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Found 96 results

  1. Guest

    The Burka.....YOUR THOUGHTS

    Opposition leader Tony Abbott and Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard agree that the burqa is confronting and challenging but neither supports banning it. http://www.theherald.com.au/blogs/jeff-corbett/ban-the-burqa/1825610.aspx I honestly think Oz and the UK should ban all face coverings as France has done. including these people at any protests that have a scarf over their faces
  2. Hi all, Just wondered if anyone had any info on what it's like to live on Bribie Island. We will be moving to Brisbane 16th June and I'm trying to research some areas before we come. I've heard Bribie island mentioned a few times, it looks great online and the rentals seem very reasonable so I'm wondering whether I'm missing something?? Is it a nightmare traffic wise over the bridge or something. I saw someone who lives there say it was great but not for everyone. We're a family of 4 with kids of 3 & 9, not really city types, always lived in rural/village locations in uk and I'm looking at jobs in hospitals north of Brisbane. Any comments or advice much appreciated Ellie x :smile:
  3. I found this while I was on the net, simple advice really most I think we already know, but always worth a read. Positive and negative thinking can be very powerful. If you’re someone who always looks on the negative side of things then chances are you’re always feeling disappointed and let down by the people around you. Say you’re going to a theme park and all that’s on your mind is “its a bank holiday, its going to be packed” then you’re not going to enjoy yourself because you’ll be complaining about how packed the theme park is. However, if you go to that very same theme park with this thought on your mind “Yeah it might be packed, but i’ll be able to get on a few rides and i’ll enjoy myself” you instantly transform your mind from negative into positive. Positive thinkers are usually happy people, people who can look on the positive side of every situation are fun to be around because they’re usually always upbeat and happy, and thats the type of person many of us like to be around because we can enjoy ourselves. Negative thinkers are often the complainers, complaining its too hot or too cold, and just complaining about anything bad that happens. If I ask you to look at a news website, the chances are a majority of that news will be bad news. When there is an Earthquake, the news is always focused on the deaths and destruction that, that Earthquake has caused, what the news rarely focusses on are the people that have survived, the people that are pulled from wreckage and reunited with their families. Whatever the mind expects it finds. For example, if you go out during the night and you expect something bad to happen then you’ll be constantly “look” for that bad thing, which is where the saying “If you go looking for trouble, it’ll find you” comes from. It’s quite common for someone to say “Think positive” to someone who’s feeling down, although usually people don’t quite understand what this means so the words aren’t taken seriously. Positive and Negative thinking is contagious. When you’re with someone who is constantly moaning and thinking negative about everything then after a while, you’ll begin to do exactly the same and you’ll start to feel miserable. However, if you’re with a positive thinker then things instantly brighten up and you enjoy yourself a whole lot more. So next time you catch yourself thinking negative about something, stop yourself and think, what’s good about this situation? How can I make the best out of the situation in front of me? Do this for a few days and you’ll begin to instantly notice a difference in how you’re feeling, you’ll no doubt begin to feel happier.
  4. Hi All, I am new to the site, so great to find somewhere to find info, god knows there is so much to consider!! I am a secondary school science teacher (so on the skilled list I believe!), however, I am really confused about whether or not to use an agent and which visa to apply for!! Options as I see it: - Go for the full 175 visa and pay for an agent - Go for the full 175 visa and do it alone - Go for the 176 sponsored visa for Victoria - Go for the WHV and risk not being able to secure a perm job and then apply for 175 once out there. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks Hopeful for a move :yes:
  5. surhythms

