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Found 32 results

  1. Guest

    Addictive threads

    Having watched a thread from its humble beginnings as a discussion about smoking in cars turn into a full fledged debate and the pros and cons of smoking. The following occurred to me. I think I see a deeper and possibly more addictive problem here. That is internet forum addiction, I am amazed the amount of times a thread starts to die, and the same posters will add a comment to revive it. So are you addicted to the internet and forums such as PIO. Do you post on here for purely personal reasons or to help other in the migration pathway. CTF is intended for those who just want to chat, but does it serve another function as therapy for internet addicts. I have added a poll, but please leave comments as well. You can select more than one answer __________________
  2. http://news.yahoo.com/zimbabwean-man-claims-prostitute-turned-donkey-report-161016208.html :eek: :err: :wacko: :shocked: :no: :no: :no:
  3. What's your standing in the Vocabulary Quiz?? http://www.merriam-webster.com/quiz/index.htm I got 3260 on the first try. Last one to kill a bad guy buys the orange juice :wink: (Sorry, I don't do beer :tongue:)
  4. 100. I got rather disoriented by the sudden mod action. Also, it is getting quite hard checking two different sections - one could end up getting vertigo shifting around between sections!!!!
  5. just wondered what threads interest you or stimulate you on pio:wideeyed:for me its things about Australia followed by some politics/sport--this is basically aimed at the CTF/NGAC/MBTTUK--but any section will do--CTF (chewing the fat)-MBTTUK-(moving back to the uk)-NGAC-(news gossip and chat)--there's a poll attached so the result may make some interesting reading:unsure:new member feel free to join in:wubclub: also why do certain threads interest/stimulate you
  6. tracy123

    Memorable threads

    Has there been any threads/people that have stood out for you? Mine would be Bolton to Oz. After 8 weeks in Oz she hated it but her hubby loved it, so they went home! Once on the train (In the UK) she realised she wanted to come back to Australia. Anyone thinking about going back after a short stay should find the thread
  7. NZPom

    Brisbane Schools

    I put a question on the Queensland forum but have had no replies so I'm guessing that isn't the right place to put it. We are currently in Chch NZ and are looking to move across at the start of next year, with my daughters who will be 12 and 14 and 6 year old son. I'm not overly concerned about primary schools but am looking for State high schools for my daughters with a good academic reputation - they're both top stream and also love art and music (one not sporty at all - the other is). At the moment we're contemplating Redcliffe State High School and North Lakes State College (think that's what it's called). We'd also consider moving closer to the city if we'd be better off school-wise there! Being close to good schools is very important to us. We live in a beautiful suburb here but there is no local high school and our zoned school is a bit dodgy and don't want to be in that situation again! Many thanks in advance Kate
  8. Hi everyone I am new to the forum - have already posted "practical advice if you have not set off yet" I was gonna give an account of the more emotional stuff and what it is like trying to settle back in UK (which is on whole postive! ) but dont want to repeat stuff already started Can you advise any threads I should tag onto or should I just go for it with a new one? tks:wink:
  9. Me ............. i have started 118 threads, most for a laugh. or to help others, the odd one serious. How many threads have others started and i wonder who has started the most? MODS?:wink:
  10. The Pom Queen

