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Found 46 results

  1. hey everyone, we moved from scotland to Penrith in Sydney five weeks ago, i had a burning passion to get my family over here, and now we are here, i feel very sick, and cant stop thinking what have i done. The kids like school, but its not a better standard. I couldnt wait to get away from the dreech in scotland but o how id love to be there right now. I am writing to ask, How long before i really know that this isnt right, iv heard that after three months you truly know if you can stick it out very long term, my husband and i have said this year we will give it our all, and then if i still feel the same we will work our way back the following year, thats 2 years. I feel stuck and lonely,
  2. We are emigrating to Queensland via Singapore for 3 days in Feb......last time i went to Singapore i went to a hotel information desk inside the airport and just found a hotel through them and they were very helpful.....does anyone know if that desk is still there ? dont really want to just turn up after a long flight and not have anywhere to stay......:err::wub:
  3. we have just ent off for our police checks which will take about 2 weeks i believe (10 working days) but could get caught up in xmas post, then we will have everything ready to send off our RSMS application. We are going to send it by courier but was wonering if there is any point now this side of xmas? Im presuming DIAC will be closed for the xmas and new year period and our application could get lost amongst a heap of other stuff piled up not dealt with. what do you think, send as soon as it is ready, or wait till new year?
  4. Hi i am hoping someone can give me a bit if advice! I am due to start a level 2 teaching assistant course on 14th sept now we have just got our visa!!we have to be in oz by 18th july next year or go earlier and validate! Depends what happens with the house and if we sell it? Now would you do the course and work harder to complete in say june or should i not do it and may be do something when i get to Oz? Any thoughts would be helpful x Stacey
  5. Guest51810

    cant wait till the weekend!!

    This weeks been crappy, trying to move the last few things out the old house, unpack everything into mums flat then clean the old house and gut all the garden! Plus its been quite strange not living with dave anymore but hopefully wont be long I need a big glass of wine or a vodka on friday lol! Im sure mum feels the same lol im suprised she hasnt killed me by now!!
  6. annagilda

    Back on air till 6pm UK Time

    Afternoon/evening/morning! Just thought I'd let you know I'm back on The Voice of North Devon this afternoon. On till 6pm UK Time if you fancy a listen to my very childish voice! :laugh: I know I've plugged the show before, but I love it when new people have a listen. You can check us out at; www/thevoicefm.co.uk and then click on listen live.
  7. Hi All Just an update and see if anyone else is flapping big style... This time in 3 weeks we will be sat in an empty house (no doubt eating take away) sleeping on the floor for a couple of hours with an old sleeping bag and blanket before the taxi arrives and some unearthly hour to whisk us off to start living our 6 year dream!! So far I have only managed to do three car boots in the last month... And put a load of stuff on eBay... To de-clutter and earn some pennies.... If like us you hate the thought of Sunday morning car boots with the odd item on eBay - think twice... I made around £350!!!!! I donated all the stuff I was left with today to the charity where the car boot was held as I wasn't bringing it back! I have been lucky that I have sold my car and the buyer has said he is happy for me to keep hold of it until a couple of days before we go!! He's paid a deposit and is very keen... Not many people like that! He must have thought the car was a steel as he saw my little printed sign in the car and drove around trying to find the car - which he found and called me! (just the vespa t5 left to sell!) We did plan to take the car/bike with us but as I have to start work ASAP in Perth we have fast run out of time!! The buyers for our house came over at the weekend and as they are in a chain and have use of another house told me they are due to exchange this week - which is fab news as they now plan to move in on the Monday morning after we leave.. I can't believe that all this planning has been thrown out of the window with the crazy time scale (but not complaining as new boss been very helpful/understanding and prepared to wait for me to arrive) but glad we prepared ourselves last summer with quotes, research etc... The major hic up has been planning for the 40ft and not getting a quote for a 20ft so having to get a re-quote this week and having to sell the car and moped. Flights booked with Singapore airlines as you get 40kg each for an unvalidated visa. So that's us... Anyone else heading out to Perth in the next few weeks/months? If so, how's it all going? Are you like me, shopping like crazy, car booting, flapping and drinking more Aussie grape juice than ever?! :biggrin: :wink: :eek: :smile: :eek:
  8. Hi Everyone, all of you that have got their visa will know why you need to shout about it.. and all of you still in the process, dont lose hope it will be here one day, Thanks to everyone for all my silly and frustrating questions you have helped me with over the last two years, Andy :biglaugh:
  9. Hi Everyone, I am very new to this migration process, but cannot believe how fixated I have become. I just want to have the process all complete, and we have only been at it for under 4 weeks! I am thinking about it everyday, thinking how much of it is out of my control. I am a staff nurse looking to obtain SS and then a 176 visa. What I really want to know from people is how you manage when the days turn into weeks, then months then years? I am not wanting to put my life on hold, but feel this is at the heart of your life just now. Not sure if people will understand where I am coming from. Any advice gratefully received! :eek: Thanks.
  10. A few questions to you queenslanders! We are really excited...two weeks till my partner and i and three rug rats depart for a reccie to Australia !! We start in surfers and then drive down over a week to sydney. Have a few questions if anyone can help ? We have to do serious stuff and my oh is looking at jobs but was wondering if anyone had ideas on reasonably priced things to do with the kids? They are young, 7,4 and 1 and while we will do the odd theme park would be very interested in suggestions. Any nice outdoor pools,play parks etc. Cannot believe it has come round. We need to make the decision and for us the only way is to go out and see it for ourselves. Thanks , Judy
  11. as the title says peeps? just wondered how long we should expect to wait? thanks kelly
  12. Hi guys, you`ve already helped me while ago. However, now me (Czech) and my wife (Aus) lodged application (801/820) on 28.june 2010. We still haven`t been allocated to case officer, despite the fact our application was flawless (made by immigration lawyer). I know that it takes time and that this is being discussed over and over again, but I still wonder, how long did it take for you to get case officer since lodging? Cheers
  13. Hi Guys Well were moving back to Melbourne in 5 weeks after returning to the UK 18 months ago & we cant wait. Our dog goes to the kennel in two weeks ready to fly out the 25th Oct. Using Golden Arrow and am so far very happy with them. I start work the end of November - the same job I had when we lived there in 2008/09. They had to sack someone in May and offered me my job back & they have kept it open for 6 months until I could get back out. And we also have our rental all organised. I was browsing on realestate.com on Monday night (as I do all the time looking for rentals) and the first house to appear was the same house we rented when we lived there before. Called the estate agent that night and after giving her all our info the landlord agreed we could let it again! Its so strange to be going back after this time back in the UK especially to the same job & house. Hope it helps the dog settle in, he might recognise it! Anyway were planning to come to some of the meer-ups this time round so may see some of you guys there! :biggrin:
  14. Hi everyone! im sorry if this has been asked before but im a bit worried:unsure: we have done our meds on the 17th of august and they have been posted about 2 weeks after.(got confirmation e-mail of medical centre with tracking number) how long does it usually take until you get a receipt of arrival from DIAC? thought i´d ask before i contact UPS. Thanks -oh forgot to say that i applied for rsms subclass 119 lodged at parramatta(nomination and application approved)-
  15. Kel1

    5 weeks till we land!

    Oh my god, it's 5 weeks till we get to Melbourne! I'm so excited but also nervous eeek! We are staying at the Coffee Backpackers Hostel to start with, has anyone stayed there? Read good and bad reviews so who knows what it will be like! There seems so much to organise now, banks (any good recommendations?), money transfers, references, aaaaggh! And boxing up all our stuff in our current house...too much to do! Freaking out a little bit!!!!! :jiggy:
  16. Guest

    Visa Quotas Full Till july?

    Hi guys, just had a sort of yes on my visa but cant be granted till after July 01 as quotas full. Anyone else experiencing this?
  17. HI, my patner and children had there medicals done 2 weeks ago in london. Just wondering how long it takes for the panel doctor to send them to our CO at Oz house. We have not heard anything in 2 weeks since medicals were done so just wondering what is happening??? Also when my partner lodgedher aplication, we recieved a email about 4 days later from our CO saying he was looking after our case. About 4 days later she recieved some of our docs that we sent in with her application, like evidence of our relationship (our bank statements, proof of out defactop relationship, cards that were given to us for our engagement etc) but there was no letter attached mentioning why they sent them back to her. Is this a good thing or a bad thing???? cheers
  18. God knows what you guy went through once you had your visas and was heading off to the airport with a one way ticket in your hand. I would have been strapped up and sent off in a yellow bus. I did not think excitment got to you as much when you get older but I have so say I have a very light feeling about me at the moment. I'm on nights tonight at work so I should have had a nice lie in this morning but no 5am and the lights are on, tried in vain to close my eyes but my head will not switch off. :chatterbox: I want this trip to go right so much and I have put alot of effort in to ironing out every last detail that I was thinging of changing my TRA from Fitter to project manager. I have done my work breakdown structure, estimated the cost, gant chart in hand. just need to start the project now. Oh my I am talking rubbish again it's one of several side effects of being excited I can vent my feelings here as work do not know the real reason for this trip to Aus, people just ask why you going their I'm gonna explode one day and tell the world. :chatterbox: If you have got this far then thank you for listening to me go on.
  19. Well we have just two more sleeps till we are on the 2nd chapter of our journey to Australia. Our car will be collecting us at 11.30am on tuesday to take us to the airport, Our flight leaves at 18.30 on its way to hong kong, 5 hour stop over then its the last leg which lands on Australian soil Thursday at 6.10am, I won't say its been easy to get this far but easier than some of my dear friends on pio have experienced so far, To them im wishing you all the very best that those visa grants come through fery soon for you! :hug: A huge thanks to all on pio that have helped us through the whole visa application, you know who you are!!!!!! Will post as soon as we are settled,(or even from hong kong airport) And no we won't be a stranger to pio, i only hope we can help new members as much as you guys have helped us, so its just TTFN and speak to you real soon. love and hugs Dawn and the Gang xxxx
  20. I have lodged my application(885 CSL) on 31, March. Today I went to the Brisbane Migration Office and asked about my applicaiton status. The guy told me my case has been allocated to a case officer, but it is near to the end of the financial year, the quota will be saved for those "CRITICAL" CASES such as "CHILDREN" or something like that. He also said my case will be likely to be finalised in the next financial year. But I am on the critical skill list (Accountant+ 4 sevens), if the occupations on the CSL are not critical, why the hell they call it critical skill list? I am so confused, because there will be no more CSL next financial year. Why do I need to wait for next financial year to get my visa? Why?
  21. Critical Skills List refinement affecting British emigration to Australia | Getting Down under http://www.visabureau.com/australia/news/16-03-2009/immediate-changes-made-to-critical-skills-list-and-australian-visa-processing.aspx Are the links above true? My partner is a welder and sounds like we are affected by these changes, but I didn't think list was out till friday 30th!!
  22. Hi everyone. We were going to send our application and first payment to our agent this week before the Mid 2010 changes for a skills visa under my partners name as he's a welder, and get a state sponsorship visa. Just spoke to the agent via email as I asked them if we have enought time to apply before new skills changes comes out they told me they will be out next week so either wait and see if welder is still on there but she thinks it will be, or start stage one now to save time but they can't guarantee there is enough time left to lodge an application. Catch 22!! Not sure if we should wait till next week now or just pay the first stage and go ahead, I hope it is still on skills list otherwise there goes our life plans!! Any advice would be great :hug:
  23. what is ENS in migration? and what about no visa upto 2012? i had applied for 475 in victoria but got rejection as my job was not in SOL. my agent is saying that we can get sponsorship in NSW by paying approximately Aus $ 350-400. i wanna know that is it true? should i pay to get sponsorship? and he also says that we can get sponsorship eventhough the job is not in SOL, is this also true? please anyone reply or comment on it..
  24. Hi folks, Just got wind that Jetstar are starting a new route Perth to Phuket later this year and to celebrate have a one day special on a number of flights - one way Perth to Singapore for 149 bucks for example. There are date restrictions, but some of the flights are seriously cheap and won't last long
  25. Hi we took the Practical assessment in Blackburn yesterday!!!!! all seemed to go well... wait now for results!!! any one know how long till we find out??