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Found 44 results

  1. I applied for a 482 4 year visa in late February through a migration agent with a view to moving and starting my job in late April. My visa still hasn't arrived and I'm wondering if anyone else has also experienced delay in receiving this visa? And if so, how long they were waiting. The DHA website timelines say 75% of applications are dealt with within 3 months and I am told by the migration agent that they can't provide any estimate beyond the processing times on the DHA website. My employer needed to apply to be a sponsor which may have delayed things but this was approved in April. The only person I know who has also applied for this visa is a doctor and, while they applied after me, their visa has been granted. I'm basically looking for some reassurance from others who have recently applied for this visa that it will arrive soon as I'm in limbo at the moment.
  2. Hi all, I've eventually (!) submitted my ACS RPL Skills Assessment which has an ACS 'received date' of 1st April 2011 and a status of 'in process'. I am aiming to be recognised as a 261111 - ICT Business Analyst. I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about the current time taken to get results? I know it's going to be a long time yet, but I'm hoping that I can get my application for SS in to WA before the dreaded 1st July rule changes. As I understand it, my occupation is on the 'WA Skilled Migration Occupation List' at the moment so I should be in a good position if I get my application in for SS before 1st July - but after that it's anyone's guess? Thanks!
  3. sunshine please

    any ideas on timescales for visa?

    Hi again everyone... We have just been told that the company oh had int with are going ahead with sponsership. Phewww. They are only just applyling for eligibility tho the agent seems to think they will have no problems there. They meet the criteria. He also thinks they may be able to fastrack as oh is desperatly required (first time for everything hee hee). does anyone know the rough length of time this part takes? Stage 2 is putting through us. All being well etc...how long roughly does this take? i know every application is different but i just wondered everyones individual timescales. Well hopefully now we are a few steps closer to getting on the plane :-)) thanks again everyone xxxxxx
  4. Hi everyone... I dont think we have to make it to oz!! we will hopefully heading out in jan/feb but the new rabies rules it really is going to throw the spanner in the works. Our 2 dogs are getting their shots until next week but it's still going to be may before they will be able to have blood tests and quarantine free. I was pricing quarantine for the 4 months and omg!! i think they would cope with the timescale but would we!! i dont know whether to board them here at half the costs or let them do quarantine!! hubby loves them but is starting to say its a lot of money when we dont know whats ahead of us!! i am already having to rehome my 2 10 year old babies!! they are going to a fab home (very good friend) where they will be treated the way i treat them. I am going to be breaking my heart over these 2 then have to put the little 2 through 5 mthd of kennels!! i dread leaving them here in kennels incase something happens and we aren't tjere!! arghhhhhh curse you oz govt!!! Sorry for the rambling but i wondered how everyone else was fairing. :-))
  5. Hi, anyone requested an Australian Police Check lately? The website says it takes 3 weeks - wondered if they actually take that long to come back....thanks
  6. Guest

    TRA Timescales

    Hi Not sure if anyone can help us but we submitted an application to TRA which was received on 31st Aug to have my oh's trade assessed (hes an electrician) It states on the online tracking section of their website that the majority of cases are assessed within 30 working days from the day it was received. We have now been waiting 42 days so they are obviously really busy at the minute but I was wondering if anyone has submitted theirs recently and how long it took to come back? This is the last thing we are waiting for as our 475 visa has already been granted and I have a new job sorted but im starting to panic now as if this doesnt hurry up im worried my new employer will get sick of waiting and recruit someone else. Any help or advise would be much appreciatd, Many thanks :biggrin:
  7. Hi there, Does anyone know roughly how long it takes for an employer to get approval from DIAC to sponsor someone at the moment? Thanks Nats
  8. Hello All I wanted to know if anyone had any problems with mildew when their stuff arrived? We are buying a new mattress and I hardly want to see it covered in mould at the other end! Also I know this question has been asked a thousand times somewhere but I can't find a thread with lots of answers....how long does it take for your goods to arrive? We are going from London to Sydney and are getting anywhere between 6 - 12 week timescales and each is adamant theirs is the right one. :err: Back to go and stare at my to do list. Who'd have thought it would take so much to move around the other side of the world! You cross one thing off and 10 appear. EEK.
  9. laurajanette

    Subclass 175 Visa Timescales

    Hi, I know this is the million dollar question but I am looking for advice on timescales for a subclass 175 visa to be approved? I recently received my skills assessment and our agent is now preparing the visa application. We had hoped to be flying out to Perth in February 2012 and wondered if this is achievable and what the average time scale from visa application to approval is? I am a registered nurse and will be going with my husband and two children. We know nothing is set in stone but a rough guide would be really appreciated. Thanks
  10. Guest

    Visa timescales

    Hi everyone....... I'm applying for a partner visa and attended the medical in early February. Does anyone have any idea of how long we're probably going to have to wait? I come to Oz at the end of April Thanks Joanne
  11. Hi, I've just accepted a position in Perth and wondered how long the process will take. Any information on timescales from recent transfers or others who are currently going through the 457 process would be appreciated. I have been told 4-6weeks but not sure if this is accurate? thanks to all you lucky people in oz - hopefully we'll be there soon:smile: Steve.
  12. Maxg


    Hi I am new to this site, and was just wondering if anyone can give me some advice. Please advice who are the best migration companies to deal with and also how long is the process to emigrate from start to finish.
  13. Hey everybody We're about to get my husbands skills assessed as a Construction Project Manager. Can anyone help point us in the right direction of a reasonably priced public notary who might be able to sign all our docs? Also does anyone have any timescales on the skills assessment. I think I read approx 8 weeks on their website - is this accurate? Thanks!:cute:
  14. Just trying to decide between the PSS and Crown Relocations. PSS have told us between 5-8 weeks for arrival of goods and Crown have told us between 10 - 12 weeks from Scotland. Looking to hear from anyone who has used either of these companies and the actual time it took for delivery of your goods to your property. Thanks a lot. Kendal
  15. Question i think for Gill, so thanks in advance. I would be interested to know what timescales would be involved if i was to apply for a temporary ENS visa over my existing GSM 176 Visa. This is my current timeline: GSM 175 Visa Lodged December 2009 SS - VIC approved February 2010 Current occupation on SOL 3 so at priority 3. If on SMP for VIC will move up to Priority 2. Big question is when will SMPs be released? If another 2-3 months and then my occupation is not on the list then I will stay in priority 3 and be dealt with in date order after all the other applications which could be another year or so. Therefore I am considering flying to Australia next month to try and find an employer who will temporary sponsor me until my GSM 176 is granted. The big question is though what timescales would be invloved in getting an ENS visa? Would this be the same timeframe compared to the SMP's been released soon and i move to Priority 2 processing. If so then there would be no point but if an ENS could be approved within a few months then it may be worth it although there would be more costs involved. Many thanks for any advice.
  16. Guest


    hi just after a bit of advise, I have been looking into emigrating to OZ for a while now as my partner has family in Perth and I am at university studying quanity surveying and there are many more jobs in OZ than in the UK in the construction industry at the moment. After speaking to various people as I will have little exp my best bet would be to obtain a 12 month working holiday visa with my OH. However as I plan on emigrating for life rather than for just 12 months I would like to know would I be able to play for permanent residency whilst I am on the 12 month visa, and not have to move back to the UK. Any help would be very very very appreciated. Thanks
  17. Nzogbia


    Hey, anyone got any idea on the processing time for citizenship applications? On December 14th I will have been here for 4 years and will be eligible to apply. I have all the relevant documentation, have a house/job here in Melbourne etc...etc...Have asked a few people and they have been pretty vague ie: 'I think it was quite quick'. My understanding from the website is that you apply on line, then you get a phonecall/e-mail to attend an appointment...at which point they check all your documentation and arrange a citizenship test. Then, at some point after that, they make a decision and inform you yay or nay. (Some mates reckon in the past they just asked you in for your meeting and you were basically granted citizenship there and then - but the process is now more protracted due to citizenship test etc....) I understand i would also have to attend a citizenship ceremony, probably months later, but at this stage just wondering about timescales for the application process. I think I read somewhere 12 weeks, but advice from someone who has applied recently would be ace. Cheers!!
  18. Group 1 If you have not applied under GSM eg ENS, RSMS you will receive priority over GSM. Applications will be processed according to ENS/RSMS Service Standards. This means that you are likely to receive a visa sometime in the future. Group 2 Applications who have been nominated and included on an SMP. Applications will be finalised 12 months from date of lodgement. Only problem is no-one has a date of lodgement because we don't know when the SMP's are to be released. Group 3 Applications from people who have nominated an occupation on the new Skilled Occupation List (SOL) - Schedule 3 in effect from 1 July 2010. Applications lodged ON OR AFTER 1 July 2010 will be finalised 18 to 24 months from date of lodgement. Applications lodged BEFORE 1st July in date order starting with October 2007 Group 4 Everyone else who is not in Groups 1- 3. Everyone in Group 4 will be processed according to no service standards. That is because they don't exist for GSM. Therefore you already have gained priority due to waiting times as in their direction above, but DIAC are not going to do anything about your visa. Sorry, no refunds either. Rules are rules very sorry.
  19. Was wondering if anyone had any idea roughly how long before visas COULD be granted, give the timeline below..?? I think were in category 2 as on all correspondance our case officers name states TEAM 2 TRA Approved March 09, SS Granted Feb 10 ( long delay after 4corners (agents) going bump so having to take up the baton ourselves), Lodged visa application (VE subclass 176) with DIAC 01 July 10, CO assigned 21 July 10, request for meds and PC's 22 July 10. Any info.....VERY grateful...
  20. Stephen

    WA 176 Visa

    Hi there... TRA Assessment - Check State Sponsorship - Check Visa Application lodged - Check CO assigned - Check Documents, Meds and police checks - Check Anyone any ideas roughly how long before visas are granted after all the above are in place... Cheers....:wink:
  21. gypsy10

    TRA assessment timescales

    Hi there, Has anyone recently submitted their skills assessment to TRA? If so do you have an idea as to what their current timescales are? They've said it's around 30 working day but just wanted to check on the forum to see if anyone has heard before/after this. Thank you
  22. Guest

    Timescales - De-facto ???

    Hi all, Does anyone know the approximate timescales for a de facto partner visa? Any help would be appreciated, thanks Becs
  23. Hi , im sorry if this has already been asked but i cant find the answer. but i am trying to establish what the current timescales are from first application to the granting of a visa. From what i gather i am looking at a 175 visa as i have skills that are on the shortage list. It is likely either to be indepedent or employer sponsored. (i dont think cousins can sponsor can they?) also is it likely to be faster through an agent, and what would be the ballpark figure for using an agent (including the visa application fee) thanks, this is really a great and very friendly place...
  24. Guest

    Advice on 175 Visa timescales

    Hi This is my first ever thread on pomsinoz so hope i'm doing it right. I am currently a midwife working in the UK and have recently applied for a 175 visa to oz. I applied on the 23rd sept 09 and was wondering if anyone has any ideas/timescales on when i may get a CO. Hoping its not going to be too long a wait. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Debs, Rob and Liam
  25. Guest

    Sub-class 165 visa timescales

    Hi PIO family !! I have at long last got all the necessary info together for my lawyers to get my visa application lodged. This should be next week. I am told that I may be looking at a 12-14 month duration to get the visa granted ( if I qualify ! ) because there is a high volume of applicants currently wanting to get in to Oz. I thought ( and hoped ! ) that a Sub-Class 165 application would be a little quicker than this because it basically revolves around a sum of money being deposited in a State fund ( Queensland in our case ) and left there for four years rather than assessments being made soley on skills determination or sponsorship ( although I think I have a reasonably good case cos I'm in renewable technology ). Has anyone else out there been through the Sub-Class 165 visa application and if so how long did it take to get it ? Or if anyone is going through it now, have you been advised the same timescales ?? Thanks Iain H :huh: