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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all, I’m new to the forum so hello to start! I’m moving to Perth in May this year with my girlfriend who’s from Perth. Ive lived there previously for two years on WHV’s. I’m a tiler by trade and want to bring my main tools with me. A manual tile cutter, a dewalt combi drill with two lithium ion battery’s, a dewalt laser level with one lithium ion battery and two spirit levels. All items are in separate secure boxes/cases. What I’m wondering is, does anyone have any experience of shipping simular items and what company’s did people use? I also have about 2 or 3 large suitcases and two push bikes I’d like to ship over. I’m not being lazy I have searched the forum looking for information on this. I heard through the grape vine you cant ship drill battery’s for some reason so any information regarding this would be great. Thanks so much in advance : )
  2. Hi y'all! I'm proper peeved at the current situation in UK and looking to go and join a pal of mine in Perth only I need a proper tiling qual on top of the one I already got. Anyone know what level I can go in at? I'm also Merchant Navy (UK) and cant find ANY work as a Steward as the cheaper foreign imports have taken it all Are there any companies in Oz who want UK types with all their STCW 95 AND OPITO tickets? Please help. Annoyed in Kent!
  3. leelee 18

    Tiling in PERTH?

    Hi has anyone done the tiling test? what does it envolve? who with? really need some info for my brother he is a floor and wall tiler and looking to go perth too, any help info would be greatly appricated.... many thanks lisa
  4. Guest

    Tiling Jobs

    Hi All, My OH is a Wall & Floor Tiler and we are hoping to emigrate to Oz (possibly Perth) in the near future. Can anyone tell me if there are alot of tiling jobs around? Also, what is the pay like? My OH has been tiling for over 10 years so has plenty of experience but no trade qualifications - Will this matter? Thanks in advance for your help. Sue x
  5. leelee 18

    tiling in brisbane

    Hi ya whats the rate of pay for tiling? do you still need to do practical tests etc any information on this i would appricate ..
  6. Boesman

    License for tiling?

    Hi, cannot seem to find a clear answer any where. :arghh: I am a wall and floor tiler and I want to know if I am going to do tiling only, domestic and perhaps sub contract to bigger contractors as a self employed tiler, do I legally need a license? A builder does need one, but I am only a tiler....? I have found the following on the licensing authority's website, but that doesn't really answer my question: “Building work” includes a broad range of construction, trade and associated work. It includes demolition and site preparation work. Hope you clever folks can enlighten me. Cheers!
  7. Hello everyone, We are brand new to the forum and looking for advice... We are both 27 and just returned from OZ on a WHV and are desperate to get back. So we are looking to study in OZ as a pathway to staying permanently, we both are from a finance background (with is worthless now :-) but now want a real career. We have been looking at courses and initially thought that the Enrolled Nursing course at WA Tafe would be the best option ($12000 per year) and as it a career Nic is really to follow, however after further investigation it looks like sponsorship or any type of visa would not be available for an enrolled nurse (which effectively makes the course useless, as EN's don't exist in the NHS anymore so the qualification could not even be used back in the UK!) We cannot afford the degree course fees of $20000+ per year for 3 years... Has anyone done an enrolled nurse course? are there any opportunities once qualified? The other option is for me to do a Certificate III in Wall & Floor Tiling which is 2yrs at $14000 and is on the SOL. However it worries me that it is the kind of trade that may not be on the list in 2-3yrs time when I qualify? I would much prefer a plumbing course but I am not able to find a course with a decent provider.. Any thoughts on our situation or suggestions would be great! Thanks :biggrin:
  8. imorariu

    skill assessment for tiling

    hi has any one done a skill assessment for tiling. if so can you tel me how it is? please help me , as i don't know how it is, how hard. thanks
  9. Guest

    Roof tiling

    HI,im looking to come to victoria on a working visa in feb 2010,is there any roofing tiling work bout or no of any one looking for workers. thanks tom
  10. Hi Does anyone know who does the skills test assessments for wall and floor tilers? Need info on what the test entails, where the tests are held etc etc Cant find any info on this on the VETASSESS site. Help please!
  11. Guest

    Tiling Work - Perth

    My partner and I live in Perth. We have been here over a year now. He is a tiler and does not have any work just now. We live Nor but he would consider going sor for the right opportunity. Does anyone know of anyone looking for a tiler? Thanks Laura
  12. Hi, just wondering if anyone can tell me where the best/busiest place is for Tile work in oz at the moment? Thanks.
  13. Hello all, My Girlfriend and I are coming to do some travelling in Australlia Next Summer. With The View to move out there. My Girlfriend is a Nurse so should find work very easily. However i have no trade at this time as have recently left the navy and am only doing taxi driving to tie me over. I am looking to get into either Plastering or Floor and wall Tiling. But really not sure which one to go for. I have heard that the plastering is completly different out there and is more like dry lining. It is Not that easy to do apprenticeships at home as the building industry has slowed down here. Would i be better off doing a course at home or waiting till i get out there and achieving an australlian qualification? Also i have seen completly different variations in pay scales ranging between $26k - $ 70k a year for tiling??? We are interested in moving to Perth WA. :jiggy: Any help would be appreciated. Many Thanks Simon Gallimore
  14. Hello to you all out there Are there any Roof Tilers/Slaters, North of Brisbane to Gympie or any that are yet to move out here??? Please let us know would like to share experiences so far!! Thank you The Langley Family
  15. Guest

    tiling work in noosa

    Hi We are currently living in north brisbane but thinking of moving to Noosa. My husband is a tiler and we were wondering if anyone knows what work would be like for him, is there many new builds going on up that area or surrounds? any advice would be appreciated kay
  16. Guest

    Roof Tiling

    We have been here on Sunshine Coast 7 Months and loving it. Is there any roof tilers out there that can offer any advice my husband is learning metal roofing at the moment Thanks Natalie
  17. Guest

    TRA Wall & Floor Tiling

    Can anyone tell me what the TRA involves for Wall & floor tiling, heard some conflicting things about that it can last as long as a month. Does anyone know? Thanks Sally-ann
  18. i have just received an email from company for assesment on roof tiling for an aqf 3 on wed the 4th june , any roofer sat this yet on site assesment anyone tell me what they are specific on cheers jim
  19. hi, sorry haven't been on for a while, busy trying to get everything ready for TRA. Soooo many declarations to write.:arghh: My OH is a plaster and tiler and has been self employed dong these trades for about 5 years, what he wants to know is does anyone know if you can get training out in perth. He doesn't have any qualifications in tiling. Any help would be greatly appreciated. april.:smile:
  20. can anyone tell me if having less than 6 years exsperience will stop me getting a visa or will i have to do some more courses when i get there in wall and floor tiling. i have currently been self employed in this trade fo 12 month in the uk.
  21. hi all i am a wall and floor tiler in devon uk and i am hoping to move to south australia with my wife and three young children . i am after some advise about the tiling industry as i see it is on the skilled migration list , but is it in high demand in south australia . hope you can help.
  22. Guest

    Ceramic Tiling??

    Hi All, We dont live in Oz, but would LOVE to and have passed an online test so am hoping to apply for a Visa soon, but what i wanted to know, is there much ceramic tiling work in Australia (any area)? This is my husbands trade and he has been doing it for over 20 years and would want to carry on if we moved. Thanks.