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Found 13 results

  1. Guest

    Vetassess timings!

    Hi all, I just wondered how long it is taking to process the skills assessments (roughly) Many thanks :-)
  2. Guest


    Flights booked :biggrin: leave uk on the 7th nov heading for pacific pines in Queensland, what we need to know now is when to start contacting the various people for rentals schools applying for jobs etc, any help would be great, it`s all starting to become real now flights are booked :chatterbox:
  3. I've posted this in "Education" as well, because I'm not sure which is most appropriate. "We have a permanent residency visa and are looking at coming to Mornington, Victoria next year but can't decide ref schooling. Our eldest will be 10 on April 10th 2011 (currently in Yr 5) and the youngest will be 7 in 30 August 2011 (currently in Year 2 but the youngest by far). We can't figure out: 1) What grade/year they will be with the months that they were born in. Being born 30 August would youngest still be youngest in year? 2) What age/grade eldest will be in before she leaves primary? 3) Is it best to wait until she's in a year where everyone is moving to a senior school and would fit in better as everything will be new to her peer group too or become established with some friends before making the transition (albeit that they may well go to different high schools anyway. So difficult because they are quite close and would have liked to keep them at the same school for as long as possible to ease settling in. This is doing my head in!!! Thanks "
  4. Hi Guys, I am starting this new thread for Computing Professionals NEC and CSL applicants who have not heard any thing from their CO yet as we suppose to be contacted by them. Please let us hear from all the Computing Professionals NEC and CSL who have CO but have'nt got their visa yet and also from people who have been lucky in this category and got their visa approvals. Those who fall in this category please add their information so all other applicants can have an idea that where they stand at the moment. please keep posting as other applicants will be kept updated. Please also add your application timeline as well. Good Luck ITpro Application Date: jan 2009, co assigned: May 2009, PCC MEDS sent: June 2009, job varification: May 2010, Visa Grant Date: Still waiting :arghh:
  5. Guest

    TRA timings

    Hi does anyone know how long the TRA are taking on apllications :chatterbox:
  6. Guest

    De Facto Visa timings

    Hi everyone, I may be being a bit paranoid here, but hoping someone can help calm my nerves about my visa a bit. The process of getting everything together took a lot longer than I thought it would, and we are only handing in our visa application for a de facto visa this week (hopefully). We are then leaving London in July, travelling Europe for 2 months, coming back to London in September, and then we had hoped to go to South Africa for the month of October and then make the move to Aus in November. If we are in Europe when the visa is granted, is it a huge problem? What is the process once it has been granted? Will I need to come back to London to take my passport to Australia House? Do they give you a timeline to get this done? We won't have a permanent address from July as we are travelling - is that a problem? Sorry for all the questions - just haven't seen much about what happens once you have been approved, and I have read that they have started getting tight with their timings. Thanks to anyone who can help!
  7. Guest

    121 Visa timings

    Hi. Anybody out there gone through the 121 Visa Process (Skilled Employer Sponsored)? We have now filed both Employer and Employee applications together including medicals and police checks etc. Does anyone kn ow how long it takes now to get approval (on average). Thanks. Biting my nails over here!!!:err:
  8. Hi, Just wondered if anyone has recently gone through the partner migration application and been accepted? We're in the VERY beginning stages of getting ready for our application..have literally just printed off and read booklet 1: Partner Migration and application forms 40SP & 47SP. I'm eager to find out about initial entry dates, once Visa is granted. I couldn't see anywhere on the forms giving the timings nor anywhere asking when you'd like to enter the country once your visas granted. Are you given a choice, or is it a standard 6 to 12 months (just guessing here) from date visa's granted or date visa's applied for?? My partner's UK visa runs out mid April and we want to do some travelling enroute back to Australia.. so not exactly sure of timings. Obviously don't want to send our application too soon and find that we don't leave ourselves enough time to get there! Other quick question, re gathering evidence.. with joint accounts/bills etc.. how far back do you go? Obviously for defacto you need to prove your relationships lasted at least 12 months prior to application. My partner and I have been together for coming up to 4 years. Do we send them bank statements right back? Or is that too much information? Thanks very much, Sarahx
  9. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site and the whole VISA application process so please forgive me if I'm asking an obvious question, or something that has been covered elsewhere (although I have looked over the site). Ok, my situtaion is that I've been with my partner for 12 months now but we have only been living together for the past 7 months - so for De Facto Visa purposes I take it we have to live together for another five months to complete the 12 months living together. Is that correct? As my partner is returning to Australia in October I'm concerned with the timings. How long does the whole application process take? Should we have all the evidence required, what is the usual duration for application etc? I saw some timelines on this site that were almost 8 months!? :eek: Thanks in advance! A Concerned Pom! ps. Could I also apply for a holiday/work VISA whilst the De Facto Visa is being processed? Just so I can be in Australia with her whilst they're considering my application?
  10. TinaL

    CPV application timings

    Hi All, With all the experience available on this site I am sure you can answer my question. Our situation is as follows, we have one son in Oz who has been there for over two years and is in work. We have a daughter who applied for a 175 towards the end of 2007, is on the CSL so should get a visa at some stage. When the daughter arrives we will meet the current BOF requirements at 2 - 2. Can you tell me ay what stage we can lodge our application for 143 CPV, when they validate their visa or after they have carried out their permanent move to Oz?
  11. up4answers

    457 timings

    Hi all My 457 has been lodged this week. The sponsorship side is already approved, the immigration bit needs to go through now. Has anyone had any recent experience of getting a 457? Ours is lodged at the parramatta business centre in sydney. I'm looking for approximately how long it takes to get one. I'm reluctant to buy our flights until I definitely know, but equally the flights will keep going up in price. We need to fly on 25 Aug for a start date of 1 Sept. Can anyone shed any light? Thanks guys. And girls.
  12. Guest

    Application Timings

    This is gonna sound wierd to those of you that want to go as soon as you can, but I am constrained to a date in 2010 before which I cannot go (boo hoo). Trouble is, as my name suggests, I am very excited and want to get on with things. I am already getting all the docs together for validation of my skill prior to main application. I have been told that the skill validation remains current for 12 months in the eyes of the Case Officers and I can work out roughly how long things take once you apply from all the gen on here. What I was wondering was can you pause your application at any stage? For instance, can I crack on with it now, get as far as let's say the police checks or medicals and then wait 6 or 12 months, or are you expected to do the individual elements within a required time. Key thing for me is I don't really want the visas too soon and have to go and validate the visas on a special trip, I would much rather get the PV and move within the 12 month period, saving myself the money of the valiation trip. Sounds tight, I know, but it is a lot of money... And if that makes any sense to you, well done!
  13. Guest

    Medical Timings

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes from having the medical to the results being sent to the Embassey. Its the last thing I need to do and I have heard it can take quite a while. I was expecting it to take a week maximum but have heard elsewhere it can be much longer?