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Found 36 results

  1. i'm Georgia i'm 14 and i am really excited about the move yet i will miss my best friends who i have known for years! and i don't want to leave them i'm scared i wont make any new friends and im worried about my gcse's. i don't know what to do!:unsure:
  2. One of my girlfriends phoned me last night to tell me their 18 year old son had told them over dinner he was gay and was moving in with his boyfriend, we had all suspected he was gay, he is a smashing very good looking lad who I like very much and it did not shock me one bit. Problem is with the dad who went ballistic and almost physically attacked the lad :mad: he says he wants nothing to do with him and told him to pack his bags and get out of the house by the weekend, the lad and my friend are very upset and she is trying to explain tho here hubby that is his choice and he cannot help feeling this way but he is not listening. It would not bother me one bit if I had a son or a daughter who told me they were gay, in fact looking at some of the unhappy marriages down here I think I would prefre my daughter to have a female partner. What would you do in the situation?
  3. newjez

    I once told someone ...

    When I was at school - a kid I knew found a live bullet. I told him, (I still can't remember why I told him this - seemed like a good idea at the time), but I told him it's really cool if you place it in a vice and hit the end with a hammer. On Monday morning, he still looked a little pale, and he informed me with a shaky voice that, when one finds a bullet, it's NOT a good idea to put it in a vice and hit it with hammer. No one was hurt, but apparently it scarred the crap out of him and his dad as it richochetted around their garage.
  4. Hi Guys , OH received his Contract for the job he will be starting next year . Now he was told he was going to be electrical fitter but on the contract it says mechanical fitter . there is a clause requiring him to get a trade cert for mechanical fitter within 3 months of joining, he was told electrical fitter . He can do the job they have contracted him for but ....... he did TRA as an electrician (special class ). Is this going to be a problem to get the ARTC at all Brides
  5. You couldn't make it up!!!!!!! Apparently the UK is breaching their Human Rights.:yes: 2 test cases have gone to the European court of human rights and even though they are in prison for Robbery, Burglary, dealing in class A drugs and Threats to kill, the UK have been told they can't deport them.:mad: There are another 214 Somali's also who were awaiting the outcome of this court case, some who have committed the most horrendous crimes and the UK government can't send them back either and i think to myself ............... Just how much does it take for us to say to Europe ................. ? Please feel free to put in the last few words if you can, mine are unprintable.:arghh:
  6. that shop in Floreat where we buy all of our stuff has gone up for sale - anybody know more?:jiggy:
  7. Population boom inevitable, PM told
  8. Hi, we have just told the relatives here that we are going home and while they have tried to understand (although they can't grasp it at all)and be supportive- they are obviously devastated- particularly my MIL & FIL as they are in their mid 70's and not in the best of health to fly. We have only been here 4 months but knew from day one we hated it and it has got worse every day. We've made friends here but we feel like aliens. We had a lovely life in the UK but felt our 3 young children were missing out on all their family here-the trouble is my husband left Oz over 20 years ago and feels like he belongs in the UK. The family here are wonderful, aunts uncles etc-but ours are the youngest grandchildren by far and we feel so terrible to be takng them away but just feel like the walls are closing in. The emotional stress this is putting on my husband is huge- as well as a very stressful job long hours with 4+ hours a day commute and the stress of moving here in the first place and knowing it is wrong. I know that we can't live our lives for other people but hurting people when you've raised there expectations is just horrible-has anyone had a similar situation.:sad:
  9. claireg

    Told parents we are emigrating

    I told my parents last night that we have started the process to emigrate. I have been putting it off as was really not looking forward to it. We also wanted to make sure that our skills assessments were positive too otherwise we wouldn't have pursued it further. They didn't really say much, just "well if that's what you want and need to do then we can't stop you". The first thing my dad said was "well i won't be able to visit you". And that was about it. Not the response I was expecting. I think that they are both in shock and upset and it needs to sink in so we didn't go into any details, that can wait for another time. We came home and I did not sleep very well last night with worry. I feel terrible today, but am relieved that it is out in the open now. My brother emigrated 7 years ago and my parents were less than supportive at the time. They would not let anyone speak of or mention Australia. However, they did come round and they have visited them 5 times for about 3 months every January for the first 5 years. It was a struggle for them as my dad is has rheumatoid arthritis and has to use a wheelchair which mum has to push around. But they did manage it and loved their annual holiday to Oz. But, his condition has deteriorated in the past 12 months and he can no longer travel and is now house-bound. So, even though my partner and I decided on Oz about 2 years ago and started the process just over 1 year ago before my dad's condition worsened, i now feel terrible about leaving. Part of me is really excited and then i feel terrible about leaving my parents, knowing that they can never come and visit us. I am the only child they have left living near them. My sister left 15 years ago and lives hundreds of miles away in Portsmouth and she will never move back home, my brother lives in Oz and now I feel (am the youngest) reponsible for them. Sorry for going on, just thought i would share and am sure there are many others on PIO who have already dealt with these feelings. I am seeing my mum later today. I hope she is OK.:sad:
  10. Has this happened to anyone else? where they have to take certain amount of cash out with them?, did you have to proove you have money in bank here or when you get there? Its just that I dont want to change all money just yet I'd exchange a few £k before I went but would like to wait until the £ was a bit stronger before I changed the rest, all help appreiciated. Julie
  11. Hi Everyone Well the past 24 hours have been abit scary! We finally plucked up the courage to tell the parent in laws (which weve been putting off for months) Plus weve assigned an estate agent, got the hip pack sorted and told my solicitor to get cracking So it's all feeling rather real - no more talking about doing it but actually getting the ball moving!! :-) We were sooooo worried about how the in laws were going to react because we are very close to them and they adore our 2 little ones, luckily my mums all for oz and wants to live there herself so telling her was easy The father in law was quite cool and calm and understood why we wanted to give it a go, whilst the mother in law burst into tears and ran out of the room crying ... Now we expected this, well actually we expected worse from his mum actually, we had visions of shouting, screaming and being chucked out! Bit worried about the next time we see them tho, hope it's not going to be too wierd, anyone with any tips or advice on how to handle the in laws, just let me know Rachel & Family x
  12. Hi there, I have a friend who works for a large company in Oz who have one of the special arrangements with DIAC and have one of those special arrangements for fast tracking employee sponsorships themselves. Well he's just told me that his company have been told by DIAC that they can't renew the sponsorships they have which will expire after their 2 years is up due to the curent climate. He sees all sorts of issues with this both for the individuals (who have moved home etc) and for the company who relies on them. However, at this point he says the direction is clear they cannot renew on expiry so will be sending people home ! Just thought this is worth knowing for anyone considering an employer sponsorship, selling their house etc.
  13. I know, this is the $64,000 question......:confused: But I'd be interested to know what everyone has been told that the 175 timescale is now looking like & by whom were you told? Many thanks, Kelly :v_SPIN:
  14. To start off - Sorry i havent been on line much since returning from our three month trip to Oz but life has been manic. Not much has progressed since we got back, we are still waiting for a formal offer of employment for Hubs and before that happens we cant start the visa application process. Anyway, last night we decided to tell my in-laws our plans to move to Oz and to be honest it didnt go down very well. There was a lot of tears and upset and to be honest its made me feel really uncomfortable about our decision. Has anyone else gone through this? Did you get this responce but then in time people felt easier about it or does it get harder. I know i should of expected this kind of responce but for some reason i didnt. I thought that they may already asume what we were going to do after our trip in Oct - Dec. Has anyway gone through this and changed their plans because of close family reactions? Please someone tell me it will get easier as I dont want to change our plans but i also cant cope with upsetting those i love so much. Sorry to have gone on lol Emma x
  15. Hi all, If you are finding it hard to tell friends you are planning to move to oz, get your kids to do it. On walking home from school with a friend today, my daughters friend asked me when we are moving house, her mum looked at me, and I brushed it over and said o we are thinking of putting the house up for sale in the new year. Then she said, where are moving to, local??? 6 year old pipes up, on top of her voice AUSTRALIA......:arghh: My friend looked at me, I said she is right but its meant to be a secret, but not anymore...... On a plus side, my daughter said I can't wait to go and live in australia, I said o thats good as you didn't want to go the other week, and she said, I do now, its bloody cold here.....:biglaugh: (yet to break to her that she will sometimes feel cold in oz too) Mandisfam
  16. Hi, does anyone know if thats right, that you can't take anything made from wicker? I have several bits made from this but looks like I wont be able to take them now. :sad:
  17. jewatt

    CPV anyone else been told this

    Hi everyone waitng for CPV My daughter rung our agent in Aus the other day to find out what was happening as it was nearly 8wks since she placed the Bond, agent then rung Perth to see what they said about it this is the answer " as there was a large back log they are doing them first it should take about another 6wks we kept being told 2wks then another 2wks once that is done we would be put into a Batch and given a Batch number then when it gets to our Batch we would be asked for 2nd payment as I have never heard anyone mention this I wondered if it was true or were we just getting panned off we are both a bit disheartened hoping it doesn't get to the stage of being capped again and we have to wait until next July. Would love to be reasured that this is the process we have to go through. Good luck to everyone waiting for Visas and the sale of their houses even though we don't have our house sold it would still be good to have the Visa. R:skeptical:egards to all Evelyn
  18. Well we decided to come clean with the children and tell them what we were up to and it went down like a lead balloon. My 7 year old son looked stressed beyond belief,having been told at school that there are huge mosquitos and sharks,snakes and spiders there, and my 14 year old basically said if we go ahead she will hate me forever. What a lovely start to the weekend! I kinda thought this might happen but, I blindly hoped they would say "oh how exiting when do we go!" Any advice gratefully recieved.:cry::arghh:
  19. After 3 months of failed attempts to tell my mother in law of our plans we finally did it!!!!!!! I had been dreading that moment BUT she surprised us by saying although she would be upset to 'lose us' she understood we had to do what was best for us and the kids!!! We couldn't quite believe it, she even says she will visit us!!!!!! She has a brother who has been in Melbourne for 39 years and refuses point blank to visit but maybe he'll be in for a shock (we are heading to Brisbane but if she makes it that far who knows????). We played the situation down a bit, just explaining the long visa wait and then how we plan to validate with holiday/reccie so it will probably be 2010 before we actually go for good. I'm still in shock, I was expecting a nightmare to start. It just shows how people can surprise you sometimes. Tracey :smile::smile:
  20. Guest

    I've told my parents

    Hiya everyone, Just to let you all know, i've finally told my parents about everything going on between Nathan and his family, about immigrating over to Australia next year, and they took it fine. Of course i have now understood that i have no way possible of moving over with them until i am old enough to get my own visa (18), which is a downer but i'll be okay. My parents have understood everything and have told me that its up to me what i want to do when i turn 18, whether thats to move over and join them, or stay in the UK. They said its my life and i can live it how i want! :cute: Love Hannah x x
  21. Guest

    Just told my parents

    Hi, We told my parents of our plans to move to Oz and discussed our reasons for wantiing to go with them. I feel sooo guilty. My Dad was great, he did say,"What's wrong with France? It's closer." But he agreed that there isn't much of a future for our son in the UK and less opportunities for him and was very supportive saying he doesn't blame us and we would go with his blessing. My Mum was a different story. Whilst my Dad was being all supoortive and understanding, she just went into complete denial, changing the subject at every attempt and not making eye contact with me. I'm very close to my Mom and I know it was terrible news to her, I hope she'll come round eventually. She will miss Ben (our son) terribly i know, but his future is one of the main reasons we are going. Next we have to tell my wife's dad and my siblings - who knows what reaction we'll get then! Not looking forward to my sister's response I can tell you. Any tips for how to handle the next stage - ie when we see my parents again on Monday? Wish us luck!
  22. Hi I just want to make it clear that my thread is not about hating anybody or dismissing anybodies dream of moving abroad but I need advice or help or something My brother is 32 and is partner is a bit older. They have a son who is about 18 months and I have just found out that they are planning to move to Australia. Unfortunately they have never spoken to my parents about moving to oz and because my parents have heard rumours they are very upset as it has been very secretaive. They wouldn't try to stop them going but feel the whole process has been very underhand. My brother is very possessive over his son and will never let my parents spend any time with him on their own and my parents are now worried that they are not going to get to know their grandson before he is taken away. We are unsure how far along the process they are but they are visiting australia for a week and I think they might be doing this to activate their visas. What I am wanting to know is how long it will be before they move if they are going to activate their visas and how did other families cope with their relatives moving and the families being left behind
  23. Hi We have been on a downer today, we got a call this morning from the Agent telling us that hubby's job was not class as a skilled job in Australia, he is a fire alarm engineer by the way, the Agent said that i could get a student visa , but this means hubby cant work for more than 20hrs a week also, and with 4 children in tow this does not look like a good option, anyway we have put hubbys resume(cv) online with Seek a job site in oz , to see if we could get a sponsor, our heads are in a spin today trying to think of ways of making our life a better one for our children and us in oz, it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel at the moment, but we are hoping that we wil see a glimpse of light soon, if anyone has any other ideas for us to try please let me know ever hopefull michell:unsure:
  24. Yay, we finally did it! :spinny:We had put it off and put if off, we had been dreading it (as some of you know) but we needn't have worried! They were brilliant! They said 'we don't blame you' and could understand completely the reasons why. My sister in law even said we would make it easier for them and they may join us in a few years! Plus it sounded likely we would get visits too.:yes: So that's both sides of the family and our close friends behind us supporting us now which is great and makes us think even more so that it's the right thing to do. Just waiting on some paperwork, so nothing we can do at our end for now but it's good to have some positive news! If you haven't told your loved ones yet, don't put it off you may be surprised like us and save yourself a lot of worry - it's great to have them behind you so go for it!!
  25. Hello I am new to the forum so hope it's ok to jump in!! Does anyone else wish they'd never mentioned it to anyone that they were applying to emigrate?!! I live in a small town and EVERYONE knows that we're applying. I get at least three people per day asking if we've heard anything yet and it's REALLY annoying!!! Nice that people are interested I suppose, but it's still irritating and just reminds me that we are still waiting for news!!! I feel like getting a t-shirt printed with 'don't ask me about Australia, I will tell you if there is any news' on it!!! L xxx