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Found 18 results

  1. Hi I am 37 and moving over to Sydney in Feb with my husband and two daughters aged 4 and 3 and would love to meet up with other mums with young children as soon as we can. Until mid-march we will be living in an apartment then plan to rent in the Hills District. Now that Christmas and New Year has passed reality is kicking in that soon I will be over there with no friends or family to chat to or meet up with. I am really looking forward to moving but also anxious about being lonely for a while. Mind you my girls will keep me going! If anyone in a similar position or has suggestions for playgroups in the Hills District please get in touch. Thanks Lisa
  2. well its all systems go...we arrive in perth on 6th October :0) ill have my 2 year old with my and looking for places to go, people to meet to keep me sane!! hubby will b working from home for first few months so i want to find things for us to do! anyone local have any ideas or fancy meeting up:biggrin:
  3. Hi we've been here for six weeks now, living in Freshwater and loving it. I have a 21 month old son and would love to meet up with other Mums and bubs. If there is anyone who fancies meeting up give me a shout! Julie
  4. Hi there, we have just moved to Launceston from the UK and have now been here just over 2 weeks. I have a 2 year old daughter and would love to meet up with other mums for play days, taking kids to the park or even just a coffee, at the moment my social life is non-existent, with my partner working full time I'm finding it a struggle to keep my daughter occupied. Thanks Jaime-Leigh :biggrin:
  5. After 6 full on weeks in oz, I have moved in to Buderim with my familly. Older kids have just started school at Buderim Moutain SS this week (fingers crossed that has gone well). However, I'm suddenly missing all my friends in the Uk and I am not sure where to go with my 3.5 year old during the day. Any suggestions welcome. Or if anybody looking for company and fun with toddlers give me a shout. Donna
  6. tonyman

    Babies Toddlers 2yr olds

    can we dedicate this to the above ,regarding issues , problems ,advise and general baby talk...? our 3 girls have been no problem but our 2yr old twin boys are such a handfull, they seem to scream and cry the moment they wake up , this goes on and on , their next trick is to undress when its sleep time in the cot which involves the removal of the nappy ,usually when they or one of them has pood ...! its becoming a proper pain and beyond a joke .....and the showering is endless......not to mention the cleaning......i spent 2hrs in the nursery yesterday cleaning it up and some of today washing their clothes , blankets and shoes of the poo.......with gloves and dust mask...... so, has anyone else had this persistant problem and whats they best way to sort it out .....? remember its twins tho ...........:arghh:
  7. Guest

    Swimming Classes for toddlers

    Hi Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good swimming class for toddlers (my daughter is 2) in the bayside area? Thanks! Claire
  8. Guest

    1 week to go...

    Hello all, I have one week left in the UK. Tracking my worldy goods across the world. Very lucky to have relatives to stay with early doors. But in need of friends, job, home, car etc. It is a very worrying moment. Leaving my job of 11 years. Words of advice great received. My son loves Pre-school will come over to nothing as 3 and half so no school as I understand it until 6 in Queensland, when all his friend will be starting reception. I need sloution to this problem I hope there is things we can do that will not cost to much. I'm worried about his social side as an only child. He is already starting to play up. I'm worried but excited too. So long to get to this point, things have changed so much from when we started and got the visa, being well off to really just about getting by if the exchange does perform a miracle, what with the drop in house prices and of course giving up a well paid jobs for potientally nothing at the moment. It is that once in a lifetime moment we hope we get right. Very costly if not. My husband is a very skilled electronics engineer in avonics. So any leads would be good. Our drem to build a RV10 4 seater. The reality at the moment to find a rental and a car and work out the rest from there. Any help/social contact particularly those with younger children would be most helpful. Thanks Sarah (34), Tony (40), Ryan (3) :chatterbox:
  9. Hi, We have just moved to the Gold Coast 2 weeks ago. Arrived in Sydney from UK a couple of months ago but decided on the Gold Coast. Any one keen to meet up for a play date we have 2 daughters 2.5 and 4? Feeeling a bit lonely and would love to meet some people. We are going to be at Genesis near Coomera Waters within the next week or so but happy to travel. Cat
  10. Hi Can anyone give me any advise on the best flight times to take with toddlers? I was thinking of taking an evening flight so they sleep for a good clump of it? Or does it not really matter?
  11. Hello!! Moving to Sydney (area not decided but might be Balmain/Drummoyne/Manley etc..) in 3wks!! Leaving behind a lots of mummy friends and playgroups,need to find the same in our new home,so if anyone would like to meet up with us (have 2 daughters aged 2 1/2 and 15mths) please let us know! P.S. I fyour feeling homesick it's freezing/wet/miserable here and we all have colds XX
  12. My sons are 2 and 1, we will be flying in March to sydney... I need the quickest, cheapest, BUT most friendly airline........ 1. Could anyone recommend an airline 2. COuld someone please tell me what food they do for kids.. ( i have a fussy eater) 3. Could someone please tell me what airlines do for kids.... (games etc) and anything else i have missed!!!! LOL thanks in advance!!!
  13. Hi, we moved here from Perth nearly a month ago now. I feel a bit daft (!) writing this online BUT my 16 month old son and I are looking for friends My partner works and whilst Im in the process of looking for p/t work I have long days to fill. If you fancy catching up for a coffee, walk, play in the park or anything else please give me a shout. Currently living in Reedy Creek. cheers, Monika
  14. Guest

    Toddlers on flights

    I know there have been a lot of threads about how to cope with young children on flights but I'm still a bit confused! We will be flying to Adelaide with my 22 month old son next month with Cathay Pacific. We have booked a seat for him and hope he'll sleep most of the way. However, it seems that we're unable to use any approved car seat we had hoped to take on the flight from HK - Adelaide because they do not fit in the Airbus seats. Does this mean that everytime the seatbelt sign goes on we have to disturb him/wake him and place him on my lap? Any advice please?
  15. Hi Everyone. I was wondering what you all did when it came to your toddlers food, on long haul flghts. Inflight meals aren't the most desirable at the best of times, and trying to get a toddler to eat them...Hmmmm, plus the price of them for what they are is ridiculous. My dilema is, would I be aloud to take food on to the flight, if yes, ow much,...you are on the plane for the equivalent of a day, unless you have a stop off. Can anyone relate to what it is Im saying.....xx :cute:
  16. Guest

    Milk for Toddlers??

    Hi, We are off to Oz on Thursday, flying with Emirates with 2 kids, One aged 3 and 15 months! What's the deal with milk? My kids drink full fat, will they fill up beakers for me? :wacko: Would be great if anyone could help us out with this! Sounds like a silly question, but obviously want to be as prepared as posible!!!!
  17. Guest

    Mums & toddlers

    Hi, We have been offered a job in Perth and we are going to take it - due out by the 10th March. Does anybody know if there are any good baby and toddler clubs or things to do in the Perth area while Michael is at work? Thanks, The Mitchells
  18. Guest

    Spiders and toddlers

    Hi all We've been in our garden alot lately with all the good weather we had in Devon last week and its got us thinking how do we educate our 2/3 year old about spiders/snakes in oz without fear of scaring him. We catch him picking up bugs/spiders all the time. This is the last thing we want him to do in oz. Has anyone else had this thought?