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Found 45 results

  1. we bought some tickets today for dream world on offer to members of racq, 50 dollars per person, for a 2 day pass, the second day can be taken within 14 days of the first visit, and can be used to go from park to park, also an hour early entry, anyone been there, will post tomorrow to let you know how it was, i think the tickets have to be bought by 8th august, but can be used up to 31st august.
  2. Just thought I would try here since I can't seem to find tickets anywhere. If anyone has or knows someone who needs to sell 2 tickets to the Florence & The Machine concert in Sydney on the 24th May please PM me. It is the day of my birthday and seems almost impossible that I won't get to see her :cry: Many thanks!!! a hopeful Mrs Cats :animal-cat:
  3. two free tickets to ireland/aus international at carrara gold coast on friday november 4 first to pm with address and i'll send. ends monday 31st to allow time to mail
  4. Guest

    Speeding Tickets Victoria

    Hey All, Wonder if anyone on here will know the details for this. Basically I've just moved over from the UK to Australia and I have an an Australian + British Passport, I haven't been to oz as an adult but lived here as a young child (which got me citizenship) Anyway arrived and rented a car from Melbourne airport (on a British License), 2 months later I get two charges on my credit card from Thrifty car rental and I've just phoned them and they are two speeding charges. Quite disappointing as I haven't had a speeding ticket in the UK and have been driving constantly for 5 years. Anyway likely it was me (lets blame new country and speeds) and the two charges are just "administration charges" from Thrifty for sending back my address (in the UK) to Victoria roads (nice of them eh?) First, Anyone know what a normal speeding charge is? and secondly now I'm settled here I guess I'm going to need to move to an Australian driving license at some point (living in Sydney) I was going to go to NSW road and get it transferred but now I'm wondering will it be a problem as they will see two tickets on my UK license which would have points if It was an Ozzie license?
  5. nik_kershaw

    RMC tickets to meet the queen - Free

    Hi everyone Well another Pom is about to join us here in Canberra Queen Lizzie is popping to Canberra to present the new colours to RMC Duntroon. Anyway, I have found a link where you can get seats for the tickets for the ceremony. http://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=15615 Tickets are free, but you need tickets to go If you want to go, then get the tickets Don't say I never give you anything Nik
  6. does anyone know if i can get my parents to buy myself and my child tickets to fly back to the UK? They have the pounds but i certainly don't have the dollars to get home for an important trip. Is this legal- or possible?
  7. I've recently returned a from a trip to Geelong where I spent around 10 days looking at different areas and properties and covered nearly 2000kms during this time I didn't see one mobile speed camera, all the speed camera's I did see I made sure my speed was within the speed limit when I passed the camera. On returning I've now received a number of speeding fines through the post all in the region of 107kph in 100kph limit. My dilemma is do I pay the fines......................... Bearing in mind I am considering living and working in Geelong later this year. When credit checks are carried out in Oz will I have show/give my last address in UK??? I would be interested to know people's thought's on this, I can't be the only person who has visited the state of Victoria on a reccie visit and get speeding tickets.
  8. Guest

    Free tickets for victorians

    Have you guys seen this website http://www.globall.com.au/ I know a few migrants who have been to the Essendon matches and enjoyed them but lets not start a AFL team argument of who is the best Lol A :cool:
  9. Hey guys, Im a newbie here but have a question that i just cannot find the answer to..... My partner is a machine operator in the UK & has many years experience. All of the jobs we are seeing require, what i presume is the Australian equivalent of CPCS tickets. All courses i can find are approx 4-5 days long & cost approx $2,500. He operates 7 different types of machine so this is going to get fairly expensive!! Are there day courses available for competent operators to be assesed & given appropriate tickets? He would be willing to travel & sit the courses ahead of time if it meant he would be able to start work sooner once we arrived to stay. Can anyone advise?
  10. Guest

    Cheap Air Tickets to Oz

    Hi My family and I will need a 1 one ticket to Oz quite soon. On the Visa document we received it suggested a wesite to get cheap one-way fares which allow extra baggage but I am struggling to see this on the site. Document says: To receive more information on International Organization for Migration concessional fares, baggage allowance and eligibility criteria, please do not hesitate to contact International Organization for Migration at: Email: IOMAustralia@iom.int Website: IOM Facsimile: +61 2 62573743 Has anyone managed to get this type of flight? Any advice will be great Thanks TS's ------------------------- 176 Visa
  11. Got two tickets for Wicked for this Wednesday (20th April) for sale - only want what I paid for them which is $100 each. If anyone is interested let me know and we'll arrange handover of tickets and cash at the door! It's for the matinee performance, here in Adelaide at the Festival Centre, 1pm.
  12. Hey all, well we have had to book 3 weeks to go and validate our visa, we had really hoped that our house would sell in time for us to be able to just make it a one way flight, but after over 6 months on the market and not one offer and having dropped the price to the lowest we could we are now in the position were the visa need validating, so while we are excited about a 3 week trip to melbourne and for me to meet all my family some of which i have never met, it will be gutting to have to come home especially the fact my son is staying on in oz with my sister. So after swearing blind that last winter was the last time i would see a cold harsh british winter, it now looks like i may end up seeing another, how bloody frustrating is this housing market :arghh::arghh::arghh:
  13. Just booked tickets with Trailfinders Dublin- Melbourne via Lon and Sin with Singapore airlines for early June €3000 for 2 adults and 3 kids one way with a 1 night stay over in Singapore Just to let everyone know- I think Singapore air have a sale on at present. Any ideas on what to do for a day in Singapore with 3 kids?
  14. Guest

    Flight tickets booked

    I can't believe we are almost there. We received our Visa just before Christmas and on Monday we booked our flights to Melbourne!!! We are arriving on the 3rd September after the last summer in the UK. Have been looking at cheap rentals in the city centre and around Altona but is isn't that much around. It is only two of us so we were thinking of 6 - 12 months studio apartment before we will buy a house. Is flats/apartments normally rented out for 12 months or will it be possible to rent for 6? Also we have decided not to bring any furniture but can't find many furnished apartments advertised. Has anyone got any experience with with this? Buy the way, we had 9 degrees Celsius in Cheshire today.., not bad for mid January.. hehe Take care!!:biggrin: Linda
  15. Heading to Melbourne on Saturday and would like to know if there is anyone out there that has 3 spare tickets/ or willing to sell for boxing day at the MCG?
  16. Hi, i have some extra tickets for days 2 and 3 of the Sydney test (4th and 5th Jan) in the block next too the b/army due to some fellow poms pulling out. I'm not looking to rip anyone off just to fill the seats with poms. These are $80 tickets with postage on top. If you are interested Please PM me.
  17. Sunny Jodie

    U2 Tickets 8th December 2010

    Hey, We have 2 spare U2 tickets for the 8th December at the Brisbane Suncorp stadium. They are general admission standing tickets. Tickets are $100 each. If interested drop us a pm cheers Jodie & James Clark
  18. Sunny Jodie

    U2 Tickets 8th december 2010

    Hey, We have 2 spare tickets for the U2 360 tour concert in Brisbane on the 8th December. They are general admission standing tickets at the Suncorp stadium. Price $100 each. If you are interested please pm me Jodie & James Clark
  19. Guest

    cpcs plant tickets

    Hi,,just a quick one,,,are the cpcs plant ticket recognised in Perth,ie,,i have 100 tonne dump truck cpcs card for the uk, does that mean i can drive the same machine in perth or would i need to take the australian version of the plant ticket?
  20. House sale gone through and tickets booked for DEC 25th, yes xmas day, saved us a few pennies (our window to leave was between 19th and 25th dec) - and kids are still young enough to believe christmas day is when we say. Soooo excited about moving to Rockingham, got short term rental then hopefully decide on Safety Bay, Waikiki or Warnbro. There is myself Zoe (34) Dom (35) and kids 4,3,1. Cant wait, any tips for the forthcoming weeks, travel and arrival in Oz very welcome. Zoe
  21. Guest


    Hi, As a company we're attending the upcoming Emigrate show at the Kettering Conference Centre on 2-3rd October. We have a pair of tickets to give away to PomsinOZ forum members. If you'd like to come along please PM me and the first respondent will have the tickets sent out first class post. Cheers, Steve Go Walkabout Travel Insurance
  22. Guest

    Ashes tickets

    Anyone any idea how to get tickets for the Brisbane test via England or Australia. The only place i can find them is on ebay at stupid prices. They came on sale yesterday apparently.
  23. Well we’ve only gone and done it!! Ye ha. Tickets booked today, leaving Sunny Blackpool on 30 September. PR Visas in place (after 2 1/2 years hard slog) and validated in March this year when we did a recci. On the recci we stopped on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and travelled up to Gladstone, had a decent look around and decided The Gold Coast suited us as a starting point for our new life Down Under. We liked the Sunshine Coast as well and also Redcliffe but decided on the Gold Coast. Gladstone was visited for my work (Mechanical Technician on large factories ICI) but after an 11 hr drive decided this was not for us within 2 hrs, just didn’t feel right. Gold Coast we felt 'we could make a new life here' so here we come. OH (Anne) is a Mental Health Nurse (registered with QNC after the nightmare of IELTS) so Gold Coast Hospital & Robina Hospital are handy for that, I myself will have to work on something smaller than I’m used to but we are both grafters and job searching like mad at the moment, any help will be much appreciated. We will be looking for initial rental on Pacific Pines and see what happens to the housing markets over the next few months, and the exchange rate. The 2 boys Jamie 11 years old and Bradley 3 Years old are really looking forward to it especially Jamie I dont think Bradley gets it all. Feel good now we have booked flights, I must admit we were apprehensive even after the long process we have been through getting everything in place, still loads to sort out but now we have a deadline and can’t wait until the taxi picks us up.
  24. Hi, due to some other commitments a few of my friends have dropped out so I have spare tickets to the We Love Sounds Festival, June 12th, Sydney. Underworld and Felix Da Housecat are playing plus loads more. Let me know if you're interested. Cheers, Joe.
  25. Guest

    5 return tickets for $2000

    We have 5 return tickets to the UK that we can no longer use. Flying from Perth to London via Kaula Lumpur on 24th June returning 30th July. Buyer to pay change of name.