director overseeing IT work. We've no kids to worry about. Any advice on cities or job prospects or visa prospects ? Thanks jj......
  13. alibags

    Totally bemused!!

    Hi Decided tonight would be the night to start the online visa application - and getting nowhere fast. It just seems so blooming complicated! Partner is a nurse of 10 years, but has not got a job over there - no started to look as yet. If we wanted to make a start on this process which number do we apply for - 175??? :goofy: I am sure the system is sent to deter you getting in! Maybe I just want it to be simple, but can anyone give me a tiny little clue on which number I should be at least looking at - to get the ball rolling!? much obliged :notworthy:
  14. Guest

    Totally confused

    Hi my name is Fiona, I am new to this but will give it a go. I am looking for any help and advice I can get at the moment my OH and me have only been talking about moving to Australia but things have moved much quicker than we expected in the past 3 days he has beeen offered sponsorship by 2 companies in the Sydney area, I dont know which way to turn have looked at the immi website but still confused. Please help:cool::unsure:
  15. Hi all. Me and my wife are coming out on 25th Aug. I'm totally confused about what cover we need to get, can anyone help please. We'll be on my 457 visa. So, if you've got a bad throat, the sort of stuff you'd go to a GP in the UK, who do you go and see for this kind of thing??? surely you don't have to use medical insurance for minor illnesses? Also, in the UK I'm on repeat prescription for anti-inflammatories. Where would I see a regular doctor about this? Also I've heard if we took medical cover, we couldn't have a baby until we'd paid into it for a year? Please help, we've only got 2 weeks until departure and it's all getting a bit real and everything's swimming around my head.!! Thanks in advance. Ben.
  16. Well i've been told i'm sooo up my own arse it's unreal. I've just had the pleasure of working a 12 hours day in Brisbane. As some of you may know i'm a cabinet maker by trade and i've only been working for a new firm for the past 3 weeks. Today i've been fitting a job in an old queenslander house and here's the problem: the guy that made the cabinets left the firm i'm now working for a couple of days after i started, and they are completely bodged, and i've got the unfortunate job of having to fit them. I phoned the boss up to explain that they wouldn't fit and was told "you're up your own arse". Now the thing is the boss is a lazy b'stard who doesn't know the trade and i'm just wondering how much **** to give him tomorrow morning. Don't get me wrong i do enjoy working there but need to set out some ground rules, that is when my head does come out of my arse. eddie :yes:
  17. Hi all, after trawling through all the old post on here and finding out loads of useful info I have decided to join and ask for help!!! I am 32 years old and married, my OH is also 32, and we have 3 children aged 8, 4 and 2 and we REALLY want to move to Perth. My OH also has family there. Now after doing some research I am a little confused as to whether we would be entitled to go on a skilled visa or not, and/or if there is any other way of getting over there. I am a hairdresser with NVQ level 3 but I havent worked for 3 years as I gave up to bring my children up. I am now at college doing childrens care learning and development NVQ level 2. My Husband is a HGV driver. If anyone has any info whatsoever to help us then I would appreciate it so much Thankyou :smile:
  18. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this... I am looking to apply for the Skilled Migration program and the first stage is getting a skills assessment carried out. However, I did my degree in IT, completing back in 2003, but since then I have never actually worked in IT (but in other occupations on the SOL list). I basically have a very varied career path. 2003 - Graduated with 1st Class Degree in IT 2003 - 2006 - Working as full-time national print journalist / copywriter (on SOL list) Jan 2006 - June 2006 - Customer Service role (not on SOL) June 2006 - June 2007 - Worked as Marketing Specialist (on SOL list) June 2007 - Nov 2007 - Worked as Campaign Manager (not on SOL list) So basically, I have an IT degree, 3 years experience as a journalist, plus one year as a Marketing Specialist (which fits within the 12 months within 24 requirement). My question is... how do I get my skill assessment? Do I have to do it for IT or Marketing? I looked on the Australian Computing Society site (assessors for IT) and they seem to want years of IT experience, as well as a qualification, whereas Vetasses (who do the marketing) don't assess experience at all, just qualifications (which I don't have). Please can anyone shed any light on what I should be concentrating on? :spinny: Thanks a lot, Adam
  19. Hi All My family ( 5 ) are moving to oz hopefully in about 2 months.Got some questions hope you can help with.i am Australian wife and kids English 1 how much are the airfares to OZ where is the best pace to get tickets 2 how long does it usually take to get visas through 3 We are moving to Sydney.My work is in North ryde where is a good place to live bear in mind neither my wife or I drive yet so i need good transport links 4 what sort of family allowances are we entitled to once we have PR visa based on a salary of approx $70 need you help please
  20. Hi everyone. I've been a bit of a silent lurker on PIO since getting my CPV back in May, it's different when you're an oldie like me. Anyway, I'm leaving for Melbourne on Nov 28th and I have to admit now I don't know how I'm going to do it. When I applied for the visa my older son plus Aussie GF were there and keen for me to move, now they're working in Europe and don't look like rushing back to their house in Oz any time soon. My daughter is in Sydney, but that's some way away. And the youngest is staying here in the UK for the moment, though he has passed his Vetassess and is thinking about a move. So here's the thing...when I arrive I'll be all alone in Melbourne and tough as I am the reality is hitting me hard. I feel as if I can either cope with all the emotional type stuff OR the hideous practical stuff, which is stressing the life out of me at the mo, but not both. The cat went off on Wednesday and I cried most of the way back from Heathrow. Glad to report she arrived OK but yowling and was described as very vocal...go girl! I'm the age of most PIO members' parents and desperately need a few words of encouragement to get me over the next few days. My kids just automatically think I can do it all, but right now I'm not convinced. This is without doubt the hardest thing I've ever done. It's not that I think I've made a mistake, just sad and worried. I really wanted to have all my family together in one place (which turns out to be Oz) but it feels as if I'm the one making the sacrifice and having to be strong. I know that's what mums do, but right now I need cheering up, and I know PIO is the place to come. Crap jokes particularly welcome!
  21. I'm so p***ed off...(excuse french)..... i want to scream:no: We lived in Qatar in 1999/2000 cos of OH job... we were none residents so we had to leave the country every 6 months to get our visas stamped etc.... but because we were there we have to have what is called 'a Certificate of Good Conduct'... (a police check) For this we have had to: Get uk police checks (took 6 weeks) Have finger prints done and notified (expensive) Send finger prints to be legalised... in UK (expensive and took 6 weeks) Photo copy all visa stamps in passport Photo copy recent passport send 4 photos of us each Write a nice letter to the Ambassador asking for police check All these then had to be sent to Qatar Embassy in London....... Which we did.... over 6 weeks ago..... Yesterday i phoned them to ask why we hadn't heard anything.... and after being past from 6 different departments.... it looks like they have lost them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cry: ~They said they would get back to me but as yet nothing...... It could mean we have to go through it all again.... which will set us back 3 months..... so much for our plans for validating in November... IT STINKS..................... Sorry..... i'm going to eat chocolate now min :sad:
  22. Sorry if this has been covered before (I have done a search to no avail - but it is Friday night and my brain has shut down for the weekend)....... My daughter had her passport photo taken at the age of 3 months and she is now 4. Her passport photo therefore differs greatly from the up to date photo attached to our visa application. Will this be a problem??? Many Thanks Sally
  23. This bloody emigrating thing is a rollercoaster is'nt it?? :nah: :laugh: Michaels cousin rang from OZ this morning. She works in her family's company as office manager. She told him that the reason her Mam & Dad were unable to commit to the 2 years employment for him was due to there not being a position to slot him in. Only she has now said that she wants to go traveling at the end of the year (she spent 18mths in UK & Europe couple years ago) and hadnt got the courage to tell her mam as yet as didnt want to let her down as there is no-one else to do her job there. So.........that means that there would be a position as such to fill later in the year and that her folks would be more than happy for him to do it!! Cant beleive it! Only thing we have to go now is convince immigration that he's the one for the job and no-one else in Oz is! (I knew there'd be a catch)!. We are going to have to make sure that there company fit the criteria to be a sponsor as they as only a small business. O well things looking a little brighter than yesterday. I'm not even annoyed about all this snow :wacko: Em x
  24. Well happy mothers day to me.......we spoke to OH Aunt & Uncle in Oz this morning and it looks as though they are unable to help us with a 457 Sponsorship Visa as they dont think they can commit to the 2 years :no: That leaves us back to square one which is....no chance! Feeling totally crap especially after all the hassle etc with my mam and think its so unfair, sorry give me a minutes to feel sorry for myself. I have some questions if anyone can help:- 1. Does anyone know what sort of checks are done by immigration once you arrive on a 457 visa...ie. do they come and check up on you?? 2. Does anyone know what would happen if your were on a 457 visa and the company changed hands? 3. If you are not entering Oz on a company sponsorship visa or a PR how r u getting in. 4. I have read up alot about Student Visa's but the question seems to be the risk of being able to be granted PR after the end of the course?? Can anyone who's going down that route shed anymore light on it. Thanks everyone again for listening Em x:sad:
  25. MikenSal

    Totally Green!! Which Visa??!!

    Hi to everyone. My wife and I have just made the decision to try for a visa. I've done the points/eligibility test on one of the agency sites and its coming up with a score of 135 over 120 for a Skilled Independent Visa, so we feel encouraged by the result. The thing is, I'm now confused as to which visa to go for. Other than waiting a year or so and getting a few more pounds together to help us on our way, I've read that there's a govt sponsored visa. Is this the same as the skill match list? As I don't like the idea of that. I looked at the list of people with the same trade as me and there were a few on the list that had been on there for nearly the full 2 years.