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Found 164 results

  1. :jiggy:Hey Gday Mates!!! Anyone thinking of moving to Newcastle NSW, just got our CO yesterday so it starting to feel real now, oh my goodness Im excited and nervous at the same time!!! Would be fantastic to hear from some people who are moving to Newcastle or nearby!! Maybe could chat and compare notes etc.... Hope to hear from some likeminded people Kirstie and Marc xx:wubclub:
  2. My husband, daughter and I are moving to aus on 30th April 2011. We were going to base ourselves in Buderim. Any info on the place would be great. We would be looking to rent. Picked Buderim for it's position. We would like to be near mountains, beach and country. We have visited Aus four times since 2001 and did not get a good look at Buderim. Thx
  3. plazze

    thinking of going home to uk

    my wife and i have being here 5 months now we are thinking of going home .we live in rockingham she is a nurse am a paint sprayer took me three months to find work we miss home and dont know if we like it here and ever will, everone says they move for the lifestyle what lifestyle , get home and do nothing maybe coz its winter i dont know i cant speak for everone but i dont find australia people freindly i think there rude bellive me am trying they ,where strugling to make freinds wife shifts are crap ,hey i might be a big straping scotsman but am almost crying writing this knowing what i gave up to come here .anyone thinking the same or anyone at home who went back gary
  4. Guest

    Thinking Australia

    Hi guys, has anyone ever used Thinking Australia for their Visas? They seem and look quite professional and competant but you never know. Or can anyone recommend a good agent to handle my case? Cheers in advance Philpot
  5. Hi all I am a primary school teacher and along with my husband and 3 month old son we are looking at moving to WA and have come acrss the 457 visa process. WA are looking for teachers in the rural areas! How rural is rural? What is the housing like? It sounds good but are you stuck somewhere you don't like for 3 years in a horrid house? Any stories / experiences of the 457 visa process will be very helpful. Emma 30, Paul 34 and William 3 months
  6. DO YOU KNOW OF ANY BRITS WHO ARE CONSIDERING RETURNING TO THE UK? ITV1 are making a new documentary series about British Ex-Pats who are considering moving back to the UK. We’re keen to hear from Brits who have lived abroad for years without (or very rarely) visiting home, but who are now thinking about returning permanently to Britain. Perhaps you miss your family and friends, maybe schooling is a problem for your kids, or you simply yearn to step back into British culture. We'll help you explore the reality of coming home, and prepare you for deciding whether to stay abroad or return to your roots. If this sounds like you, or if you know anyone who might be interested, please contact Amy Robbins as soon as possible by email: amy.robbins@fevermedia.com Or call (+44) 020 7697 1425.
  7. Hi all.... Been in Caloundra for 16 months and for the last few months had an itch to go home. Its not home sickness at all, Blackpool is a dump and Caloundra is fabulous i just cannot shake the feeling that life is carrying on in the Uk and i am in some kinda limbo out here missing everything, plus the night life is tragic....thought i would not care, turns out i do......A lot. Bored.com Colette x
  8. Hi all, I'm new to the forum so hope I'm posting this in the right place. We're a family with 11month old twins considering a move from Birmingham to Melbourne. Looking for some advice from those with a bit of experience. 1) Quality of life - what is it really like when compared with the UK? We have a good standard of life here and would hope to improve on that. 2) Finances - with the exchange rate against us, are house prices out of our reach? We would like a 4+ bedroom family home in a good suburb with good free school. Any ideas on guide prices? 3) Suburbs - we've been to Melbourne once but are not sure on what are the decent, family friendly suburbs. My husband will likely be working in Dandenong but we don't want to live there - so something commutable from there would be good. 4) Schools - are the free schools any good? I know some friends who all recommend fee paying schools but I presume this is quite expensive. 5) Childcare - can anyone give me an idea on childcare costs - ie nursery/childminders/nannies etc? My husband and I will both be working and finding someone trustworthy in a country where we know no one would be paramount! 6) Renting a house - I presume we will initially rent a house - any ideas on prices for this? Also, how much should we budget for groceries/utilities/phones/broadband etc? 7) Visas - Are there any benefits on arriving with a PR as opposed to a 457 visa? Any ideas on timescales for both? 8) Healthcare - do you have to pay to see a doctor there? Is the standard comparable to the UK? 9) Family oriented - generally how do you spend the weekends/free time with your family? I am quite limited here in the UK and it would be great to have more things to do with my children. 10) Any tips/advice etc for moving over? How long did it take before Melbourne felt like 'home'? Thanks very much in advance for anyone who's taken the time to reply to my myriad of questions! Jessica
  9. Guest

    Thinking Australia...help!!

