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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, My name is Sarah and I am new to this forum and I am looking for some help/information regarding the 189 VISA. I would really appreciate it if anyone could answer any of the following questions I had. A little bit about myself...I am 37 years old living in Brighton, England and currently in the process of preparing an application for a 189 Skilled Independant VISA with my partner. I am a qualified Social Worker and believe we would have the required 65 points to gain entry. Many thanks in advance. - From the date of Visa being granted, how long do we have to arrive in Australia and activate visa? Does the visa last for a lifetime? And could this be done on a holiday without work initially, ie to activate the visa? We have read conflicting information regarding timeframes. - If my Visa was granted as a Social Worker, am I limited to JUST doing Social Work/Social Work in a certain role? Could I seek employment in other fields ie Family Support Worker, or even a complete career change? If anyone has experience of applying/gaining visa through Social Work I would really appreciate hearing about their experiences and any advice they could give. - Can my partner work in any job? (He does not have a skill on the Skilled Independent Visa list). - If we were successful in gaining Visa’s, but before we left England had started a family, how easy is it to add a child/children to visa? - Do you advise going through a Visa Specialist Company to gain a visa, and if so is there one you would recommend? Again thank you so much to you all for reading and any help you can give. Best wishes, Sarah.
  2. Hi there, My parents have applied for a Contributory Parents Visa and have just been asked to do their medicals and police checks. I have two questions that I would be really really grateful for any views on: 1) My Dad had a heart valve replacement a year ago. Will this mean he may fail his medical? I guess they will request a specialist report?? Very worried about him failing though he is in perfect health now! 2) What is the timeframe on this visa from the time the medicials and police checks are requested? How long before the HOC will request a report (if they do)? And how long from there till the visa is granted? Thanks SO much to any and all for any views and experiences. N
  3. Hi, Has anyone had medicals in Edinburgh recently? I was wondering how long it takes from date of having them done, before they are sent off to Sydney, and how long it then takes to process. I had my medicals done in Glasgow last year. For a family of 4 it was around £660. They then changed the panel doctors so there is no longer one in Glasgow, and the prices in Edinburgh have jumped up to £1000 for a family of 4!! They told my sister that DIAC set the prices, which I seriously doubt. Anyway, my meds were done on Tue, sent on the Fri, received in Sydney on the Mon, all docs were 'met' on the Tue, and I got my visa on the Wed!! Is it still as quick, are they as efficient in Edinburgh with getting the blood results back, and sending them off? Thanks Shaz
  4. Hello all, It's been a while since I've been on this; computer has since broken down and almost every thing that can go wrong, has. We're still hanging in there though to get it sent once and for all. ONE of our drawbacks is the Form 80...We've paid and sent for it, but it was returned to us by the Fed police advising we had filled in the incorrect form (which, we had already done and sent) SO...which leads me to my question... Where is the Form 80 Supposed to be sent?? Also, If our visa is granted (**fingers crossed**), is there a timeframe/limit to re-enter Aus? Thanks to anyone who can help! :spinny:
  5. Guest

    visa timeframes

    Hi, could anyone give me a rough idea as to how long the Skilled family sponsored (176 ) visa takes from start to finish?? I know it'll be a rough idea - but i just need to know some sort of timeframe so i can plan better! Any help desperately appreciated!
  6. I'm about to apply for a visa, I found a company which will sponsor me within the RSMS. I'd like to put my husbund on the application too. The problem is, that he won't be able to come with me to Oz straight away. He has to take care of a couple of things in his home country (Canada). We don't have any idea how long this will take. So, are there any timeframes in which a spouse of a visa holder as to arrive in Australia?