    2 weeks in Canberra - Our thoughts so far

    Well guys ........................................................... We have been here 2 weeks now so just to give you all an update on how we are doing. We arrived in Sydney and stayed in a hotel for 3 days in Darling Harbour and it was really nice. Sydney is a really nice place to visit and we needed the break before we got to Canberra because it has been HECTIC!! We drove down from Sydney in our rental car which was somewhat underpowered for the size of it!! Luckily enough we have managed to buy two cars now which is great. The journey took 3 hours and we drove right into Tuggeranong (Calwell) to our short term accommodation. The drive down was not very exciting so I slept in the car while the OH drove! Our short term accommodation (Langley Heights) in Calwell is really nice – it has European heating which we are spoilt with at the moment. The accomodation has everything you will need even down to an ironing board and hairdryer which really impressed me! Most of the houses don’t have heating like we do in Ireland and it is quite cold at the moment so bring your winter clothes if you are arriving soon. The first week we sorted out our TFN, Medicare, got mobile phones, mobile broadband and drove around every inch of Canberra searching for houses and schools (government secondary schools). We also met Quoll (Angela) for coffee and she gave us lots of really useful information and in my opinion has been spot on with pretty much everything she says. Thanks Angela J Last week we went to the Catholic Private Schools and searched more houses. We have now found a house, a school, I started work today and the OH is looking for work at the moment in IT. Our first impressions of Canberra were “ Well this is different” but isn’t that why we came? For something different and new. We didn’t come with any expectations of what it would be like really and I have to say 2 weeks in I don’t regret doing it one bit – I am so glad we haven’t spent more time thinking WHAT IF!! It has been a good move so far! We haven’t done one bit of sightseeing or any touristy type things but we have LOADS of time for that so Im not too worried that the last two weeks have been a hard slog. Tip: Bring EVERYTHING you possibly can !!!!! Some of the stuff is expensive so if you have it already don’t bother buying it again if you can manage it. You can get great deals at the moment because of the half yearly sales on at the moment and there is really no point converting everything because it just doesn’t match up. Grocery shopping is costing us about AUD 200 per week for the 3 of us and we aren’t overly spending or anything of the sort Cars Visited a few dogdy dealers that I didnt like the sound of! One of them even questioned why we wanted the VIN number of the car which I thought sounded slightly fish so we ended up buying our cars from Pickles Car Auctions in Fyshwick. We got 2 good deals – one at a fixed price sale and another at the auction. The auction was an experience and a bit of fun and nerverecking aswell as I have never put a bid on anything of the sort before.You need to register your car which will cost about 900 dollars - registration needs to be done every year and you need to get a cert from a garage to make sure it is roadworthy Pay stamp duty which is 3% of the sale price get your own private insurance which is about 3-400 dollars. You will definitely need 2 cars in this city- we thought we would get away with one but there is no chance of that happening! Schools: We visited 4 government schools and 4 privates. . If you have teenage kids I would say to go to public and privates just to look at the options and make up your own mind on the schools. Not every school will suit everyone but we have enrolled the daughter into a Co-ed Catholic Private. The fees are ok but we feel the fees are worth it and if it doesn’t work out for her sure we can always change! In some of the schools the classroom doors are locked for "security reasons" - the kids can get out of the classrooms but if you want to get in the door has to be unlocked with a key. I found this really off putting. Not all schools do this and I did raise the question as to why this happens. Because we are doing the private school thing we did have to look at our finances from a renting perspective which has tightened our budget a little aswell. Suburbs: Gunghalin – This is not really for us. Ok the blocks are new, modern, have ducted gas heating but we could find somewhere like this in Ireland. We want to live in a more ozzie type house. If new, modern and brand spanking new is up your street you may want to consider this option. Belconnen- really liked Belcoone and my favourite areas are: McKellar, Aranda, Hawker, Weetangera – The rents are quite high in these suburbs for a nice house and there were only a few around. We realised that our 4 bed, swimming pool dream was shot down in a flash. Some of the houses are pretty big and unless you plan to clean your way through the weekend maybe think again – plus there is the thoughts of heating the place in winter. Inner North – Ainslie, O'Connor and Hackett were my favourites here but a little pricey for us although there seemed to be some good deals around if you search for them and are flexible with your needs Inner South - they have some really nice houses here but to be honest I didn’t even consider inner south and it was way too expensive for us anyway! Weston Creek - too far out - no bus service and very little facilities for kids getting to and from school outside the Creek Woden - We liked Lyons, Curtin, Mawson the best – we put an application in for a house in Curtin but we decided not to go for it in the end. Tuggeranong - this is where we are staying and the views of the mountains are just fab. Our favourite suburbs are Calwell and Fadden. Anything further than Calwell is just too far for us. It took me an hour to get to work this morning from door to door. Something that I am not used to (it took me 5 mins in Ireland). This is the sacrifice I am willing to make though to live on a hill. We are just about to sign our lease for a 4 bed house in Calwell – its not overly expensive either which is a bonus Dont be fooled by the pictures of houses on the internet - they look about 20% worse in real life plus until you get to the actual street you wont know what it is really like. The house may look ok but then you see the real street and may change your mind!! Quolls advice on “check out the neighbours” really springs to mind and we were told by someone else to drive around the area at night which we did. Houses You can get really big houses if you like and some of them are just amazing!! None of the houses have real insulation so I have been told so bring oiled filled radiators, blow heaters, electric blankets - whatever you can for winter! The people here are really lovely and everyone so far has been so helpful and nice to us. I was quite shocked by people generosity overall. As I said already we haven’t really explored much over the past couple of weeks because the aim was to find a school, car and house and we have found them all. We went out walking up the road from where we are staying last Sunday to be met by about 30 kangaroos - it was really amazing!! A kangaroo also jumped out at us when we were driving aswell which was funny and a shock aswell. Lucky we were going slow or the poor kangaroo would not be bouncing around anymore. I think they are amazing so if wildlife is your thing you will love it here. There is loads of bushland around aswell which I love and the views are spectacular. All I would say to people is don’t rule anything out before you get here. We were dead set on living in Belconnen and I guess if a house came up that we liked and suited us we would be living in Belconnen or Inner North but it hasn’t panned out that way so I guess all I would say is be realistic in your expectations, be willing to compromise on your ideals and don’t be too shocked about the price of duvet covers J Suzanne
  6. Hi All Firstly, apologies if I have posted this in the wrong area but I would really appreciate other PIO members thoughts & for the long story! We employed an agent to manage our migration application for a 176 visa at the end of February 2011 & we were advised to apply under myself with a skill of Program/Project Administrator with state sponsorship with SA. Fine, I completed all the forms for VetAssess, collated all the required information (employment history, payslips, certifications, IELTS, stat decs etc) & sent to the agent at the beginning of April. Once received, the agent advised they needed some additional information so this was duly collated & posted (express & tracked). Unfortunately, this documentation went missing & took a month to be received. Everything was then put together & we thought it was being processed for the skills assessment. Turned out that it was never processed as the agent was concentrating on the July 1 changes & our case was put on a back burner (even though they kept promising it would be submitted) for 2 months. July 1 changes were now in place & I ended up having to complete a new skills form for VetAssess. For this, I completed a Stat Dec for my current employment (to be used alongside additional documents) to avoid the reference part as I don't want my employer to know yet (just in case they think I won't be applying myself) & an employment I had between 2003 - 2007 (company had been bought by IBM in 2007). When I returned it I got a response from the agent telling me I had not completed important sections (contract negotiations & management) on the stat dec which are key to the program/project admin skill. My response was rather blue & along the lines of I won't lie on a stat dec as it has nothing to do with what I do. I then got sent the ACS forms & RPL to complete with no ANZCO code or explanation on what I was being put forward under. It seems my agent is now having difficulty understanding what I do. Its not the first time I have questioned what skill I should be going under but now they are sending over roles that couldn't be further from my job. I currently work in IT as a senior service technical lead & change management for a Global Application Support Team supporting 3 enterprise applications (18 months). My previous role again was in IT in a global capacity for enterprise application management & support for 4 years. Prior to this I worked with one of the applications I currently support but in a business capacity for 3 years & before that I was a horse riding instructor. I however, do not have a degree, only A-Levels & BTEC in Business Studies. This is their reason for using VetAssess & not ACS as I will be deducted some experience years for not having a degree & that my role has not always been within IT. I am certified in the applications I work with (cloud based CRM Systems/e-Marketing tools/Customer Satisfaction Tools/ Collaboration Tools) & ITIL V3 Foundation certified. I have worked in a support/development/BA capacity for the last 5 1/2 years. From all your experiences & knowledge can anyone advise if there is anything suitable on the SOL?? The agent is being as useful as a chocolate teapot at the moment & the advice is non existence. Direct questions are never answered. It seems they want me to decide what is the correct option without any knowledge of the process. I am now questioning what I am paying a large sum of money for (other than submitting forms). Any thoughts will be gratefully received :spinny: Thanks A
  7. you know being attracted to the same sex:wideeyed:theres a lot of chaps out there you know who are happy with that sort of stuff--ive must admit ive often wundered:wideeyed:have you:wubclub:if so will i still go to heaven for having such thoughts:confused:
  8. Alaska

    Narangba - thoughts please?

    It looks likely that DH will be offered a job in Narangba. Well either there or Petrie but we think it will be in Narangba. I have done a search on here and it looks quite positive. Anyone have any thoughts/experiences about the area? Any experience of the schools? I have read a bit about the chemical place which is obviously a bit of a concern. Many thanks.
  9. Just read about the Queen's arrival into Australia. The Royal family have received a lot of negative press over recent times, but I am a big believer in history and what they represent. In the UK at least our tourism industry and some of our pride would be hit harshly without them. I was very proud to see pictures of her arrive in Australia. I was surprised however that the Australian PM did not curtsy the Queen. This is a normal greeting of respect to someone such as the Queen, especially as this could be her last official visit. 36% of Australians are in favour of a republic and 55% are still happy with the Queen and the current way of standing. My take is yes the government runs the country. The Queen is more of a symbol now that historically and in the UK interacts with the government whenever she makes speeches and still interacts with government. Obviously in modern times it would be very difficult to have this influence on Australian society. What I do think we should say is that the curtsy would have been nice. If there was no Queen - then who would be head of state. I have heard so much negativity about the current PM lately, yet many AUstralians would be happy for the President to be head of a republic. The Queen has no agenda and would not abuse this power, something leaders with a polital agenda may do. It also brings me to the point that Australian recent history is very much European. The Dutch and the English like it or not,and the knowhow of British governments in the past have created a lot of what Australia now has (controversial). One Australian comment - too many poms here these days. I thought to myself with the "Poms" and Brits what would this area of terrain be. It is great to see so many AUstralians respect the Queen still though and its great to think just over half still value her official standing - which is effectively a very hands off role but her opening the commonwealth meeting fills me with a great sense of pride. As for the lack of curtsy - it was not a great first impression I would have to say. She may have forgot - human error is something that can happen for sure. 10 day tour is pretty whistle stop but I think it is great she is here and that Prince William was here back in January: "God save the Queen" as the Queen of Australia. I am sure some people could not care less, or that whatever the standing it means little to them in everyday life, but in a young country its European descendents require some history and indeed context to its past.
  10. whichway

    People's thoughts on buns

    Seen as I was recently quite shocked by the fact that lots of people don't like leggings. I wondered what people thought of hair buns. My Mr is ALWAYS saying he hates when I have a bun in my hair. So I just wondered what the general opinion is. Men and Women please.
  11. Jackboots

    pools .. thoughts please ?

    Just wondered if any one has any thoughts regarding above ground pools , we have a very unuasual shape garden and we are on a big slope so our garden is terraced in areas , so these look like a good option flat from the front and sides bbut not at the back .. also we only want a small pool just for cooling off and having a bit of fun for the kids ... any thoughts ?? :yes:
  12. matimage

    Worried/2nd thoughts...

    We applied 176 family sponsor in June. Have to say I am getting a bit worried about the cost of living and the general implications of moving to the other side of the world. I guess most people have some of these thoughts so I shouldn't worry. Probably stems from a friend who has lived in Sydney for the last 5 years and is now on his way back because he can't afford it any more. He was working all the hours just to get by. Admittedly he was getting paid from the UK so he was taking a massive bashing from the exchange rate. Just after some positive thoughts I guess...
  13. really starting to look closer at suberbs. it's always been mornington peninsula area which has taken our fancy. I just read an article about frankston south being listed in top 100 suberbs as things are improving. have read that frankston high school is good school which is important as we have 2 girls one just going into year 9 and one hom due to start secondary sept 2012. Any thoughts would be great xx :wub:
  14. Guest

    Having second thoughts

    I have wanted to make this move for more than a decade now, so how come I am now having second thoughts now the visa has been granted. The excitement has gone and I am left with fear and anxiety. Sorry, just needed to get that off my chest. x
  15. :daydreaming:just wondering, if hubbie works in Sydney, what's stopping us living in Brisbane? I'm just pondering, but I know it's a hour and half flight, and we're used to him being away all week anyway and he commutes further than that (4 hours), What would the differences be? Would we still be paying school fees? We think my son maybe going to Uni in Queensland, so he wouldnt be as on his own? pondr, ponder, ponder,:unsure:
  16. Cables

    So many thoughts...