    Hello, Over a year ago I started my visa application with 'Thinking Australia'. They have not been great and I seem to get passed onto various caseworkers who are not contactable. I have already spent over a thousand with them and my application has not been sent yet as I am slightly hesitant to give them more money. I have been led to believe that I am going out on the basis of by degree but it's all a tad vague....does anyone have any experience with these guys? Shoudl I jump ship now and start again with a different agency as I am pretty time short? My situation is... Mum and her partner have lived in WA since 2006...not married though and olny just got residency Mums family although not born in Iz have lived there al their lives (Canberra) and are Citizens...apparently I can use them for sponsorship? I have a degree in business and have spent the past 4 years working in marketing (which I was told I must do), and I am 26. Any help much appreciated as I have been told so many conflicting stories, and all I want is to get out to Oz to be with my family. Thanks
  10. Guest

    Thinking of moving back to Oz

    Hi everyone. Just joined the forum looking for advice/opinions on moving back to Australia. Moved there 3 years ago and only lasted 3 weeks and hated it so much I moved straight back. Now I thinks I may have done the wrong thing. The UK is sinking fast and I want out but my fear is that i will go back to Australia just as the recession hit there:wacko:.
  11. I've recently come across a book written by a British nurse who emigrated to Australia. It explains the differences in nursing between Australia and the UK and there is a free introductory download. I think that is a long overdue publication which is written from an independent perspective. It looks like it will answer lots of questions people have about nursing in Australia and according to the website it will be due out in May.
  12. Inspired by the idea of the things people have been mentioning regarding the up coming seasonal celebrations I thought. Of a special thread that will allow us to send a special wish to anyone on PIO. We read of each others journeys, struggles, hopes, dreams & ambitions, well I thought it would be a posititive thing to be able to send out a wish to a fellow PIOer. I've just granted my first wishes To Naomi & To Pablo, & may they both get those things they are desiring & requiring swiftly & without obstacles. So Get Wishing Pioers & enjoy the spirit of giving :wubclub:
  13. Hi All, I am a single 21yr old female and I have very recently qualified as a midwife, I have always wanted to move to Australia and am thinking now may be the best time due to the lack of available jobs here in the UK. I was told you need experience before being able to move to Australia as a midwife, but know of somebody who is thinking of moving after having a job offer as a newly qualified midwife and wondered if this was possible? I'm not really sure of what area would be best for me, I do come from a busy city but would like to live somewhere with a happy medium both a busy-ish city life but also somewhere being a little more relaxed. I have only just began looking into this so have lots of questions but any help as to where to begin the process would be great Many thanks Michala
  14. We drop the dog off at the pet transport place on 22nd Nov, our flights are booked for 11th Dec and 6 weeks temp accom has been booked and paid for... we're nearly all set to go... Mum was up helping me do a car boot sale today and when she was leaving I got a bit tearful when she was saying bye to the dog... it was probably the last time she'll see him in the UK. And since then I've been feeling sick thinking about going and the goodbyes. I've wanted to make the move for years... but this afternoon it really hit me that this is real and we are actually going to the other side of the world. Aaargh! :arghh: Remind me again why I'm putting myself and my family through this!!?
  15. Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum. From reading through some of the posts it seems to be very in formative. I am a quallified diesel fitter/mechanic. I live in Ireland and have been in the trade since 1998. I feel I need to move on, a new challenge i suppose is what I want. I also would love to travel and hopefully make some money. I have been speaking to friends who are working in Australia at the moment and they have told me that my trade is in short supply over there. I have looked into it the last few weeks and have sent my cv to a company who are involved in the mining industry in Australia. They have some vacancies for fitters. I have also been in contact with a recruitment agency and they are lining up a few jobs for me. They are talking about earning big money, one figure mentioned by the company I sent my cv to was $145,000 per year on a 2:1 work schedule with 12 hour days. It sounds like big money! Im sure the work would be demanding to say the least. has anyone any information they can share with me? I am assuming that that money is before tax. What kind of tax rates are in Australia. I am a single man with no dependants. I would love to get in touch with anyone who is, or who has worked as a fitter in the mines in Australia. I have so many questions.... its a very big step to take! I want to get as much information as possible before I commit to going. Many thanks, Richie
  16. Hello, My parents moved out to Australia when I was just a babe in arms (14 months old). My wife and I have done several trips to visit family over the years and in 2010 we spent 3 months having a good look around, considering our options. Both our children are high functioning autistic indviduals and we have heard that resources, facilities, opportunities, etc are beter in the UK than here in Oz. :confused: Could anyone confirm this and also give us a run down on who to contact, how to get them into 16+ schooling. Our son is very much into computers and wants to be invovled in game making (xbox, DS, etc). Anyone able to suggest/help with options. Also, how do you get a National Insurance Number? Cheers:policeman:
  17. We moved over here in March 2010. It took us a while to settle and do our research but we've been ready to buy for the last three months. We put in an offer on a house recently but were just outbid (it was a really good one) when it went to last offers. We're still looking but nothing quite so good has come up yet. In the meantime I am watching a large number of properties hang around on the market for months and months. A lot of these are being substantially discounted before a sale is finally agreed. Auctions are performing abysmally and there's a possible GFC2 looming on the horizon. Add into this that China is possibly slowing down and the Aussie economy may not be in such a strong position as it was in GFC1.... My question is this..... What are peoples opinions on the likelihood of house prices coming down substantially. Should we keep renting and saving or should we buy in the next six months? Thanks Guys
  18. wozzie2202

