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Found 19 results

  1. Immigration is a dirty word these days. In the minds of most of the native population, immigration raises the spectre of the boats full of illegals who have thrown their documentation overboard, all the better to gain entrance to Australia. It can reasonably be assumed that a percentage of those are not genuine refugees and are entering illegally as something in their backgrounds would mean legal migration would be denied. It can also reasonably be assumed that the rest, acting as their shield, suffer the consequences. A knock-on effect of the glaring publicity surrounding this issue is that (perhaps usefully to the Government) it has eclipsed the debacle that legal migration has become. I am a member of that most despised demographic, it seems. I am an international student applying for permanent residency. And I am neither a criminal nor a liar. In fact, on paper, I'm a desirable citizen. Previously, an international student coming here could apply for permanent residency subject to whether they had gained enough experience in the field and had graduated successfully. There has been a lot of debate whether this link between education and residency should have existed; I would debate that, in fact, that is irrelevant – the fact remains that it DID and that on the dictate of the Government. And naturally, where there is a entrance, there are people seeking to exploit it and the result was that some students were buying documentation in order to falsely claim their experience, gain residency and then jump ship into whatever other low-skilled job offered easy employment. This of course is a situation that needed to be rectified. Quite often the students were motivated by the fact that decent jobs are hard to come by when you are a temporary resident...most jobs demand PR and so a Catch 69 situation had developed. But nonetheless, it could not go on. An entire industry of shonky colleges had sprung up around this abuse of the system and that also was unacceptable. But now the pendulum has swung too far the other way and as we all know, two wrongs do not make a right. Ex international students like myself are now being systematically stripped of their finances by processes (unnecessarily repeated medicals, trade tests costing thousands, English testing imposed on native English speakers, etc.) which are begun at significant expense and then suddenly rendered obsolete once half way through by the continually changing rules. The Job Ready Programme most international students now undergo costs upwards of $4,000 and currently leads nowhere but another few years of imposed temporary residency. As an example, I use myself because that is the case most familiar to me. I studied and graduated as a cook in 2010 whilst working part time in the industry. Shortly after, I got a full time job as a cook and proceeded from there. I have followed every dictate of the immigration department for someone in my position. So far since my graduation, the rules have changed twice and now I have invested heavily in a process which will now not allow me to apply for residency under the new rules due to my age (over 40). My mental health has been challenged by the stress of living in limbo, and I am by no means inclined towards hysteria. Students can gain sponsorship through a 457 visa, which morally one could accurately call a “slave visa” in which the employer, good or not, has such power over the employee that the loss of the job for whatever reason can result in a 28 day edict to get out of the country. This can and does open up a world of exploitation and in the hands of a less than squeaky-clean employer, threaten the working conditions of the local Australian workforce. Now Perth is regional (but only for employer sponsored visas; you can have been in the same classroom as another student for 2 years and yet only one of you can claim points for regional study) and the 857 programme has opened up, it is yet to be seen if the brighter employers will take up the advantages of that. Another abusive aspect of the system is the bridging visa. Presumably it was originally designed as a short term visa to keep foreigners lawfully resident whilst their applications for other visas are decided, Now graduates are kept on this visa for a 18 months at least, whilst waiting for their 485 visas (Skilled Graduate) and when you realise that the restrictions include the need to seek permission and pay $105 for another kind of bridging visa which allows you to travel out of the country, and that the reason be pressing (sick family member, your wedding, etc) which effectively disallows holidays and such mundane things as visiting friends and family, it is bordering on scandalous. These are normal human activities and the denial of them can cause extra stress in an already extremely onerous situation. There are instances of people kept on this visa for years. As an example, I recently had a sudden death in the family; one of the younger members, a devastating loss. On learning of it, I scrambled for a flight in order to get to her funeral. At the immigration office in Perth I applied for my permission to travel and during this interaction I asked what the procedure was when the offices were closed and something of some urgency came up. I was told that I was “lucky” it happened at the time of week that it did otherwise I simply would not have been able to attend the funeral, or if I did, I would have been considered to have abandoned the previous 3 years of hard graft and heavy investment, the cheeky funeral-goer that I am. I need not point out to any intelligent person what is intrinsically wrong there. Can it really be said of a country that they give a “fair go” when they keep perfectly genuine and capable applicants on temporary residency status for many years after entry? International students have made a very significant contribution to Australian society both financially and culturally. Temporary residents here contribute fully into the tax pot but are not allowed access to health services, domestic study, and a whole raft of support accessible to the regular tax payer. Whilst this is an inescapable fact and entirely normal to have a waiting period before accessing such services, it also throws up questions of how long you can reasonably keep people in this sort of position where they cannot settle, whilst still calling yourself a fair society. I'm a little tax generator with diverse skills, world wide cultural experience, a high IQ, in good health with one doctors visit in the last ten years (and that was for immunisation), law-abiding and with years of voluntary work behind me contributing to the greater good yet the Australian immigration department is penalising me for my age (despite recent assurances that the work ethic, reliability and more robust experience of the older worker is now looked upon favourably) and my romantic status (single: someone with a partner with skills gains the crucial extra five points). This was not the case when I entered and by the time it is over for good or for bad, I will have been unfairly pushed over the age limit for which one gets any points at all (45). If I go back to the UK, it will be with the feeling of being at the receiving end of some very big failings in DIAC's policies; Australia has the right to decide who can enter and remain with sovereign immunity as can all countries and with good reason, but for goodness' sake do it with some degree of justice, or your international reputation, already looking tattered around the edges, will go completely down the drain. And Australians who think that temporary residents here have no right to feel the way I do? Walk a mile in my shoes.
  2. Hi, got my IELTS tomorrow so on the off chance I actually pass, I thought I better start the ball rolling on the next part I am tackling. Skills assessment for carpenter (331212). What does it actually entail? All parts. Did some homework pre July but things have changed somewhat. Any advice would be greatly welcomed on both the IELTS or skills assessments. Thanks Rob.
  3. Hi guys, I'm just looking for the facts about this visa. Including any payment to be made by the employer, what is the total cost in obtaining the above visa? Thanks
  4. Some good news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13773692
  5. hi all, im just having a total moment of wondering if were doing the right thing! i all of a sudden feel so emotional and keep thinking am i being selfish taking my daughter away from my parents, also my son isnt coming and friends this week have all been telling us how much thye,ll miss us:cry: first time ive been like this, i know deep down this is the best thing for us, but thanks to watching bloody MTVs greatest movie songs and hearing bette midlers, wind beneath my wings im now a sobbing quivering emotinal wreck!
  6. Just want to check with everyone, is the total cost of shipping including Shipping cost (removal company), insurance (insurance company), duty or tax fee (extra if have new stuff bought within 12 months) and AQIS (300AUD-600AUD)? Do I miss anything important? Thanks!
  7. :sad:Hey everyone! I'm writing this post in a bit of a ''down in the dumps'' state!! Having gone through this process with the help of an agent and spending thousands for them to do our paperwork, we are now told that we have no chance of getting anything done by 1st July before the changes. The agent was slow to send our bits off and my husband (an electrician) has already paid for the Vetassess paper in order to do the practical. (Not to mention many thousands of £ as agents fees) The next practical is on 11th July (beyond the deadline of course). My agent is being very vague, but suggests we DON'T now pay for or do the vetassess practical, as she's not sure whether it's going to be worth it! Oh great!!! We were applying for State Sponsored in Perth, but now she's saying the only option may be for him to now find work sponsored employment!!! This, she says, is all due to the changes in the points system, which we now don't make enough points for. I am gutted... Not only have we spent thousands on this, we have invested so much time and emotion in the whole thing. I feel like it's all been for nothing and we may as well have done it all ourselves. I understand that this new points system is unclear right now, but feel that enough has been on the internet for my agent to have had a better idea before letting us continue. I'm so worried that my husbands trade will no longer get us there. He has been trading for 8 years but has no degree, just C&G. Is anyone else out there as confused/concerned/utterly unhappy as me????? Cheers for reading my rant! Lucy
  8. Dear All, The South Australian "Sate Migration Plan" page (State Migration Plan South Australia :: Make The Move) indicate that, "For 2010-11 South Australian’s cap is 4,890 visa grants, which includes primary and secondary applicants." Is this mean after 4,890 SA sponsored visas granted DIAC will stop granting visas for 2010/2011 year for SA ..???? So it means if some one has priority 2, it doesn't matter after 4,890 visas granted they'll suspend grant visas until 2012...???? If it is like that, do anyone have an idea about how many are waiting with SA sponsorships in the line to grant a visa at the moment in category 2...????? :no: Thanks, :confused:
  9. John Gilfillan

    This is now a total and utter Joke

    Hi all, Just wanted hear everyone elses opinions. In my opinion this migration process is now a complete and utter farce. DIAC, The States and Agents have been the only ones to benefit from this debarcle. As I mentioned om Rachbarlows thread, Diac have made a fortune in interest from us, the states now can cherry pick from an extremely large pot of Skills and the agents are still making huge amounts of money from us. If I am not mistaken, agents were advising people to hurry and get their applications in before certain dates. I am fuming with the latest news that if you already have state sponsorship then you may have to re-apply and may even end up further down the pecking order. Re my previous statement; If you were to dangle food in front of a child and repeatedly kept teasing and taking the food away, you would be guilty of cruelty. This whole affair has put a drain on many families, whether it be financially of personally. They should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, but I suppose that Karma has a way of catching up with the actions these people have taken. Yours ( Decidedly P....D off ), John. PS, Please post your comments for all these people to see. They must know how we feel.
  10. pommysteve

    Can Hol Visa count toward PR Total?

    Here's a good one..? As I understand it you need to live in Aus for a total of 2 years within the 5 year validity of your 175 PR VISA to be able to get a RRV visa? Will I be able to count the 3 months I spent there on a holiday (ETA) towards that 2 year total even though it was before I applied for a 175 PR Visa? I doubt it but It's worth knowing the answers to these things, eh? Thanks, Steve.
  11. My Partner is having to do a Stat Declaration for his current job as he doesnt want to imform employer than he will be leaving (not until visa accpeted etc) as obviously we still need his job. So ive looked at the link www.ag.gov.au/statdec and found the Stat Dec Act 1959 which has the form to fill in. Firstly - Is this where he would write his own job description details for the current employment? Then do we print this off and get solicitior to fill in the witnessed by bit etc? Then does this get photocopied (so its not an original as stated by the TRA guidlines), and resigned by the solicitor? Next - Where does the Stat Dec Regulations 1993 come in to it? What do we need to do for this part? And whats the difference with using the 1959 Act as aposed to the 1835 Act?? I know this sounds mad, but thats how it seems to me. Any clues?? I just really want to get this right Thanks in advance to anyone who can help Kate x
  12. Hi evryone, apologies if this is long but we need help! Our dilemma is this, we are finding it quite tricky to get to oz and as of last nite have been informed we could go to canada instead!! So what do we do? See without doubt our hearts are in Queensland and after we visited last july we all loved the place. Now neither of us are qualified and thats the problem with getting to oz. I have a HNC in childcare but thats not on the list, jamie has been a youth worker for 3.5yrs but no formal quals to back it up. He is studying for a svq3 plumbing and we have been told by vetassess that his quals would be good enough to allow him to sit their exam, but for DIAC he needs to be working 12 out of last 24mths for visa, and considering the construction indusrty at the mo, thats not looking hopefull at all. Also the construction in oz, i believe is dwindling. So we believe our best option if we want to be there any time in the next 5 yrs is a student visa, which we would do except the majority of cash we will have will be swallowed up by course fees, school fees, a car and rent for a few mths. If it went pete tong we,d have nowt to come back with! and that is mega scary, also the worry of securing work afterwards. But we learnt last nite that if jamie can secure a job offer from a canadian employer then were in and with his experience he should manage that. Canada was always our second option but i think thats because of the weather and the fact weve never been and seen it first hand. SO what do we do....... A. Follow our heart and use our money go to brisbane but with the worry of getting work once qualified and securing PR OR B. Go to canada our 2nd choice (prob coz weve not been) with a job in place and money in our pocket??????? Without doubt i think we need to visit canada? god when will things become simple and straight forward!!! many thanks for listening, im sickening myself with trying to find a way into oz, honestly i ahve looked at everything! xxx:wacko::wacko:
  13. Can anyone clarify the points for 176 state sponsored, do we have to have 100pts before we get the extra 10 pts if we get state sponsorship? I work this out but not sure if correct? SOL 40 pts Age 20 pts IELTS 25 pts Work exp 5 pts State sponsorship 10 pts Total 100 points enough to apply for 176 visa? I have looked on the immi website at this visa and think i am right. Just wanted to check before i apply for state sponsorship thanks
  14. Just returned from a weekend away and oh jokingly said get on hotmail and see if meds have been requested, to which i curtly replied Don't be so stupid it's only been 2 weeks since app went in online! Could not / can not believe my eyes but we have been allocated c.o. and med's have been requested!!!!!!!!! OMG! House not even on market yet and no meds etc booked. didn't want to rush things cos we thought we'd be waiting a couple of months at least (going by other threads on here!) Now in major panic! Tommorrow will be the busiest day of my life!!!!! Hope this brings encouragement to other pio applicants. Still don't know why it's happened so quick ( we're going on 175 visa ) but no way are we complaining! Here's to xmas in OZ!!!! Ginny,Mark & Ciara:yes:
  15. Guest

    Increased PM's to 100 total

    Hi All, Just to let you know I have increased the maximum number of PMs allowed from 75 to 100. Cheers Tim
  16. shazney64

    total costings?

    Has any one got an idea of total outlay for moving to OZ? shipping range of costs? Visa per adult and child? Including TRA's assessments and medicals per adult and child? Air tickets family of three? cheapest time!! migration agent? money needed heard that usually about three months wage? would be appreciated if anyone can help, looking at Sydney many thanks sharon
  17. Guest

    Medicals Total disaster!!!

    Hi guys Its the Vicar again Well we had our meds today. Hubby and two children sailed through! Me...complete disaster. I now need a total of five different reports done including (get this ladies) reports on the two D&C's I had after 2 miscarriages!!!! (Sorry if that is too much info for some). Can you believe that???????? I am totally gutted. Not only that but my blood pressure decided to go through the roof. I was totally distraught by the time I came out and have only just stopped crying! It seems like I will be the failure and because of me, no-one will be able to go to OZ. I feel totally devastated.:sad: :sad: :sad:
  18. Does anyone have any idea of the cost of buying property in Brisbane. For example here in Spain the rule of thumb is +10% of property value to cover conveyancing, land registry ect...
  19. Guest

    total cost

    Hi there is anyone out there who has completed the move to Oz,and has keept a running total of the cost involved because it would be really usefull to have an idea of the real cost of moving so we can plan a head,and all the best to one and all out their and still hear,,,Chris and family from a windy Derbyshier