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Found 7 results

  1. To be accredited as a skilled tradesman you need to have done a structured four year apprenticeship and not a day less. By structured I mean it must include day release night schooling in relevant academic subjects together with proof of quality practical training by the relevant industry training boards (EITB/CITB). And that means being able to present both types of certificates on request however dusty they may be:smile: Sad to say I knew the british apprenticeship system was under a cloud but I didn't realise just how badly it has fallen apart over the last 25 years or so?
  2. I am almost ashamed I ever skydived. They've gone and put an idea into people's heads and I fear it will tarnish the sport in people's minds :cry: :cry: :cry: :no: :no: :no:
  3. Who else thinks their should be a like button, as the thanks button is thanking someone for the useful post. "The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to plumbob For This Useful Post: " But the post might not be useful, but you still like it Yes you can click their chicken but a like button would be fab. :wacko:God I need my visa granting soon cos I am talking total crap now.:wacko: Like this post it is not useful, but you might like it. Get the drift.................................... if you managed to get to this far in this post then you really should go and sweep behind the fridge cos your time will be better spent as I have gone booloo:goofy:
  4. Villawood detention centre detainees light fires Who is behind this heavy brainwashing? I asked a number of locals and they had no idea about that disaster in immigration process for honest people whom can be a benefit to Australia. Why is so much attention on boat people? Is it to cover GSM?
  5. Am I the only one who finds this sort of stuff being passed off as "Entertainment" extremely insulting? or do I need to get a life. TOMORROW night Adelaide girl Zoe Irons will flash her underwear, drink herself to oblivion and vomit into a bucket on national television - and mum couldn't be prouder. The first episode shows the former Adelaide Hills resident binge drinking, belching, kissing another ladette and wrestling with two men in not much more than a zebra print bra. SEE PROMO The 20 year old former checkout operator is South Australia's only entry on Channel 9's new reality game show Aussie Ladette to Lady, which aims to turn "ladettes" - unruly, uncouth, heavy-drinking girls - into civilised "ladies" through a deportment boot camp in England. In another scene she is shown vomiting into a bucket after a drinking session while two young men look on. But mother Pamela Helps, who encouraged Irons to apply for the show, says she's still proud of her daughter. "There will be things shown on there that I'll probably cringe over, but I'm very proud of Zoe," she said. "I know that she will get there one day, and this was just another step along the way. I hope it shows the good side of her on the show. I know they'll be showing all the negative things, but I do think people will warm to her because she is a character people really like." On the show Irons, a former Heathfield High student, is described as "a professional drinker" and "going nowhere fast". "The only thing that Zoe will allow between her and a bottle is a man - any man," the show's narrator says in the first episode. "I'm sort of worried that maybe my grandparents will see it, and my mum," Irons said. "But in the end that was me at the time, and I think my family knows what they're in for." Now living in Cairns with family, Irons puts her former bad behaviour down to simple geography. "Adelaide's probably one of the worst places for binge drinking," she said. "Everyone's a partygoer down there. I think it's the atmosphere and not having so many sporty things to do, cos it's so cold, everyone just sits in with the fire and drinks their beer." The ladette says she has changed her ways since leaving the show and is currently looking for work in retail and hoping to take a TAFE course in film production. "I have more lady qualities and I'm more refined now," Irons said. "I'm not drinking all the time, and not partying as much. I've learned that you don't have to drink to have a good time." Ms Helps said the change in her daughter's behaviour was noticeable since being on the show. "Since she's gotten back I've noticed she's completely motivated to change," she said. "She's seen the other side and realises she's been wasting a lot of time, and that there's more to life than just partying, I guess. It's opened her eyes so much." But while Irons may have emerged from the show more of a "lady", the same can't be said for fellow ladette Kristyn Ashley, from Western Australia, who has posted lurid photos of herself on Facebook just months after returning from England. Photos of the 21-year-old taken during the Ladette trip that are easily accessible on her public Facebook site show her posing topless in a phone box and vomiting in a city street. Aussie Ladette to Lady premieres tomorrow night at 9.30pm on Channel 9. Sorry,I just find it a load of bulls**t.
  6. Hi to all those who are waiting..............logged on to our agents website today (australia-migration.com) .......and as always........i have checked our status page.........we have now been updated.......it says that DIAC have requested more info........our agents have already sent relevant details..........so i am guessing we have a case officer.......... Our agents sent our application online january.......so surely it can't be much longer.... :jiggy: good luck to all those still waiting....... xxx
  7. Has anyone taken a tortoise to OZ. It's the family pet and i don't want to leave it. OH says if it costs alot it's not going. Any advise much appreciated. Thanks Amelia