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Found 53 results

  1. With so many people already booking flights (to either validate their visa or fully relocate) I've started to scout prices on Kayak.com myself (a site I've used so many times before to successfully book flights). I've decided to look for tickets from Seattle to Sydney around February/March 2013 as to give myself extra time to save money and find possible job while still in the USA. To my surprise finding the cheapest flight turns out to be quite .. difficult. For example, a flight from Seattle (SEA) to Sydney (SYD) (one way): February 13th (Wednesday): (looking +/- 3 days around that day) Cheapest: $1103 (on 02/10) - takes whooping 39 hours with one 22h layover in Honolulu Shortest (and somewhat still cheap): $1251 (on 02/14) - 21h with two layovers in Vancouver, Canada and Auckland, NZ I've checked later dates, but the price oscilates around $1100 (+/- $50) for the months of March and April (and later). Anyway, I've decided to find an alternative, cheaper route by checking prices of individual flights between the following cities: 1. Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney 2. Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney So I've checked Kayak again .. Option 1: Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney 1a. Seattle -> Los Angeles : $109 on 02/15 - 2.5h long 1b. Los Angeles -> Sydney : $587 on 02/16 - 19h long (one 3h stop in Nadi, Fiji) Aside from paying for one night stay in Los Angeles a family of 4 could save a lot of money just by splitting the flight into two. Seattle -> Sydney * 4 = $1103 * 4 = $4412 Seattle -> Los Angeles -> Sydney = ($109 + $587) * 4 = $696 * 4 = $2784 Savings: $1628 (minus a $150 or so for a room) Option 2: Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney 2a: Seattle -> Honolulu : $197 on 02/12 - 6h long 2b: Honolulu -> Sydney: $528 on 02/13 - 10.5h long In this case savings over a "direct" flight are a little bit smaller. Seattle -> Honolulu -> Sydney : ($197 + $528 ) * 4 = $725 * 4 = $2900 Savings: $1512 (minus $150 or so for room) A little bit more expensive than the Option 1, but Hawaii is a bit more enjoyable than Los Angeles :-D I'm tempted to contact an agent to see what kind of prices would he/she find for me. Does anyone have similar experiences with trying to find cheap plane tickets?
  2. meaks

    White card

    Just a note to all that you can now do the white card in the UK. I am a joiner and site manager on commercial sites in the UK and after researching the Australian H&S card that is required, was relieved to find that a company called trainingstars has just started doing the course in the UK. I am writing this because I found the course very informative in teaching me the Oz terminology for many things that I know about but wouldn't have recognised because of the change in names. I also found the instructor very helpful and its a great relief to know its one less thing to have to sort when I get there. I defiantly recommend this course to anyone who may require a white card when you get to Australia.:smile:
  3. I live in wembley just moved over this week from England i have my blue card for plant operator in England with my N.V.Q as well i need to get my National Accredited Ticket so i can start working over here on the diggers does anyone have any suggestions as to wear in perth to go and who to avoid i am looking online at the minute but there is quite a few companies doing it dont know which one is gonna be the best?
  4. tonyman

    Dolly Parton ticket for Sale

    Dolly does Burswood on tuesday 8th Nov ............my wife has two tickets and it looks like her mate is going to let her down ect so i think one ticket will be available ,if so is there anyone on here interested in going , she is good company too...............its not 100% yet but its about 99%...........
  5. Guest

    Singapore Airlines ticket

    I've just been checking the details on our electronic ticket receipt and all our forenames and middle names have been put together. Does anyone know if this is normal or will cause us any problems? Thanks
  6. Bought a car 2 days ago and got a parking ticket within the first 24 hours for parking facing the oncoming traffic which is apparently a no no. I hope someone else learns from it and avoids a fine. If anyone has any other simple rule differences from the UK that I should be aware of, please share.
  7. $7000 for a ticket to Parklife:swoon: Thankfully the money raised goes to charity, but who can afford $7000:no: http://parklife.com.au Available in a very limited quantity - exactly one (yes 1) is up for grabs, the Ridiculously Expensive Ticket will offer the ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime music experience for those with some serious cash to burn and allows access to all the fantastic benefits the cheekily named More Expensive Ticket has to offer, such as access to the exclusive Garden Bar which features a cocktail bar, viewing platform, VIP toilets, concierge with phone charging, cloakroom, information service, canapés, massages and more. The Ridiculously Expensive Ticket will be available for the Parklife shows in Melbourne (Saturday 24th September), Perth (Sunday 25th September), Brisbane (Saturday 1st October), Sydney (Sunday 2nd October), and Adelaide (Monday 3rd October), and will include: Slip-and-slide festival entry A personal drinks caddie (no more queuing) An “artist” cabin backstage with personal rider demands Portable VIP area with security entourage “Coming to America” style sedan chair transport Side of stage performance viewings Bespoke cocktail named in the purchaser’s honour and offered for sale on the day Personal welcome messages main stage video screen Adventure featured on the Parklife website Access to all of the More Expensive Ticket* benefits + 10 x MET’s for friends and/or lackies Fuzzy Events’ John Wall comments, “It was never our intention to actually sell a Ridiculously Expensive Ticket, but due to the overwhelming response we had on Facebook, we decided to turn these crazy requests into reality...and help a good cause at the same time. Our More Expensive Ticket is already a huge hit with visitors to Parklife looking for that something extra. Now we’ve created a once-in-a-lifetime Parklife experience, the profits from which will help a fantastic charity that we’ve supported for some years now.” By providing resources and opportunities, Heaps Decent supports the development of high quality Australian music with a unique identity. Fuzzy have been supporting Heaps Decent through cash donations, in kind administration support as well as partnering the Cash for Comp scheme since 2008. Over the last two years Heaps Decent has been able to raise over $100,000 by asking Fuzzy Guest ticket holders to donate at the gate to Fuzzy Festivals and events. The funding has allowed the organisation to grow at an exponential rate providing workshops to more than five times the numbers of young people pre-Fuzzy. Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/ticket-prices-gone-ridiculous-20110912-1k5ap.html#ixzz1XhsPNvog
  8. Guest

    Ticket booked, 21st August!

    Woohoo, finally going to be reunited with my wife, I'm flying out on the 21st on a tourist visa while the partner visa goes through. 5 months now since I saw her. Can't wait to get there and start my life in Oz. Hopefully the partner visa will come through before the tourist visa runs out! Brisbane here I come!
  9. Hi Guys, in 2002 my girlfriend and i backpacked around australia, somehere up the coast i got a speeding ticket and didnt pay it. fast forward to 2011, my now wife and i with kids are in the process of a sponsorship application, surely this speeding ticket wouldnt show up or cause us problems? Im pretty sure all the cop got was my uk driving licence, and i now have a nz one. Surley???:SLEEP:
  10. Hi All, We have just submitted 47sp and 40sp for OH's 309 visa. Thanks to the advise of the forum we have now got citizenship certificates for our 2 children and are awaiting their passports. Question - We have received quotes for one way flights to Perth, but are worried that my OH might not have his 309 visa issued by the time we arrive in Perth (end of November so might be tight)! Could anyone advise us what we should do? Our concern being that immigration might not let him through without return ticket. Many Thanks Megan:biggrin:
  11. Myself and my OH are planning to emigrate with our 2 children to Oz March 2012 and we're considering flights. We have no set plans - we're both a bit nervous about the move but there are many positives for us (including having family over there, which we don't have here in the UK). We both live here on about £60k but as the costs of living are quite good here in the UK, we do okay. We're nervous about the unknown and the costs of living in Australia, so are completely prepared to do 2 years then return back to the UK if we struggle in Australia (or just miss it!). I am looking at flights - we want to fly Singapore as we'll have two kids under the age of 2. One way flights are £1,800 and returns are £3k. Does anyone know how long the return date can extend? (i.e. is it limited for a year or two?) The thing is, it will only be a safety net in case we really need to return but I did look at the reverse and one way from Australia with Singapore is £2,700....ouch! Any advice would be appreciated, as always!
  12. Guest

    Omg the golden ticket

    OMG !!!!!!!:wub::wubclub::chatterbox::rolleyes:Hi there just wanted to share our news, after only saying yesterday that we are waiting for some news!!!! today we got woke up by a phone call from oz from our agent to tell us our good news!!!!! visa granted!!!!!! today !!!! 13 days after meds!!!!!! have been in a muddle all day going round in circles with emotions!!!!!!! Cant beleive this day has arrived!!!!! so happy but scared!!!!!!! so for anyone just starting process and in the middle still waiting keep going!!!!!!!!!! it will be worth all the hassle and hardwork and money in the end!!!!!! Yipeeeee champers is out!!!!!! for the weekend!!!!!! Kell, AL and girls 8 & 4yrs heading to perth!!!!! start of app Feb 10, app logged dec 10, ss march 11, co may 11 , pcc june 11, meds july 8th 11 VISA GRANTED 21 JULY 11 !!!!!!!!!!
  13. Im so pleased to say and have been waiting for so long to be able to write this we got the phone call last night from our agent to say our visa has been granted !! it hasnt sunk in just yet but am soooo.. pleased the process does take along time and can be very stressful but well worth it and to everyone do hang in there it does come in the end and want to thank everyone on here for all there infomation you have given ive learnt so much and it has help so much to yipeeee.......:jiggy: Pete , Tracey , Sam & Owen :hug:
  14. Woohoooo!!! I got my VISA... Thank you team6. The journey started on the 25th of June and after 2 long yrs got the approval on 23rd June. Thanks one and all for your suggestions and support in this forum. Good luck to those who are still waiting. Your number is next. Thanks :yes::cool::wink:
  15. Debabrown

    The Golden Ticket

    After many anxious months we finally got a call yesterday from our agent (who has been excellent) to say our visas had been granted, still taking it all in. Due to health problems with my OH's daughter, who although on the application won’t be emigrating, we had to go to appeal as they refused the visa initially based on her medical. But we got it and I haven’t stopped smiling since yesterday. A big Thank you to our agent Fred Molloy, without him we would never have got it. Good luck to everyone else, it is a roller coaster but worth it when it all comes good. :smile::cool:
  16. Any Foo Fighter fan ex pats out there who are in Brisbane or would travel there to see this great event? I have one going as my friend has let me down. Be great to find an ex pat for it to go to! I am also looking for some fans to enjoy the gig with so is anyone going or can you put me in-touch with anyone who is? Thanks guys
  17. emmaroo

    Open Ticket??

    Hi Does anyone know if you can book open tickets with any airlines? Thanks Emma :cute:
  18. mazjazjalu

    Ashes ticket for sale sat 27th nov

    One ticket for The Gabba Sat 27th Nov Northern Upper Terrace- Licensed- Face value price PM if interested. Thanks Janine
  19. blobby1000

    Speeding ticket!

    Whats the deal with speeding tickets in Victoria? I hjust got zapped doing quite a bit more than the 60kph limit.....only been here two days! Can they enforce it if I have no permanent Australian address? Does anyone know how big the fines are? I heard you get banned for doing 40kph over the limit....dont think I was but that would be especially bad!
  20. :jiggy::eek::skeptical:Just got our passports today with our pr visa's, now i'm scared. But as many have said if you don't try you will never know. The only querie i would like to ask, if anyone could help, is that when we go my daughter will be 21 but has been approved on my application ( at uni ), because she has her own visa is she eligible to work when we get to oz.
  21. hello all we shall be landing in melbourne at the start of september and i'm looking for some advice on getting tickets for the melbourne cup and the ashes i.e best booking now or waiting until we land in oz.
  22. Hello All Just to let you know that yesterday on St Patricks day we got the best news ever. I know that when every one around you are getting there visa you think will it ever be our turn, so those of you still waiting our visa journey have been long and hard but never ever once have I thought right thats it I am giving up as we want a better life for us and our lovely boys. Don't get me wrong have thought bloody hell here we go again and we have been stuck in ever change possible starting with the taking away of Pathway D Sept 2007 which was our only way in they then took 10 months to bring in Pathway E that was the hardest bit as all the time there was no pathway D we were not going !!!!!!!! Then at last Pathway E after passing that and then submitting our application which took forever hated all that paperwork stressssssssssssssss In march 2009 off the csl list plan b get state sponsorship that took ages and when we did get it, it was sent in wrong name so everyone seem to be getting theres before us so we thought we weren't getting it more stressssssssssssssssss Then after doing our pcc and medicals and only days away from getting a case officer Sept 2009 we were told you will have to wait another 3 years :shocked: But never gave up and kept coming on here to see what was going on. Then on 25th Feb 2010 checked online and it was amazing we had a case officer at long long last someone cared about us. Then yesterday we got the Golden ticket. How did I feel ????????????? I feel like i can finally live life as being in limbo is the worst place to be in life as you feel you don't fit in anywhere, you are not in Oz, you are not in UK !! Everyone around you are planning Jobs, schools, holidays, house moves and so on and all you are thinking is will we ever get the visa, will we keep this or should we buy a new one will it be cheaper in Oz, who will have the fish, gineapigs, what should we do with the plants sell them give them away, do we fix the car get a new one ???? I know you will all total understand where I am coming from !! Life really really is what you make it we only get one shot at it and live it to the full !!!! So if Australia is where you and your family really want to be then don't give up keep going and you will get there some how !!! For those of you still waiting will like me have seen people say you will get there in the end and it will be worth it and for me you are so happy for them but still feel yeah yeah it wont ever happen to us but really everyone when it does you will never ever have wanted something this much ever again. Good luck to all of you waiting and don't forget to post on here lots and meet lots of wonderful people who you will need when you get to AUSTRALIA. As a lot of you will know me a alway make jokes and have a good laugh so thought I would do a post about how I feel and make no jokes :biggrin: But that is it can't cope with all this serious stuff of now to make you all laugh well actully I don't do it to make everyone laugh I just write what I am thinking and it makes me laugh !!!!! So if you are reading this post I am sorry I have taken up a bit of your time as this goes on for a while but I hope you enjoyed the read !! Is it Wine O'CLOCK YET !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emma got the flipping visa Butler
  23. Hi anyone wanna come and see Backstreet boys at Rod Laver on Friday 5th March? My boyfriend isnt too enthusitic about coming with me and dont have many friends over here yet so finding someone would mean we wouldnt need a babysitter as well! Be nice to make a new friend too :biggrin: Thanks Hannah xxx
  24. Wahoooooo So i've booked my one way ticket... did it last night!! Never thought i'd see the day when I have an actual moving date to look forward too! 4th April at 10.55pm i'm out of here! For those of you that don't know... my parents moved out there in October but I stayed here to pay off some off my loans! At first it was a great idea because I wanted to go debt free but now i'm thinking s*d the money I would much rather be there with my family! But hey you have to sometimes go down the wrong path to get back on the right one so I dont regret my decision to stay here because I have paid off most of my loans! But anyways on a more positive note... I'M SO EXCITED!!! Australia in 3 months time wahoooo! Now i've just got to concentrate on selling my car and packing up my stuff :wacko: Let the fun and games commence!
  25. Dear all, Well I've always wondered what I'd write when our turn came around and now I'm clueless!!......HOORAY!!!!! (for starters I guess!!) Got the email from DIAC yesterday to ask if we can enter by Feb 2010. Agent replied to that this morning with a big YES OF COURSE THEY CAN!. Then we received a pre-grant letter at lunchtime (oz Time) today!! GET IN!!....Back of the net!! Timeline Non CSL General Electrician. 175 app lodged.................................12/09/08. Meds front loaded ............................14/10/08, UK PC's front loaded.........................27/11/08. SS received by VIC ..........................29/07/09 SS granted .....................................15/08/09 C/O assigned....................................09/09/09.. reqstd more work details and Oz PC...12/09/09..:arghh: Extra Work detail sent........................16/09/09 Oz PCC sent......................................25/9/09 PreGrant letter...................................08/12/09:jiggy: So yeah basically we are another 176 nonCSL that felt like we'd been kicked in the nuts back on Sept 23rd and now we're getting our visa!! Special note to McKlaut whom I know has had the same questions as we have had recently....... Yes, we DID front load our Meds without being asked and YES, they have expired already. Infact the date that they asked we enter Oz by is exactly 4 months after the meds expired. So chin up mate as yours should be tomorrow eh?! We are typing this from sunny Oz, as we came to see what we could sort out from within, so now we have to pop to another country to get the final stage (Visa Grant) complete. Our thanks go to this website, its Mods, George Lombard, Jamie Smith, the PIO members and their jovial banter that has kept spirits up during some dark and frustrating times ......and a VERY special mention to Gill and the crusaders. Your comittment and dedication is something to really be proud of and it made all POI members feel very lucky to have you on our side. I guess we'll never really know what caused Mr Evans to realise how unfair certain parts of his Sept 23rd plan was, but I like to think that your meeting at Australia house was key to making DIAC wake up to the fact that people are their business! Good luck everyone May the force be with you.....always Woody and OH......hehehe.....its Michelle!...she hates the OH label!!