    Closed Threads

    Hi all I believe people wanted to know why the "cost of cigarettes" thread was closed. The mods were following the forum rules and guidelines and should not be questioned for something that they are asked to follow, if any of you have any problems with threads closed, please send a pm to myself or Rob. We do have a rule (although I am sure a lot of you don't read them:wink:) which states "Out of respect for the Original Poster, please try to keep postings on-topic, do not steer the thread in another direction without good reason. If required please start a new topic within a relevant forum. If posters do not adhere to these guidelines then they may find that their post is edited or deleted. For any deliberate or continued breech of the rules, moderators may issue infractions or warnings" Now this thread was started asking how much a price of cigs were, it then moved to a debate as to whether smoking was bad for you, and then on to alcohol, obesity, coffee etc. So as you can see none of this is irrelevant to the cost of cigs, if you want to start a debate on smoking then that's fine but please don't hijack someone elses thread and keep within the forum rules ie no personal insults etc. I am sure you understand that the mods allow a lot of leeway on the above rule,as inevitably threads do steer off topic, however, it isn't fair on the Original Poster. REMEMBER play by the rules and no threads will ever be closed, it's quite simple really lol:notworthy::hug::wubclub::hug: Kate Ps Yes I am closing this thread:wink:
  11. Do you really think people from the State's migrations office's in Oz are reading these threads just to see whats going on or to spy on various applicants??? Susie x
  12. Before I start this thread I will say this. I HAVE NO PROBLEM with anybody choosing to not post on certain issues, I really don't, I just thought I would ask the question is all. After all I often don't post on MANY threads for various reasons, so this is JUST a question. At times certain 'controversial' threads are put up (I am not innocent), politics, race, religion, etc, in my opinion they are very worthy things to be discussed, but that is just my opinion. But more often than not, the same posters can be seen debating the issues, and very often a great argument is had, OK, sometimes a bit heated, but at the end of the day that is just the way it is. Is it that some people see the title and are not interested, do they see who is involved and choose to ignore the thread, or do they feel as if their opinion would not count, (that is one of the main reasons I don't post on certain subjects, because I could offer little to the debate because I know little of the subject concerned,:embarrassed:). But some of the more controversial threads are/should be open to everybody. After all, we ALL have an opinion on certain issues, like race, colour, politics don't we? These subjects are very non specific and non expert, if you know what I mean. No one has to be an expert on politics etc, to have an opinion, whereas a subject such as visa categories is VERY specific and only those equipped with the relevant knowledge can answer. So just why do some people choose not to have a say. I know that at times these types of threads can become very heavy etc, and maybe that is why some choose to ignore them, and as I said, fair play to anyone who choose NOT to join in, just thought I would ask the reasons why really. Cheers Tony.:wubclub:
  13. Guest

    The Thread to End all Threads

    I had a reality check a few days ago, courtesy of some fellow Pommie bastards at the cricket. I was part of a group of eight fine upstanding men, of whom only one other lives in Aus (Brisbane). Now these weren't people living in a state of perma-denial. They were here on hols, mostly for the second or third time in Aus. To a man they ALL complained bitterly (:wink:) about: how 'kin expensive it now is in the 'lucky country'. the invasiveness of advertising for pretty much ANY excuse , which devalues the product, the game, the program, whatever the pathetic over regulation of stupid little things, coupled with an oppressive police presence how inarticulate the Aussie fans were (:wink:). OK that was my own 'observation' So then, have chris 955, aldo and even earlswood have been right all this time? Australia is an over priced, over regulated, under-stimulating environment? These 'facts' weren't news to me; but sometimes it takes an outsider to point out the elephant in the room. ENJOY!:wink:
  14. Anyone else get bored stiff with OZ vs UK all the time? Yer dont HAVE to read them,i know that,but yer do dont yer?:idea: Wouldnt it make a nice change if everyone just accepted that SOME prefer the UK and SOME OZ,is it THAT hard to accept?
  15. Guest

    Hurtful Threads!

    I guess it is considered rude and against forum etiquette to attack some of the member's posts, but having just seen a member post that Perth is considered in her opinion to be "A living death".. dont they ever stop and consider how hurtful this might be for Perthites.(Sand gropers) :cool: Perth is a wonderful city, their infrastructure is improving daily, wonderful beaches, close proximity to Asia, shortest flying time to Europe. Many cultural aspects to Perth...Freo etc... Great Jobs aspects, weather etc. culture of perth - Google Search I really cant understand why people dont engage brain before finger!:huh: If a state doesnt agree with you, that I fully comprehend, basically I am probably estatic that Tasmania isnt for some, ( even opinions from armchair specialists who have never been here!) but I really am left in wonderment at how insular some people are in their thinking! Susie
  16. Kill and ban ALL threads about DRC Please Same Contents were posted throughout ALL of Australia Immigrant BBS A terrible Advertisement @! PLEASE GIVE YOUR REAL NAME, DATE OF BIRTH, TRN NUMBER FOR EVERYONE TO verify the truth by CALLING AUSTRALIA IMMIGRANT BUREAU IF it's true information !
  17. Guest


    Hi, my name's Harrison and i am 14 and moving to Gold Coast in 2 weeks. i was just wandering why all the threads started in this section always seem to be such and such looking for friends in... i am not realy one to talk as i have made two of these threads in the past but i have to say that we don't get very many threads in this section and whenever there are threads they are always the same... sorry if this offended anyone... :tongue: lol Harrison..

    replys to threads

    Why do people get upset when a reply to a thread is not the reply they were expecting & give the full story so the advise is more accurate.Dont ask the question if you cant handle the replys
  19. Guest

    Latest PIO Threads

    Hi Everyone, A number of threads are running at the mo along the same lines, highlighting the positives and negatives of moving to Oz.... All threads have given some really good arguments for both sides, and I am sure we have all gained a little more understanding good or bad... Personally for me they did make me stop and think what am I doing, it does not seem perfect at the mo, but then I remembered why I log onto PIO, it is something we have wanted and are willing to try... At the end of the day we are all on here with the same dream or had the same dream... For some it is just beginning like myself, for others they are about to be living their dream and for some they have dreamt and are now planning a new adventure, whether that be in Oz or somewhere else... I hope my dream works for us and if it does not then we will make a new dream with a new experience to guide us in new decisions... Yes we maybe worse than when we started but we would be richer in knowledge and passion, we may be better off who knows, until you try... I toast all on PIO to their dreams, whatever stage you are at... xxx
  20. just wondering if some of the hometruths told on here by people who are returning,or people who want to return have made people think again about moving over to australia? ive never been 100% convinced going to oz is the right thing to do tbh,which doesnt mean i wont give 100% to make it work when i get over there btw,but as i say,im a cynic anyway and never believed oz was the land of milk and honey,im just hoping its "better"(pls dont ask me to explain what better means!),and am still going,but even i am expecting less than i was originally( which wasnt a lot ),so how many of you are having doubts?and have some of the posts/threads on here influenced your decision? personally i think some people need a reality check anyway,and the fact everything isnt perfect over there might prepare people better for the hard times when they arrive in australia. for myself,as i say im still going,but im going forewarned,and i thank PIO for this.
  21. Guest


    I have posted a thread, someone suggested I post it on another one, how do I do this, I can't navigate round this site yet ?? thanks
  22. Guest

    Moving back to the UK threads

    To the people that don't like other posters who want to return to the UK or don't like Australia, do everyone a favour and STOP coming to this thread. These people have a right to express how they feel on this board. Not everyone likes it in OZ and if you have never been here then you really can't relate. Sometimes boards like these are the only place you can really be honest and get stuff off your chest.
  23. Guest

    Positive housing threads

    Hi all well we have all sat reading about everyone in our position can't get to OZ due to house not selling ... you all know the story :wacko: Please post positive threads ,, who has a positive story to tell ? who has sold their house in last twelve months? how long was it in the market ? Could do with moral boost for all us watching green candles burning and no one even veiwing let alone buying,,, Thanks Guys :jiggy:
  24. the hutchies

    threads turning nasty.. WHY?

    Why are more and more threads on here turning nasty? people post on here with genuine dilemmas... but just latelty there is more threads turning nasty with slanging matches or even getting closed... don't get me wrong it is only a handful of PIO'rs who are spoiling a really good forum.. on the whole there are some lovely helpful guys on here... so if you have a problem with someone can't you pm em sorry for rant but i am getting fed up of all the bitching.. so come lets all be freinds Lisax
  25. not panicking much but waiting for my tra to come back it was logged on 20th may theres lots of threads for carpenters and welders and nurses is there any chefs waiting to go out just to make me feel better:arghh: