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Found 120 results

  1. Oh well, was hoping to have heard back from Vetassess by now so I can pay for practical! Looks like it'll have to be October now if successful. Nevermind, only sent paper assessment on the 10th May so was pushing it abit... Anybody in the same boat?:arghh:
  2. Guest

    movers in tomorrow!!

    hello all, well the eve of the day the movers come is finaly here!! are we ready? u no way!! there seems so much to do still. i have a question though if anybody can help. we are putting clothes in the vac bags from argos(great by the way)you can get loads in and they go so small,but how much weight will the packers put in one box? i can make these clothes bails big but they get very heavy. any help would be great johny
  3. Hi Everyone. I'm hoping that some of you will be able to help me, hopefully I am not being cheeky. I am currently researching providing a bespoke shopping service for expats. I have lived abroad myself, and spent a year in Australia. I know that some items can be expensive for you to buy there (random items like books, greeting cards, perfume etc). My younger sister has been in Brisbane for over 3 years and has given me her list of 10 things she would like delivered tomorrow morning (it's a dream box :wink:) but she had to think back to her first six months when she missed everything so much more. My intention is to provide a personal service that will cut out high shipping costs. I feel for anyone who is homesick & sometimes a few things from home could help you get through the worst of it..or maybe you just can't do without your No 7 Protect & Perfect serum & your M&S undies or NEXT childrens clothes!! I understand also that you may not always want to have to ask family/friends to send items out. I really really appreciate anyone who has time to think about it & send me a reply. Because of my geographical postition I will be able to provide both UK & Irish goods. Thanks so much in advance if you can help me out, really looking forward to reading what's in your box...enjoy the sunshine & your new lives. xx
  4. rockola57

    What's the plan tomorrow?

    Well,i was just ponderin' there!We are all different,so what have you got planned tomorrow(AKA as being nosey):wink:Nowt much for me personally,just house jobs,gardening ,cleaning etc,then Shops,then beach for good walk,then Bevvy n PC!Boring old fart i am.Bet your day will be more interesting :yes:Go on,share it with us!:wub::biggrin:
  5. rockola57

    I'll do that tomorrow!

    Just a thinkin' thur.I have got a mondo stockpile of jobs to do around the house,none are all that difficult to sort BUT i just can't be asred doin' them when i got the time!:embarrassed:It's shameful,never used to be like this back in Blighty,i used to revel in the challenges like fixing roof tile probs,water leaks,weeding,erecting fences,painting,changing the oil in the car etc etc etc!!!!!Now i just can't muster up any enthusiasm.:embarrassed:I was a house proud nut back home,but since coming here things have slipped sadly!The big move seems to have turned me into Homer!:notworthy:Tomorrow it's up at 7:yes::nah:Clean and polish all windows inside and out!Weed front and back garden,fit shelf in bathroom.make sure the tyres on the cars are safe,and the spares,and the jack's are available if there is a puncture,and hoover up the whole house,and get the fans out the shed and clean them up and phone home after goin' to get credit and:swoon::wacko:while there get the shopping in and put juice in the car and fix the drainpipe that fell off and get some ink for the printer coz i gotta print sh..tpiles tomorrow or life wont be worth livin',and....and....!Nah,when i gerrup tomoz first thing i'll say to Faceache when the grouchin' starts is"I'll do that tomorrow"!One oft ponders if other Gentlemen have encountered this strange phenomenon?:shocked::wink:
  6. Everyday we should do something good for ourselves......no matter how small or big... SO Tomorrow I am going to ......... Go to Donut King and get a Hot Chocolate and a cinnamon donut What will you be doing for yourself?
  7. paisleylass

    Leaving for Brisbane tomorrow!!