    Me, Hubby, Son (5) and Daughter (2) are in the first stage of immigration, just done Skills Assessment and everything on hold now until July 1st when new points come in. But while we are waiting, so many questions are popping into my head! Will we sell our UK house, will which SA suburb will we move to and rent, will I find a part time job so I can take kids to new school to help settle them in, will hubby find work... arrggghhh, so many things going round in my head! I dont know where to start in regards of finding a nice family suburb in SA... can anyone suggest where i start to look? Thanks! x x :confused:
  17. Guest

    Your Thoughts Needed

    Good Afternoon all, I have been on the forum a while but this is my first. I have an interview for a job in Melbourne tomorrow so fingers crossed I will be heading over with my family soon (Visa dependent). Anyway being a bit prosumptious here but I suppose you have to think positive and look to the future which brings me onto my question. Later on down the line my parents want to go to Australia too and as such are looking into which visa will be most applicable. My farthers mother was originally from Australian, from Melbourne as it happens and I was wonderin if this is something he could possibly use in his application. Any thoughts would be welcome. Regards D>
  18. Guest

    Any thoughts anyone?

    Afternoon all, hope you are enjoying the extra day off ( if you have one ) I have of late been a bit worried about the cost of everything when we get to Australia, i dont want this to be an oz v uk argument so if you are going to try to turn it into that then dont bother posting. I will explain why, last week i was chatting to a steel worker in London who is struggling with his business and we were discussing how long the tough times will continue in England, he then went on to say, well dont think we have it that bad here, i have two mates that have moved to Australia and have been there for a number of years and are moving back through lack of work and the most important issue was the cost of living which has gone through the roof. I have also spoken to another friend whose brother is coming back for the same reasons. Now i am well aware of the fact that we need to discover for ourselves how things are over there and of course we will when we go for a month in October, but does anyone else have the same worries? I also said to both of the people i was talking to that those folk might have a shock when they realise that things have probably changed greatly here since they moved and that the work situation has also changed as has the cost of living, but like i say does anyone else have the same worries?
  19. We are looking on moving to Kiama / Nowra whenever we get out there. Just looking for anyones experiences on living there, ie. jobs, schools area's to avoid etc. cheers:cool:
  20. I originally posted this in response to somebody else on another thread BUT just thought I'd throw it open. Just taking a break from packing up my home in Leicestershire getting ready for a new life in Tasmania. My husband is an Aussie - originally from Sydney. We met over here when he came for a working holiday in 1997. We've worked here for 11 years but now he has landed a great job in Hobart. Here's some things that I have come to believe in (BTW if I sound like a patronising cow - apologies! These are just my opinions. Please feel free to tell me I'm an ar*e!:smile:) The grass isn't greener anywhere I love this country. I don't feel a need to leave it. It's got it's bad bits. It always has had. But it's also wonderful and I am very proud of it. I'll always be British. This will always be a home for me. I don't expect to get to Australia and everything in my life be better. In fact I just don't expect either country to automatically make my life better. I've made my grass greener in this country by working my backside off to get to places I want to be. Australia will be no different. Unless you are somewhere like Iraq, The Chad or Burma most countries are pretty much what you make them. That said What suits me won't suit you - try before you buy I am shocked by how many people here don't actually visit the places before they move all their family out there! One man's meat is another man's poison. I hate Queensland. Hate it, hate it, HATE it. I hate the climate. I hate the way it's like hot Norfolk. Brisbane left me cold, the Gold Coast was Skeggy without the pier - URGH! However Sydney, NSW, Perth, Adelaide - fantastic! That's because.... Each state is a nation unto itself You could say that about a lot of cities here but I think it may be even more pronounced in Oz. Like I say I hated Queensland. That's why if you hate where you are now in Oz, and you have only lived there, I would try somewhere else before you say you've had enough. Australia isn't hot Britain It is different. The supermarkets are different (less ready meals but fresher veg?), Medicare is different (More expensive or less waiting?) - As soon as you start comparing you're in trouble. There's good and bad. Like there's good and bad people. I have met some DREADFUL Australians - but then again I have met some DREADFUL Brits. I avoid both. PEOPLE are the same the world over. The world is like a mirror and often just reflects what you are giving out Some people are going to get to Australia and, understandably and rightly, it won't be for them. But sometimes when I read some other threads I think you are so negative why do you think people or a country would be excited to have you around? That sounds so harsh but when you are new it's up to you to make the effort and get involved. It's so hard I know - and combined with homesickness - it can be crippling BUT sometimes you follow the journey of people on this site and they hit Australia thinking a magic wand will be waved over their life. It won't. The fact is - better lives can be made just about anywhere.
  21. melaniecharlton

    Thinking of Berowra - any thoughts

    Hello, Anyone live in Berowra or Berowra Heights? Seen some lovely homes online here. Is the school any good? Any thoughts would be appreciated. My husband works in North Ryde, Macquarie Park so hope the journey is not too much of a pain. Thanks Melanie
  22. What did you think? personally for 15 pound I was very disappointed. Only 4 or 5 stalls to do with Engineering and only one was partially interested in mechanical engineers/fitters. Seems unless you are a registered nurse or in the drilling oil industry already then they don't want to know. Went with hopes today and I was excited but left after 45mins feeling downbeat. Do Australia not want/need any Mechanical Engineers anyway that arn't fully degree Qualified :mad:
  23. tracy123

    My thoughts on England.

    I must hold my hand up and say I enjoyed my time in the place, could I live there again? Yes, every place has its positives and negatives. Would I want to live there again? No, not at the moment. I never found it hard to get a job, whenever I needed to work there was work, but that’s not to say there is lots of jobs out there. I guess I’m lucky, the world needs to move stuff from point A to point B and I have the skills to do it. The same goes for Australia, I’ve never been without a job unless I’ve wanted it to be that way. My kids seemed happy enough; Jake was never in, always at a mate’s house playing x-box! Going out was never really an issue. Many a time we had to rug up but you make the best with what you have. We’ve had picnics in the snow, bbq’s on the beach when the wind is blowing a Gail; I guess we just made do! The country side is magnificent and driving through cities or country towns is like looking at postcards and paintings just beautiful. I felt like I was living in history (If that makes sense?) The people are friendly and more than happy to stop and chat. Adult entertainment (pubs and clubs) are second to none. Each town has its own feel and a good night was always had. Travel is cheap whether that is overseas or at a caravan park. Pub grub and food in general is cheap. I guess now is time for the negatives... Going out for tea was always hit and miss, while you can get 2 meals for $10 the food always tasted the same (bland), I know this because I worked for 3663 and the meals were always boxed and really to be micro waved, and I found most had no idea how to cook steak. But I guess you get what you pay for. When we went to an independent pub where the meals cost more the steak for the most part was perfect, and more of the meals were made from scratch. As I said going out was never really a problem, we tried to make the most of every day, however on a hot day you had to park miles away from a beach and carry everything, parking cost a fortune and if you were lucky you could find a small spot of sand to claim as your own! Getting anywhere took forever unless you wanted to leave at the crack of dawn, and facilities for going out was lacking. Some of the country side is breathtaking and the memories will last forever however driving into villages was normally a disappointment. While the history was on show the larger stores had all moved in and for me this took the shine away from the town, I may as well just stayed in Blackburn! The biggest disappointment in England is the people, while they seemed friendly enough (and in no way did I meet everyone) most seemed down on the place blaming immigrants for all the problems. IMHO it is themselves that are the cause of the problems. If they feel it is OK to run down the country, throw litter and in general not show any respect for it how can they expect others to show respect? You need to show pride in your home for others to treat it the same way. While I enjoyed my time in the UK I still say Australia is far greater place to raise your children, since being back here I feel a freedom that the UK just didn’t offer my kids and us. I honestly think that when the kids finish school the UK could offer them a freedom that Australia can’t. The freedom to travel and to enjoy a different way of life. Maybe my kids won’t want that maybe they will? But I’d encourage any kid to explore and make up their own mind on where is best!
  24. Hi all Am in abit of a pickle, we are going to be lodging our application in the next couple of months and now have the option of going with a skilled family sponsored visa 176 (been told it will be a long wait) or get state sponsorship from SA instead because this a slightly quicker route? My OH is a brickie and is on SA SMP but we did want to live in Queensland as we have family there. Also how to you find out what category you are?? Think I'm confusing myself now....help!!! You're thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks Woody.:unsure:
  25. FoundAshy

    Thoughts On Narangba

    Hi, Would anybody out there be kind enough to give there view's on Narangba and the surounding area's please, we are renting here for our reccie in may, and quite like the sound of the area, are there any anti social problems are the schools good etc etc. Many Thanks in Advance FoundAshy