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Found 23 results

  1. Guest

    Visa Timing scale help

    Hi, I am new to this site and would appreciate any help anyone can offer. We are a family of 4 - kids are 12 and 9. My husband is a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer who owns his own company here in Bournemouth. We have applied for a Skilled State Sponsorship visa 176 for the State of Victoria as we would like to be in Melbourne. We have completed and sent off the TRA form. We are using an agency as we were advised this would save any hiccups, however, could anyone advise on their experience of timing. How long does it usually take before we hear back from the TRA? We understand that the next stage is sending application to the State of Victoria and then the Australian Government. Why are there so many applications and how do they vary. I have read some of the forums and dont understand the abbreviations - any help on these would be appreciated also. We look forward to hearing from any of you that have been down this road before. Denise
  2. runslikeafish

    Timing Dilemmas

    Hi all, We've been granted our 176 visa today (fantastic :jiggy:) and so we're just deciding exactly what to do with regards to timing etc. It's really hard! I'd therefore appreciate hearing what some of you have done. Realistically, we need to sell our house (although we're just looking at ways we can go without selling) and it's on the market. Given that we need to book shipping, flights, initial accom etc in advance we are struggling with the timing of it all. What did you do? Book everything once you accepted an offer and hope there were no problems? Book everything once you exchanged contracts and rent somewhere in the interim? What about employers? Neither of us have a job offer yet but I would hope/expect that we can get one before we go. My wife has had interest from a few employers and the employment agent is very confident but needs to know our timing. Any thoughts/experiences gratefully received!
  3. Hello everyone, New to the forum but amazed at how friendly and supportive the posts I have read are! Really hoping some of you kind people may be able to help clear up some of our confusion. We are planning to move to Australia as soon as we conceivably can, until last night we had thought this would be FEB/march 12. New information I discovered through this into question, hence the confusion. Forgive me for what might be a long winded explanation of our situation! I am Australian (Newcastle born and bred), but have been living in uk for last seven years on various visas, the most recent being my marriage visa to my lovely British husband. We have a beautiful 10 month old daughter born here in the uk (uk passport only at this stage). My limited leave to remain marriage visa is due to expire 2nd dec 11, and would cost us 975 pounds to renew into the indefinite leave to remain visa. We had been planning to pay this, thinking that it would allow me to come back into Britain if we ever need to return. However last night I discovered that indefinite leave to remain is only valid if you do not live outside Britain for two years+, and we are obviously planning a long term move to oz. In short, my visa expires in December and we are reluctant to fork out a grand for what will only be a couple of months if we don't have to. With me so far? Sorry for any muddle. Anyway we are now thinking we might try to move before my visa expires. This introduces a whole new range of issues. I have been reading forum and I think it seems as though the absolute best result we can hope for my husband to get a spouse visa for Australia approved is 5 months (which obviously takes us past my uk visa expiring). I think I am also right in assuming I need a visa for my uk born daughter? Not sure if she can go on same form as her dad? We also have a house to sell (will be putting it on market in next fortnight). Whilst we don't necessarily need it sold to move, it would be better for us financially and certainly we could only manage a few months cross over! Am nervous about the market and would think we would be incredibly lucky to have it sold before december! Basically my questions are a) has anyone been in a similar situation or b) does anyone have and insight into our options? I believe I am right in saying that in order to avoid paying the thousand pounds to get my visa renewed, I need to leave the uk before it expires on 2nd dec. My husbands visa will more than likely not be back by then, and we won't travel separately because of our daughter. I know this is an essay so will be surprised if anyone has made it through it let alone made sense of it, but if anyone has any info or thoughts on our options they would be hugely appreciated! I am guessing copping the visa fee here might be the only clear cut way but if anyone has any other ideas...am desperate to get home! Many thanks in advance
  4. Hi My wife just sent in the 2nd stage partner visa paperwork. We are both in AU and applied for the visa in AU. One part of the paperwork was a listing of all the times we've left AU since submitting the original application. Actually, we've both left the country for quite a bit of time - in her case about 5 months over 2 years. We were together for most of that (3.5 months) but I kept having to return to AU for work :mad: with only limited annual leave. My question is - do we have to have been living together *in australia* for two years since the application, or simply living together ... or is it simply 2 years from the original application!? Reason being, we don't know if PR will be granted to her in 1-2 months, or 6 months - and we want to book ahead to go see her parents again over Xmas (much cheaper to book now). regards cdewsxzaq PS I realise my question is not so important as many on here, my best wishes to those stressed about vital visa issues!
  5. liudic

    Timing issues..

    First of all, hello!! Just discovered this forum. I am moving to Sydney in about eight weeks time. The flight is booked from London, I did my working visa (the holiday working visa that is 12 months then i have to leave) all online. Within one day I received the ok i had an email giving me my Visa details. The problem is for me, everything seems to be a little bit too smooth. I was expecting to have to show documents, there is talk about people proving they have enough money saved up to be able to fly back, etc etc. All I did was tick "No" when they asked about criminal convictions, and "No" I wont commit crime when Im in Australia, "No" I dont have certain diseases etc etc. I usually wouldnt be so worried but my flight is to Syndey, then after only a few hours I carry on up to Cairns through the same airline. Im worried they will ask me for my documents, and proof of certain things when i land in sydney and it will take so long that i will not be able to transfer. If so i guess I should be trying to send things now to quicken the airport transfer up. Is it usually this easy to get visas? I do have an email saying i have been granted 12 months from when I arrive blah blah, but i NEVER told anybody WHEN I was arriving? Anyway thanks anybody who can shed some light.. I hope Im just paranoid and the days of long winded interviews and document photocopying are a thing of the past and it is just all automatic now! i doubt it but I would be pretty happy!
  6. Guest

    Its all about timing?

    Guys, Hubby and I are giving ourselves a headache trying to work out timings for when go to Perth. As soon as our visa is awarded we will put the house on the market. After this is when we get lost in timings! I gather you don't book flights, shipping and hand your notice in until contracts have been exchanged???? From my experience people like to complete as soon as possible after this date. The next issue we have is that Hubby has a 3 month notice period! Now you can hopefully see why we are getting a headache trying to work it all out!!:goofy: So when does he hand his notice in? When do we ship the house contents? Do we have to pay out and rent somewhere for three months? Do we stay with the in laws for a couple of months and hope I don't kill them after day one??!! Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated PIO folk! Nicky
  7. Moving to Australia is a big decision. And no doubt you will want to start your new life with as much money as possible. One of the main factors affecting the amount of money you actually start out with is how you choose to exchange your funds into Aussie dollars. That’s where Moneycorp can help. Currency markets are constantly fluctuating, but their experts can monitor them for you, helping you trade at the right time, in the right way – when rates are in your favour. As a result, you’ll get more dollars for your pounds. Timing is key It’s important to plan ahead to give yourself an opportunity to take advantage of any favourable exchange rate movements. Leaving your currency transfers to the last minute can cost you more than you might think. If you were transferring £50,000 into Australian dollars on the dates below, you would have received the following: 17 March 2011 A$82,235 12 May 2011 A$77,185 That’s a difference of A$5,050 (or £3,310) in just over two months! How Moneycorp can help As a foreign exchange and international money transfer specialist, getting the best rates of exchange for their customers is what Moneycorp is all about. Plus, for Poms in Oz members, all transfer fees will be waived. Their expert dealers provide information and guidance on the currency markets, helping you decide on the best time to buy your Australian dollars. Regardless of the size of the transfer you need to make, Moneycorp will keep the process quick, cost-effective and hassle-free. Moneycorp has direct access to special interbank rates, which means they can offer you highly competitive deals – often beating highstreet bank rates by more than 3%. Register with Moneycorp You can open a free, no-obligation Account with Moneycorp by clicking here. Alternatively, you can call them on +44 (0)20 7589 3000. Please remember to quote Poms in Oz when you get in touch. In safe hands Moneycorp has been trading foreign currencies for over 30 years and has an unrivalled reputation within the industry. They utilise the most secure payment systems and are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for the conduct of designated investment business and the provision of payment services. Click here for more information.
  8. Guest

    Medical timing?

    Once you are appointed a CO and they ask for medicals and police checks is there a set time you have to have these done. Looking to go September next year and think the way the visa's are going through at the moment i maybe 2 months early.
  9. JohnandEirian

    Timing the big sell off

    I'm sure we're not alone in worrying about when to start selling off furniture and other effects. Waiting for a CO, the medical, etc delays the whole process of actually settling in Australia, especially as passing the medical is not a certainty for anyone. Has anyone done their medical early and got the results so that they knew there would not be a hitch which stopped their plans for going to live in Australia? If so, how long before the anticipated date of being appointed a CO have you chosen and when did you get your results of the medical? We have no reason to worry unduly about the medical, but one never knows. It would be disastrous to sell off everything only to find out later that the whole plan is off. John & Eirian Application acknowledged 8 Feb 2011
  10. Hello, We have the shipping company arriving the same day we're handing over the keys. So, in people's experience if they say they can pack everything up and be out by 12pm, can they?! I know it depends on lots of things but just wanted to know people's experiences!
  11. Hi The company I'm working with are letting me use them in going through the Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856). I'm going to have to get a Skills Assessment which I understand takes 6 to 8 weeks. I'm just waiting on my college results transcript before putting it in. I should meet all the necessary criteria with my degree and work experience. I've asked my employer to organise their "Employer nominates a person" part. One of my questions relates to the timing of when everything is submitted. I've heard I'm supposed to get my skills assessed before applying for PR. Does it go against me if I apply for both at the same time? Obviously I'd be applying for PR without having had my skills assessed. I was just thinking that it would probably be a month or two before my PR application had got anywhere in the list. At that stage I should have had the skills assessed so I can submit it separately afterwards. If it's advised not to do this, I'll hold off. What about the "Employer nominates a person" part. I've asked my boss to get it together. Is there a delay in getting these processed or is it pretty straightforward? They'll be using their own migration agent. Is there anything I need to be aware of from a timing point of view? Just need to know if I need to chase anything here down. Another thing - I can't see an option of applying for the Subclass 121/856 online. Am I missing something? Cheers Bobby
  12. Booking the dogs flights tomorrow. They will be flying on Weds 16th Feb and arriving Fri 18th Feb. I am arranging all the paperwork, blood tests and parasite treatments myself as a lot cheaper but am worried I might get the timing wrong! Does the wording "within X amount of days prior to export" mean that I can't do it anytime before X amount of days but I could do it anytime after? So for example: Blood tests and first round of external parasite treatments to be done within 30days prior to export. - I was planning on doing this day 27 prior to export, giving me three days to play with incase there was any delays with the flights (which is quite likely with the extreme weather we have been experiencing the last few winters!!). Final external and internal parasite treatments, and completion of Vet Cert Part A to be done within 4days prior to export. - I was planning on doing this day 2 prior to export. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  13. Hi Guys, My wife and I are moving from Canada to Brisbane/GC on December the 8th. We have two questions on moving money. 1. When we land in Australia, will we be taxed on cash that we bring with us? Between the cash in our account, the sale of two cars and the equity from the sale of our house (primary residence, not investment property), the taxes would be quite substantial. 2. If moving money is tax free when you land, are there any time restrictions that apply? With a super-strong Canadian dollar, the exchange is the worst in a LONG time. If we have time to wait under any tax free rules, we'd prefer only to convert the minimum for now and wait for a stronger rate to convert the rest, but if taxes or penalties start to kick in after a certain period, clearly that wouldn't make sense. Any insight from previous migrants or experts, would be much appreciated, especially links to official Australian Government sources as I have not been able to find ANYTHING official regarding money transfers and tax implications on the Gov't websites. Thanks! Darren and Andrea.
  14. Well we are in the last stages of our visa, police checks being done in SA and UK ones just about to be posted - getting the house ready to put on the Market as soon as we get the visa, I am planning to go out at the end of the school holidays in early September, so my Daughter doesn't have to start a new school year here in UK. (provided we get visas but everything is happening so quickly I have no doubt) :biggrin: So my father in law phones last night...tells us he is arriving on the 3rd of September (the day School starts) Staying with us for a few days, heading off to Italy then coming back around the 10th or so for his 60th birthday, tickets booked and non refundable.:mad: What is the point of coming to see the Kids when we will all be at work and school after a long 6 week holiday!!! OK so he wants to be here from his birthday - but surely it just doesn't make sense!! So now I feel obliged to stick around cos lets face it, it will be a long long time til he sees us all again. But then My Daughter will have to start year 2 ( for a month) and I won't be able to resign when I want to ( I work term time only and was hoping to resign when the kids I look after go to big school ) and even though its not the end of the world its SO annoying when people don't consult you on your plans!!! we may have sold the house by then - then what?:arghh: Still fuming
  15. Hello everyone I'm very new to POM in fact this is the first post :eek: but I'm sure not the last. My husband and I have been through the whole process of thinking about, telling family of plans (met with various degrees of excitement) and reading a lot. So imagine my surprise when I look at the various sites to discover that things are changing!!!!!!!!! My husband is 40 and a senior building services engineer although that can be classed as mechanical in the engineering world I believe. Anyway he is fully chartered and very experienced which we thought would have been enough to get us on our way to applying for a lovely independent skilled visa... I'm now not sure what on earth to do what with all these changes going on; I was going to get his skills assessed by Engineers Australia as this would be relatively simple due to his chartership but do I then approach an agent or best get advice first? I have read many places that the assessment is the hardest part but now with these changes I don't know what to do asides ramble a bit - sorry :embarrassed: Can anyone suggest my first port of call? x
  16. Guest

    Bad timing to move ££'s

    Hmmph. I saw the rate last week was 1.97 so I thought I'd wait for it to go up to 1.99 before moving our £10k. Big mistake, it is now at 1.93 and I'm going to lose £400 - not good. We fly next week so I can't wait too much longer to transfer the money. Can it go any lower?!
  17. Guest

    ideas of timing

    He all I have just lodged my application via an agent.... 115 off shore remaining relative with two children 18 and 19......(at the time at college etc..) Paperwork was received by DICA on 14 July 2009 they have taken the application fee 17 July ... and I have a reference no..... is there anyway of tracking process?, I know you can if you have applied online, I know alot of patience is required....lol Cheers Karen x
  18. Guest

    Citizenship timing question

    I'm seventeen, and I filed the special no-test application for Australian citizenship. I've underestimated the times it would take slightly though, and while my interview is booked for before my 18th birthday, I doubt my ceremony will fit in. Is this going to be a problem? My experience with European bureaucracy screams yes, but the fact the operator booked me in for the interview knowing my Date of Birth and my experience with Australian government would seem to suggest otherwise. Thanks! PS: Whoops, I've misposted this. Could someone please move it to Migration Issues? Ta!
  19. pez2008

    Timing of container.

    Hi. What do most people do/recomend ship container roughly same date as they fly so they got time when they get there to find accomadation in suitable location then live out of suitcase for several weeks. Or ship so container arrives a week or so after them and hope they found unfurnished rental in right location. Same question about woofers fly them out earlier so they arrive just after you or before. One thing im cr*p at and thats planning lol.
  20. Guest

    175 Timing Question

    We've got a case officer who sent us a request for additional info/meds, etc with a deadline. How long after this deadline should we hear if we've been successful?
  21. hi all can u tell me the average time it will take to issue a visa for 175 online in the trade Hair dresser... i have applied in june 2008. Will the timings be different from trade to trade?? regards, Jackson
  22. Guest

    Paperwork timing out

    My husband and I are applying for our Visa, but need to sit an IELTS exam for extra points, causing a delay in our application. Because we've done everything back-to-front, there is a chance that our medicals and his skill conversion may run out before the application is processed (sit exam end July (do we have to wait for the results?), Oz skill conversion expires Dec, meds expire Jan). Will this be a problem, or do we just need to have these things valid at the time of application? Hopefully we won't have to go through the whole process again.....!!!!! Thanks in anticipation if anyone can help us out.
  23. Guest

    **Validation Timing**

    Could someone clarify the visa validation timing for us please? We've heard that sometimes you are only given 6 months instead of a year to validate - why is this? If its because of issues with the medical, what does 6 months difference make?? Karen