    In the process of packing right now and all is on schedule. We are now completely unfurnished, 2 sets of keys gone to letting agency (there's a viewing on Monday!) and a third to go through the letterbox when we leave for the airport. Countdown is now 12 hours til taxi time! OMG. Just bought some extra cash currency for USA stopover and Aus to tide us over til our bank appointment. Hope we'll remember to stop at the Travelex counter at Glasgow Airport! Really looking forward to my first beer of "tonight", which will in reality be at Heathrow Airport tomorrow morning after a sleepless night!
  8. Salma

    Shippers Arriving Tomorrow

    No turning back now, Pickfords will be turning up tomorrow morning! It is begining to sink to in a bit with boxes and bags everywhere and 2 weeks today I will be on a plane about to land in dubai! I have lived in this place all my married life (6 yrs) and a lot has happened and it is bittersweet leaving it all behind but looking forward to a new life with my husband and little boy!
  9. Got my IELTS tomorrow. Can't say that I am, in any way what so ever excited about the prospect. Any last minute advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. ......who would get your vote? I've kept the results private for those that wouldn't prefer to disclose who they vote for. Personally, If I was back in the UK I'd be home in Scotland. So I'd vote SNP. This isn't necessarily a vote for independence, just at the moment they seem to be the only UK party actually going out and representing the interest of their constituants. I've been reading lately how the UK could be heading back into another recession. Apparently it's to do with "external influences". Though most probably it's to do with these draconian austerity measures. Even though the Tories have known for a while their plan isn't working, they seem determined to let the UK run into the ground for the sake of their ideology. Anyway, just my opinion. No doubt with it being CTF. They'll be someone along in a minute out to prove me wrong. :laugh:
  11. We have our meds booked at the much praised (on POI) Bridge clinic in Maidenhead for tomorrow morning. We have children of 2 and 6 whom we have chosen not to vaccinate following extensive research on the pros and cons. My question is whether this will be covered in the childrens medical and if we tell them the kids are not unto date with vaccinations, will this be a problem? I would also appreciate any information on what actually happens at the medical. I know that adults need a chest x-ray and blood tests but that's all I know - what else happens and in particular what kind of examination do the kids get? Can anyone tell me if the medical officer writes to your GP for general medical information. Many thanks in advance for replies. Jay
  12. Guest

    Moving to Gold Coast tomorrow

    So I finally have my 457 visa, and fly from Heathrow to Brisbane tomorrow evening :eek: I had been happily living in Christchurch, on my Permanent Residency visa (which took a year to get) for 2.5 years, until the earthquakes of September and February. A combination of thousands of scary aftershocks, increased cost of living, and needing a change in direction, have made me apply for my 457 and move to Oz. Having packed up my life in NZ in August, I have spent the last couple of weeks visiting family in the UK, waiting for my visa to be issued. Luckily it was issued this week, and the relief was immense!! So tomorrow, the next chapter of my life starts, the dog flies from his foster home in NZ to Brisbane in a couple of weeks. So here beginneth the whole migration setting up home thing again. I feel like a bit of an old hand now, and have most of the boring bits done - bank accounts, mobile phone, PO Box etc etc. Just need to find a rental and car before starting work in 2 weeks. :arghh: Fingers crossed I hit the ground running and don't suffer too badly from the dreaded jetlag!! Looking forward to meeting some of you Gold Coasters once i'm settled, I found that making new friends quickly really helped me to settle in Christchurch nearly 3 years ago. So better go and get some packing done, and get some sleep before the flight - see you soon!! :SLEEP: Emily
  13. Want to see where the american General MacArthur ran the pacific war from in WWII? Or what the Masons really get up to? Or tour parliament house? Or view the lovely St John's? Or sneak up a skyscraper? Or see where the connected hang out at the Tattersalls Club? Or how traffic is controlled throughout Brisbane? Or take a peek at the performing arts complex? Or even a back of house museum tour? Brisbane Open House has all this and more for one day only tomorrow Saturday 1st. See: http://www.brisbaneopenhouse.com.au/
  14. AaronS

    Shipper coming tomorrow!

    Alright...I'm officially freaking out! Shippers are coming tomorrow. We had a moving sale yesterday. EVERYTHING in our house sold! We opted to sell all the large furniture and to scale down to a smaller container (8ftX8ftX8ft). Today we are sorting, cleaning and prepping our personal item for the shippers. I'm having some anxiety over it.....honestly I'm having a LOT of anxiety. I'll be moving in with my parents with my kiddos now. Also have limited computer access (it's getting packed up next)
  15. Well the satellite we chatted about before is moving towards Earth faster than they expected and reports say it could be as early as tomorrow. http://www.space.com/12982-dead-nasa-satellite-falling-earth-sept-24.html Hope it misses land and hits the ocean. What I don't understand is why they couldn't have blown it up before it enters the earths atmosphere or is that only in movies:wub:
  16. Oh Well The day is nearly upon us we have our dreaded medicals tomorrow , so this is the day that will define the rest of my life, I will either be fit enough to go or i'm ill with an undiagnosed illness!!!! Lol I feel great having lost 40kg since feb but i'm still a big chap so hopefully the letter from my doctor confirming my as he put it "sensible weight reduction programme" will help. Sorry for rambling but the nerves are starting to build and i'm not normally the nervous type.:skeptical:
  17. INTERNATIONAL airline passengers entering Australia tomorrow face delays and disruption due to quarantine employees voting to strike for four hours over a pay claim. The union representing Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries employees said inbound international travellers should be prepared for delays and urged those collecting passengers to take account of this, The Australian reported. The Community and Public Sector Union said the industrial action would also affect cargo inspections, the release of imported goods and X-ray screening of international mail. In a letter to the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service, a Sydney Airport senior manager, Jeff Stirk, warned the action would have a "very significant impact'' on operations. Increased congestion in the Customs hall and baggage reclaims areas would heighten security risks, and there could be problems with baggage handling, including on transfer flights. Strike scheduled for 19th August 2011
  18. Guest

    Urgent Help Medicals tomorrow

    Hi, I have medicals booked for tomorrow in Mater Dublin. They rang to confirm earlier and told me to bring the referral letter, does anyone know what this is or where do i get it? I have just printed off our forms 26EH for us all 2 adults 2 kids and 160EH for myself and husband. I am very confused over this dont want to get it all wrong after waiting this long for an appointment. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please. Also do we need to bring passport photos for us all? many thanks
  19. Guest

    40 tomorrow!

    I am going to be 40 tomorrow :shocked::cry::yes: so you can wish me happy birthday here if you want to, not that i want any attention or anything :cute:
  20. Guest

    sitting ielts tomorrow

    hi all out there, im sitting the ielts tomorrow in bristol, has anyone got any tips or advice ? Its been a long time since i sat an exam !!!! cheers
  21. Hi there Is anyone attending tomorrow? I've read a few negative comments about the Birmingham day but would like to see if I can find out first hand info about public sector work for my profession. Besides, a trip to Ikea is needed too :wink: Only problem is I can't seem to find any info about where the blinkin this is going to be held?? Can anyone advise?? Thanks!
  22. Nosharksthanks

    Last day in uk!Fly tomorrow

    Flying to Sydney tomorrow morning,can't sleep now too excited!probably a pointless thread so i apologise but just thought I'd see if anyone else arriving similar time to us?
  23. swifty99

    So tomorrow we fly

    So finally after years in the planning and a year on the market the house is now sold and tomorrow we fly out of heathrow ready to start out new life in Melbourne, SO EXCITED........... :biggrin::biggrin::jiggy::jiggy:
  24. Hi All There are a few new girls going for after work drinks in CBD tomorrow night (thursday 25th) if you want to join us private message me and I will send details. Sharon
  25. Yes, start my first aussie job tomorrow! I am feeling a tad nervous as like most people don't like being the " new girl" let alone being the " new scottish girl"! I am sure once the first day is over I'll be fine. Anyone care to share the tale of there first day in Australian employment? :wink: