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Found 40 results

  1. KangaKit


    Hi, has anyone recently applied for aphra registration? How long did u have to wait?
  2. Hi All Does anyone know what the expected turn-around after you submit your EOI? Paul
  3. Guest

    Help for a confused nurse?

    Hi Nurses I am a little confused can anybody help me? :unsure: I only work 19 hours per week - so I think I would not have enough points for a 175 or 176 visa (as it states 20 hours on immigration website) I guess they check your payslips for hours worked. (saying that I stay late most shifts!) If I have to go for a 457 sponsored visa what do I need to do 1st - register with nursing board of Oz? apply for visa? or find a job/sponsor? :confused: I need to save up so am looking at leaving end of the year or early next year. When do I need to start the visa process please? To save costs I would like to do it all independently (rather than through a visa or nursing agency). I am a single parent to a six year old girl hoping to take a career break from NHS and do a year on the Gold Coast and rent out my house - incase it doesn't work out...but secretly hoping it will :biggrin: Thank you very much any advice gratefully received :notworthy: nurse pom xx
  4. Perhaps quite a common question on here but I am just wondering if anyone can tell me an approximate timescale from being given a CO to visa being issued. I have applied for a 176 and 2 days ago I got an email from my CO asking me to complete my medicals and police checks. Am I close to being issued my visa once these checks have been done or could I still be waiting a matter of months? Any answers are much appreciated. David
  5. Hi all, My employer in australia is now pushing me to get over there, and has asked me to contact immigration to find out what stage my visa application is at. The only number i can find is £1.02 p/m number in london. does anyone know of any others, or is this the right one. How long has it taken for all your 457 visa's to come through, so can I can get an idea of a timescale. Many Thanks Wayneo
  6. Hi Can anyone shed any light on how long the process takes from being granted SS and then applying for a 176 visa until the DIAC grant your visa?:unsure: I was initially led to believe that it would take a couple of months or so but it now appears with the changes announced by DIAC for 1st July 2011 that it will be between 12-24 months. For anyone who applied for their 176 visa pre 1st July 2011 it looks as though we are not excempt from the above timescales. Our agent is looking into it but he believes this is the current situation.:arghh: Can anyone confirm or counter the above? Regards Breezer
  7. The thing that is putting me off applying for the 175 visa is the amount of savings i would need to move. Having read a bit now, it seems a long process so I am now thinking I should apply now and the wait would then give me the time needed to save. How long roughly does it take from start to finish to get a 175 granted? I have also been told that you then have 12 months from date of grant to move but if not ready you can visit Australia within the 12 months which will basically activate the visa and then come back to the UK on a returning visa and go back to OZ - is this correct? Also i presume the visa application fee is due at the time of the application and is debited then and not when it is granted? sorry for the questions, there seems to be A LOT to it!!
  8. Hi there We are just about to send of for the VETASSE appl, all done now, ILETS test booked in, but am really worried we are not going to make the 1st July deadline We have around 14 weeks, to get the skills test done, ilets done and also lodge for 176 state for WA, then get the appl into DIAC Even if we are to get the app to DIAC a few days before the July 1 we should be ok....if we cant then we are stuffed if the proposed changes o ahead? Any help thanks sha ron x
  9. Hi, just wondered if anyone knows how long it takes AITSL (formerly Teach Australia) to assess qualifications? I had my qualifications assessed in 2008 when we first submitted our 175 visa application. We are hoping to get sponsorship to SA however my original assessment expired in Nov 2010 so have submitted another. We are just worried incase it takes too long and Primary Teacher is removed from the "wanted" list. AITSL did say it would takes 8 weeks, just hoping someone says 2 weeks! (fat chance, lol). Shelley.:smile:
  10. steven80

    Nt SS timescale?

    Hi Guys, We are applying for a Nt SS this week, but does anybody know how long it will take before we have a result? Can't find any info on that subject. Help is appreciated. Cheers, Steven:biggrin:
  11. alofbrighton

    SA Category 2 timescale....

    Hi Everyone, Can anyone tell me approximately how long catagory 2 visa applications are taking to process. I am currently waiting on SA sponsorship acceptance and am trying to judge how many more years this might take me! Cheers, Al.
  12. Hi All Can anyone tell me how long it takes for your visa to be granted once your meds have been received. All other paperwork has been accepted too. Cheers Stixblue
  13. Brown5

    Validating visa timescale

    Hia I was just wondering if there was a set timescale from the visa being granted to the validation by date, I guess this may be different for each state .... we are looking at Perth, if anyone can let me know how long it was for them I'd be grateful. Many thanks :confused:
  14. steven80

    Nt SS timescale?

    Hi Guys, We are applying for a Nt SS this week, but does anybody know how long it will take before we have a result? Can't find any info on that subject. Help is appreciated. Cheers, Steven :biggrin:
  15. Is there an standard timescale between the granting of a visa and earliest date of entry? I am just trying to justify how I will support myself if I can't sell my property before having to move as part of my state sponsorship application for Canberra. Clearly I wouldn't want to sell beforehand, and I just wondered if there was sufficient time to sell a house between these two dates. Thanks.
  16. Hi Guys Can anyone advise what the average time line is for your goods to clear customs at Fremantle. Our goods were packed on 26/27 August and we have been informed they have set sail today with an eta of 18 October! We have also shipped our car aswell which will be transferred to Welshpool. :unsure: Many thanks Ann
  17. perthbound60

    Remaining Relative Visas Timescale

    Hi, I applied for a Remaining Relative Visa through London in April 2010 & have had my medicals, PCs & Assurance of Support arranged. Does anyone know how long these Visas are taking to be granted? Thanks for any help you can give me
  18. Guest

    Marriage timescale?

    I just wondered if there was any timescale on which marriage has to happen in terms of the partner visa? I havn't read it anywhere but just wondered if that was something that you have to be planning to be granted the de facto visa. I definitly want to spend the rest of my life with my partner here but just want to wait a good few years before tying the knot. Helen
  19. Hi, Does anyone know what sort of turn around it is from medicals going to our visas being issued (SKilled sub class 136) Thanks Dave & Jen
  20. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for meds to appear as 'finalised' online when you haven't been requested to send them..(ie frontloaded') them. We went for meds on Monday and were told there and then that they were all ok, electronically submitted to DIAC but by online update page is unchanged and still says requested. All other docs (as far as I know) submitted inc police checks. Is this normal? I have no idea. I'm hoping we get the visa granted soon so we can fly out to meet the offshore requirements avoiding the expensive Christmas period. If anyone can tell me the minimum time to be out of the country too I would be grateful, i know DIAC say 8 days but with funds an issue and other people saying it takes just 1 day I'd like some clarity. Also....can we return to Australia without visiting an Australian immigration office in say Singapore or Bali and get the visa sticker when we return? If so how do immigration know you're legal? Many thanks in advance, head swimming:goofy:
  21. We are still reeling from the e-mail yesterday morning, advising us that our 175 skilled migration visa has been approved. What happens now timewise - does anyone know please - I've looked at many threads but can't find the answer?!? We started application Aug 08 on-line, visa granted 14 May, need to activate before 28 September 09, and visa expires May 2014. Do we need to show a minimum commitment before this 2014 date to be allocated an RRV visa after May 2014, ie if we can't get out to Oz permanently until (say) 4 years time, will that scupper our chances of getting the RRV after the skilled migrant 175 expires? Do we need to spend a total amount of time per year in Oz, a minimum amount over the 5 years, or do we just need to move there before May 2014, and then can't leave again until we've had our RRV approved? Is approval then generally a formality, or can they make us leave and not give us the visa? If we need to show commitment, can I do that (ie move to Oz on my own for the required time) and my husband (who is the skilled party, and therefore main visa holder) follow on later, or does my time in Oz not count towards any target we need to reach? It may not be an issue, but we have some commitments in the UK which will take several years (potentially) to tie up before we can leave (or rather before my husband can leave) Many thanks if anyone can help. Imbuds
  22. vinnypot


    Hello,can anyone help ,i should fingers crossed be approved for a SS visa anytime now,i had my police checks doni in january and my wife in march.Does this mean when we do (if) get our visa that we only have till january 10 to validate our visa ?if the answer is yes could i do another police check so it gives us longer to go?problem is i dont want to validate then come back i just want to do it the once as finances wont allow a reccie.any help appreciated ,cheers
  23. Hi Guys, We were approved State Sponsorship and now waiting for final approval from the DIAC. Our agent has told us that once we get the OK from the DIAC we have to go to South Australia before our medicals and police checks run out. Is this actually the case and if we decide not to go before our police checks run out, would we have to go through the whole process with State Sponsorship and DIAC all over again or can we re-new our medicals and police checks? I really look forward to any advice you have to offer. SamSam x
  24. Hi everyone. Our visa was lodged on march 3rd 09,my OHs an air con engineer and he is on the MODL but has been taken off the CSL list. Our agent wasnt able to give us a timescale but was hoping to be in Perth for sept 2010. I think this is looking highly unlikely(such an optimist!) What have all you guys out there been told about timescales?:confused:
  25. bubba911

    309/100 - Timescale?

    Hi! I'm a newbie here! Well a lurker... done lots of reading but little posting! here goes for first post... be kind! Just had medicals and x-rays for a 309/100 application. (Should be a 100 as we are married almost 5 years and have a child). Anyway have any idea how long it is likely to take. Cheers all! Bubz :cool: