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Found 13 results

  1. Hi all, I've just heard from my agent, and he has put the feelers out with Vetasess about whether or not they are likely to pass me on my qualifications. In a nutshell, I have an NVQ level 4, which my governing body recognise as a degree, but Vetassess may not. As he didn't actually show Vetassess my CV, and therefore they are unaware of other courses, depth of experience etc, would you think it's worthwhile still putting an application in? What exactly do they look at? I need a degree for my job type (according to the visa), so will Vetassess just strike me off straight away, or will they consider other factors such as experience etc? My agent was only giving me his informed opinion, of course, he wasn't saying outright that they would fail me, but he didn't want me to spend money only to find out that they will. I just wondered what peoples experiences are of Vetassess........?
  2. Hi All, Can't believe it, this place is hard to take sometimes. :sad: In a nutshell, moved from Liverpool UK in Jan 2010 with 2 cats - now 9yo. Two days ago our male was fine - he was the house cat, the female is an outdoors cat. He hid in our closet for 24 hours - usually hides, but I didn't see him eat his dinner, or sit with us when the kids went to bed. About 2am I woke up and opened the door as I heard him moving inside, so he could go in and out as he pleased. Didn't think to check him, so next afternoon thought he was trapped somewhere when I found him in the cupboard, unable to move, his breathing sounding like snoring, struggling a miaow, covered in urine, a real mess and pretty harrowing. carried him and lay him on the kitchen floor while I got catbox, vet called and baby in carseat for dash to vets. Raced to the vets - they found a tick on his neck - (1cm murderer!!!) and they stayed with him till 9pm, he got stressed being moved - to be taken to a 24hr vet facility, and so they said they'd have to leave him unattended in the surgery with oxygen, sedated, and see if he made it by himself. Got a call at 7.45 on Tues 26th Oct, to say he'd died in the night. Went there at 9.30am to say goodbye. :cry: Worst is that I didn't want him to die alone, so wish we could have brought him home and stayed with him. Once we'd got the cats from Quarantine in March, it felt the family was whole again. Now it's a nightmare, and I feel like I just can't breathe. The guilt of bringing him, of not finding him earlier, of now cleaning out the shelf he was on, and the cat box and towel I took him to the vets in. Just so many tears. He was with us pre-kids. I insisted on bringing them because they are family. Doing the kitchen sink thing, and being irrational thinking, why did we even come out here, such a struggle and now this before our first Xmas here. argh!:cry::sad: It's only been a day or so, so pretty raw still, but he's not coming back. and I'm at a loss. Poor kids just keep saying, oh mummy don't cry. It's ok. One word from the wise, 'you can't turn back time'. And that's all I seem to be wishing right now.
  3. My dog has a tick collar, Advantix once a month (alternating with another drop-on brand every six months as my vet advised that fleas get used to a brand if used continually) and has a hydrobath with a tick rinse every now and again. I've pulled ten ticks off him in the past week, four today alone. We live in suburbia and he walks on the beach, not in bushland, and I can't find any product that keeps them off. Luckily we don't have paralysis ticks this side of town. What have people found that works, aside from a daily feel-over?
  4. Hi all, Well, I think the waiting game is "almost" over!! We have sent off our meds and final pcc's in the last couple days - these were the last few outstanding documents that DIAC was waiting for. So, my quesion is: Providing there are no major queries at this stage in the game, HOW LONG 'TIL WE KNOW WHETHER IT'S A YAY OR NAY FOR THE VISA???? (We have applied for State Spons 176 visa) I'm going to be wearing down my finger pads, to keep checking the DIAC website!! :biggrin: Cx
  5. Just checked DIAC website and it says: Temporary suspension of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) applications – 7 May The Australian Government has decided to temporarily suspend the acceptance of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications. This temporary measure will begin on 8 May 2010 and is expected to remain in effect until the end of 30 June 2010. The temporary suspension applies only to primary (main) applicants for the following visa subclasses: Subclass 175 – Skilled Independent (Migrant) visa Subclass 176 – Skilled Sponsored (Migrant) visa Subclass 475 – Skilled Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa. Cannot open the attached PDF though Edit: Can open the attached PDFs now.
  6. Hi all, I've finally passed the ielts, got all the paperwork photocopied & certified & I'm trying to fill in the QNC application for registration form & have got stuck immediately. I want to register & work as a midwife (although I have both nursing & midwifery registration with the uk NMC) but which box do I tick? 1 Authority to practice as amidwife 2 Restoration/endorsement (RN) midwife 3 Endorsement (RN) midwife Please Help :arghh: Ellie xx
  7. hey all currently on prospective marriage visa, about to apply for spouse visa on basis of marrge got married in Decemeber, but am confused as to which bit i tick on the check list, i clicon basis of marriage or holder or prsospective marrage visa, if i click holder of pmv i suppoly evidence of the visa grant, that is insane as i am in Aus with it and already married. but i am legally still on the pmv going for the spouse visa, any ideas? : )
  8. My husbands car is just saying tick tick tick tick this morning......what's wrong??!!! :chatterbox: It is not firing, and it's not the battery cos we tried hooking it upto mine. Love Rudi x
  9. hi jus wonderin if anyone can tell me what customs asks if you tick the convictions box at airport best regards jim
  10. hi all sometimes gets depressing looking through the timeline watching every one with their visas and how their timeline is somtimes shorter than yours ! (respect to those who have waited ages) i guess patience is not my best virtue .. only been two months since the meds finalised and three months since we got a co requesting them and police checks and nothing since (we are on a 176 vic sponsored which only took 7 days to be given) ????? i have been in touch to make sure alls ok but its the same response " under active concideration" "co will be in touch etc" every thing was flying along and i took the gamble to sell my business end july because i was offered what i wanted thought a month off packing would help ?? well done that bored again will have to seek work if i wait much longer ( just did not want to get my spanners dirty (mechanic) took weeks to clean them for aqis). shame they cant just say sorry not looking at your file for 3 months so chill !! anyway fustration vented i feel better .... this forum has been of great advise i have only just joined but the wife has been here for a while . colin:arghh::arghh:
  11. hi all at the beginning of form 80 it asks you why you are applying for a visa to travel to oz. and to tick one boz. refugee, tempoary residant, migrant, visitor or student. am applying for prospective marriage visa so which box do i tick, would it be temp res or migrant?:laugh:
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    tick or cross?

    when completeing forms do you tick or cross the boxes?
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    Help, why do I always get a tick on a thread when |i write something?