    New here - thinking about moving

    Hi, we're new on here and seriously contemplating submitting our application for state sponsorship to ACT (visa subclass 176). Currently living in Edinburgh but desparate to escape these shores with out 2 daughters (6 and 18 months). Hope to get lots of good info from here. thanks Wozzie.
  19. Guest

    thinking of uk to gold coast

    Hj everyone\anyone we are family of three looking to move to gold coast from worcestershire uk im self employed roofer OH is a receptionist with 10 year old daughter any advice welcome ie best visa agent best suberb (thinking pacific pines) total costs of move (12k ish ?) also have king charles cav to bring Would like to chat more with someone whose done similar get different views from people cost of living etc first ever post on a forum so sorry for mixed up post cheers ps hows the weather
  20. Hi guys, I've spent countless hours reading about the best palces to live in Sydney and still have so many options for us that I thought I would ask for all of your great advice. My wife and I (both 35) are moving to Sydney in Q1/Q2 next year. I will need to be within a reasonable commuting distance from the CBD. I don't mind train, bus (up to 45 mins) or a cycle (of up to 10 - 15KM). We want to be by the water - although not too worried about beach (sailing and fishing ability is more important than sand and surf). We're also bringing over our two cats - so looking for somewhere leafy and quiet, but with decent restaurants etc. We have a budget of $800 to $1000 per week and would be looking for a 3 bed house. We love the look of Avalon, but it just seems too much of a commute - is it an hour? (I currently do 1 1/2 hours into London on the train and getting away from this is part of the reason for moving). We've heard both good and bad things about the Shire (places on the Georges River). We like the look of the area, but we're young and into our art/music/cutlure and we hear the Shire is quite conservative and quiet (not that this is particularly bad - just what we are picking up from the web). Manly/Mosaman are in great locations - but for the money it looks like you'd end up living in a box. Balmain looks great - but is it too inner city / urban for our two (currently village living) cats? Any advice would be very welcome as I am sure many of you have had the same dilema... Many thanks, Mr Choo
  21. Hi all this is my first post, Just arrived back in the UK after a 10 day visit to Melbourne on a work orientation visit with with my family. We loved Melbourne and think that the lifestyle and country will suit us , only issue is childcare arrangements if both of us are working full time. Any help with how people do this would be great. Our son is 10 and will start year 6 in Feb, some of the schools are saying that their out of schools programs are full! with waiting lists. Also how do people manage the holiday periods, what child care options are available and does this continue into high school. We have been looking to live around the point cook area as my work will be based in the western suburbs. Any help on this area would also be appreciated. So many questions: arghh: Thanks Alison
  22. Hi All, In the last 2 weeks 2 bricklayers have moved from brisbane to melbourne to chase work and have found it , thinking off doing the same myself with the crew we have and was wondering if anyone knows what the situation is for bricklayers down there . Things seem to be getting slower in brisbane and we are now down to 3 days a week with the odd week off (like next week ). Any feed back would be good to know . Kind Regards Phil Moss
  23. He used to make the lunches when I lived with him, cheese, tuna or mackerel, salad, toast, Viennese Whirl or Bakewell Tart to follow before I went to work, and pack something nice for that too. After my Mum died in 1997, he lived on until 2005 and I made the mistake of thinking he'd live forever! It was like living with a best mate. Strange how I think of my parents at odd times. When I see a house for sale near me I want to tell them about it. Now I'll drive down to 7/- Beach for a swim, eat my lunch and think how much my Mum would have enjoyed swimming here!
  24. Hi All, :v_SPIN: My husband and I are seriously looking into emigrating with our two children (girl of 6 and boy of 3). We were looking into Melbourne but have been told there much call for my husbands line of work, but that Sydney and Perth would be better for us. I would love to hear from people who have or are in the process of moving to Perth and what made you choose this state. We're planning a reccie for June/July '11 to both states but hear that Sydney is so expensive. We are so torn about the move. We have a good life here in the UK, but we worry about what future our children would have here. We also love being outside and being out with the children and get sick of the weather spoiling our plans. We'd hope that our children would grow up at a slower pace in Oz compared to the UK and have more outside freedom rather then being glued to the telly or the DS! But my parents are totally unsupportive and gutted that we are planning to take their grandchildren away. I can see a fab new life for us out there but am then wracked with guilt for leaving people behind:unsure:. I'd love to hear from people who have moved and understand the termoil. Is it worth it? Em x x
  25. Hi All, just registered on here - looks like a great site. We have relatives in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney - though none immediate sadly. I'm over the age which qualifies for points and so is my wife. Our children are 16 and 17. My wife is a teaching assistant and I am a Project Manager (Software and Bureau Operations). I contacted a Visa company and had a free evaluation which basically said I needed sponsorship as we didn't automatically have enough points and would need to secure a job first. Thanks for any help you can give :smile: Cheers, Simon.